Arrest in probe of Swedish ‘sex-chamber’

Arrest in probe of Swedish 'sex-chamber'
A 47-year-old man was taken into custody by Swedish police on Monday after a witness linking him to the discovery of sexual torture chamber in an abandoned farmhouse in western Sweden a few weeks ago.

The discovery, made by two amateur photographers who stumbled upon the dungeon-like room while exploring the property, baffled police until the 30-year-old woman contacted them, claiming to have been held in the chamber against her will “for a longer period of time” a few years ago.

The police declined to provide details about her story, they revealed she is from western Sweden and that she had made contact with the man on an internet chat room.

Police also suspect the witness is not the only woman who was lured to the suspects underground lair.

The secret sex-chamber, accessed through a hatch in the kitchen of the abandoned cabin, consisted of a darkened room with a bed, an elaborate set of harnesses, handcuffs, lubricant, and an assortment of sex toys.

“What is important now is that more potential witnesses come forward. More women, or indeed men, held there against their will,” Lars Hamrén, head of the serious crimes unit in Halmstad, said to the TT news agency.

During a press conference on Tuesday, police explained that the findings in the chamber they have led them to conclude that the room was set up a number of years ago.

After speaking with several people living in the area, the decision was made to launch a preliminary investigation into suspected kidnapping.

“It is very likely that the room has been used for sexual activities and that people have been held there against their will. Anywhere from nothing to something really quite serious, “ Hamrén said.

According to tabloid Aftonbladet, the 47-year-old denies having equipped the torture-chamber or held anyone against their will, but admitted he had been on the premises.

He is previously known to the police and reportedly came quietly when police apprehended him at his home Monday evening. He is held by the police on suspicion of kidnapping.

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