Murder pics posted on Sweden Democrat blog

A Sweden Democrat politician in Mönsterås in south-eastern Sweden published police photos of a raped and murdered 27-year-old woman in a blog post which used the words "negro rape".

The murder of 27-year-old Elin Krantz in Gothenburg has been used by some members of the Sweden far-right in an ongoing campaign against immigration and immigrants in Sweden, exploiting the fact that the 23-year-old suspect in the killing is of foreign origin.

The Local reported last week that the confidential police photographs of Krantz’s mutilated body were leaked onto a pornographic website.

According to a report in the journal Expo, the pics have now been published by Anders Leander, a representative for the Sweden Democrats in the municipality of Mönsterås.

Leander published the gruesome pics together with the text “The negro rape of 27-year-old Elin Krantz continues”, the journal reported.

He continues to argue that “rapes and murders of individuals will happen again” with an explanation that this is because “our media and politicians want it that way”.

Leander later removed the pictures from his blog and the Sweden Democrats confirmed to The Local on Tuesday that the party is investigating the matter further.

The murder occurred in Gothenburg at the end of September 2010. The suspect is accused of having followed her from the tram before raping and beating her to death.

The 23-year-old’s suspect’s trial has come to a close in Gothenburg district court and a verdict is scheduled for April 8th.

The Sweden Democrats’ youth league SDU is organising a demonstration in Gothenburg this weekend to protest against what the group perceives as “anti-Swedish” currents in society.

“We are demonstrating against anti-Swedishness in general, something which is characteristic of society,” SDU leader William Hahne told The Local on Tuesday.

While stating that the demonstration is not connected to Elin Krantz or any specific case, Hahne confirmed that the protest is aimed at criminality among the immigrant population.

“Foreign men are over-represented among the assailants and ethnic Swedes are over-represented among the victims,” Hahne said, citing a report from the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) from 2000.

“The reason for this is the current irresponsible extreme immigration policy,” Hahne said.

Jennie Zetterström at Brå told The Local on Tuesday that such a report doesn’t exist, although there are two older reports on the issue from 1996 and 1998.

“Immigrant men are over-represented in almost all crimes, but the 1996 report anyway concluded that the sample studied was too small to draw any conclusions.”

Zetterström said that there were no statistics to support the contention that ethnic Swedes are over-represented among the victims, citing a February 2011 survey (Nationella trygghetsundersökning – NTU) which in fact found instead that more crimes are committed against immigrants as a group.

William Hahne later confirmed that the 2000 report to which he was referring concerned robberies among youths in Malmö and Stockholm.

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