Reinfeldt declines Juholt debate challenge

Fredrik Reinfeldt surprised the Social Democrats by declining an offer to debate newly installed party leader Håkan Juholt ahead of new elections scheduled for Västra Götaland County in May.

In a bold move, Juholt, the new front man of the Social Democratic party, challenged the Moderate Party leader to debate healthcare issues before voters in Västra Götaland head to the polls for a re-vote on May 15th.

But Reinfeldt declined the duel.

“We are more than happy to debate Håkan Juholt but the Social Democrats must first begin to introduce formed policies,” Roberta Alenius, press officer to Reinfeldt, told the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (SvD).

She also pointed out that there are already two debates scheduled for June in the Riksdag.

Social Democrat party secretary Carin Jämtin wrote in a statement that she is surprised that Reinfeldt declined the party’s debate invitation.

“On May 15th, 1.2 million voters will go to the polls. They are entitled to know where the country’s two main parties are on the central issues, not least important the healthcare issue,” stated Jämtin, who also mentioned that his decline demonstrated his preference to “retire into his role as prime minister.”

It is still not too late, she said, and calls on the Prime Minister to accept the challenge.

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