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Sweden Democrat MP in racist blog post

Peter Vinthagen Simpson · 11 Apr 2011, 10:55

Published: 11 Apr 2011 10:55 GMT+02:00

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Thoralf Alfsson, from Kalmar in southern Sweden, used his blog to write:

"With regards to group rape, it almost exclusively refers to offenders with immigrant or foreign origin."

Alfsson's blog post refers to the trial of three men suspected of aggravated rape in Västervik in June 2009.

In his post Alfsson, who is one of 20 Sweden Democrat members of Sweden's Riksdag, continues by way of explanation:

"In order to commit these crimes the perpetrator's view of humanity and attitudes to women must almost constitute an illness. This is found very rarely among ethnic Swedes, but is much more common in men from some other cultures where gender equality does not exist."

Since the election the Sweden Democrats have had to deal with a raft of cases of party bloggers and online forum posters who express personal views that differ from official party policy.

In recent months one party member courted controversy by claiming that "Africans have a 'child rape gene'", while another grabbed headlines for admitting that he is against "race mixing" and describing Islam as "a violent pedophile cult".

The party typically responds to each incident with protestations the comments do not reflect party policy and that they reject accusations of a racism. In the two cases mentioned above the members were removed from their positions of responsibility.

But in the case of Thoralf Alfsson, party secretary Björn Söder has limited his criticism to one point made by his colleague:

"There is a clear majority of foreigners who commit group rapes, but to say that it is exclusively foreign men is taking things a bit far."

Söder told Sveriges Television (SVT) that the party hierarchy does not plan to review Alfsson's blog post, nor take any measures against the MP. He furthermore registered an objection against SVT's description of Alfsson's words as "racism".

"He has done nothing wrong," Söder said.

According to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brottsförebyggande rådet - Brå), there are no current statistics charting ethnicity or origin and crime. Neither do they distinguish group rape from the broader classification of aggravated rape or other crime statistics.

The most recent Brå report on the issue was published in 2005 and is an update of a report first published in 1996 and is based on surveys of registered suspects of a crime from 1997-2001 and does not cover convictions.

Brå figures from the 1980s indicate that those with foreign backgrounds are over-represented in crime statistics, but show that 80 percent of all suspects are people born in the country with two Swedish parents.

Therefore those classified as immigrant men account for one fifth of all criminal suspects in Sweden, with half of those coming from other Scandinavian countries.

According to Statistics Sweden (SCB) figures for 2011 14.3 percent of Sweden's residents are foreign-born.

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With regards to rape, Swedish born men with two Swedish parents account for 60 percent of all those suspected.

Men classified as immigrants thus account for 40 percent of all those registered as suspected of rape in Sweden - around 500 people.

There were 648,426 overseas-born males registered as resident in Sweden in 2009 of a population of 9.34 million.

According to Brå statistics men as a group account for 98 percent of all rapes in Sweden.

The 2005 report concluded that no significant changes had occurred in the situation since the 1980s.

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Peter Vinthagen Simpson (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

13:08 April 11, 2011 by dammen
perhaps Thoralf Alfsson should look at the recent case of Göran Lindberg ex head of police- or would he deny Lindberg was Swedish?
14:03 April 11, 2011 by Syftfel
It seems to me that unless his statements were an outright lie, they can not be considered 'racist'. This term has, of late, become the rallying cry for liberals, social dems and others who are hostile to Swedish culture. The story demonstrates that we're along way ahead in Sweden towards the banning of speaking the truth. Wake up Swedes, don't you see what's happening?
14:06 April 11, 2011 by si
SD surely is the running joke of the year, any credibility they had when voted seems to futher disapate with every passing week, Congrats SD voters - you surely did not take into account politcal brain power when you cast your vote.
14:28 April 11, 2011 by Boyfriend
The serial raper who raped over 13 girls in Orebrö is Original Blonde Swede.

You can find raper in all nations, It is very stupid to speak nonsense about immigrants in such a way. The SD has no shame their own report about rape which they presented showed more rapes were done by Swedes than immigrants.

Many immigrants know and afraid of being deported for raping and i m sure some European immigrants are involves more in drugs weapons and bank robbery than immigrants from Asia everybody knows, Coz Asian immigrants are poor and simples and not used to these rapes or drugs or alcohols which leads to rape.

Another report about Original Swedes raping their new imported wives from Russia or Thailand and abusing them. You ask any newly thai girl who are married to old swede. I dont know what you call this Gene hahahah

You can find more in Swedes raper than immigrants but I dont have problem coz they will be punished by law so relax and if you want vote, Beg me i will give you vote but dont bring these issues otherwise you guys in SD would be busted.
14:36 April 11, 2011 by Rick Methven

If you look at the facts that The Local has put into this piece, Thoralf Alfsson was lying and is ipso facto, from your statement, racist.

Seem to remember you posting exactly the same lies on TL from time to time, so it looks like you to are a racist. But everybody already knew that.
15:02 April 11, 2011 by johnny1939
Rape has always been around us and always will be.
15:15 April 11, 2011 by truthworthy
How else will they satisfy their hatred hungry supporters if they dont feed their doses of racism, bigotry and prejudice.

The core of this party is based on racism and bigotry and I dont see why people should expect otherwise. Fortunately their days are numbered.
15:35 April 11, 2011 by Takai
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Rape is an increasing crime all around the world, and it is not related to immigration, but to cases reported on the police by the victms themselves. Rape investigations and arrests encourage more and more victims to search the autorities and it has being happening faster in developed countries

Also, changes in law about how rape is defined can also increase the number of cases and put the country some steps up on the world level - and for that Sweden hasone of the most open laws about what is considered rape.

About crimes commited by foregners, that is just a combination of the factors described before, plus globalization. Every country is both receiving people from other countries - for various reasons - and sending their own citizens to other countries and therefore foregners and descendants of foregners become an increasing presence on every statistic, the good and the bad ones.

Do not let radical views blind you, ladies and gentlemen. We know we do not need another example of a racist government, what we need is an open minded and a realistc view to deal with the ongoing and unstoppable globalization.

Thank you all. No trolls. Be my guest to ask and criticize with reasonig and open mind.
16:02 April 11, 2011 by Boyfriend
As a Muslim immigrant I dislike those who are not loyal to this Country or cheat with system so leave alone raping. I ask hard punishment for any raper who commits murder and rapes wither he is immigrant or swede. And I hope the SD members would not brush with same label. Because I would stay Loyal to this country until I die.

If you want votes? comes with better solutions for economy, friendship and expending businesses with other countries. what is this you SD guys are all after immigrants. Immigrants has many benefits in the long run for Sweden. After a few years Sweden would need over million work force. These immigrants women are producing more work force for Sweden in the long run, You can not expect from Swedish blonde to give Sweden 6 child who would be a work forces in couples of years, So it is immigrants who do not care for their body shape and keep producing work force :D . I am aware it cost Sweden for just now but in the long the run the Sweden taxes office would get it back :D
16:20 April 11, 2011 by prince T
According to Statistics Sweden (SCB) figures for 2011 14.3 percent of Sweden's residents are foreign-born.

With regards to rape, Swedish born men with two Swedish parents account for 60 percent of all those suspected.
17:14 April 11, 2011 by technoviking
Finally some statistics... Good job Local.

As far as his statement goes, to say rape is "exclusively" immigrants is pretty stupid...

But he does narrow it down to "group rapes" so perhaps he is correct in that respect. It isn't clear from the numbers either way.

However, 40% of rapes by 14% of the population is certainly clear about something though.
18:34 April 11, 2011 by calebian22
Indeed technoviking. Reducing the population by 14% would decrease the rape stats by 40%. Not even a liberal troll can argue with that.
18:39 April 11, 2011 by Rick Methven
I see that the racist posters here are struggling to counter the FACTS to fit their usual

"All Rapes are committed by Muslims" scaremongering

Keep digging a bigger hole for yourselves.
19:38 April 11, 2011 by Muff
@ calebian22

And just in one move you would also throw out a lot of decent hard working people, not to mention the damage to the economy by the lack of tax money that they bring in and the work that they perform.

But hey, I guess similar solutions to end child molestation by priests would to abolish Christianity, and to stop robbers from entering peoples houses we could have a curfew from 20:00 - 7:00!
19:43 April 11, 2011 by calebian22

Why don't you ask the 40% what their opinion is on this issue. I wonder how many of them are fans of diversity?
19:53 April 11, 2011 by swedejane
That other 40% is Julian Assange.
19:59 April 11, 2011 by Muff

Why don't you ask them the same and see if they will all say ''kick out all the immigrants''?

The moment collective punishment (or punishment for the mere notion that person A must guilty because just as person B he is not from here) is dealt, then we have lost a very important part of our society.
20:18 April 11, 2011 by jimthat
why being in sweden we most see so many anty swedish anty white anty all

there are some very dark hands triyng to turn sweden upside down

shouldnt they better go to live straigt to middle east or africa . there they would have not to hear this kind of opinions

and these anty anty are most of them native born swedes

is terrible
20:58 April 11, 2011 by Swedesmith
Well, if Sharia law permits the cutting off of hands in the case of thievery, I can easily imagine a proper punishment for rape.
21:44 April 11, 2011 by truthworthy

the majority of Scholars agree that.

The punishment for rape in Islam is stoning if the perpetrator is married, and one hundred lashes and banishment for one year if he is not married.

Some scholars also say that he is required to pay a mahr to the woman.
22:30 April 11, 2011 by jimmy1988
One thing is sure: All of those famillies whose daughters were raped they know if the rape man was Swede or foreigner. But 5.7% of Swedes vote for SD and they vote for a reason. Swedes are not so that stupid.
22:52 April 11, 2011 by si
I think most of the 5.7% voted for tougher immigration policy - unfortunately all they ended up with was a legion of retards. Either that or they really are that stupid.
23:36 April 11, 2011 by Jannik
"According to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brottsförebyggande rådet - Brå), there are no current statistics charting ethnicity or origin and crime. Neither do they distinguish group rape from the broader classification of aggravated rape or other crime statistics."

This is off course a very smart move from the culturalmarxist infiltrated institutions.

Dont do the politically incorrect statistics, and dont break down the offender categories into country of origin.

Ignorance is truly bliss. But the swedish authorities cant keep on beating around the bush forever.

If they would get up from their lazy and lying bums for a short while, they could glance over to the other side of the Øresund, and they would discover that "evil racist" Denmark actually has compiled the relevant statistics.

Offenders in Denmark with origins from middleeastern and african countries are grosly overrepresented in crimes related to rape and violence.

Even after correcting for age and pseudo parameters such as "socioeconomic factors", there is still a huge gap between these two groups compared to ethnic danes and western immigrant(mostly from other EU countries).

The conclusions are glaringly politically incorrect, and there is absolutely nothing which sugests that the facts are different in Sweden. Only the definition of rape is more broad in Sweden, but this only changes the level of rape crimes commited, it does not skew the distribution in one or the other direction.

A really inconvenient truth for the multicultural marxist establishment ruling Sweden!

Violent crime and rape has increased dramatically in Sweden during the last 20 years or so, just as it has in most european countries which have practiced "open borders towards the world" policies.

Thoralf Alfsson is therefore roughly correct in his assesment. And he will be forever scolded by the leftist media for saying the ideologically forbidden.
23:42 April 11, 2011 by technoviking
@ si

Unfortunately, because of the extreme intolerance on the part of the left for any honest debate regarding immigration, it's taken some fringe retards with giant ball$ to step into the spotlight and take the abuse for it.

The reality is, many people in Sweden have these concerns but don't want to be labelled "racists" and "Nazis" by the multicultural ideologues.

The so called "Moderates" just voted to basically open Sweden's borders to provide health care and entrepreneurial rights to illegals.

So the choice normal people are left with is to join the fringe right wingers or stay silent. There is no Middle party in Sweden. It's extreme leftists or SD.

This problem isn't going away and most likely SD become more mainstream and the retard element will be watered down. The bombing in Stockholm really appears to have pi$$ed a lot of people off and rightfully so.
23:42 April 11, 2011 by stenhuggaren
"According to Brå statistics men as a group account for 98 percent of all rapes in Sweden."

Thoralf, you are a man, how many women have you raped today?
23:46 April 11, 2011 by jimmy1988
@Jannik. Of course there is no Statistics of those kind because the government simple hide it.
00:33 April 12, 2011 by Swedesmith
@ Jannik. Interesting and well written. Do you have some specifics in regard to the Danish statistics?
01:29 April 12, 2011 by Jannik

Sure. I hope reading danish is not a problem for you?

There is a lot of socioeconomic info. covering immigrant behavior in Danish society.

There is still a lot of socioeconomic "cover up" in many of the statistics. Luckily both the "corrected" and "uncorrected" numbers are reported.

But the specifics regarding the correction are not reported in detail. So you actually dont know what they specifically corrected the data for. For example, did they correct for "living with one parent", or other dubious causal connections?

One simply does not know. In many of the stats they have seperately corrected for age and socioeconomics. So it is possible to assess the numbers without the data having been corrected by marxist social theory


By the way, an interesting statistic is reported on page 154.

Male descendents of immigrants from non-western countries have a crime index of 228 in "straffelov" (which includes violent crime, but not speeding and other pety violations).

This is after correcting for socioeconomics and age!

The stats also show that descendents from the aforementioned groups are more prone to criminal behaviour than their fathers. The problem apparently gets worse by generation.
01:58 April 12, 2011 by hlmencken56
During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

George Orwell
06:18 April 12, 2011 by calebian22

We will have to disagree on this one. You hold the importance of immigration in a much higher regard than me. I don't think that immigrants as a general rule bring all that much to the collective table. I would love to see a politician explain to these victims why immigration is good to for Sweden. One thing is certain, if Sweden's failed diversity experiment, (and rape is only one of many problems) had never taken place, these women would not be damaged for the rest of their lives. That is sad.
12:24 April 12, 2011 by yyyvxyyy
if you think Sweden can live without immigrants or immigrants can be deported then i am sorry to say it is not possible, international ethics dont allow this .

we happen to live together so why dont we talk constructive. blaming is not solution sooner we will be constructive it will be better , there is no other way around.

'Rape' is mental sickness it can be cured with social reforms and then condemned and punished under Swedish/Islamic law. as a Muslim i can say that there are many things on which we humans are agree as unacceptable so let us unite our commons and discuss openly (with acceptability) our Differences
17:43 April 12, 2011 by Playmaker
Sticking to the subject i bet it was a take on muslims which is not a race so therefor is NOT a "racist" and it was true. look at it in a black in white or even in a scientific matter. if group rate of 50.1% done by a none swede. does the muslim population match the crime and convict rate of the population. hence 15% population equals 15% of the crime. is "real rape" not Assange rape the same 15% do "they" do as good for society hence pay 15% of all the income tax money only use 15% cost for medical, unemployment, graduates and so forth. i also wonder the same for other groups. Like Americans, Jews, EU, other "western" nations. do the per capita match. i think so i know about 10 Americans, 5 english, and 2 Danish people here in Stockholm and i think we give more than we take. What do you think?
18:22 April 12, 2011 by jimthat
it happens that when in the war times the victorious invaders do one thing the first

guess what ? you are right rape the women

so like we are invaded now .what else can we expect the invader to do?

the second part of the plan is take the economic resources

they are on that tssk too

what the asians didnt get militarly in the past they are getting now by penetrating our minds

they are the new moral masters
13:16 April 13, 2011 by SOUTHLONDON
Throughout History Europe have been the Masters of RAPE! so whats the deal her,you reap wat u sew.
16:34 April 14, 2011 by jomamas
Rape is a separate issue.

Send the Muslims back to wherever they came from - regardless of their behavior: they are not Swedish.

It's that simple.
11:28 April 15, 2011 by SOUTHLONDON
Did you read the headline,what do u mean Rape is a seperate issue

it quotes "With regards to group rape, it almost exclusively refers to offenders with immigrant or foreign origin."

so how is that not relevant
12:41 April 15, 2011 by Rick Methven
@jomamas"they are not Swedish It's that simple. "

And where should we send you back to as you are not Swedish
14:39 April 15, 2011 by fio68
america is not a melting pot - all of you marxist scumbags are nothing but traitors to our european ancestors
11:44 April 18, 2011 by Dom har glömt
Tricky and sketchy article. 60 percent of rapes from Swedish born people from Swedish born parents. They can still be not

ethnic Swedes. It makes it sound as so. For example American

born or Canadien born or whatever-- to Canadien born parents

can be XYXY race or something not necessary a native Canadien

for example or some other country. There are lots of people

with parents that are born in a certain country that are not ethnic.
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