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Man shot, killed in broad daylight in Gothenburg

TT/The Local · 30 Apr 2011, 13:00

Published: 30 Apr 2011 13:00 GMT+02:00

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Newspaper Göteborgs-Posten reported that a masked man, dressed in black, shot another man five times just after 9am on a residential street in central Gothenburg.

The man released two more shots, before jumping on a moped and escaping. A witness told Göteborgs-Posten that he saw the man drop the gun not far from the scene of the crime.

Newspaper Aftonbladet reported that the moped the man was driving was later found. It had been burned. Aftonbladet says the police are tight-lipped about the incident.

The man who was shot has been identified. His relatives have been notified.

“We fled longer back into our apartment and then I went out and looked out the window,” one witness told Aftonbladet.

“His face and chest was bloody and there was a lot of blood on the pavement.”

Newspaper Expressen reports that the man's partner witnessed the shooting and called the ambulance.

This is the second time in less than two weeks that shots rang out in Gothenburg on an open street and in broad daylight. Police say there is no connection between the two shootings.

Story continues below…

The search for the suspect continues.

TT/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

13:55 April 30, 2011 by Swedesmith
Things are getting out of control...
14:10 April 30, 2011 by Aussie Sven
Welcome to the Wild West Coast.
14:28 April 30, 2011 by expatjourno
Too many immigrants. Kick them all out. Sweden was the most peaceful, safe and law-abiding country in the world when I first came here in 1988. Since then, it has allowed in all kinds of criminals from Eastern Europe and the Middle East.
14:37 April 30, 2011 by gplusa
When I was in school I got kicked in the broad daylight. Hurt like buggery for a week.
14:43 April 30, 2011 by Rick Methven

"Too many immigrants. Kick them all out"

You as well as you are also an immigrnt
14:48 April 30, 2011 by Twiceshy2
Nice, an expat calling for all immigrants to get kicked out...
15:03 April 30, 2011 by Nilspet
Yes it seems that expatjourno is also an immigrant.
15:13 April 30, 2011 by Iraniboy
Yeah more things should be done!

I'd rather not to mention 'expatjourno'. But there is more chance of a bigoted person like you to do a crime against immigrants from MiddleEast and East Europe than all of those immigrants who don't hate others. Immigrant or non-immigrant, whoever say YES to his hatred, he is doomed! As a matter of fact, I should remind you many things have changed since 1988 but your deep bigotry doesn't let you to embrace the truth!!
15:15 April 30, 2011 by escalation666
The worst part is that it's true, it's no big secret that the majority of criminals in Sweden comes from the middle east, but instead of "kicking them all out" I would say deport only the ones that gets caught committing a crime, and I'm not talking about shoplifting, I mean heavier type of crimes. Then again it's no point even discussing it because it will never happen anyway.
15:18 April 30, 2011 by Aussie Sven
@ expatjourno.

I see all Trolls don't live in Norway.
15:45 April 30, 2011 by J Jack
The countries I have enjoyed living in the most are made up of Immigrant populations and have a short settlement history, eg; New Zealand, Australia and the good ol' US of A. I promise you not all immigrants to Sweden are here because they want to and would happily move out of this cold hole if they could. I'm here to guide my kids into their maturity and hate these comments that make me feel marginalized for not being Swedish. I've worked many tourist traps around the world that attract Swedes and observed their behavior there to be a lot worse than any immigrants I have seen in Sweden. If all the immigrants were put together in an undiscovered land to settle, It would be much nicer than your place, sorry. See you in Cartajena!
15:53 April 30, 2011 by Sweetdishgurl
Born and raised in Sweden and I agree with expatjourno 100%!

My country has gone to the gutters since they let in all the asylum seeking trash. Emphasis on trash. Sweden is so stupid, no other European country will take the East European and Middle Eastern immigrants. Why us? We will pay the price, actually we are doing it already. Rape, murder and theft is at extreme levels since the country opened it's borders. Those who cry racism are blind to see the truth, Sweden had mismanaged their efforts to help asylum seekers. Someone wants to destroy Sweden...who can it be?
16:12 April 30, 2011 by jimmy1988
@Sweetdishgurl: The answer is the Swedish socialist government.

Sweden is getting like Brazil
16:32 April 30, 2011 by Rick Methven
Only on The Local

Do you find an immigrant to Sweden calling for ALL immigrants to be deported and supported by posters who are not Swedish and are not living in Sweden
16:45 April 30, 2011 by darky
There is crime everywhere. Immigrants are also everywhere so why complain about immigrants committing crimes? The guy in Malmö who shot immigrants was from the middle east, right? Buffoons ! There is one big problem with Sweden. So many loop holes in their laws. These gaps give room for people to do anything they want. Even if the Police say that murderer, what could have been done to him? Arrest him and take to a psychiatrist? I have seen the Police chasing to kriminals with their brightly colored V70 while these 2 guys escaped on a moped at Vasadatan. This is nonsense. My real Police will fire the tire to quickly catch them. Why will the crime rate not increase?
17:11 April 30, 2011 by swedejane
This isn't an "immigrant" issue...that's a red herring concocted by racists.

It's a police issue, and the police have been rendered incompetent and useless by these gangs. This incident happened this morning but these expert investigators already know there's absolutely NO connection between this and the other broad daylight shooting, on a Saturday, that happened last week? The police are too afraid to come out when something is actually happening, so they make excuses for arriving late. They are reluctant to exercise any force to get these criminals off the streets.

Quit racing to the bottom and pointing the fingers at entire race of people. Instead, hold law enforcement responsible...they are NOT getting the job done.
17:12 April 30, 2011 by Swedesmith
@ J Jack What you say has the ring of truth.....except that in the countries you mentioned, immigration followed a more natural pattern. There were jobs available and the immigrants came to seek opportunity and to work hard and better their lives. These are the type of immigrant that adds value to society, hard working, visionary, determined. In a country with high unemployment and rich social services, you often attract those who just want to ride the gravy train.

When you are fishing for bluegill, use worms. If you're fishing for catfish, use stinkbait.
17:17 April 30, 2011 by zoroastrina
expatjourno and Sweetdishgurl represent the ugly face of Sweden. Their views are disgustingly fascistic and are from the right-wing extremist fringe of the political spectrum. Their racist views have been predetermined by all of the right-wing garbage they have ingested with out being rationally able to digest such misinformation. They are abysmally stupid. Sieg Heil!
17:32 April 30, 2011 by calebian22
"the man's partner witnessed the shooting and called the ambulance."

Sounds like a potential hate crime. Watch out! 2 extra months will be added to the sentence.
17:45 April 30, 2011 by jamesblish
Probably gang-related. Nothing for us regular folks to worry about.
18:54 April 30, 2011 by jack sprat
No,nothing to worry about at all.

Just let the Mob continue to take over the streets ,the businesses and the country.

I'm sure they'll do a great job.
19:09 April 30, 2011 by bjinger
when there is a strong intrusion or influence by the west in the middle east or in the east europe, there will be an definite intrusion of the people or immigrants from the region. The US or some of the old european countries and its followers are historically active players in the region's politcis. The logic is: you pick the fruit then you chew the tast.
19:22 April 30, 2011 by Truth_Teller
It is intellectually dishonest and small minded to make Nazi references when this is a real point of discussion.

Immigrants and 2nd Generation, specifically those of Middle Eastern origin are disproportionally represented in criminal statistics across the board. Pretending differently will not change the facts.
19:33 April 30, 2011 by JP76
@jamesblish Yes, nothing to worry about other than getting caught in the cross-fire. Other shootout happened in an ice-cream cafe with several women and a child present. One stray bullet could've had tragic consequences.
20:09 April 30, 2011 by The Nine
It has nothing to do with race, you small minded racist bastards. People are people. Swedes rape and murder but it is the person who acts, not their blood line. The act is the act. moved by the person. Judge the person and their actions, not their race. While you continue to do so, you will remain unimportant outsiders. (and you hate that)
20:11 April 30, 2011 by Arturio
We need more information about the race backgrount of this guy shoted.
20:41 April 30, 2011 by Truth_Teller
If 80% of the crime is committed by 20% of the population, then the best use of resources is to address this 20%.

This can only begin with an honest conversation.
20:45 April 30, 2011 by expatjourno
Yes, I'd be sad if i got deported along with the rest of the immigrants. Oh well. I'd manage. On the other hand, my grandmother was Swedish, and I'm a Swedish citizen, so maybe I'd get to stay.

Immigrants and children of immigrants are responsible for almost all of the crime, especially the violent crime, in Sweden. It's never racist to point out the facts.

It's all about the culture. Import a bunch of middle easterners who come from societies that degrade women and don't be surprised when rape and other acts of violence against women increase. Import a bunch of people who don't have the same customs about not hitting children and don't be surprised when violence increases a generation later.

Import people who have not had the civilizing influence of Swedish schools, starting with dagis at the age of one, and don't be surprised if society becomes more savage.

Give people's kids home language instruction and don't be surprised if people bring more of their cultures' disgusting attitudes and behavior to Sweden.

I watched all of this happen. I watched the immigrants come. Watched their kids grow up. Watched the streets become less safe. First hand. And the statistics back me up.
21:41 April 30, 2011 by swedejane
I hate to inject fact and reason into this emotional argument...mostly because I doubt it will have any effect, but here it goes.

Immigrants are over-represented in the criminal statistics...but it's not 80%. It's 20%...and they make up ~10% of the population. So yes, it is an over-representation but clearly crime would not vanish if all immigrants were removed from the country. Further, one must ask are immigrants over-represented because they are more prone to criminal behavior or because they are overly targeted by law enforcement? According to Sweden's National Council for Crime Prevention (http://www.bra.se/), the crime rate fell 3% from '09-10; further, there's a rise in alcohol abuse related to violent crime...but of course, it couldn't possibly be all of those responsible drinking swedes who never get completely sh*tfaced. Except every single weekend. And holidays.

Let me also point out that the homicide rate in Stockholm from 1400-1700 was *way* above what it is now. About 10x...so, one should be careful about not mixing correlation and causation. I doubt anyone was complaining about "immigrants" in the 15th century, so one must assume that it was all of the lilly white civilized swedes slaying one another back then.



I'm not excusing any criminal behavior. Quite the contrary. You're not going to solve the problem if you look at it from only one perspective. The solution isn't to punish all the "brown" people, but it's to capture, incarcerate, and rehabilitate (if possible) the criminals. This is a law enforcement issue, plain and simple.
21:51 April 30, 2011 by expatjourno
@swedejane: How are homicide figures from 1400-1700 more relevant than changes in broader measures of crime over the past 50 years?
22:35 April 30, 2011 by jacquelinee
Crime is Crime period, whoever the perpetrator is. I come from Canada and we are a land of immigrants. Crimes happen in all races there, AND here. Don't kid your self. And EXPATJOURNO, I have a Swedish friend who frequently seeks a place to hide from her drunken and physically abusive man. Oh yes and he is a pureblooded SWEDE. Hmmmm must be the only one is Sweden since the immigrants are the problem. Maybe you should mention that to my friend next time she has a black eye. I have seen Middle Eastern people who are bastards and I know lovely people from the middle East. I know lovely Swedish people too. Both are friends of mine. But I have seen some mean son of b-tch Swedes too, even had one try to break into my home. Maybe the police should put the cell phones away, quit worrying about their "fika" and do their jobs properly towards All SWEDES (wherever they originally came from.)
23:08 April 30, 2011 by laura ka baal

your hole where whole truck can go inside., you viking the first immigrant to shift to sweden.
23:23 April 30, 2011 by Smiling Canuk
"I come from Canada and we are a land of immigrants."

True enough, but even in Canada some groups seem to be more crime prone than others. I'll be politically correct and not mention them because I'm sure you know which ones are involved in street gangs in Toronto, Vancouver and a few other big cities.
02:56 May 1, 2011 by muscle
stop blaming the common-men of sweden (Be it the I or S). Its police and intelligence incompetency. They are there immediately on the spot to stop elks eating APPLES from people's yards. But in such cases, they are just taking tooo much time!

Ok on a funny note :P there was a movie, i forgot the name, where the police started to commit crimes just to save it's police department from closing due to no criminal activity. Perhaps thats the case here :D
05:20 May 1, 2011 by expatjourno
@jaquelinee: Your one anecdote doesn't matter. Data does. If you want to talk anecdotes, anyone who has been on a ride-along with the Stockholm police can give you more anecdotes than you can possibly come up with. And THOSE anecdotes will support my position.

@truth teller: I'd like to know where you got your statistics. Got a link?
05:21 May 1, 2011 by wenddiver
@Laura Ka Baal- You can not respond to me, because I haven't posted today. I was at the Park playing fetch the Koran with the Dog.

@All hopefully Swedish Men will eventually start guning these murderers down in the street, before they ruin the Country. The cure for terrorists and criminals is shooting them.
05:22 May 1, 2011 by Grokh
a premeditated execution style murder.

lets see if the victim spoke against something and thus was silenced.

On another subject, people shouldnt assume all crimes in sweden are made by immigrants but at the same time they should not dismiss the fact immigrants in sweeden tend to be the main ones guilty of a higher percentage of the crimes.

Im a 2 time immigrant, i was born in Brasil, and lived in portugal and now i live in sweden.

Playing the racism card is just as stupid as dismissing the fact a certain group tends to be responsible for certain things.

No not all immigrants are assassins, but if most are then it has to be looked into.

By experience ,the way i see it ,usually the immigrants that turn into crime were always rotten to begin with,

Or they are second generation caught in a limbo between two cultures and have a hard time finding their own identity so they gang up to those like them and usually leads to some form of crime.

It doesnt mean all immigrants are bad , but legislation and regulation needs to filter out the rotten apples as well as those who wont integrate.
05:41 May 1, 2011 by jomamas
This murder likely has nothing to do with immigration.

However, immigration should be minimalized anyhow - I was personally displaced by immigrants in my hometown of Mississauga, Canada. It can happen to Sweden - and then it will be too late.

In 50 years - Sweden will be Brazil.
07:38 May 1, 2011 by HYBRED
I see evidence that the Swedish are reaching out to the Muslim population. Just the other day I saw a sign at the golf course that read; "Golf For Alla".
09:07 May 1, 2011 by bjinger
the nato says sorry to the death of the son and grandsons of the president of Libya.
09:19 May 1, 2011 by amiin
To those unleashing bigotery comments against immigrants, I have few questions which need answers. Was the rapist in Örebro an immigrant? was the terrorist shooting people in Malmö an immigrant? was the professor killing the female the other professor in Örebro an immigrant? were the two students in hofors who kicked their own teacher to death immigrants? all those criminals were pure swedish Please, come back to your senses and stop jumping to the idea and almost every crime is committed by immigrants.
09:24 May 1, 2011 by Iraniboy
Spot on Amiin!!

@Truth_teller and expat!

Your statistic of '80% of crimes by immigrant' is probably coming from your own bigoted paranoid thinking. As soon as you cure your problem, it will be reduced then you become a truth teller!
09:58 May 1, 2011 by summerboy
This ugly development is the result of incompetence on the part of the police and poor judicial framework in the Swedish system. For a country that has been relatively peaceful, this should be expected. The Swedish society is caught flat footed and there is a need for change. One way is to integrate people with foreign background into the armed forces especially the police force. Immigrants would be helpful in bridging the gap between the immigrant communities and the Swedish society. Where I come from, we know how to deal with criminals, you get tough on them without fear or favour. Don't tells us that they are right-wing bigots, or that they are immigrants and there for you don't want to be accused of racism or acting out of political correctness. Don't tell us that SD will gain more popularity if you arrest them and bring them to justice. Just do it!! A criminal should never be tolerated no matter who you are! The Swedish government and society should not tolerate this wanton killings and act of vandalism. These criminals are known in Göteborg and should be apprehended without delay!!! I am an immigrant and I love this country.
10:34 May 1, 2011 by swedejane

" How are homicide figures from 1400-1700 more relevant than changes in broader measures of crime over the past 50 years?"

They aren't, and I didn't say they were. But of course, that would've required a 9 year old's reading comprehension to understand that. Maybe if you reread it, aloud...perhaps bring a parent along to help you...you can wrap your brain around it. Good luck with that!
10:35 May 1, 2011 by cmbsweden
Well said Summerboy.
11:28 May 1, 2011 by expatjourno
@swedejane: So you admit you are are in the habit of tossing out irrelevant statistics. Good to know.
11:32 May 1, 2011 by fxrider
I agree with Summerboy. Immigrants are not to be blamed for this kind of crime, its the system.

Today's news on BBC says Eastern European immigrants added £5 billion to the UK economy in 2009 alone. Sweden might have benefited similarly.

12:29 May 1, 2011 by swedejane

The point being that if the homicide rate was ~10x what it is now, for three hundred years before any significant immigration. Your racist viewpoint states that all of Sweden's problems are due to these immigrants, and specifically homicide since that's the context of the article. Well, you're wrong. You're wrong because the stats for Sweden's National Council for Crime Prevention say you're wrong (which you conveniently left out of your obtuse comments). And you're wrong, historically, because the homicide rate was actually much, much higher when there were no immigrants here at all. You know, someone with an equally dull mind such as yours could suggest that it's actually because of immigration that these barbaric swedes have been civilized and brought the homicide rate down. Of course, that would be just as racist as everything you spew.

Now quit playing on the computer, you know your mommy gets upset when you play "grown up" online.
13:32 May 1, 2011 by Thompsuleme
It is easy to blame everything bad on the immigrants, it is indeed a very touchy subject. Its a never ending circle, either an Austrian racist view or a Norwegean liberal one. There has got to be a balace and I strongly beleive that Sweden is closer to it than anyother.

Peace guys and stop hating !
16:58 May 1, 2011 by Truth_Teller
I put up some statistics earlier today but they were taken down by the moderators.

The fact is there are no complete statistics available because the Government refuses to publish the incarceration / crime rate of immigrants and 2nd Generation immigrants.

Some can found here:


I am very surprised my post with the stats on them was deleted.
17:29 May 1, 2011 by Iraniboy

I haven't see your post but all posts are deemed to be racist, hate mongering against other groups are deleted.
18:13 May 1, 2011 by Truth_Teller
Sweden = the land where facts are racist.
18:18 May 1, 2011 by Michael Whitfield
Hej, get used to it. Crime is alive and well, even in left leaning, peaceful Sweden. But, be sensitive and politically correct and crime will just go away.
18:41 May 1, 2011 by Iraniboy

Sweden = is land in north of Europe where the majority of people are highly educated with good salaries. A land where people understand the difference between 'fact' and 'opinion'!!

The fact you're talking about 'truth-teller' doesn't exist except in your mind. There can be many cases that support your case but they neither provide any statistic, nor can be used to belittle a entire group! It wasn't so long time ago when a group of Europeans used some cases of bad behaviors of Jews in Europe and exaggerated it until populist uneducated people believed that Jews are evil! Now same pattern is started by people like'Truth_teller' and his ilk with the name of fact!
22:54 May 1, 2011 by Truth_Teller
Statistics are statistics. Repressing raw data, as was done by taking down the post in question, only serves to delay the conversation that can ultimately lead to a resolution.
23:35 May 1, 2011 by jimmy1988
This is the truth: There is statistics about crime rate envolving immigrants and 85-95% of crimes in Sweden are commited by immigrants and that is true, but we cannot prove it and why? Because Swedish government hides and why hides? For people not to see the truth behind immigration and questioned. So this is Sweden.
00:07 May 2, 2011 by technoviking
It's a fact that immigrants are responsible for a disproportionate amount of the crime in Sweden.

Looking at older uncensored stats 1997-2001 in Sweden immigrants were responsible for 25% of the crime, while being a smaller percentage of population than now.


Sweden may try to hide these facts from us now, but fortunately Norway does not..

65% of rapes by non-Western Immigrants in Oslo.


Anyone who's on here pretending that people who from the most violent, radical, backwards countries in the world suddenly act like Swedish accountants when they get their visas is a fool, or worse.

They bring their dysfunctional, uncivilized values with them.

Want to see the future? Take a look at Malmo. That's how we'll all be living in 20 yrs. if we don't do something about it today.
01:42 May 2, 2011 by lina2010
It is really sad to see such kind of crime in my hometown.

Sorry to say that immigrants from East Europe and Middle east and North Africa are creating big problems in social life of not only Swedes but also other immigrants I just want to say that I am not Xenophobic.

Why? Should this be the pay back for a country which gave them the full basic needs of human beings? Why don't they think twice? If we were not kind enough to help them, what would have been their future in their countries? By the way, I am not trying to boast of what we did. But, we should have lived in a better and safe Sweden if these immigrants worked hand-in-hand with us and informed such kind of bad guys before hand. I think the Swedish government has to end its so called open immigration policy and solve first all such kind of problems before adding another bigger ones from the coming immigrants.
02:11 May 2, 2011 by Da Goat
Sounds to me like Batman has got old and demented and got his cities mixed up!

although maybe the old folks home only lets him out on a moped is a bit funny!

Yep batman has heard of the crime and wants to clean it up.
06:32 May 2, 2011 by wenddiver
@lina2010- It's the payback Lina, because the people you are trying to help are vioent pieces of SH&*. Suggest you help some of your own people and leave the Death Cult members who want to destroy your country in the Muslim countries.

On the good side the US popped a cap in Osama Bin Ladden's a&&, and he is as dead as Swedish Canned Fish! The Allied Nations of the West won one today.
12:04 May 2, 2011 by technoviking
It's nauseating how many people come with no evidence whatsoever and claim we should ignore the facts about immigration.

Anyone have any stats disputing the fact that immigrants have dramatically increased the crime rate?

Not some moronic, irrelevant, idiotic comparison to 1400?

Because we have plenty to point to that they do.
13:05 May 2, 2011 by expatjourno
@swedjane: It's a pity that your reasoning skills stopped developing in kindergarten.

The homicide rates are irrelevant for two reasons. First, you have no data comparing Swedish homicide rates at that time to rates in other countries. Second, Sweden, like many countries may have became less violent between 1700 for any number of reasons.

We have, however, seen crime rates begin to increase with the arrival of mass waves of immigration. Your statistics mean absolutely nothing.

Go back to playing with your dolls. The grown-ups are talking.
14:29 May 2, 2011 by rohermoker
If Sweded weere to outlaw the private ownership of guns, This could not happen again, oh ya there may be the ocassional knifing, but shootings would end.
15:25 May 2, 2011 by swedejane

Crime rate fell from '09-'10...of course, the racists continue to conveniently ignore that. And if you're super clever and have discovered the magic of "hyperlinks", you'll find on that site the official stats for crime based on non-swedish residents, which is 20%. Not 80%. Not 100%. Not even half. It's 20%. So I'm quite confused as to what stats you're referring to that "immigrants have dramatically increased the crime rate"? Oh, I know...you're making them up.


Not only do you have no ideas of your own, but now you're stealing my act. Please, at least, have some idea how to flame me that's original and funny. So sad. Perhaps you can unknot your panties and take a life a little easier now knowing that people much smarter than you are actually figuring this out for you.
15:30 May 2, 2011 by wenddiver
@rohermoker- Good point, that assumes that the same immigrant groups that ignore Swedens laws against Murder and everything else, would respect the Gun law which has a lesser penalty.

Happy dead Osama Bin Laden day.
16:26 May 2, 2011 by Truth_Teller

Please post your above mentioned links.
17:25 May 2, 2011 by technoviking
@ swedejane

You really are a slow one... Time to do some big girl math.

If 5% of the population is responsible for 20-25% of the crime that would be where the big word "disproportionate" would come in.

Let me help you... Small increase in immigration = large increase in crime relative to the increase in the latter. Not that all crime is by immigrants. A disproportionate amount is.

A drop in crime for a year doesn't mean the proportions have changed.

Quiz -- What happens to the crime rate when that 5% committing 20-25% of the crime becomes 30-40% of the population?

Answer -- Malmo.
18:01 May 2, 2011 by swedejane

Your racist algebra infers that immigrants are predisposed to violence; yet, there has never been a genetic predisposition to violence ever made. I know you won't allow science to get in the way of your white supremacist vision for Sweden, but I hope others will see that there are other factors at work here.

BTW, you're wrong again. It's 10%, not 5%...and 20% not 25%.
18:40 May 2, 2011 by technoviking
@ swedejane

As always, when your lies and wishful thinking collapse, resort to slinging "racist".

No one is predisposed genetically to violence, but behavior is certainly taught culturally. I don't see Asian immigrants having the same problems as others and they aren't "white". I guess I'm a "culturist"

I'm talking about from 97-2001 when the stats in Sweden were fully available so more like 5%... And 25% is being nice. More like 45% in reality.

"One quarter were committed by people born overseas, while almost 20 percent were committed by those born in Sweden to one or two parents born abroad."

Shockingly, as has been pointed out before, you haven't produced one iota of evidence to supporting anything you say.
20:22 May 2, 2011 by Enjoyourlife
Bring in more sub saharan Africans except Nigeria. They are harmless!
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'Alienation in Sweden feels better: I find myself a stranger among scores of aliens'
People-watching: October 20th
The Local Voices
A layover at Qatar airport brought this Swedish-Kenyan couple together - now they're heading for marriage
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Swedish for programmers: 'It changed my life'
Swede punches clown that scared his grandmother
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Top 7 tips to help you learn Swedish
Fans throw flares and enter pitch in Swedish football riot
Could Swedish blood test solve 'Making a Murderer'?
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‘Extremism can't be defeated on the battlefield alone’
Property of the week: Linnéstaden, Gothenburg
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Stockholm: creating solutions to global challenges
Swedish school to build gender neutral changing room
People-watching: October 14th-16th
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Why you should 'grab a chair' on Stockholm's tech scene
Man in Sweden assaulted by clowns with broken bottle
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Where is the Swedish music industry heading?
Nobel Prize 2016: Literature
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Last chance to vote absentee in the US elections
Watch the man who discovered Bob Dylan react to his Nobel Prize win
Record numbers emigrating from Sweden
People-watching: October 12th
The Local Voices
'Swedish startups should embrace newcomers' talents - there's nothing to fear'
How far right are the Sweden Democrats?
Property of the week: Triangeln, Malmö
Sweden unveils Europe's first elk hut
People-watching: October 7th-9th
The Local Voices
Syria's White Helmets: The Nobel Peace Prize would have meant a lot, but pulling a child from rubble is the greatest reward
Missing rune stone turns up in Sweden
Nobel Prize 2016: Chemistry
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