Lizzie the cat back after three years on the road

The owner of a Swedish cat which disappeared more than three years ago is celebrating her feline friend's unexpected return after it turned up 200 kilometres from home.

Lizzie the cat back after three years on the road
Lizzie and owner Camilla Hulkki

“We have absolutely no idea what she has been up to all this time,” owner Camilla Hulkki told The Local.

Lizzie the cat disappeared from her home in Strömsund, in the north of Sweden, three years ago.

Her disappearance came as a surprise to owner Camilla Hulkki as Lizzie never used to stray far from the area or stay out for a long time.

But when the cat had been missing for several days, Hulkki and her partner put up posters and started searching further afield.

However, it was to no avail as there was no sign of the cat anywhere and no one contacted them with regards to Lizzie’s whereabouts.

“Finally we resigned to it, we guessed something must have happened to her and we went on with our lives,” said Hulkki.

But last Monday, Hulkki received a call from an animal rescue centre close to Härnösand, 200 kilometres from the couple’s house.

“They phoned and asked if we had a cat missing, and I looked over and saw that our current cat was indoors so of course I answered ‘no’. But then they said that it had a chip in its ear that showed it was registered to us under the name Lizzie,” Hulkki said.

It turned out that an old lady who had been feeding the stray cat for a short time, turned her in to the centre after Lizzie didn’t get on with her own cats.

At first Lizzie had managed to escape the obligatory quarantine at the rescue centre by getting the hatch of her cage open and legging it through a cellar window, but the rescue centre managed to find her again and was able to phone the incredulous owners.

“It is great to have her back, although a little strange because as soon as she returned she was acting like she always did, she found her way around as if she never left in the first place,” said Hulkki.

Lizzie’s whereabouts for the majority of the three years, and how she came to turn up 200 kilometres from her home is still a mystery to the owners.

“I can hardly believe it is her and that she is here with us again,” said Hulkki.

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