‘Tall, slim man’ wanted for Malmö killing

'Tall, slim man' wanted for Malmö killing
Police are looking for a tall, slim man in his mid-twenties in connection with the killing near a popular swimming spot in Malmö in southern Sweden last week.

“We have a fairly good picture of the perpetrator,” said JB Cederholm, who is leading the investigation for Malmö police.

Some 70 people have contacted police in connection with the investigation and a number of them witnessed the perpetrator prior to the killing.

He is thought to have spent around an hour in the car park at Sibbarp campground in the southern part of the city and may have visited the location the previous day.

The investigation has shown that he was seen by a relatively large number of people, apparently taking few precautions to conceal his appearance.

Police have been able to compile an accurate description of the tall dark man, dressed in black clothing and with a black cap on his head.

“He could even be younger than 20-years-old,” Cederholm said.

Despite the amount of time that the suspect is thought to have spent in the area, no one has reported having spoken to him.

The 36-year-old murder victim was just about to get into a car parked near the popular swimming spot last Wednesday when he was shot dead.

Witnesses at the scene described how the killing looked like an “execution”.

Following the slaying, the perpetrator fled into adjoining streets through a residential area. At one point he dropped his pistol, but paused to pick it up again.

The man’s trail went cold on Sibbarpsvägen and police are uncertain if he had a car waiting for him there.

The murdered man was known to police with established criminal connections and they are currently investigating his background for any clues as to his fate.

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