New cruel bear trap found in Swedish woods

New cruel bear trap found in Swedish woods
Another attempt to kill bears by fooling them into eating a blood-soaked mattress, thus causing them to starve to death slowly due to constipation, has been uncovered in the north of Sweden.

“It is so terribly cruel, only a sick person would do such a thing,” said the man who discovered the trap while out walking his dog.

After the local paper Norbottens kuriren had published pictures of the home made trap last week, the dog owner knew exactly what it was he had found when he stumbled upon the trap in the woods on Friday.

This time the blood-soaked bedding was found in the forests near Pello about 10 kilometres from the previous find.

According to local police there is a clear connection between the two discoveries.

“It was a plastic bag with bloodied bits of foam rubber, just like one of the two we examined last week,” Andreas Hedlund of the local police told Norrbottenskuriren.

Just like last time the perpetrator has used a four wheel quad bike to get to the location and there are many indications that it is the same vehicle.

“At this moment we don’t have a suspect, although there is a lot of speculation,” said Hedlund to the paper.

Police have classified the case as attempted aggravated criminal hunting and aggravated animal cruelty.

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