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EU network: Sweden passive on 'slave auction'

Peter Vinthagen Simpson · 17 May 2011, 15:07

Published: 17 May 2011 15:07 GMT+02:00

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The RED Network, representing NGOs and research institutes from 17 EU member states, has expressed its deep concern over "the racist incidents depicting black people as 'slaves' at Lund University and Malmö University in Sweden".

In an open letter to education minister Jan Björklund and integration minister Erik Ullenhag, the institute challenges the government to take a clear stand.

"While Swedish politicians are passive and quiet we have received support from the US, such as (the European Network Against Racism) ENAR, and now from the RED Network," said Mariam Osman Sheifay, a Social Democrat MP and chair of the Center against Racism, a Sweden-based member of the RED Network.

The letter refers to a so-called “jungle party” held at a Lund student organisation, where three people with blackened faces and lynching ropes around their necks were sold in a mock auction.

The incident, first reported in a local Lund student newspaper, has since gripped the attention of civil rights heavyweights around the globe.

The European Network Against Racism (ENAR), based in Brussels, wrote an open letter to Sweden's democracy minister Birgitta Ohlsson condemning the incident, urging the government to take action.

The tale took another turn when prominent US civil rights activist Jesse Jackson penned a complaint to Jan Björklund urging Sweden to take measures to ensure that Swedes are reminded of the brutal transatlantic slave trade and the part Sweden played in it.

While Lund University, one of Sweden's most prestigious seats of learning, has since responded to the criticism by announcing a new programme to educate students and staff about the university’s core values, anti-racism campaigners have been left frustrated by the government's reticence to speak out on the issue.

"It is time for the Swedish government and Swedish politicians to openly condemn and take a stand against racism and the racial hatred. Silence and half-hearted condemnation is the same as support for racist actions," Mariam Osman Sheifay said in a comment on the letter.

Victoria Kawesa, a researcher at the Center Against Racism, told The Local that there is a gulf between Sweden's image overseas and the reality faced by the afro-Swedish community.

"People we speak to are shocked that this occurred in Sweden. Sweden has a humane reputation but at home nobody takes a stand," she said.

In a opinion article published in the Svenska Dagbladet daily at the weekend, Erik Ullenhag called for a united front against Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. Victoria Kawesa would like this call to include the afro-Swedish community.

"Erik Ullenhag has... written about hate in Sweden without naming the racist attacks against blacks, Afrophobia as a problem in Sweden," she said.

"Black people are also Swedish citizens and have a right to be protected and to receive support against racist slights and attacks."

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Kawesa furthermore echoed Jesse Jackson's calls for an education campaign to inform Swedes that the slave trade is part of the country's history and something of deep concern for the Swedish population, in part and as a whole.

"We need to draw attention to the fact that Sweden was involved, this is an experience which we all share. The incident in Lund is an opportunity to address this," she said.

The "slave auction" has been the subject of ridicule from some quarters, with one controversial Swedish artist, Dan Park, posting images of Jallow Momodou, who reported the incident, all over Malmö and Lund depicting him as a naked man in chains.

Park maintained that his art was "great humour" and the incident has furthermore been described by some as a "tasteless joke" and called for those alleging racism to toughen up.

"Racism has become a word that can be used, but the situations exist. There are people who say that we are easily offended, but that is easy to say when you are not the ones being insulted," Victoria Kawesa told The Local.

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15:49 May 17, 2011 by Stickeroo
WoW, talk about getting blown out of proportion. As if blacks we're the only race to ever serve as slaves. And fact of the matter is, its the truth and it's history, so they had a slave auction, who cares. Not like they took a bunch of blacks and hung them from trees. I'd be more offended if they sold whites as slaves cuz then that would just be a lie.
16:09 May 17, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan
First of all, Black people were the first people on the planet. Everybody, including White people, come from Black people. White people are a genetic mutation or a genetic deficiency state [which] is what causes skin to be White.

I look at the system of racism having come into being consciously because the White population recognized, after they circumnavigated the globe, that they were a tiny minority, fewer that one-tenth of the people on the planet. And they were genetic-recessive compared to the genetic dominance of people who produce color. They realized that they could be genetically annihilated and White people could, as a collective of people, disappear. They worked out a system for White survival, which entails dominating all of the Black, Brown, Red and Yellow people on the planet. So racism is a behavioral system for the survival of White people. I would advise Black people and other people of color that since the practice of racism is the practice of White genetic survival, that the expectation that people who classify themselves as White can change this behavior is a high level expectation. Black people [must] finally understand that White people are playing a White survival game [which] has to inferiorize the functioning of Black and other people of color.
16:13 May 17, 2011 by jimthat
so we thank you very much for teaching us what is good an what is bad

you are a moral referent that is exactly what sweden is begging to all the non -white to be for us

the next we will need please would be a non white president

but i think you are allready preparing him allready

he m
16:42 May 17, 2011 by Rick Methven

Racism is not the preserve of Caucasians.

In you posts you show as much racism as the idiots at Lund - just black on white instead of white on black. Maybe you want to try the wacko jacko treatment ?
16:46 May 17, 2011 by Coolbreeze
If the government has nothing to say on this matter then there is no need to wait until the next election. The SD is already in power masquerading as mainstream parties!
16:49 May 17, 2011 by hpunlimited
I do not understand this issue at all. Its a free country, people should be allowed to joke about anything. This was a University prank and kids having fun around town. If you do not understand freedom of speech and free societies, plz do not put your nose in Swedens business. I think it is great that they put a picture of this guy in chains, it was his own fault, he was asking for it.

You SHOULD be allowed to make cartoons of mohammed, walk around town with pretent-slaves in chains, make fun of gays etc. If you can NOT do this in a society then you live in a dictatorship. Plz move to North Korea where the government can tell you what to do and what you SHOULD think or joke about. I think that these kids have actually stood up for Sweden and what is good about Sweden.
16:56 May 17, 2011 by Syftfel
At worst this whole story is a case of poor taste. At best it's a case of ignorance. But with all the problems facing Europe, and Sweden specifically, today, it is not worth investing precious time and effort, and EU resources on the infantile adolecents at Hallands Nation. Some of you seem to have latched on to this story and are hysterically shrieking "racism" at every turn. But the howling suspects are the usual, i.e. the socialists, liberals, anarkists and other leftists with a ulterior agendas, and a vested interest in creating havoc in Swedish society. You're making it worse by harping on it. This is a non-story!
17:05 May 17, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan
Reverse racism is supposedly something nasty that people of color do to white people. The term was first coined during the 1968 presidential campaign of pro-segregationist George Wallace. In order to win "white" working class support in the South, Wallace asserted that government programs that supported Black people were deliberately victimizing white people. He called this governmental action reverse racism.

In my 35 years on this planet, I have actually witnessed only one example of reverse racism, That was when the lawyers defending the white cops who beat Rodney King played the tape of that beating backwards during the trial!

But in spite of the bogus nature of reverse racism,it was brilliant as a campaign strategy. Dubbed the Southern Strategy by electoral analysts, its aim was to win "white" working and middle class voters away from the Democratic Party by consciously catering to their racism. The strategy bore bitter fruit. Wallace's American Independent Party garnered 10 million white voters, who became the foundation for the New Right organizations of the Republican Party which onced controled Congress and the partisannational dialogue on virtually all social and economic issues.

This is the trajectory Sweden is heading. There is only one form of racism and that is "white" supremacy, no matter what narrow defintions many of you will spout.

Dr Frances Cress Wesling has said;

Functional Definition Of Racism = White Supremacy = Apartheid: As a black behavioral scientist and practicing psychiatrist, my own functional definition of racism (white supremacy) is as follows: "Racism (white supremacy) is the local and global power system and dynamic, structured and maintained by persons who classify themselves as white, whether consciously or subconsciously determined; which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action, and emotional response, as conducted, simultaneously in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war); for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet Earth - a planet upon which the vast and overwhelming majority of people are classified as nonwhite (black, brown, red and yellow) by white skinned people, and all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration) compared to the genetic recessive white skin people
17:08 May 17, 2011 by Swedesmith
@OBM the chip on your shoulder has eaten your brain.
17:25 May 17, 2011 by Smiling Canuk
Will you PC'ers take a chill pill. You're a bunch of cranks. This was a group of university kids doing something a bit stupid. Bad taste yes but racism no. I'm half Mohawk Indian and do you think I'd get get upset just because young kids still play "cowboys and Indians". Of course not. Get over yourselves and let it go, this was not a criminal act.
17:58 May 17, 2011 by Frobobbles
Those guys have no humor. They need to relax and watch something, why not a Spike Lee movie. Bamboozled - what would they think of that one?
18:00 May 17, 2011 by Kaethar
The more and more people rant on about this the more and more support xenophobic forces will get. It's no coincidence that most members of Afro-Svenskarnas Riksförbund are American immigrants to Sweden. They have an American outlook on this event and this shows. And Swedish organizations (like Swedes themselves) tend to view Sweden as a "hive mind" but the average Swede of course does not identify with a group of students at Hallands nation and will take offence at being lumped in with them. And who will the scapegoat be for this resentment? Afro-Svenskarnas Riksförbund who were the ones who started whining. I don't think some foreigners realise that awareness of this event is increasing resentment towards blacks (now viewed as a "whiny minority who infringe upon freedom of speech") as opposed to the opposite.

Lund University has done everything right here - they know what works for Swedes. Meanwhile foreigners, the American-led Afro-Svenskarnas Riksförbund and the ideologically blind Centrum for Rasism have no clue. And that's a real pity.
18:02 May 17, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan
"The denial of racism is essential for its existence."

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing
18:26 May 17, 2011 by Nemesis
@ TheOriginalBlackMan,

You do realise you are using a racist arguement to support your bigoted viewpoints.

Also having white skin in not gene recessive.

I suggest you learn a bit about genetics before trying to talk about the subject.
19:15 May 17, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan
Arthur Schopenhauer, an admitted racist even said:

"Further, the consideration as regards complexion is very definite. Blondes prefer absolutely dark persons or brunettes, but only rarely do the latter prefer the former. The reason for this is that fair hair and blue eyes constitute a variation, almost and abnormality, analogous to white mice (albino mice), or at least to white horses (albino horses). In no other quarter of the globe, not even in the vicinity of the poles, are they indigenous (important word for all the so called real Swedes), but only in Europe; and they have obviously come from Scandinavia.

Incidentally…………I here express my opinion that a white colour in the skin is not natural to man, but that by nature he has a black or brown skin, just as had our forefathers the Hindus; consequently, a white human being has never sprung originally from the womb of nature, and therefore there is no white race……. however much this is talked about, but every white human being is bleached."

Arthur Schopenhauer, the World as Will and Representation," Page 547

If you need genetic citations, let me know.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing has cited this as the core and base reason why so called whites practice racism ("white" supremacy), they secretly desire to have colour.
19:25 May 17, 2011 by jostein
Reportedly they were not three people but four. The fourth one was the evil slavedriver and acting the bad guy.

Its still tasteless but i cant see how the message is racist?
19:36 May 17, 2011 by planet.sweden

As usual you wear your ignorance, racism and mental illness as a badge of honour.

However I'm as delighted as no doubt you are that blondes prefer "dark persons". It's no doubt a theory you'll be able to demonstrate to yourself and the rest of us when next you're down Stureplan way. I look forward to your update.

But I am surprised that you are quoting Schopenhauer. He was a early white supremicist, convinced of the intellectual and racial superiority of whites, and the inferiority of blacks. So why bring him up? He was born in 1788.

But perhaps even more importantly than that I have to ask you once again what on earth are you doing here in Sweden?

I do recall that amid one of your many rants agaisnt Swedish women you mentioned that you are American. Given that there are many large black comunities in the US, and the US now has a black president, why did you turn your back on all that and travel half way around the world to Stockholm to tell white people in general, and Swedes in particular, how much you hate them. Why?

Are you on the run?
19:46 May 17, 2011 by Nemesis
@ TheOriginalBlackMan,

You do realise you are quoting a book by an idiot that was published in 1818, over 100 years before the beginning of modern genetics.

You have no knowledge of genetics.

Also you are using a blatantly racist arguement to back up your racist ideology.

You are actually using the same arguements against white people that white English and German people used in Africa against black people in the 1800's. you have just inverted the colours to give the same racism.
19:50 May 17, 2011 by refugee
I am really surprised to see there are still out-dated people in the time of globalization who belive in skin colour ..

Whatever the cases are I am proud of being Ethiopian , people never traded or colonized , with more than 3000 years history .. that is why we don't like begging based on colour ..
19:59 May 17, 2011 by irridium
@OBM, wow, you have quite the inferiority complex don't you!
20:02 May 17, 2011 by zircon
Today I've seen the most beautiful Afro- American girl in the city. And she looked from the distance very dedicated to fashion too. Hmmm.... And With that USA accent, you just would want to marry her instantly and impulsive. Even if it was just for one day or week, and then come back more civilised to your evil monsterous Swedish wife (if she looked like Margot Kidder- Superman- that is). Not all blacks are ugly as you presume, you see.
20:11 May 17, 2011 by virgoman
.......and who said the ''WHITE THINGS'' are not coloured? just provoke a WHITE THING/FELLOW and see the numerous colours he/she will produce. I think RAINBOW serves the WHITE THINGS better..........they turn coloured or RAINBOW(ED) while angry ahahahaahahahahah
20:12 May 17, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan

Ethiopia was definetly colonized by Italy. Fact is fact no matter how you feel it. You are now in denial stage but sooner or later you will accept the historical fact that Ethiopia was colonized by Italy. The facts is Ethiopia was defeated and Italians set up a power base there and were govering Ethiopia from Addis after your coward king fled to London.

If there was war of resisatnce in ethiopia as many Ethiopinas claim, how could the Italians have built and connected Ethiopia with roads from east west and north south. Your kings were unable to build such wonderful roads with in their 40 years of rule. They were not even unable to build single road in Menze. Don't forget that the marvelous Debresiena undergroud tunnel built by your italian colonizers.

If it was not colonization how was Axum oblisque taken away by Italians?

All of Africa even those who were not enslaved were treated with disdain. Thats why it's called white supremacy.

Finally it was the british army led by colonel wingate who freed Ethiopia from Italians. Wengate school and churchile road are named to commomerate the british troops who freed Ethiopia from Italy.

Get a clue.

@ so called "white" racist

"It's been known for years that all non-Africans are descended from a small group, perhaps only a few dozen individuals, who left the continent between 50,000 and 100,000 years ago.

But the Cornell study, published in the journal Nature Thursday, indicates that Europeans went through a second "population bottleneck," probably about 30,000 years ago, when the ancestral population was again reduced to relatively few in number.

The doubly diluted genetic diversity has allowed "bad" mutations to build up in the European population, something that the more genetically varied African population has had more success in weeding out."

Read the entire study

20:15 May 17, 2011 by planet.sweden

"your evil monsterous Swedish wife"

Speak for yourself. Sounds like yours is best out of your marriage.
20:47 May 17, 2011 by RobinHood
How many times is this NGO going to express it's "deep concern" over this silly incident? And how many times is The Local going to remind us that the RED Network is deeply concerned? I think we all get the point now.
21:14 May 17, 2011 by zircon
Liebe, himmel auf erden...
21:21 May 17, 2011 by abraham lezama
Thinking about... maybe is just the diference.

Im mexican, Im brown, and not ofended if somebody call me like that, or define my skin brown, i dont care, i can see it. But, if you call black, to a black person, that sounds for them like an insult. first question... Why? maybe the dictionaries need to find one word to not disturb people with origins from Africa, and if you do this in USA, they can i think even sue you.

I know some black people, i like Chris Rock, i like how they speak and wear, BUT, i can tell that, if there is some very but very racist people is: The Black people, a lot, and they dont want us, Mexicans, i want to share something.

I was going in one flight in USA, and there were girls and man for serving, (fly service people? dont remember the name) it was American Airlines, and my neighboor in the plane ask me if they gave me my food, i was reading, then i turn, and i saw the people almost finishing, so i asked why they didnt gave me mine, but the guy it was a black guy, he did not want to talk to me, my neighboor (a native norteamerican) complain with other about this person, and finally my food came, this man, my flight-mate, it was a very nice person, and he recomended me to make a report and give it when we arrive, i was thinking to do it, then i saw the face of this poor black guy, he could be fired, so i did not that, im not gonna be the responsible for the kids of this man not eat next day or something, us mexicans we just want to work, live our life, eating tamales if you want or tacos, but we really love to work, sure there are bad mexicans, but they are a minority, if you can see black comedians, they always complain about the mexicans are working all the time, and they dont like to do it, but... as my father said, bring them Ron and music, and they can be singing and dancing for dayyyyssss.

I can tell other thing, if they feel racism in Sweden, try Russia, and then you will really find something to complain.
21:26 May 17, 2011 by wxman
The first slaves in Europe were Slavs. Hence the name "slaves". All races have done their time, at some time or other, as the unwilling workers of others. BTW, it was Arabs who sold Africans to the New World. Europeans and American colonists didn't just jump off a boat and start grabbing people and take them back. They went to the port auction areas on the west coast of Africa and bought the from Arabs. Look it up.
21:37 May 17, 2011 by swedejane
This guy was harassed at his job...that's the complaint. Not that somebody drew a cartoon in the privacy of their home. We ALL have the right to not be harassed and humiliated at our place of employment. As I've stated before, if you disagree feel free to post your work address and a photo of yourself and we'll see just how you like it when I start plastering *clever* cartoons of you where all of your coworkers will see.

Second, it's annoying that The Local continues to publish this cartoon on the front page. It shows a real lack of class.
21:42 May 17, 2011 by occassional
Are we done now ?
21:52 May 17, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan
@ Planet Sweden, Nemsis, abraham lezama and others; all of you may need some medication.

@wxman you are correct sir, but whats your point.

No Black Afrikan has to apologize for colonization or slavery. Everything Indo-Europeans did to members of our race-family, they had already done to their own people.

Many Europeans call the invasion of Eastern and Central Europe by the Asiatic Huns as the first great race war.

Many Caucasians believe the second great race war was the military effort (Crusades) by Whites against the darker races of what they called the Middle East. White armies attacking the nations of Islam in a period running for almost 200 years: from 1095 to the middle of the thirteenth century.

Many Caucasians consider the Moorish invasion of Europe, 711 AD, the third great race war. The Muslim armies were collectively known as the Moors or Saracens (non-Whites), a mixture of Blacks and Semites. Spanish Jews actively collaborated with the Moors during their occupation of parts of Europe. All Moors were expelled from Europe by 1492. Many of the Jews were held accountable for their behavior and persecuted.

Well, I see Sweden's showing it's Nazi colors once again. I need to get up early in the morning, thus this will be my last comment. Nevertheless remember this....the Black race is the only true colmplete race and those who have persecuted us will play with extinction.

Decendants must pay for the crimes of their ancestors......thats goes for all so called white people and their lackeys.......Peace to a world that will return to a Black Planet.
22:17 May 17, 2011 by irridium
Race wars? You must be joking....

Actually, the Mongolian empire was one of the few empires in which you had a mix of Muslims, Christians, Mongols, Chinese, etc all serving in the upper echelons of the government. Genghis's rule allowed anyone regardless of race, religion or status to serve and be promoted equally as long as the empire was put first. Your other two examples of 'great race wars' are equally laughable.

Surely Sub Saharan Africa is a place of peace and prosperity, the center of civilization.... Oh wait, it's the center of corruption, warfare, rape, murder, list goes on and on.. or is that the 'white peoples' fault as well?
22:21 May 17, 2011 by skatty

I think one way to analyze slavery and the races is the relation between the slaves as labour force with the surrounded environment, because you have mentioned about the slavery in different part of the world and it's relation with black Africans.

There are different model of slavery within different discipline of science. One is called the open and closed model of slavery; for example the Roman slavery was an open model of slavery and American slavery was a close slavery. Open slavery is a system in which slaves can be freed and accepted fully into general society; closed slavery is a system in which slaves are a separate group so that they are not accepted into general society, however sometimes may be freed for short time.

In the open system of Roman, slaves could participate in the labour market, be educated in a particular skill and rise to higher degree and be freed, and at the end even become a citizen. This kind of open slavery was common in Arabic areas as well. In modern American slavery (which mostly managed by European ships), slaves were not part of the general labour force (the black Africans); they didn't allow to learn writing and reading (in contrast with Roman, who actually encourages their slaves to learn because it reduced the cost for them).

For more information refer to "The labour supply of the early Roman empire" by Peter Temin, 2001 MIT.
23:54 May 17, 2011 by omash kavash
its better for somone to show u that i hate u and i ate ur afrikan than to smile to him and in ur heart u hate him thats hypocrasy better the russians they say live we hateblacks so we know they hate us but remeber first man on planet waa black
01:27 May 18, 2011 by jostein
And this is the second time thelocal has published this racist picture, produced by a crackpot artist extremist. To my knowledge, its the local and a bunch of nazi forums that publish this picture. Odd.
01:29 May 18, 2011 by Da Goat
The swedes are doing the correct thing! By not making anything of it.

to actually respond to racism just propagates it further, if you don't join in it will dry up and go away, if you don't stir the pot the contents settle!

Multiculturalism is dead !
02:14 May 18, 2011 by Swedesmith
OBM the only cure for racism is for all the races to interbreed. Say, is your wife cute?
02:38 May 18, 2011 by jimthat

this is the name of this "outrage"

if you speak against whites then you are moralizing

the censorship in sweden is taking the worst turn

we are practizing the internal censorship

we think twice before saying something that could be interpreted as "racist" or contrary to the non whites conventions
04:04 May 18, 2011 by Pacey
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
06:19 May 18, 2011 by Horace
A lot of the comments here are short sighted and really upsetting to read. It shows how behind Sweden is really compared to places like New York when it comes to racism.
07:25 May 18, 2011 by stenhuggaren
@ Horace

I'm afraid that most of the boneheads commenting on here are from the US, although perhaps not from NYC.
09:03 May 18, 2011 by HYBRED
It's very sad to see so much hatred and racism directed towards the worlds minoity,(caucasian people). I applaud the native Swedish for taking a stand for their rights and identity in their own country. Maybe the world should take note of it as a tool to help end the discrimination and genocide of caucasian people everywhere.
09:56 May 18, 2011 by Marc the Texan
Do people here realize that Europeans were being taken as slaves and transported to Africa and the Middle East up until a few hundred years ago. Coastal Europe especially around the Mediterranean was completely depopulated in areas due to so many Europeans being taken away to Africa and the Middle East. This overlapped the period of the Atlantic slave trade. Do your own research. Europeans have not been free of enslavement by foreign powers for much longer than people of any other continent. Also remember that the word slave comes from the word Slav for a very good reason.
10:58 May 18, 2011 by cogito
There is still a slavery in, for example, northern Nigeria, Mauritania. But as it is Africans enslaving other Africans, instead of calling it for what it is, slavery, it is called "a gray zone."
11:26 May 18, 2011 by billibob

''Decendants must pay for the crimes of their ancestors......thats goes for all so called white people and their lackeys.......Peace to a world that will return to a Black Planet.''

Seems to me a statement born out of pure resentement. One wonders whether the primal cause of this is indeed 'slave morality' according to Nietzsche. The poisonous desire for revenge is a hallmark of this.

''the Black race is the only true colmplete race and those who have persecuted us will play with extinction''

..is as accurate as saying that Australopithecus (or whatever the last common ancestor was between hominids and apes) is the true 'complete race'. As you have pointed out, there are certainly (small) genetic differences between what your call white europeans and sub-saharan africans as a result of the founder effect, bottlenecks etc. Even though this is basically the Darwinian model for speciation, these differences are not significant as to designate white europeans and black africans as different species (which you imply).

Furthermore, as far as your fondness for Dr Wesling is concerned. Her pseudo-scientific theory (largely based on the melanin black superiority theory) is basically an observation of 'in group-out group' mentality. This is again compatible with evolutionary theory expressed by Dawkins as the selfish gene hypothesis. In other words, an individual will be instinctualy driven to care for members of its own family (or tribe) due to genetic relatedness. However, in the case of races, in spite of massive genetic diversity (especially in the case of africans), it is the skin color which serves as the misfiring proxy for in-group mentality. You are as genetically similar to the nearest black man as you are to an average chinese man.

12:05 May 18, 2011 by Jes
I tend to agree with Da Goat . Sometimes , it helps to ignore some of these things and just move forward .

The truth "black" or "white" people are mere tags that are about to get stale . When I Iook , I only see intelligent and unintelligent people allover the planet .

I ask myself : is Hilter "whiter" than Mandela ? Was the slave trade by whites worse than the slave trade that was carried out by Arabs ?
12:05 May 18, 2011 by wenddiver
I can't believe this is still going on. I think these people are being silly, why don't these people go adress some real racism like tribes hacking each other to death in Rawanda or the Black on White crime rate in South Africa or Detroit? Probably more fun to fly to Sweden on somebody elses dime. Safer too!!!!

Leave the children alone, and get a life.
12:25 May 18, 2011 by Roy E
Professional victims are a disgrace to the human race.

The people who nurture professional victims are even worse.
14:16 May 18, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan
Sawubona billibob,

I don't believe in evolution, remember it's a theory, also, I don't believe in a "white god" who looks down from the heavens and takes notes of who has been naughty or nice. Thus, please refrain, as many so-called "whites" do, of insisting that so called evolution is a fact so as to ignore your true origins.

I believe a better theory of how humans diversified would be that all other "races" are but diluted variations of the Black African man and woman, whom came out of Africa and populated the earth in waves. Some of their offspring, whom the Black man and women had were albinos (humans with no melanin), these albinos were shunned and exiled from the continent as well as families.

Please read the Cornell Study that I have already posted above.

Europeans (so called whites) utilize a huge amount of deception and confusion so as to convince themselves, their victims or anyone else that will listen that they are the epitome of the human species, when it is obvious with anyone whom has two eyes, that this can not be true: For example, there is no biological advantage for someone to have skin that has little too no melanin, none. Indeed, it is a disadvantage (skin cancer). Also, most of the genetic diseases known to man are developed by the so-called white race. (Don't make me list them since it will make many of you very sad)

So called "white" people need to become more comfortable with their color deficiency as well as their minority status on the planet, "whites" are less than 1/10 of the world population. This is what I believe as well as other Black scientist as well as some Europeans who wish to tell the truth is the core reason for their behavior (racism).

The core problem the earth is facing is the inadequacy of the so-called white race. Yet, it seems as if the "white race itself will kill itself off. With dwindling numbers and the lost of its greatest weapon (disinformation) all but demolished, the so called white species will be spoken of in books in the future, which will focus on what they were and how fast they checked out.

Finally, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing is genius and only a deceiver and liar would call her work not credible.

Oh! Please tell me whom a monkey, ape, or orangatun resembles; inverted lips, lanky hair, hairy bodies......

Hamba kahle
14:36 May 18, 2011 by Lunneia
This goes to everyone in here…..I agree with PACIAN that Racism and Discrimination is not an issue blown out of proportion. It's real and it exist and it's need to be dealt with. However, if STICKEROO thinks the talk about getting blown out of proportion, then It's funny to me how this is not being blown out of proportion. However, I believe am just the right person for the job! As a WHITE, I see Race is a distinction, and until everyone one earth comes into terms with this fact, there is always going to be a 'people ' who consider themselves superior. Many think it's a joke, but it has to be addressed once and for all in Sweden. The secret to any successful society is the removal and the disapproval of segregation. We are not all equal for that matter, I am sure there are many smarter blacks as whites, or even more, given populations. However to turn a blind eye to facts and pretend RACISM IN SWEDEN in not real is utterly wrong. As ORIGINAL BLACK MAN put it is many words, until one realizes he cannot have something, he will never give up the fight for it. My Swedish GF (BLACK) initially would not date a white because she likes the uniqueness of black! @ ZIRCON, it has saved me the run for an [evil monstrous Swedish wife] as you put it. But with persistence she yielded. One thing absolutely annoying about the [evil monstrous Swedish wife] is her thoughts and plans to save Africa! From what?
15:54 May 18, 2011 by billibob

''I don't believe in evolution''.

You have revealed yourself in your ignorance. While it is irrelevant what you believe in, most of your misguided and resentful utterances are loosely based on evolutionary theory. When using terms like recessive, dominant, adaptation, diversified (all in your text), you are in fact referencing evolutionary genetics (yes, developed by white european scientists!!).

Second, one only has to google melanin and skin color to understand that low skin content of melanin is indeed an adaptation to minimize reflectance thus allowing for vitamin D production in high latitudes areas.

Third, blacks are as prone to genetic conditions as whites. Examples of these would be type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, head and neck cancer etc.

Fourth, one has to question your motives for posting comments here. If your 'black supremacy theories' have led you to the conclusion that white eurpeans are inferior to your kind, how can you stand living in a country inhabited by the most white of whites? Perhaps next time you go to a job interview here in sweden, you should openly express your thoughts on white inferiority to your potential (white) boss.

17:01 May 18, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan
@billibob so called Whites can avoid confronting the true meaning of skin whiteness as a mutation and genetic deficiency state from the Black norm - the 'hue-man' norm'but Deep within the unconscious psyche of the white collective is an awareness; of their origin amongst Blacks, that Blacks were their parents and that they (whites) were the offspring of Blacks who suffered from the skin condition of Albinism."

As I said before, so called white people are very, very, very deceitful. They are on a fast track out of this world. Nonetheless, I would suggest to Black people not to hate so- called "white" people since it is a waste of time. However, Black people must understand what drives the so called white mind to have an inherent animosity toward black people especially and other people who can produce color.

Nelly Fuller said:

"Most white people hate Black people. The reason that most white people hate Black people is because whites are not Black people. If you know this about white people, you need know little else. If you do not know this about white people, virtually all else that you know about them will only confuse you."

Dr Frances Cress Welsing said:

The white personality, in the presence of color, can be stabilized only by keeping Blacks and other non-whites in obviously inferior positions. The situation of mass proximity to Blacks is intolerable to whites because Blacks are inherently more than equal. People of color always will have something highly visible that whites never can have or produce-the genetic factor of color

Always, in the presence of color, whites will feel genetically inferior"

Dr Frances Cress Welsing, The Isis Papers, the keys to the colors, page 9
17:11 May 18, 2011 by planet.sweden
I'm still waiting for @TheOriginalBlackMan to tell us why he quit black America to come and live among white people in Sweden who he so evidently hates.

He appears to be ashamed of his own answer.
17:11 May 18, 2011 by Swedesmith
Hey Obie M, mom says it's time to get off the computer and take your medicine. And clean up your room, it's a pigsty.
17:28 May 18, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan
@planet.sweden @Swedesmith Why are you racist?

If I utilize the logic of most Europeans, Blacks discovered the earth, since we were the first to come from it, thus I can go anywhere I please, and claim it as my own.
18:07 May 18, 2011 by Lunneia
@ ROBINHOOD, no you haven't gotten the point yet, It is 2011 and It has taken whites long enough to realize that the black identity is unique. Thus in order to benefit positively from that 'identity' it would have been wisest to join forces. The smart ones have opted for interracial unions, while the DUMB ones AMONGST US are still perpetuation the inferiority complexes of their descendants. One thing that bothers me though is that through the passage of time, black has always been attributed to 'filth'. Blacks have been seen as unproductive and incapable of making important decisions on their own. Thanks to the media (which I work for) of course which is responsible for the misinformation of the mediocre-educated. These students at LUND are supposed to be in one of the top institutions in Sweden, they had a choice of numerous themes. Yet they chose the funniest they could lay their pea brains on! Regardless of how sensitive some issues were.

@ DA GOAT, the only intrinsic value things have is what we give them, so perhaps as humans, we tend to over value some things that are essentially worthless…and stupid people never give BLACKS any value to start with. Anyways I don't blame us Swedes and whites for that matter. After all, how can you make a child who hates education love it when he is always stuck on the XBOX? Otherwise what do you expect from a country where the future generation is apprehensive of higher education and most kids ARE WANNABE rappers and punk rock stars after high school; already have enough tattoos and other body modifications? (your answers should give you a glimpse of the future of the west...) For instance most of my buddies think Africa is a country! Hahaha! Its someone stupid who will think Africa is a country, come on! Furthermore, the myopic designation of people as culturally united simply because they share a landmass is dicey. Imagine the newspaper headline "Asians Found Adrift on Raft." We would be properly horrified at Chinese, Vietnamese and Sri Lankans being lumped together as one entity...
18:24 May 18, 2011 by HYBRED

Your the biggest racist here, yet you call someone else a racist? You have the most racists post's of any.

BTW> Dr Frances Cress Welsing is a total moron. The Isis papers are just trash that racists like you cling to for a false ego trip.

Read a Harvard study called "The Bell Curve". It will give you a dose of scientific reality.
18:30 May 18, 2011 by Lunneia
@ HYBRED, TheOriginalBlackMan is not a racist! you are just surprised he knows so much and is well informed in genetics! with all that constructive argument the truth hurts huh? Way to go OBM!

As a white, i must say that tt the end of the day, these people like who perpetuate racial segregation ARE STUPID and so are those who think nothing should be done about it. And guess what? Even those who have managed to make it to the continent and back make the situation worse. For instance this stupid girl at my workplace who thinks all of a sudden so much of African culture should change. Change for what? Who sets the rules in life for who to follow? Then comes all these stupid models of development being imposed on Africans. In the west, development exists for the large part only as a concept; however, in Africa development assumes many forms and of the most part it includes positive action in improving peoples' lives. Unfortunately the western dimension has affected our abilities to be innovative. For developing countries, it is often assumed that Africa will follow the same development trajectory as today's industrialized countries did in the past: first a decline of the agricultural sector, then a heavily growing industry and later a shift towards the service sector but this is not the case. it's all happening simultaneously! Some African countries will change global trends soon; parallel to western economic and development models being imposed on them! I am writing a paper on this issue and the world bank projections on Africa are Epic! Ghana especially. From the literature I gather that the recession has actually turned the tide. Somehow foreign aid has reduced significantly, reducing corruption; forcing people to take work more seriously, get creative and use their brains for the first time... that's how the Chinese and Indians did it! I believe Africa is the mother of all continent. Ethiopia is mentioned in one of the earliest literature, and so is Ghana and Mali. What do you know about world history…Without Blacks I am wondering what will come of the world (at least I got a sexy wife!! And beautiful kids). Nothing world changing has happened in Africa really? Think about slave trade for a fact! And then think about ME! So I think instead of complaining about how ignorant people from other parts of the world are, one should rather start educating Swedes on multiculturalism. Otherwise, I have just created a new breed of Swedish who might perhaps get Europe out of future disaster based on MYOPIA. You are welcome to join if you please.

By the way according to the LOCAL, Nearly 3,000 people in Sweden get malignant melanoma each year, with around 450 fatalities.

In recent years the number of cases nationally has increased by four percent. Dermatologists believe that the surge is a result of sunbathing, which became a popular pastime in 1970s and 1980s…WANTING TO LOOK DARKER HUH?
18:38 May 18, 2011 by HYBRED

OBM presents no constructive arguement. Unless you call his racism a arguement. Well informed he is not. If he was informed and educated he might not be so racist.
19:20 May 18, 2011 by Lunneia
@ HYBRED On the contrary, while a strong interest in a topic is important, it's not enough just to conclude OBM is RACIST based on the argument.

First of all you have to consider what position he is backing up with his remarkable reasoning. I guess he never fears that things will go far wrong where common sense has fair play. It's one thing to have a strong belief, but when shaping an argument you'll have to explain why your belief is reasonable and logical and that's what ORIGINALBLACK MAN DOES. As I explore all the points used as evidence on here, I realize none considers both sides of the topic and takes a reasonable position like OBM. He also gives evidence to support his argument. Just picture two red-faced people speaking quite loudly and making dramatic gestures, well that's not what's going on here because face-to-face arguments often become emotional. In fact, the act of arguing involves providing proof to support your claim, with or without emotions and OBM has fulfilled that requirement. Otherwise, lukewarm acceptance is more bewildering than outright rejection. I think he has given everyone in here a solid foundation to work with, so we can begin to craft our perception of RACISM. Let us all hope that the dark clouds of racial prejudice will soon pass away, and that in some not too distant tomorrow the radiant stars of love and brotherhood will shine over our great nation with all their scintillating beauty.
19:20 May 18, 2011 by Swedesmith
@ Obie, I despise racists...but I like you. You're funny.
19:31 May 18, 2011 by HYBRED

You are wrong. He offers no evidence. He offers the Isis Papers which are theories or opinions. Then he throws out Welsings genetic mumbo gumbo. Welsing is a psychiatrist, not a geneticist.

But I have seen these discussions with OBM before. And someone black always steps up and cuts him off at the knees.

Here are some posts I left the last time he stated his BS:

"I never said Welsing was Muslum, but the Muslum/Islam use her papers as ammunition against whites. White people playing a game of survival? Back in the 60's with Malcom X and his types; they use to say "we gonna let the whities kill each other off, then sliiiiide right in". After 50yrs it hasn't happened yet.

You keep mentioning "whites" and "non-whites", don't be so sure the Asians, Chinese, and Hispanic share in your propagana. You sound like a student of the teachings of Malcom X, Louis Farakhan, Jesse Jackson.

You talk "genetically recessive group", "genetic mutation", Well so what. You should worry more about funtioning in a modern society rather than some biological and psycho mumbo jumbo."

"Now you seem to beleive that white people are inadequate. I can only assume by your writings that they feel inadequate because they are out numbered by "non-whites" by 10 to 1. In which case it is the "non-whites" fault that the whites feel/or are inadequate. So because of that, I think all "non-whites" owe white people some compensation for keeping us down and making us feel inadequate.

I will forward you my mailing address so you can send me some cash. Lots of cash. No checks. Like it reads on US currency,"In God We trust". All others pay cash."
19:50 May 18, 2011 by Lunneia
@ HYBRED, Pretty deep stuff! i feel your pain, but whatever OBM does or says, some men will never agree with him, despite the truth. So i guess its in man's nature to hate and destroy what he cannot understand. But always remember that once upon a time we "proud" white people went all over the world and raped, enslaved, pillaged every country that we went to. Do you think that it is in OUR nature as a culture to do anything else? We enslaved millions of Africans and still do! Crete wars in Somalia, Iraq, Libya and ship them to TENSTA, RINKEBY and GOTSUNDA (in Uppsala) as a compensation; without segregation or the capacity to live where they please. We give them no jobs and if we do, its the shitty kind. We are always their bosses and always build uncertain lives for them. We tell our kids we are the 'superior race' yet we blame them immigrants for every robbery in town, give them no credit for the good they do and make them clean our poo. Now we hate what we can't control, their BLACK colour and unbreakable personality! I am not a traitor, just saying.....
20:06 May 18, 2011 by HYBRED

Africans enslave more Africans than anyone else. The killing in Somalia, Iraq, Libya was 99% done by non-whites. Is Gaddafi white, was Saddam Husain white? Look at all they killed. Edi Amin? I guess it's okay, they were not white. So they can kill hundreds of thousands and it's okay, they're not racists.

Absolutely nobody forced anyone to seek asylum in Sweden. These refugees enslave themselves. When you go to a new country you adapt to that country. The same as a Swede going to Iraq, they would adapt to that countries customs. The political refugees that come here are lucky to still be alive do to fear from their old country. But they get here and think everyone should kiss their ass. That doesn't exactly promote good race relations. It's not all, but many. It is a shame for the ones that want to do good, but it's the old "guilty by association" deal.
20:25 May 18, 2011 by planet.sweden

Quit blabbing you half baked racial nonsense theories man and answer my question.

Given your views on white people why did you quit the USA to come and live in Sweden?

Are you embarrassed by your own reasons per chance?

Or where you lying when you claimed to be from the US?

Neither would surprise me.

You are a deeply messed up man, a student of black power nutters, who moved to Sweden of all places to live among white people. Incredible. No wonder you're going out of your mind, who wouldn't be running as many contradictions in their life as you do. You're a bit like Joseph goebbels applying for residency in Israel and then moaning that he doesn't like Jews. Fu#ked up, in other words.

Why not simply move to a black country? As you know there are plenty of them. Or do you have a problem with black countries? If so please tell me what's wrong with them....? Given your hatred of white people why would you rather live in a white country than a black one? Do you dare tell me....
09:07 May 19, 2011 by Marc the Texan
TheOriginalBlackMan sounds like a self hating troll who may or may not be black. Completely consumed with white people, the white race, etc. Talks about it every post. Drones on endlessly about ridiculous racial comparisons, etc. Supports his assertions with citations from Fox News and his own half-baked definitions for otherwise well defined terms. Chooses to live in Stockholm and then rail against white people for being white. Seems like he must really like white people yet hates himself for it. He's obviously pining for some ethnically Swedish in-house.
11:31 May 20, 2011 by technoviking
@ Overcompensating Black Man... proving "The Bell Curve" correct for 35 years.

Yes, whiteness is a genetic mutation.

So is the human brain, the opposable thumb and bipedalism.
16:08 May 20, 2011 by zoroastrina
After reading the magnificent comments of TheOriginalBlackMan, there is nothing left for me to add. I am a zealous admirer of Kant (a misogynist), Voltaire, Pierre Bayle, Schopenhauer, Feuerbach, Sartre and a multitude of other philosophers, whom I read in German and French without needing a translation or a dictionary. Schopenhauer's negativism and pessimism, like that of Giacomo Leopardi, speak to me. They all have their foibles, but they are indispensable for a philosophical education. Even the French deconstructionists or post-structuralists have something valuable to say. And at university I read Aristotle and Plato in Greek whose contributions to western civilization are indisputable. Eastern civilization is, of course, equally important. And the Christian religion is in my eyes bunk: [g]od at the top of the hierarchy, the political and social elite (including the predatory financial aristocracy) and the proletariat (human grarage, slaves) at the bottom, with the tempting bribe for the underprivileged of "pie in the sky in the sweet by-and-by."
00:49 May 21, 2011 by jimthat
this shows a resentment against whites

i think is based in the desperate need of non white to be near whites

and to mixing with them racially

you can see that everyhere in the stares you feel the wish to approximate

sometimes they find a weak minded one who let them get on them

if you reject that approximation then you get very bad feelings back
22:26 May 22, 2011 by imonx
They are those who will continue to live in the past, the government of these countries at this time even had less regard for their people.

Slave trade is evil but the first slaves sold in the United states were british and european women and they cost just forty guineas.

I am african i dare anyone to look at me as backard I have lived in sweden, yes there is a racism it is quite common but you can still get by. The black race is not backward but there is this lack of organisation common on the continent attributable to good weather all through the year that made them not to be innovative.
09:14 May 23, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan
Attention African people in Sweden!!!!!!!!!

Latest interview with Dr. Frances Cress Welsing making her NINTH visit to The Context of White Supremacy.


Listen and learn. Remember, hating "white" people is a waste of time...understand the reason for their behavior (racism).

11:27 May 23, 2011 by Rick Methven
Attention all people in Sweden of all races

Thankfully not all white people are racist and not all black people are are as racist as OBM
14:24 May 23, 2011 by mahanks
Whatever the color of the skin is not important, all that which is colored when dead turns into composite manure if not burnt and there is no black skeletons
23:32 May 23, 2011 by technoviking
More "wisdom" from "Dr."Frances Welsing... Hahahahahaha.

"On both St. Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, the white male gives gifts of chocolate candy with nuts…. If his sweetheart ingests "chocolate with nuts," the white male can fantasize that he is genetically equal to the Black male…. Is it not also curious that when white males are young and vigorous, they attempt to master the large brown balls, but as they become older and wiser, they psychologically resign themselves to their inability to master the large brown balls? Their focus then shifts masochistically to hitting the tiny white golf balls in disgust and resignation - in full final realization of white genetic recessiveness"
20:21 May 25, 2011 by matona1
i am not very surprise about Dan Park he is a basterd drunkerd and lifeless crazy man that have no life,i think is better he lives among the animals than in malmo,malmo is a city of elites not donky like him.
09:33 May 26, 2011 by myinnermagpie
Why not spend the same time and effort in fighting modern slavery? I've always been curious why the black community is not more outraged about this.
15:58 May 27, 2011 by infidel2012

I believe my family had owned an authentic Negro at one time, of course they were treated with the utmost respect and care. They were provided with food, water and shelter, and were also given the last name of the family.

Negro's, for the most part, are the backbone of early America, also, they're far better at sports than most Crackers. I can also say that when it comes to Jazz music, they're the best of the best in the industry.

I say Thank You Negro's, this Bud's for You : )
20:46 May 31, 2011 by Icarusty
I'm orange, people make fun of me all the time. They say that I need to get off the sunbeds. How racist is that? They are stereotyping me, saying that I use sunbeds just because I am orange.

And FYI I don't use sunbeds. I use fake spray tan.
22:13 May 31, 2011 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Rick Methven,

This news item might be of interest to you; I smiled to myself when I read this and thought of the poor victims of aggresive black attitude. Well, here it is : Science News : “Whites Believe They Are Victims of Racism More Often Than Blacks, Study Suggests”


Pay back time?

Do you and “ The Original Black Man” have any opinions about the above?
00:13 June 3, 2011 by Njal

Still here mate, how's the Ugandan wifie? She left you for a white man and borne his children yet?

A previous poster was right, you're infatuated with white people and wish you were one, why else would you behave the way you do.

You wish to live amongst one of the most innovative awesome races on the planet because you are so very conciously aware of your own short comings, and wish to be like us, and you hate yourself for these confusing feelings you have, so you overcompensate with the drivel you constantly type.
08:10 June 3, 2011 by Tdye
@ TheOriginalBlackMan

ok first as an american let me say thank you so much for leaving one less idiot here...and i want to apologize to the Swedes for this ignorant "american"

now your theory of whites being a substandard,genetically inferior race is less than stupid

dark skin is linked to the sun, vitamins and folate ( the dark skin keeps the sun from destroying them) basically it is evolution and natural selection

unfortunately, natural selection cant explain stupidity ( or maybe it has)

you should take note to your own people.. it was YOUR people that sold the slaves, they weren't kidnapped, they were TRADED..( hence the slave trade)

as early as 869 A.D. Muslims were selling goods to the African kingdoms and the African kingdoms were paying with their own people

Ancient slavery, under the Roman empire,slaves were both white and black,

In the middle age all European countries outlawed slavery , whereas the African kingdoms happily continued in their trade. this means that, only colored people could be slaves, and that is how the stereotype for "African-American" slavery was born. It was not based on an ancestral hatred of blacks by whites, but simply on the fact that blacks were the only ones selling slaves.

and your people should be happy they the whites bought the blacks.. now they are free to live in america and move to Sweden and cause their crime rate to jump

so before you go on your uneducated rant about how the white man held the back man down.. you may want to ..ohh i dont know ..read a real book

also let me point out this little tid bit.. REAL Africans don't like "African-Americans" because one your culture is mostly drugs and violence proof positive by looking in to the U.S prison system Black people make up 95% of them...go figure

you want to spew hate and racism.. im from the south.. i can give it right back you bigot
00:40 June 5, 2011 by Njal
@Cornelius Hamelberg,

- mildly funny at best Cornelius, I preferred to hear what 'Smoky' had to say.
10:15 June 6, 2011 by djrastah
Ok not all blacks or whites are citizens. Number two there is a large difference between racisim and xenophobia. The latter being the real issue in which many factors impact the Swedish society.
21:36 June 6, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan
I rest my case. Racist white and woman are a global problem. A solution will be developed to solve the major problem on the earth and that is racism= white hegemony/
20:20 June 7, 2011 by Uncle

Although few people already tried to talk some sense into you and failed, I would try to be the next in the fail line.

"White people are a genetic mutation or a genetic deficiency state [which] is what causes skin to be White".

Mutation would be a better definition, since, as you probably know, blacks in Sweden must swallow iron in gallons, since their skins cannot get whatever is needed from the bleak swedish sun. Calling adaptation - a deficiency smells like pure racism that could be compared to the skull measurements of the blacks by nazis.

Let us look at the racism in Africa. Official suppression of Pigmy's would be a good example. Racial segregation of different shades of black in Sudan would be also an excellent example. I would call the fact that 25% of all whites in Zimbabwe are whether dead or expelled from their homes - an excellent example.

Good conversation could be made by the support of apartheid from Ciskei and Bophuthatswana Bantustans leadership. Apartheid from the whites that it of course.

The situation of Bushmen in Botswana is interesting. Lovely torture and fighting between North and South Ivory Coast is sweet. Merina people in Madagascar, slavery in Mauritania (darker blacks serve lighter blacks), Arabs of Niger.. Who can forget the wonderful and loving nations of Rwanda? How about blacks who are exterminating each other in Darfur? Cleansing of Indians in Uganda?

Damn, Africa could write an INSTRUCTION book for the whites in how to implement racism. So you are welcome to stop moaning and telling everyone about your own superiority, where it does not exist.
11:24 June 8, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan

White people are not nourished by the Sun. Also, there is only one from of racism and that is "white" supremacy, period. I understand that white people hate Black people. They only like Black people that make them feel good.

Indeed, you must stop lying to yourself and understand that Albinoids were born outside of Creation.

Wintu Woman

"When we Indians kill meat, we eat it all up. When we dig roots, we make little holes. When we build houses, we make little holes. When we burn grass for grasshoppers, we don't ruin things. We shake down acorns and pine nuts. We don't chop down the trees. We only use dead wood. But the white people plow up the ground, pull down the trees, kill everything. ... the White people pay no attention. ...How can the spirit of the earth like the White man? ... everywhere the White man has touched it, it is sore."

@Racist writer Cornelius Hamelberg

The video you provided a link too, showing the "white comedian, was racist. But I must admit you are doing your part to maintain white hegemony, but as the saying goes....descendants must pay for the sins of their forefathers.

Black people understand ...."It doesn‟t matter if the European calls himself White, that‟s a fictitious title. He is white in consciousness. He is White in state of mind and there is a White state of mind, which is the state of ignorance. A state of ignorance, a state of being beast, of immediate gain, the lower concrete mind of just wanting to get what you can get and to quit! The short term! Later for what the pay back is going to be down the road, if he can get it right now, the short term!"
13:27 June 8, 2011 by Uncle
O god, originalblackman. You are a real psycho... Outside of creation... .nourished by sun... beast... forefathers...

Were you shaman back where you came from? Are you surrounded by candles and skulls of birds? What is wrong with you?

I just wrote the longest list of black racism proof and you start to sing rain songs and babble incoherent sentences about what "God actually meant"...

Nobody hates blacks. Moreover nobody even NOTICES africans. There are no feelings of anyone towards blacks as a race. Get over it. The most blacks are killed nowadays by other blacks. Period. And look into your assumptions about the whites. Reverse the word "white" in your sentences into "black" and understand that you are as racist as the oldest KKK member in Alabama.
15:23 June 8, 2011 by TheOriginalBlackMan
@Uncle You are a delusional inbred mutant albino; I don't expect you to base anything on reality. The reality is that "white" people are guilty of crimes against Black Africans: guilty of genocide, guilty of mass sodomy, guilty of mass rape and you are paying for it as we speak, since so called "white" people are at "0" population growth across the globe, dying. It seems as if nature has chosen the so called white race for extinction.

As for your selective memory on world history, the largest mass killing in an actual war other than the crime of enslaving Africans (the MAAFA) was conducted by white people against other so called white people; WW1 and WW2. Over 100 million so called white people were killed by their own hands, yet, another example of so called white on white violence.

As much as so called white people like your self like to argue that you don't care about Black people, you sure have a funny way of not showing it, you travel to Africa with no invitation. It is apparent that you can't bear to stay away from us and your color envy is evident by your unprovoked animosity of being a mutant species and not being the Black African norm.

Sala Kahle Oyinbo!
15:28 June 8, 2011 by Rick Methven
What's the betting that OBM is really a 3 foot tall white dwarf?
16:18 June 8, 2011 by Uncle
First - why "so called" white people? Do you hate us, albinos, or do you not recognize us as albinos? Choose one. You need at least recognize a race that you hate so much.

As for "paying" through not having 15 kids.... mmmm. That is a tough punishment.

The largest mass killing in an actual war was conducted by Mongols. Lowest estimate stands at 40 million. Highest at 60. The WWs are actually 2 wars.

As for white on white violence - it happens, however it does not make so called black on so called black violence non-existent.

What "traveling into Africa with no invitation" are you banging on about? Nobody travels there, unless you consider tourism in Chad, Niger, Sierra-Leone, Sudan, Eritrea, Congo, CAR and other wonderful and tolerant lands - a tourism. Even for that people are paying.

Nobody HATES you, the way you hate everyone else. No one adds "so called" to your race . No one has any interest in you. You have your oil (that you cannot extract without help anyways). You have your diamonds. Nobody external rules you anymore, or tells you how to set your borders. Nobody wants to live where you live. Nobody wants to claim anything there or rob you of anything. NOBODY CARES about your problems.

Colonialism is over a long time a go. Look at Latin America. Look at Asia. Oceania. Everyone was colonized. But the amount of moaning about the evil so called white man was reduced there to nothing some 20 years a go.

Get a grip of the true reality.
17:57 June 8, 2011 by jacquelinee
Get a life! Prejudice exists- it exists in whites, Blacks, Muslim (from all countries), Chinese, North American Indian and on and on. It exists against different religious groups, age groups, Genders, sports teams, social classes, monetary levels, differing neighourhoods, different career orientation, different sexual preferences, the chosen clothing people wear, peoples weight, peoples hair or lack of hair or colour of hair and the list goes on and on... It will never end. It is born from greed, It is born from Jealousy, It is born from fear. Human beings are a warring species. That is NEVER going to change. There is not one of us out there who is not prejudice against someóne for some reason. Even if we were all gold and finacially equal, lived in the same exact demographic etc.we would fight about our eye color or the difference in the straightness of our teeth or our favorite flower or find SOME other thing to focus on. Human are a corrupt species and as individuals, we need to battle daily with this to improve ourselves spiritually (or if you are an atheist, mentally) in order to remove stress, anger, unhappiness etc. But that just is not going to happen with most people because to create an inferiority in another creates a false superiority in yourself...which is PRECISELY what the majority wish to achieve by condeming, degrading and demoralizing others. I'm done..............Going to read a SELF help book.
07:29 June 10, 2011 by Yoninadi
Hello every one.I have been reading the local on line for about three months and I finally fixed my registration problem.I am a American black man.I have never been out of north America.I see that there is a militant "the original black man"on Local threads.TOBM where are you from?Are you from the U.S.A. like me?Why do you use the term"so called white man"?What makes you think that white people are a mutation?Maybe all the other races originated from what is now black Africa.The whites that migrated to present day Scandinavia did the right thing,they followed their "food animals" out of Africa into northern Europe to survive.They invented weapons to kill their food animals and learned to fish in the sea.As you should know it was the white race that invented most if not all of the life changing products that made life convenient for us blacks and every race of people on this wonderful planet.TOBM are you living in Sweden?You talk like you are bitter at whites because some of our ancestors were sold into slavery by other black Africans.I am glad that my African ancestors were auctioned off and brought into the British colony known as the 13 original states.Better than have been sold to Arabs for example.I don't want the Swedish people in politics and and left wing groups to feel like they have any white guilt because their ancestors participated in a the trans-Atlantic slave trade in a small way.No need for any of you Swedes to be feeling ashamed for your ancestors involvement in any type of African slave trades.I will feel offended if you do.TOBM if you are living in Sweden or U.S.A. and feel bitter towards whites for the past then you should try to live in an African country.I bet you will not like living in one.I bet you will get home sick for your white homeland where you was born in!Whitey has pampered you and I bet that you will appreciate him and her by kissing their white ass!Especially her's!I would!
12:12 June 10, 2011 by Cornelius Hamelberg
Original Black Man@Post#91

Original Black Man,

No need to be so ugly, so bitter and so twisted out of human shape. Let the light shine.

This is Sweden. I'm not here to quarrel with you. I wouldn't like to do that, but if you want me to, I might consider whether it is the right thing for me to do or not.

Where is your sense of humour? Where is your compassion? Where is your understanding? Where is the love? Is this what the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King was all about? Or Steve Biko?

I know that you are not responsible for any of this:


Theodor Adorno :"writing poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric" …and no doubt you too feel that strongly about slavery in Egypt, anti-Semitism and racism....

Bankole Taylor once asked me how was it possible that so many Black people in this country Sweden could be smiling and laughing - he asked me this when the sun was shining.


We haven't lost our sense of humour or our souls, that's why we're smiling. I could line up a whole cast of Black comedians joking about race 4U2Smile ….

Another friend , the late Dr. Michail Tunkel who himself did a portrait of Paul Robeson (and he could play Chinese piano, loved Chopin) and was baking his own bread (Challah) at the age of 90 plus - he confided in me about two men that he knows understand the pain: he told me that it is the Black man and the Jew...

14:33 June 10, 2011 by Cornelius Hamelberg
For your serious consideration Original Black Man:

“In My Father's House”, originally brought to my attention by Bedu Annan:



And there's also this man:


Have a good weekend...

13:50 June 11, 2011 by Mr UK
I'm an alien

I'm a legal alien

I'm an Englishman in Stockholm
19:46 June 12, 2011 by jacquelinee
oh....oh, I am alien

I'm a legal alien.

I'm a Canadian in Borås.
16:46 June 19, 2011 by Eric abrahamsson
in sweden thier is now balck people or white people every have the same right and the same repect and deserves better life
22:48 June 22, 2011 by maasaiqueen
It's truly amazing how many non-Africans are such experts on the black African condition - that includes you Black Americans. What do any of you really know about the "country" Africa where you have probably never stepped a foot in! (Oh how this referral to Africa as a country annoys me)!

@YONINADI - Why exactly would OBM not like living in an African country? What is the basis for this comment, I would love to know. I am a Kenyan living in Sweden and while I think that Stockholm is a beautiful place I would love nothing more than to go back home - where my family live, where the sun shines 365 days a year, where I do not need to think about summer and winter tyres, where I do not have to feel like there is something wrong with me because of the colour of my skin! Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for all the wonderful things I have gained in the "developed" world which includes a good education, a great job that pays well, all my material possessions and so on BUT the bottom line is that all that I have learnt in my time here can only be used to better my home and my people otherwise what would have been the point of staying away from my family for so long???

@OBM - I am in 2 minds about your argument. While I see where you are coming from I feel that this hatred can only consume you and cause you to have a not so relaxing life (please feel free to correct me if I am wrong). You seem to be very well educated so I am sure you have figured this out already. :-) What those students did in that school is truly ignorant and in a way, a little funny because it seems to me like they have NO idea about the world at all! It has definitely been blown out of proportion but this might be the only way these kids will learn that what they did was actually not right. Coming from East Africa, my ancestors were not traded in the same way as West Africans but we still suffered at the hands of colonisation...and even today, we are fighting against white settlers for land that is historically ours - it's truly inexplicable!

@PLANET.SWEDEN - Your attack on OBM and why he came to live here if he hates whites, has no real basis...loads of white foreigners have settled in Africa while harbouring a deep hatred of black people...particularly hatred of Africans...South Africa and Namibia are perfect examples, I have met some extremely racist white settlers there! Maybe you should ask them why they're not f'ing off back to their countries!
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