Teacher suspected of assaulting 2-year-old girl

A pre-school teacher in Gothenburg has been reported to the police on suspicion of assaulting a 2-year-old girl earlier this week, prompting several parents to keep their children at home, local newspaper Göteborgs-Posten reports.

The woman, who the newspaper says has worked at the pre-school in the Bergsjön district since autumn, is reported to have lifted the girl up by her left arm before deliberately dropping her to the floor.

A child minder told the newspaper that the children were being read fairy tales in the school’s kitchen on Tuesday when 2-year-old Senarya followed another girl who had left the room to go to the toilet.

The child minder saw the teacher grab hold of Senarya and dump her onto the floor before slamming the kitchen door shut. The girl cried for fifteen minutes before finally falling asleep with exhaustion, the child minder told Göteborgs-Posten.

”She just kept crying and wasn’t able to move her arm.”

Staff at the pre-school alerted the police, who have classified the incident as assault.

Senarya was taken by ambulance to Östra Hospital where her arm was deemed to be damaged but not broken.

The girl’s parents have applied to have Senarya and her older brother transferred to another pre-school as quickly as possible.

On Friday, only six of the 19 children i Senarya’s group turned up for school as upset parents awaited firm action.

According to Göteborgs-Posten, educational authorities in the city have previously received a number of written complaints about the teacher.

The head of the pre-school in Bergsjön told Göteborgs-Posten that the teacher has been assigned tasks away from the pre-school pending the results of an internal inquiry.

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