Teacher faces assault charges

Teacher faces assault charges
When a 15 year-old student picked up a waste basket and pretended to throw it at a classmate, the teacher's aide saw red - and hit him over the back with a pointer, reports the newspaper Göteborgs-Posten.

The teacher’s aide, a 46 year-old woman, had been employed by the municipality for 27 years, and had spent a decade working at the current school.

The dramatic event occurred in a Gothenburg school’s recreation room full of ninth graders, where the woman faced the difficult task of keeping the rowdy room under control. The 15 year-old boy’s antics with the waste basket were the last straw.

According to the teacher’s aides own statement in a police interrogation, the room immediately turned completely silent.

The woman was suspended with pay the same day, and three weeks later she was fired from her job.

Colleagues at the school have questioned this decision, opining that this is too harsh, considering the woman’s long employment and previously good work.

However, the school’s principal and the boy’s parents feel differently. On top of the dismissal from her workplace, the woman is now facing assault charges.

“The boy had a large white mark from the pointer, and ruddiness around the area where it hit”, the principal told Göteborgs-Posten.

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