Malmö pedals toward eco-friendliness

Malmö pedals toward eco-friendliness
The southern Swedish city of Malmö has announced a move to further environmental responsibility by purchasing 30 electric bicycles for municipality officials to use, reports Sveriges Radio (SR).

The goal is to get the officials to leave the car behind when travelling on work-related errands, and use a more environmentally friendly form of transport.

“First and foremost our ambition is to replace car trips, and if taking a regular bicycle feels too tough you can take the electric bike instead,” Anna Lindblad, project leader, P4.

“That way you avoid showing up sweaty and breathless to a meeting if it’s a warm summer’s day.”

The electric bike needs a little pedalling in order to work, but the bicyclist can choose how much help to receive from the battery through controls on the handlebars.

With the electric bicycles, Malmö city officials will soon be whizzing along at up to 20 kilometers per hour.

However, as Anna Lindblad points out, the reason for purchasing the bikes was not to save time, but to take steps towards a more environmentally friendly city.

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