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Film of slain teacher's beating: 'good, he's dead'

TT/The Local/cg · 20 Jun 2011, 16:12

Published: 20 Jun 2011 16:12 GMT+02:00

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The brutal assault and death of school teacher Tommy Johansson has received a great deal of attention in the Swedish media.

Two men and one woman are charged with the crime, all in their early twenties.

One of the men has been charged with murder, while the woman has been charged with murder and an alternative charge of being an accomplice to murder. The second man has been charged with being an accomplice to murder as well as with protecting a criminal.

All three suspects visited a pizzeria in Hofors, in eastern Sweden on April 3rd where they ran into Johansson, who had been one of the woman's favourite teachers in high school.

When the trio left the restaurant, the woman told her two male friends that Johansson had groped her. One of the men reacted violently, and found out where the teacher lived.

Once he'd found the address, the three broke into Johansson's apartment.

There they beat Johansson, subjecting him to severe and prolonged assault that verged on torture, according to prosecutors.

The three suspects also stole a computer as well as Johansson's cash card before leaving the scene.

Part of the assault has been documented, as one of the men brought out his mobile phone camera to record the proceedings.

"It's impossible to see anything of the recording, as it's so dark, but the sound is fine. This recording is one of our most important pieces of evidence against the accused," prosecutor Krister Frykman told news agency TT.

The suspects can be heard yelling at each other on the recording, and one of them is heard saying, "Good, he's dead now."

Both murder suspects deny the murder charges against them, but admit to assault. The third suspect denied charges of accessory to murder, but admitted that he had been present in the apartment throughout the deadly assault.

Prosecutor Krister Frykman called the events inside Johansson's apartment a "reckless assault."

The murdered teacher's daughter told the court that she had visited her father on Saturday, April 2nd. The two also saw each other later that evening at the pizzeria where he met the suspects.

She then passed by her father's house late Sunday night, but didn't enter his apartment again until Sunday afternoon. The front door was unlocked, which she took to mean that her father was home, so she entered, and found him dead on the floor in the hall.

The 20 year-old man's attorney, Gustaf Andersson, said during the trial that the trio's intention in visiting Johansson at his home was to "give him a good fright," so that he'd never disturb the 20 year-old woman again.

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The man accused of murder denied having jumped on the teacher's head.

According to the accused, Johansson was still breathing when they left the apartment after the assault.

The attorney told TT that his client did not believe the force he used to be deadly, or even that it could've caused the victim permanent harm.

The murder suspect's comment "Good, now he's dead" has yet to be explained, however, but according to his attorney, the teacher was still breathing at the time his client made the comment.

TT/The Local/cg (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

17:28 June 20, 2011 by TheOneWhoTravels
I wonder if it's even true that the man who was killed groped the woman? And if so, what does "groped" mean in this article? That he pinched her butt when they were in the pizzeria that night, or that he took advantage of his position as her teacher and routinely touched her inappropriately when she was his student? The latter scenario would be a lot worse obviously.
17:33 June 20, 2011 by byke
The photo with the Silja advert looks like the suspect is at sea.
19:30 June 20, 2011 by philster61
Why not Sweden? Sweden is not immune to violence. Its no different to any other western society. Look at Finland. Its officially outdoing US in school shootings
20:02 June 20, 2011 by Jack Kerouac
"The three suspects also stole a computer as well as Johansson's cash card before leaving the scene."

Yes, because that's what everyone does when they are trying to 'protect' a woman from a guy who they thought had touched her inappropriately. The woman's comment was just a justification for these guys to act like animals. It was a robbery and assault, nothing more. Horrible.
20:09 June 20, 2011 by mkvgtired
farmy, I live in Chicago, one of my best friends lives in NYC, and my dad's entire extended family lives in San Fran. Not only is it extremely rare for a teacher to get killed, but to have their former students break into their home and beat them to death is unheard of. With the news I've been reading lately it seems like this would be perfectly normal for Sweden.

Dont get me wrong, there are some very nasty places in large US cities, I will not deny that. But the police station shooting, car burnings, school burnings, honor killings, etc. that have been happening in Sweden are very contradictory with the notion that Sweden is a very peaceful place.
20:10 June 20, 2011 by wenddiver
What would they have done if he was not one of her favorite teachers??

When I was in school in the US it was little better than Prison for Childre. In fact I would say Prison is nicer in the Federal Bureau of Prisons, because they have nicer facilities, a higher High School graduation rate, better sports facilities, better libraries, better Arts & Craft classes, free health care, free clothing, TV with cable so you can get all the latest movies and better food.

We toured the US Penitentary at Coleman, Florida and it was very nice, probably why no Kids in the US ever shoot up their U.S. Penitentary. Everything provided in accordance with not just ones needs, but with his wants.
21:44 June 20, 2011 by andthenme
so we can say that all Swedish teachers grope girls and all Swedish people react violently and kill the teachers. ha?
21:53 June 20, 2011 by fogelfeifer
How can 'outside comments' be allowed on a trial that is ongoing???? This could be seen as influencing the outcome....see recent( Facebook) jailing of jury member in UK
23:25 June 20, 2011 by Swedesmith
Good, you're going to jail.
01:58 June 21, 2011 by cutthecrap
What on earth has happened to Sweden??? What sort of culture has this country adopted these last few years to produce this never ending stream of senseless murders, horrendous rapes, regular bombings, and police stations being strafed by gunfire???
02:24 June 21, 2011 by GLO
This is the new Sweden. You drank our music, eat our fast food, have no religon, built a bridge to invite the worst of the World to come for a free diner. And, you wonder?
05:14 June 21, 2011 by imonx
they were playing with the teacher
06:11 June 21, 2011 by MarkinBoston
Please don't bring the United States into this. Every time some horror is committed in the UK, one of the first comments is "Well at least we're not as bad as the US." As if they can't imagine themselves except in relation to the United States. If the United States disappeared from the face of the earth, Swedes would still go on killing each other. When the story is about young Swedes torturing and murdering an innocent teacher, please keep to that fact - don't drag other countries into it.
11:16 June 21, 2011 by me_i_sverige
I am curious to see how they will be prosecuted. I am guessing 4 years to the murderer, 2 years to the guy who accomplished and protected the murderer and 1.5 or 2 years to that girl. I am guessing it by looking into the history of Swedish judgement. What do you think guys?
11:27 June 21, 2011 by simpleandeasy
My greatest worry is with the judiciary. These criminals will be given about 5years for murder and will be let out after 3years, instead of life sentence.
12:18 June 21, 2011 by Scambaiter
Bet this callous crime was committed by white Svenne Swedes.

Where are Syftesfel and the rest of the white supremist, xenophobic, bigoted expats and Internet terrorists now?

Luckily they cooked their own gooses by filming it
12:18 June 21, 2011 by PoJo
If I were a lawyer, I would never ever accept to protect the case of these monsters. There can be no justification for their crime. I really hope they rot in jail, but I guess that's not the case in Sweden.
12:35 June 21, 2011 by jonathanjames61
This young men and the young lady needs serious counselling and psychiatric help,I will not be surprise if some form of drugs influence, violent videos or games played a major role in their action,My sincere condolence to the teachers family.There is no justification for this type of crime.This is a rare case and very demonic ,the devil kept their mind busy.The root of this problems is still bad parenting.
16:10 June 21, 2011 by TheOneWhoTravels
"Bet this callous crime was committed by white Svenne Swedes."

I don't think anybody anywhere has ever claimed or implied that white native Swedes are not capable of murder. You're making a straw man argument.

Maybe these folks were Stieg Larsson man-hater devotees who were acting out some kind of sick Lisbeth Salander fantasy taking revenge on the "evil man" who they perceived had wronged the woman.
20:32 June 21, 2011 by Scambaiter

Every time there's a crime in Sweden (and even a murder Spain these days) involving a person of colour, Muslim or immigrant in Sweden the forums at TL immediately crawling with derogatory, usually racist, generalizations from the likes of Syftesfel and the rest of his white supremist, xenophobic, bigoted expats and Internet terrorist cronies.

Damn right no one's claimed or implied that white native Swedes are not capable of murder.

A quick run down of the top ten list of notorious mass murderers, rapists and serial killers in Sweden reveals:

Mattias Flink - worse mass murderer in Swedish history

John Ausonius - the original laserman

Helge Fossmö - psycho priest

Tomas Quick - serial killer

Anders Eklund - serial killer

Jackie Arklöv - Balkan mercenary and police killer (adopted by a Swedish family as a 3-year-old)

Niklas Lindgren - Hagamannen, second worse serial rapist in Swedish history

Hampus Hellekant - neo-Nazi murderer

Peter Mangs - the Malmö laserman

Niklas Eliasson - the worst mass rapist in Swedish history

Surprise, surprise, all but one of them born in Sweden, all raised in Sweden and with white European heritage.
16:47 June 22, 2011 by TheOneWhoTravels
Thank you for making this point, I agree with you. Every country, Sweden not excluded, has its fair share of killers and scumbags and so forth.

However, again, it is somewhat of a moot point as no one has ever claimed or denied that white native Swedes are not capable of murder.

The salient point is, why would anyone want to ADD by orders of magnitude further violent crime and danger in society than what you already have?

If you follow me.
09:29 June 23, 2011 by lahlily
It's repulsive. I agree with you me_i_sverige, the sentence will be shameful. The time will not match the crime. I do not buy their story... "broke into house later... give the man a scare so he would leave the woman alone" ... they pronounced he was dead on the video (idiots) and THEN they stole his computer and cash card. There is no empathy here. They are psychopaths. Shame, shame to the defense lawyers and all who want us to buy the "they are young, did not know what they were doing, got a bit carried away" story. There comes a point in everyone's life when it is time to be accountable for ones own actions.
16:42 June 24, 2011 by zoroastrina
GLO: "This is the new Sweden. You drank our music, eat our fast food, have no religon, built a bridge to invite the worst of the World to come for a free diner. And, you wonder?" Is this opinion with its multiplicity of petitiones principii fascistic? "Where are Syftesfel and the rest of the white supremist (typing error for supremacist), xenophobic, bigoted expats and Internet terrorists now?" (Scambaiter) Syftesfel propagates pure hate speech.

The three killers are, like all other all too human or dehumanized savages, incapable, it seems, of being resocialized; they were never socialized in the first place. What kind of ludicrous sentence will they get?
14:37 June 26, 2011 by Clarabow
Anyone who has seen Clockwork Orange, which horrified film goers when it was first released, will recognise that more and more these sorts of crimes are becoming less shocking because we are getting used to them happening, at least in the UK. And once that happens it means this sort of mindless violence is becoming accepted by society without any meaningful discussion as to what is going wrong with some young people who will kick someone to death for no more than asking them politely to leave their car alone, or stop making a noise, or intervening in some dispute. Whatever the outcome of this case, certainly in the UK successive Governments seem to be content to ignore the "reasons why" or to try and put the clock back to a time when such crimes were unheard of. My parents came from a generation who did not know this sort of crime. And very soon we will start to believe that some young people have always been like this - and whilst there have always been the odd exception, generally speaking this won't be true. Whatever the motives or excuses in this case, the breakdown of family life, communities and a moral compass to guide, along with drink and drugs, and endless violent films etc. must surely have something to do with the problem in the UK which I would not wish on Sweden or any country.
12:06 June 27, 2011 by flintis
Who said the 3 suspects were Swedish??
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