‘Classic’ midsummer weather for Sweden

'Classic' midsummer weather for Sweden
Generally, Swedes will celebrate midsummer outside come rain or shine.
Cloudy, showery but with some chances of sunshine - Swedish Midsummer weather seems to follow tradition, according to meteorologists, who were still unsure of how the weather would develop with the holiday less than a day away.

“It looks like it will be classic midsummer weather where you set the table with the herring outdoors one minute, only to dash for cover the next,” said Ida Sjöstedt, meteorologist at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) to daily Expressen on Thursday.

Already last weekend, the meteorologists were warning that the weather forecast for Midsummer would be a mixed bag. But around the middle of the week weather conditions were so unstable that many didn’t want to hazard a guess.

Now, however, it is clear that those celebrating in the Stockholm or Gothenburg area might be getting the best deal.

Southern and central Sweden can expect quite a lot of rain over the course of the day on Friday, and northern parts of the country will also see rain, albeit a little less than the south, according to forecasts by Swedish meteorological agency SMHI.

The more stable weather seems to be headed for the mid east, the eastern coastal area around Stockholm and the west coast of Sweden.

Even there, some showers are probably unavoidable, it being Midsummer, but most of the day should be fine.

Temperatures are also expected to be normal for June, ranging between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius.

To bring both an umbrella and a woolly jumper to the celebrations is nothing that will dissuade the hardy Swedes from celebrating outside.

The herring and the new potatoes are never as good if they aren’t eaten outdoors among family and friends, chased down by a schnapps or three, after exhausting yourself imitating a frog while dancing round the maypole.

Last week, meteorologist Bertil Larsson of Sveriges Televison (SVT) warned that the night between Friday and Saturday will be cold with temperatures down to well below ten degrees Celsius in northern parts of Sweden.

This is of course bad news for all those that planned spending the early hours jumping over seven fences in silence and picking seven different flowers to dream about their future spouse.

However, the good news is that there are no indications that wearing a woollen hat under your garland of flowers, a sturdy pair of warming bloomers and gum boots under your flowery dress has any bearing on the result of the exercise – unless you bump into your intended, that is.

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