Swedish teens targeted in Lund flasher attacks

A series of flasher incidents have been reported in Lund in southern Sweden over the past two months, with police entertaining the theory that there are a number of different perpetrators are behind the early summer wave.

Swedish teens targeted in Lund flasher attacks

“The descriptions given by victims vary but the flashers seem to be targeting young women,” said Tomas Lundquist of the local police to newspaper Metro.

Although all the incidents have been aimed at girls and young women, there are discrepancies between the incidents and police are not ruling out that there are eleven different perpetrators.

Thus far, the flashers have only engaged in bouts of flagrant indecent exposure and none of the victims have been attacked in any way.

The last flasher exposed himself to a 16-year-old girl late in the evening on Tuesday. Previously three 11-year-old girls were targeted in a local park, according to Metro.

The incidents have occurred at different times and in different locations but during the last incident the flasher dropped a baseball cap and the police are now hoping to be able to identify him with the help of DNA technology.

“Most of the reports come in now in the fine weather, but we have had cases where the flasher has braved the rain and wind,“ Lundquist told the newspaper.

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