Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson in Almedalen

The American civil rights activist Jesse Jackson arrived on the Baltic island of Gotland on Sunday, to take part in the annual “political” week in the Almedalen park, in Visby.

Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson in Almedalen

“It is inspiring to see a non-violent, civilised discussion on democracy. This is what democracy is all about,” Jackson told news agency TT.

Shortly after his arrival Jackson was spotted taking in the sights and mingling with the throngs of visitors that swarm the town for the Almedalen week.

“I am seeing different groups come together and people who are exercising their right to express their opinion,” said Jackson to TT.

Jackson who arrived in Sweden on Friday took part in a seminar on integration in Borlänge, in central Sweden, shortly after his arrival.

“Keep doing what you are doing, Sweden is on the right track,” Jackson reportedly said during the seminar, where he gave the participants “a history lesson into African Americans struggle towards equal rights”, according to local paper Dalademokraten.

On Saturday Jackson spoke in front of the 40,000 visitors at the Peace & Love festival in Borlänge. In an interview with Sveriges Television (SVT) prior to the speech he said that he thought it essential to integrate politics and culture, as the two belong together.

“More people will listen to Bob Dylan than to politicians,” Jackson told SVT.

Jesse Jackson will stay in Visby until Tuesday where he will take part in SVT Debatt, a discussion show broadcasted by SVT on Monday evening,

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