Swedes increasingly dissatisfied with their jobs: report

Swedes are getting less satisfied with their jobs. Many feel that their competence isn't being utilised, that they have insufficient education, or that they are unable to affect their work duties, shows a report published on Wednesday by Swedish Quality Index (Svenskt Kvalitetsindex).

Swedes increasingly dissatisfied with their jobs: report

Overall employee satisfaction is down to 70 percent. Just two years ago, the same figure was 72.7 percent.

The lowest employee satisfaction levels are found among those working in education, sales, corporate services and finance.

Those working in finance are particularly disillusioned, it would appear. Over the past year, employees in this field have dropped from 73 percent satisfaction to 69 percent.

Recent financial crises are cited as a likely explanation.

“The financial worries and crises have likely affected the work situation, which has had a negative effect on how the work load is perceived,” wrote Swedish Quality Index in their report.

The happiest employees are to be found working in construction, where satisfaction soars to near 75 percent.

A total of 4,000 Swedes participated in Swedish Quality Index’s evaluation, and graded their workplaces.

Swedish Quality Index regularly conducts surveys on customer satisfaction, and is part of the European organisation EPSI Rating.

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