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Ambassador meets detained journalists

The Local/gm · 9 Jul 2011, 08:03

Published: 09 Jul 2011 08:03 GMT+02:00

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The journalists allegedly entered Ethiopia illegally together with rebels classed as terrorists by the regime. Following their arrest, the pair were taken to an arrest in the city Jijiga, before being moved on to the capital.

“He has met them in the federal police headquarters in Addis Ababa for a good hour this afternoon”, said the Foreign Ministry's Communications Director Cecilia Julin, adding that the pair are feeling well under the circumstances.

However there is still no official word on what charges they are being held on, reports TT.

With the Swedish government still trying to avoid a diplomatic incident, there has been a policy not to openly criticise Ethiopia, for fear of inflaming an already sensitive situation.

On Thursday however, the Foreign Ministry published their first report in three years on the human rights situation in 188 countries, which is highly critical of the Ethiopian's record.

Amabassador Odlander brought food, clothing, medicines and toiletries for the pair who are being kept in their own single cells. He also added that the injuries suffered by the journalists have now been treated by doctors.

The fact that the federal police have taken over the investigation is seen a positive sign, according to an expert on Ethiopia. Kjetil Tronvoll, who is a professor at Oslo University, said “their security will be dealt with much better.”

Meanwhile journalists around the world continue to campaign on the pair’s behalf. The Swedish Union of Journalists (Svenska journalistförbundet - SJF) and Swedish Union of Photographers (Svenska Fotografers Förbund) are demanding their release, while the International Federation of Journalists has condemned the arrests "in the strongest possible terms" and demand that the Swedes be given access to healthcare.

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The Swedish foreign office has requested further opportunities to see the jailed Swedes.

"We have requested further access to them. We want to see them as often as possible," said Kent Öberg of the foreign office information department to TT on Saturday.

The Local/gm (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

11:40 July 9, 2011 by Munir Ahmed
Fact: Nobody expects a reporter to go free if he/she accompanies a bank robber while committing a crime.

Yet some people expect these reporters to go free even after accompanying armed terrorists and illegally hiding to cross border into Ethiopia to kill and kidnap more civilians and UN workers.

Recent ONLF terrorist rebel murders:



REUTERS: http://af.reuters.com/article/ethiopiaNews/idAFLDE74D0CU20110514
14:32 July 9, 2011 by kynan
Munir Ahmed:

in there is a terrorist in Ethiopia, its the Regime you are advocating for,

they are the killers, rapists and are the regime destroys the lives of more than 4 million people.

how can you block the whose region from anyone except your ripests solders?
14:35 July 9, 2011 by h2m
how much blood money have you recieved mr nuradin just to write here in the local. One big question handing is would your blood sucker will not tolerate such beahvoir at home: Ogaden closure would remain a big scar on the face of the Woyane and blood sucker Meles Zenawi. If chinese a wknown humanright abuser and supporter of dictator in The world looking only for resource died while taking illegaly resource denaid for the locals it is remains still a topic. Human right, ICRC and MSF are terrorists in the eyes of the Meles regime before the SWEDES come and would remain so ultill there is GENOCIDE in the OGADEN while our stuglle will keep up
14:35 July 9, 2011 by kynan
14:36 July 9, 2011 by ye_hiwot
Being citizens of one wealthiest nation plus from well aware Swedish society is one thing. At the same time, violating the law and acompanying with on-the-spot-agents of destabilizing forces is not forgivable. Ethiopia is a classic case of independent nation with classic case of government applying strict Sovereign rules. Should these two journalists be above the nation's law? I wonder what made the swedes think that they can defy visa restrictions and cross into Ethiopia accompanied by armed groups? This is not normal from awared persons, we all know the visa requirements whenever we go into another sovereign nation. Ethiopia isn't in EU where they can move without Visa. As a matter of fact they should be treated same as any criminal, if not worest. Reporters without borders and other professional bodies, such as Swedish Union of Journalists need to be cautious of their statements. Do we need to omit all visa restrictions for professional who call themselves journalists? Being a professional doesnt necessarily mean the person is a saints.

Men! they must thank God for they survive the risk. In the battle zone, anybody shots and kills.
14:38 July 9, 2011 by h2m
the abobe comments is for Woyane apologist Munir how is actualy TOWALDE GEBRAEZGABHER hiding with name of Munir to create false local support kkkkkkkkkkk
14:45 July 9, 2011 by kynan
Gaining access to the Ogaden can prove difficult (not to mention dangerous) because journalists, NGOs and international institutions are forbidden entry. I nevertheless arrived in March 2009. The isolated population understands only too well the trials of abandonment and despair. "We lack food and the soldiers kill our livestock and burn our already meager crops", said Hasan, the sixty-year-old elder in this small village deep in the Ogaden. "We're left with a few camels, which is not nearly enough." Only thirty people remained in the village. Many fled to the hills or escaped to seek refuge in neighboring countries such as Kenya, Djibouti and, less often, to Somalia, due to its own chronic instability. "About a hundred soldiers took us by surprise in early January", continued Hasan. "They killed 250 people, including 150 women and children. They cut up some of the bodies, like hyenas, and scattered the parts to prevent the remaining villagers from burying the dead in a decent manner." Certain homes had been padlocked in order to at least psychologically deter villagers from returning.

14:53 July 9, 2011 by h2m
Woyane apologist and blood money suckers

what about Genecide ion Ogaden perpetuated by yoput bos. Does the world has obligation to report and put those responsible on trails? Yes sure we must report and curtain,trail and execute those responsible. Have you seen Rewanda rewanda case is in the making in Ogaden soon it will reach there if nor reported and stoped
16:19 July 9, 2011 by Munir Ahmed
The only rape and murder taking place is by Somali ONLF muslim bandits, terrorizing the muslim villagers and raping teenage girls, then accusing them of adultery and stoning them to death, much like their terrorist Al-Shabab brothers. It's the muslim tradition that insults us all.

The blood money ONLF rebels get from Eritrean masters will never help them get out of the desert. They'll live, rot and die there like snakes.
16:42 July 9, 2011 by h2m
Dear Towdelde (Munir)

Then why not uou allow world to see this we will add them in the balck list. please on behalf of the freedom lovers let the Human right watch, amnesty, UN and others see it INCLUDING ICRC it is as simple as that.
17:17 July 9, 2011 by yado
ONLF guys.... as u side if there have genocide in Ogden region no one wants Ethiopian government friendship from western country's but in contrary they strength there friendship. Ethiopia is visited in past two weeks by US, UK, France foreign minsters and also South Korean president. At least Sweden not visited just like these. So ONLF guys it is better for u to prefer peaceful negotiation than gun(war) negotiation.
18:49 July 9, 2011 by dolphin, the
Is it not possible to put arguments forward without name calling and in a civilised way?

Emotional theatrics do not count if you are trying to make a point. You are just making yourself look very ignorant.
19:32 July 9, 2011 by Munir Ahmed

Not only are UN workers currently all over Ogaden region feeding thousands of Somali refugees entering daily, just few weeks ago your Somali ONLF buddies shot and killed two, kidnapped the other two, then released them claiming to have "rescued" them. Maybe you forgot already since it was so barbaric and ridiculous, but that's what you do, right? Do you even know you can fly Ethiopian Airlines to Jijiga daily and enter Ogaden region?

Muslims make up near half of Ethiopian population, and we have nothing to do with your shifta murderous ONLF terrorists sponsored by rogue nation Eritrea.
20:25 July 9, 2011 by Abdifatah
The ethiopian regime hasn't sentence the men because they have no justice system they simply keep individuals in jail for as long as they want. These reporters should not be tried as terrorist they simply wished to report on a hidden genocide committed by one of the worst governments in Africa.

Swedish government should not negotiate with these animals and must cut there Aid.
21:00 July 9, 2011 by Grateful_Human
Look, I dont want to hate anyone for their comments. first, I would like to say the time for putting a label on anyone who is against your idea, especially a religion label, is a thing of the past.

Second, YADO said Ethiopia is visited by this and that. This has to do with Ethiopia being a host of AU. It is good YADO said ONLF should take peace. BUT peace is bi-directional thing. It has to be mutually reached. ONLF is ready for peace and diallogue, unfortunately, TPLF led Ethipia Government is not. If Ethiopia accepts a neutral third-party negotiator, and ONLF rejects, we, the people will condemn ONLF. Would you condemn Ethiopia now for not giving peace a chance. One more thing, today we have witnessed the birth of 193th nation. Tomorrow Ogaden could be the 194th UN member. Whichever way we take we will always be neighbours. So, it is in our mutual interest to respect each other.
21:52 July 9, 2011 by Munir Ahmed

Murdering Muslims who don't follow your false dream, and machine gunning foreign civilian oil workers in their beds does not qualify you to any negotiation. Newsflash, ONLF rebels are being cut down each time they cross the border, what's there to negotiate about? Absolutely no govt recognizes you as legitimate. Stay in your country, Somalia.

ONLF terrorist massacres:



REUTERS: http://af.reuters.com/article/ethiopiaNews/idAFLDE74D0CU20110514
00:59 July 10, 2011 by Hayat
This is the best example to the foolishness of the so called Swedish Media; demanding lawbreakers to be free! How about standing for justice and due process? The duals have been red-handedly captured while sneaking into a territory of a sovereign nation under the cover of darkness - along side armed terrorist groups in which fifteen of them were died in action.

I thought Swedish citizens were supposed to respect the democratic law of a sovereign nation. Should developing countries enact another "separate and unequal law" especially for the Swedish people? Though I believe the two have committed premeditated acts by deliberately and secretly try to enter Ethiopia in ways that breach the country's law, they must get due process - fair treatments - not because they are white or Swedish but because Ethiopians are inherently nice.

It is an irony to observe the Swedish media is clamoring and propagating for the wrong cause while purposely ignoring the suffering of its citizen. As we converse, Dawit Isaac, the innocent Swedish journalist is rotting and dying in Eritrea - at the notorious Ero-Ero prison. It has been incardination for over ten LONG years. What is sad is Dawit has never seen a due process does not know why he is in prison, his accuser and has never appeared court. He is in a very bad shape shackled 24x7, and all due to the indifference of the Swedish government.

Some accused the Swedish government's apathy in securing Dawit's freedom or at least demanding due process the race issue. Had Dawit Yisaac been a causation the Swedish media and the government would have been forthcoming in securing his freedom. I think the Swedish media should learn democratic behavior by looking into the facts - instead of being pushy by pocking its ugly fingers into every hole it finds!

Long Live Ethiopia!
05:54 July 10, 2011 by kidan
Why are they given special treatment? Is it because they are white? I hate Meles Zenawi the korkora ras, white ass licker. He has put two Ethiopian journalist by accusing them falsely. But he is treating swede white Terrorists like kings ?
11:27 July 10, 2011 by Grateful_Human
Munir, Your statement only proves who the real culprit is.

As for the BBC link you quote, I dont know where Martin Plout got that, but I know he was recently cooperating with the TPLF. All the local people, including me, know who killed the WFP staff member. It was ONLF who resqued them bravely and handed them over to UN in Hargaysa, Northern Somalia (Somaliland). Do you know what happened atferwards, the Ethiopians in fear of what the released staff might expose, they asked the collaboration of WFP security head in the region ABDI BAKOOL, and when he said he is a UN staff not TPLF staff, they put him behind bars. Meles thinks he can get away with all these daily violations of the International Humanitarian Law just becasue he is US ally. But even US is aware of these violations, see:


And believe me US has already its plan B for Meles when Alshabaab thing is done in Somalia. And guess what, like he usually does, he will be begging ONLf to negotiate!

If you said you are not ready for negotiations, then face its alternative!
12:20 July 10, 2011 by busuri
The Ethiopian regime does not allowed foreigners into the Ogaden region because they don't want to expose the atrocities the Ethiopian army is committing against the local civilians. Sooner or later these atrocities will be known to the world and hopefully the peace loving Europe and America will stop all aids to the Ethiopian government, which the regime uses for weapons instead of giving to the intended recipient. Once this aid is stop from the Ethiopian government or at least the west should ask for accountability from Melez's regime only then fight will be fair game because Melez will not have the money to buy the latest missiles, helicopters and tanks from aboard. If the west stops the aid that directly goes to the army the civilian population would better off.
17:14 July 10, 2011 by kidan
We will see if USA, Amnestry is going to give you freedom. you must know Ethiopia is as great as USA, .... No one on the earth can bend the will of Ethiopians. Whether you cry or beg the parasite NGOS or you sneak in terrorists from Europe, you will never get anywhere. Mark my words, you do not know who TPLFs are yet. TPLF has been so nice for you and Shabia so far. But you will see soon what will happen to you and to Shabia. The Ethiopian are tired of Terrorists now. you will be dealt once for all. you do not the deki Shire? you do not know them yet? The DekI Sheri has even Made Shabia sit Asmara after a bitter defeat.
01:04 July 12, 2011 by BBKING
Ethiopia is a land of peace. We love all types of people unlike Swedes. May God bless Ethiopia.
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