Swedish teen girl trounces perfume thief

A 37 year-old man in Lund, in southern Sweden, tried to make a run for it, once store clerks discovered that he had pocketed perfume in their store worth nearly 14,000 kronor ($2150).

Several passers-by helped the employees chase after the man, but it was a 17-year-old girl who finally stopped him, by tackling him into Grand Hôtel’s exterior wall, reported regional newspaper Skånska Dagbladet.

The teenage girl and a friend had been out walking, when the would-be thief came running in the opposite direction, and the girls both turned and immediately began to chase after him.

When the 17 year-old finally caught up to him, by the upmarket hotel, she pushed the 37 year-old into the wall and then, ignoring his repeated yells of “let me go”, held him there with the help of three others until the police came.

The perfume theft led to a search of the man’s car, where further discoveries were made.

In the 37 year-old’s car, police found a plethora of stolen items including sunglasses, cosmetics and clothes worth a total of 26,000 kronor.

On Friday the man was charged with theft and handling of stolen goods.

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