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Sweden Democrats reject Norway attacks blame

TT/Peter Vinthagen Simpson · 26 Jul 2011, 14:44

Published: 26 Jul 2011 09:13 GMT+02:00
Updated: 26 Jul 2011 14:44 GMT+02:00

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Hellsborn's party colleagues have however condemned his argument.

"If there hadn't been any Islamisation or mass immigration then there wouldn't have been anything to trigger Behring Breivik to do what he did," wrote Hellsborn, who represents the party in Varberg in western Sweden.

"The ultimate responsibility is with the perpetrator, but if you are to discuss the underlying reasons which motivated him then it was caused by multiculturalism," Hellsborn explained to the local Hallands Nyheter daily.

Hellsborn furthermore writes that he feels no shame or guilt that he and Anders Behring Breivik share the same nationalist ideology. Those who should feel guilt are those he calls "cosmopolitans" and argues that "in a Norwegian Norway this tragedy would never have happened".

The political agenda detailed in Anders Behring Breivik's "manifesto" bears striking similarity to the ideology professed by the Sweden Democrats and when asked if the the party should shoulder some responsibility, Hellsborn replied:

"No, Breivik is a product of the multicultural society. If Europe had not become multicultural then the shootings would not have happened," he told Hallands Nyheter.

Sweden Democrats party secretary Björn Söder on Tuesday distanced the party from the Hellsborn's comments.

"The party does not stand behind the analysis. One should be very careful conducting an analysis at this early stage. And that is something we have communicated to Hellsborn," Söder told news agency TT.

"Of course no one other than the perpetrator has responsibility for what has occurred," he said.

The party and its rhetoric has had to shoulder the blame in some quarters of the public debate for contributing to the ideological climate which allowed Behring Breivik's hatred for society turn into violent acts.

While also recognising that it is Behring Breivik who his responsible for his actions and noting that most of the mainstream anti-Muslim movement discounts violence as a legitimate working method, the anti-racist magazine Expo, is one of the groups who share this view.

"It is impossible to disregard the ideological environment where Behring Breivik has structured his views on society if you want to understand the causes behind the terrorist attack in Oslo the 22 of July," Expo wrote in a statement on Monday.

"This ideological environment is built up around blogs, websites, networks and ideologues. It reaches into the various european populist right winged parties."

Björn Söder rejected the assertion that Behring Breivik's terror manifesto echoed the ideas of the Sweden Democrats, its view on Islam for example, which party leader Jimmie Åkesson has identified as "Sweden's greatest foreign threat".

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"It's a big mishmash of lots of things that will justify what he has done. It is especially the contempt of democracy and a fetish for violence that pervades the entire manifesto," Söder said.

"But of course there is criticism of immigration, but there is also freemason mysticism and conservatism and liberalism. You try to pick parts out of context and attack us, and I think this is just as wrong as when Hellsborn says that multiculturalism has created Breivik," he said.

Sweden Democrat MP Kent Ekeroth also courted controversy on the evening of the attacks when used his twitter to ask: "Anyone care to guess who is behind the bombs in Norway?.

He was warned by party secretary Björn Söder not to speculate before the cause of the attacks was known, but proceeded to write: "No I am not going to call you Islamophobes".

Press secretary to Jimmie Åkesson, Linus Bylund, was also quick to draw conclusions, tweeting: "The next bastard who gushes about how sad it is for the nice Muslims when bleeding Norwegians are all over the streets will be blocked".

TT/Peter Vinthagen Simpson (news@thelocal.se)

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09:32 July 26, 2011 by wolverine2k
idiots! These SD people should be put in confinement. A Sweden only confinement for them where they can do everything Swedish. And of course we supply them with Swedish only meats and food. So no multi-cultural stuff for these idiots.
09:37 July 26, 2011 by occassional
Let the sly, squalid, slimy, lisping, foul and false, loony liberal Leftist tirade begin.
09:39 July 26, 2011 by truthworthy
Of course, this is not news because we know they are like him. Their ideology is similar to him and it is just matter of time because they start the same massacre in Sweden.

Would Sweden allow AlQaeda party in the parliament? No. So let us ban these morons from the respected Riksdag.

I am not surprised they blamed Muslims for the attack before it became apparent it was one of their own, what they stand for is hatred against Muslims and everyone who does not share their bigotry.
09:48 July 26, 2011 by naimad

Yes, 'cause the frigid, narrown minded, tea baggers, hillbillies, the hell with the poor, conservatives are so precious. Just look at any interview they have done in the past and you see the level of brilliance they have..
09:53 July 26, 2011 by OddNewfi
@occassional - would seem fair, considering the right wing, bigoted, "paint all with one brush", tirade has already happened. Can't have ying without yang etc etc

There always has to be a "them" - now the cold war is over the "them" is Muslim, the next "them" will undoubtedly be the Martians.... so time passes and the world goes around..
09:53 July 26, 2011 by Åskar
Liberals are leftist? If your political colour is black, so maybe, but not if you know anything about politics.
10:06 July 26, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
Long live multiculturalism! Eller hur? Just wait for a copycat to do the same in another Nordic country and we all will shout again, "Long live multiculturalism".
10:08 July 26, 2011 by Grokh
i think people need to review what is wrong and there is definatelly something going wrong in whole europe.

there has been a rise of right wing parties all over, the fact they are there and growing shouldnt be just discarded as just the usual neo nazi, christian conservative crap, otherwise they wouldnt be growing.

it has to be democratically seen why is that percentage of the population voting for them, and the truth is there are soft gaps in european imigration laws.

sweden takes way too much immigrants from a part of the world that is completely different from the western life style, if this kind of immigration were to be slow and with small portions then gradually people would accept, but in the rush of sweden and indeed europe to embrace multi culturalism it seems that the immigration was too big to handle socially. its not with sfi and a job that you will integrate a person in a society specially if they come from a completely different society.

it takes time , and sometimes it cant be done because people will hold to their own cultures no matter what.

if a person wakes up in their neighbourhood and there is one new guy from a completely different culture they will embrace ,

but if one guy wakes up and the whole neighbourhood is speaking a different language and he is the foreigner in his own country then he will vote for the stupid racist parties.

there has to be a balance thats why they call it democracy, i dont like that there is a racist nationalistic party in power in sweden but i would blame all the other parties for letting get to that.

and hopefully maybe in the elections to come they wont get enough votes, and also hopefully all moderaterna will eat poop and die because all they do is raise their own sallaries and sell swedish companies.

and hopefully the social democrats will stop coming up with crazy ideas if they dont want sweden to have an identity then maybe they shouldnt be in any place of power.

same goes for all swedish parties who seem to lose their ideals just to be in power.
10:19 July 26, 2011 by blursd
How exactly does one defend democracy and freedom by criminalizing little more than a difference of political opinion? Don't get me wrong ... I find the entire SD philosophy to be xenophobic and bigoted, but in a democracy people ARE allowed to think and say things YOU don't like. What these people are doing IS offensive, but in Western cultures the offensive is sacred.

Being offensive, prejudiced, or close minded is not a crime ... if you go grouping all far right political ideologies into the same boat as lunatic murders like Breivik you take the first step towards an autocracy. Essentially what you are doing is becoming what you despise - suggesting that anyone who supports SD or has sympathies for their agenda is akin to Breivik and should be purged from society is no different than SD saying all immigrants are bad and should be removed from society. They are the same thing ... just on different ends of the political spectrum.
10:38 July 26, 2011 by FireBoy
Even if there were no immigrants in these countries, people like Breivik, would have found other excuses and reasons to cling to, and do their devilish deeds; tax system, socialism, ...
10:42 July 26, 2011 by local-aam
Holy Smokes!!! If you people can mass kill people just for the reason that you have a lot of immigrants and a lot of muslims, what would have you people done, if your country were invaded by some other nations/country for years and decade. Now you who stand for such a extremist nationalist view, compare yourself with those illfated muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine etc and realize how moderate and tolerable they are actually. What would have you done, if you were at their position. Sick morons get life.
10:47 July 26, 2011 by comentatir
If one dares to comment that the cause of this attacks was multiculturalism or islamisation or immigration policies etc. you should go and see a psychiatrist.

92 people were killed by a psycho and the first thing pops into your mind is multiculturalism??? Go and pay a visit to the bastard and see how he is doing in his bloody cell!!
10:49 July 26, 2011 by local-aam
Just to make it more clear "Who ever stand aside such heinous activity is actually as guilt as the bad guy itself". There is no color of terrorism and it can be anywhere. Fortunately, mass muslims do not support any of the bomb attacks by the helpless muslim suicide bombers on the other hand I am astonished to see a polititian to uprise the voice of a terrorist. It must be the same voice of the people following him. Alas!!!
11:06 July 26, 2011 by godnatt
These guys need a PR firm.
11:13 July 26, 2011 by cutthecrap
The majority of people in Europe are against multiculture/mass immigration. But that does not mean that they are all potential mass murderers???
11:15 July 26, 2011 by hit_me
Check this out,

11:17 July 26, 2011 by Nilspet
Thank god that only a tiny minority voted for SD. It should be quite obvious now what they really think (and want to do). Multiculturalism is an evolution for mankind

and it is everywhere on the planet. Many Chinese like Swedish IKEA furniture and cars as much as we love to eat Chinese food for dinner. The number of English speaking Indians is greater than the number of entire European population. What is wrong with at least 30 million British citizens eating curry on the regular basis? etc etc

SD needs to go back to school and get educated.
11:47 July 26, 2011 by jimmy1988
If SD is in the Riksdag thats because people choose.

There is a problem with immigration in Europe like it or not, believe or not.

Multiculturalism is product of government and media to douctrine people to forced them to accept this system. People should think on ther heritage first then other cultures but not foreign cultures and heritage is forgotten, like we see today, and that is done by government and media.
11:49 July 26, 2011 by crocadoodledoo
as long as trade of goods happen, and the economies of diff. countries are inter-twined, there is bound to be migration of people. People denying this basic economic reasoning and trying to go against it are living in a fools paradise. Multiculturalism is an inevitable reality..
11:56 July 26, 2011 by Rick Methven
@jimmy1988 "If SD is in the Riksdag thats because people choose"

5.4% of the Swedish voters voted for SD and their support is dropping because the voters now see what a bunch of tossers they really are.

SD has a problem with multiculturalism and possibly those that voted for them. That means that 94.6% of the voters do not have a problem. You are trying to make a SD mountain out of a pimple
11:59 July 26, 2011 by jimmy1988
You dont konw if they are dropping support. Those statistics you see is manipulated by the government, truth must be hidden. Many people has a problem with multiculturalism not only SD.
12:10 July 26, 2011 by unseen

so you did read the manifesto, didn't you? Good boy! as the sick bastard carefully planned! in what phase you are on by now? spreading his valuable sick thoughts??
12:57 July 26, 2011 by reason
What's shocking is not Hellsborn's opinion, but the logic he employs.

"Terrorist X would not have acted as he did if not for policy A, therefore policy A is wrong." Not only this but there is an implied "Those supporting A are responsible for the actions of X".

It follows that anyone willing to stoop to violence has a right to set policy. "If only we followed sharia law, this wouldn't have happened", "If only we had bestowed human rights on animals, this would never have happened", "If only...".
13:03 July 26, 2011 by Nilspet

So you are suggesting that the Chinese and other Asian nations should start kicking the Europeans out of their countries tomorrow? If they do then millions of us here will lose jobs, etc. Should people with Scandinavian descents be kicked out of North America also? You also want white people to be kicked out of S. Africa? Should the Europeans be forbidden to travel to the Middle East and Africa (because we will contaminate their culture) so that we end up touring only within Europe?

How far back do you want to go ? To the birth of the Earth? That would be 4 billion years ago .... what were we then?
13:11 July 26, 2011 by sanik
Such a reasoning! It is like to say that marriage is the "underlying reason" of divorce, so stop marrying and then we will have no divorce!
13:17 July 26, 2011 by fikatid
The guy has the right-wing extremist Christian ideology. Again and again, it proves that religion is source of all evil. Only morons are easily manipulated by religion to do the dirty work. It doesn't matter whether you're Christian or Muslim. If you're one of those religious lunatics who thinks that "it's my way or the high way", you're no difference from the crazy Norwegian domestic terrorist.
13:53 July 26, 2011 by comentatir
I cant believe you people discussing here!

You are still talking about multiculturalism and such! You can discuss it some other time there is no point. You can discuss if there is life on mars instead, believe me it is more related to some psychopath killing almost a hundred people. He could have easily found another ground for that massacre!
13:57 July 26, 2011 by tuerd1982
This guy is the next potential threat to society. I think there is some thing terribly wrong on his mind. God protects every one from such idiots.
14:01 July 26, 2011 by jackx123
@sanik: totally agree there should be no marriages.
14:21 July 26, 2011 by rafa1981

You nailed it! People don't realize their bigotry.
14:53 July 26, 2011 by Nemesis
If there was no immigration to Norway, then the child killer would have used another excuse.

He is a mass murderer.

There is no excuse for what he has done.
14:55 July 26, 2011 by FireBoy
They are mixing so many issues together!

They point to immigration as a problem then they talk about multiculturalism, islam, integration, tax payers and stuffs. While, many of the immigrants in Scandinavia are NOT moslems. There are many people from Thailand, former Yugoslavia, Greece, Italy and even Finland and Norway living in Sweden that are not moslems. Even a portion of African immigrants are strict Christians. I wonder when they complain about immigration are they including these groups and Thai and Finnish people too or not!

If they have a problem with multiculturalism, even Americans who live in Sweden and are not moslems are considered a threat!! and maybe even Spanish or Finnish people living in Sweden too!

I wonder what SD thinks about those 2 million (?) Swedish people who migrated to America many years ago to survive. They are also immigrants! The Swedish queen is also an immigrant and even the king does not have a Swedish background , if I am not wrong (?)

Many Swedish guys have wives from other countries. And even many Swedish oldmen bring back home Thai girlfriends from their trips to Thailand! Just look around yourself and you find so many examples of this. I wonder why SD does not start first with Swedish men then??

I also wonder if they care this much about multiculturalism, would SD pass a law forbidding Sweden men and women to marry any non-swedish person.

Again, I believe they are mixing sooo many issues together that they even make themselves confused.
15:12 July 26, 2011 by irridium
@Fireboy Today, the term immigration is referring to muslim immigrants. Just like the term multiculturalism is about muslim integration. Using generic terms keeps things PC so people don't sound like they're targeting one group of people. I thought this is widely known but apparently not.
15:29 July 26, 2011 by FireBoy
I totally agree with you irridium . That's exactly my point. Because the main issue is not multiculturalism, it seems to be islam. However, on the other hand, SD talks about Swedish values, Swedish culture, and ... that's when things get more complicated.

@thepeacelover, Of course Thai culture is quite different from Swedish and can have conflicts, and No! marriage does not equal to integration!

Even American culture has conflicts with Swedish culture.

Many of the Thai people in Swedish classes do not even know English! I wonder how Swedish old men communicated with them in the first place!

Just stop labeling people and acting like a child and instead think more about it. Look around and see how many Swedish people you know who are with foreigners with conflicting cultures,...
15:38 July 26, 2011 by Iraniboy
Please avoid talking Muslim, Asian culture as one word, otherwise European culture and Scandinavian culture can also be expressed as this guy's beliefs!!

It is sad that this mass murderer hasn't yet opened the eyes of our far-right posters. If you still believe in one culture and that culture is the culture of this guy, keep it for yoursefl!
15:54 July 26, 2011 by canuk
@Grokh, i agree with you entirely, and that is how its done in canada! there was just a story on this a few days ago but i cant find it now, the immigration minister actually stated he would not increase immigration just for the sake of doing so as these new people would not integrate and it would ruin it for the people already in canada.
15:58 July 26, 2011 by Iraniboy

You believe that your culture is better than immigrant's? and the this mass murder is result of immigration?! I can't say no. But you are free to think positive about your Scandinavian culture which responds to mass immigration by killing 80 teenagers.
16:05 July 26, 2011 by booka
multicultralisum and immigration is different to countries accepting refugees....
16:10 July 26, 2011 by Radical1
@Fireboy you are so so right, if there were no immigrants in europe he would of used other excuses to carry out his attacks anyway, banning immigrants from europe is not going to solve the problem, the rich and wealthy/governments loves and needs immigrants and they know that, without immigrants the rich and wealthy very much knows that their own poor people will give them hassle because they got no one to blame and want a bigger share of the wealth and very well know a revolution would eventually occur...take a look at China and Russia!!, if they get rid of immigrants the rich/government knows they will have to take their place.
16:14 July 26, 2011 by witsltd
What an irony...first muslims/islamists were synonimous to terrorists, and now "other" terrorists cause terror attacks against muslims/islamists. Either way, muslims/islamists/immigrants are blamed.

I suppose all people can be pushed towards terrorism if they feel helpless. And it doesnt matter if it is some muslim struggling opression of west in his/her country or it is a christian fearing cultural obliteration in a country with highest standard of living.
16:22 July 26, 2011 by arsalan.ikram
it is very important for swedish government to take a step and please ban this party at once otherwise sweden will face very bid promblem in future.
16:27 July 26, 2011 by irridium

yes, you are correct, but we are on a Swedish forum.


you blame Skandinavian culture for the attacks? wow. Shall we blame your culture for the hundreds of muslim extremist attacks every year?

the problem is religious extremism, not cultural identity. If you think it is OK to rape women because they are dressed to scantily, violently attack people who's opinion differs from yours or kill over cartoons you deem offensive, than you have no place in Europe. If you are European and kill innocent people to get
16:34 July 26, 2011 by irridium
*continued..... If you are European and kill innocent people to make a political or religious point, you have no place in civilized society.
17:05 July 26, 2011 by Querist

Even Angela Merkel has said that MULTICULTURALISM has failed.


And surely no one would suggest that she's somehow responsible for the carnage in Norway!

17:12 July 26, 2011 by Iraniboy

You have reading problem?

I never blamed Skandinavian culture for this mass murder. I presented a conclusion one can make as a response to jimmy and all those who claim this mass murder is the result of mass imigration and multiculterism. If a culture think that mass immigration and multiculturism can lead to mass murder then that culture is very vile and barbaric! Don't you think so? So even if this mass immigration was not happening this person and jimmy still believe that this mass murder can be response to it!
17:17 July 26, 2011 by irridium

you have a writing problem?

QUOTE "you are free to think positive about your Scandinavian culture which responds to mass immigration by killing 80 teenagers. "
17:49 July 26, 2011 by heavenblues
so should we blame Christianity for such beastly act or is his personal act.....if personal then why SD has the same views as that beast...

my point is that we cant blame any religion for such beasts...these kind of people just bring hatred in society...
18:38 July 26, 2011 by jonathanjames61
Can it ever happen,yes it can,I can read the hand writting on the walls.Hitlers children at work.
18:46 July 26, 2011 by izbz

Whether it be muslims or christians or any damn religion there are always some dumb fanatics , holier than thou people around. They twist and turn the teachings of any religion to suit themselves. Don't think anyone should blame and smear any religion for these SOB who are creating all these problems.

As for SD, the next time around during voting, just remember to give them the finger.
19:04 July 26, 2011 by tercel
09:39 July 26, 2011 by truthworthy

"Would Sweden allow AlQaeda party in the parliament? No."

Actually it will not be too long before you are forced by your democratic principles to do just that.

The birth rate minus the death rate for native Norwegians is 1.6 /1000 compared to the moslem birth rate minus the death rate of 4.2/1000. then add all the moslem immigrants coming into the country every year and as even you must be able to see it will not be long before native Norwegians will be out voted and yes an AlQaeda party will be voted into parliament and just as Rotterdam has an islamic mayor Norway will have an islamic leader.

There is nothing wrong with immigration, the US is made up of immigrants. The problem is when the immigrants religion and political ideology command them to conquer all who do not follow islam. Just read the Qur'an, the haddiths and the sunna, they are filled with open ended commands to subjugate all who do not follow islam.

There is nothing wrong with multiculturalism, the US is multicultureal where no one culture is above another (we have civil rights laws to insure this), the problem comes when the multiculturalist raise one culture above another. Hate speech laws are aimed at anyone who criticizes islam NOT at those who criticize christianity, buddhism or hinduism or any other religion.

Murdering people is not a way to express your view point and can never be condoned (islam on the other hand has no problem with this - 9/11, 7/7, and the thousands of other murders committed around the world each year in the name of islam) but when the government limits your free speech (except for knowingly libel and slandering someone) with hate speech laws and the left and multiculturalist call all those who do not agree with them nazis, racists, bigots, islamaphobes, or worse then this is the result.
19:04 July 26, 2011 by Wajih
If there hadn't been any Islamisation or mass immigration then there wouldn't have been anything to trigger Behring Breivik to do what he did," wrote Hellsborn, who represents the party in Varberg in western Sweden.

..........................how pathetic.................................

Take it like this way, If there will be no army boots on muslin countries then their will be no hate in Europe. Hate only hate drive him nothing else. His message is very clear and right, get out of Muslim countries and kick out Muslim out of whole Europe. Peace
19:09 July 26, 2011 by philster61
Multiculturalism is one thing, mass murder is another.....This bastard has tried to use every excuse.He even believes he is a Freemason. Which he most certainly isn't.....
19:19 July 26, 2011 by summerboy
@FireBoy thank u 4 sharing my thoughts. The far-right is mixing up the whole issue. They argue against multiculturalism, immigration, intergration, taxation.... what do they really want; ' A Sweden of 1800's and beyond??' If u say u don't want multiculturalism, it means u don't want any other race in u country. The next question would be, are scandinavians resident among other race where they could possibly constitute a different culture? If u say u don't want immigration.. Then how do u account 4 scandinavians working and living abroad in countries that have parallel culture with theirs. It is sad that despite the huge amount of money european nations vote for education, many europeans chose to un-educate themselves. Europeans destroyed the civilization of other race, they globalized the world and now u seek to destroy other race..are u not tired in ur quest?? Millions have died 4 ur insatiable quest to subdue other race. But u have already WON!! thru colonization, now they come cap in hand begging 4 food and a roof over their heads bcos they have no home anymore and they have forgotten how to govern themselves...No u do not want them. Action and responsibility is the corner stone of the law of Karma!!! Accept with love and compassion or Europe will be punished. Be wise!!!
21:32 July 26, 2011 by Iraniboy

You're really pathetic for twisting my post! You didn't mention one statment before that! I said I don't think so!! But since it doesn't suit your pathetic agenda, you chose that statement alone!

It is better to twist my posts and spread your far-right anti multiculteral agenda than bombing others. So I have no objection to your agenda!
22:05 July 26, 2011 by irridium
wow, past your bedtime iraniboy? you're nuts!
22:14 July 26, 2011 by axiom
intersting thread, only thing that bothers me reading this, is how many people think that multiculturalism is some post 1950's phenomenon.

the ironic part is that this forum and site exist as a result of multiculturalism. our writing systems, mathematics and almost all recognizable cultures in the world have been shaped by multiculturalism. our entire numbering system and algebra orginated in the middle east and north africa.

as a hats of to Mr. Breivik, he wrote his thesis in english, because of multiculturalism, Norway embracing the language element of the US and the Commonwealth and teaching it to him. the same multiculturalism he fights against is a pivotal tool in spreading his message. Not to mention that the English language itself is a product of multiculturalism!!!

the sports we play, football, cricket, tennis, hockey, baseball are all elements of someone else's society that we have adopted.

the majority who try to stake a valid argument against multculturalism happily and silently accept that parts which benefit them. it is indeed mostly bigotry or perhaps plain ignorance.

either way, i am just forced to read and shake my head
08:29 July 27, 2011 by Iraniboy


I know the answer of those anti-multiculteral groups. They argue that these good things belong to them and not other culture. The only thing they can keep in their mind is the bad things from other cultures but when it comes to their own culture, it is just mix of all good things!
08:36 July 27, 2011 by AronJaf
there was no Islam or multiculturalism in Europe in the 1940s. But it did not stop Europe to produce the Nazism, the worst political system in the contemporary history of mankind. This criminal, this mass murder and all those who share his ideology have short memories, they must be ashamed of what they are producing. They should go back to school and understand the real meaning of the European model which they want to reinstate. So, you all members of Sverige Democrat & Co, please stop this madness and this intellectual hypocrisy. The current problems of Europe are certainly not the cause of Islam, or the multiculturalism. It is irresponsable to put the fail of the economic and social model on multiculturalism. The solution is not in to pointing x or y as guilty but trying to find a new economic, financial, social model for the new Europe. Just have a look to Norway, they managed to succeed, despite the madness of this mass murder. Aaron
08:39 July 27, 2011 by nolikegohome
What a sick situation, really disgusting and scary. The foreginers are blamed either way, no matter what. If a foreginer was involved in the crime then the foreginers are the bad guys, if the criminal is not a foreginer then the crim was done because of the foreginers. Nobody wins.
09:39 July 27, 2011 by sfk
@ Wajih

what is this!

So lets be jewish why do we need Christianity?

If there wont be christianity this catholic church won't be exist which is always support the extremist christians in middle age!

Behring Breivik is a real killer, even he did not regret after what he did...

Second either we will blame religion for this kind of thing or not!!!! Why there is double standard when we discuss Islamist and Christianist!!!

When a Norwegian Christian does this thing we will call him as psychopath killer, but when a Islamist does we will blame Islam religion...

Stop being politician...

Think before what you are writing!
10:42 July 27, 2011 by orangestar
Can i ask if someone can tell me which are the point of view about this topic from people of different countries?For example: what people from Pakistan,Iran,China,Japan,Kazaghistan,Perù,Colombia,Yemen,India,Arabia Saudita thinks about to globalize their countries like north european countries with thousands of chatolics,Induists,atheists or just immigrants from china,africa,europe,middle east and so on...... i really would like to know which is their point of view. I would like an answer from the immigrants who lives here in Scandinavia.I prefer to know many point of view...and not only the European point of view.Thanks everybody.

10:56 July 27, 2011 by HYBRED
I think it somewhat ironic. Refugee's here in Sweden have a issue with the natives here accepting their culture. But yet the reason they are a refugee here is because they couldn't accept the culture in their native land.
11:08 July 27, 2011 by ericrufinosiah
Behring Breivik ,no-doubt caused 2 major problem for Norway but then,one must

and find-out why he did that?Don't jump to conclusions about him.

Maybe,he felt threaten by the drastic changes in Norway where he witnessed and come across daily since young to adulthood and one must understand that

he just might want Norwegian societies at large and the Government of the day to look into the many alien cultures brought in by immigrants.He might have given signals earlier and maybe nobody takes a second look.?
11:28 July 27, 2011 by irridium

Yes, the majority of Europeans drive foreign card, eat foreign foods, speak foreign languages, have foreign royal families, etc.... I certainly don't know anyone who goes around speaking Indo- European either. Swedish language itself has been influenced by French, English and German just in the last few centuries.

The spread of cultures, humanities and ideas from around the world can have an incredibly positive influence and has shaped us as a people.

That being said, the term multiculturalism that is being thrown around today has a completely different meaning than the traditional Webster definition. There really should be another term for it to avoid confusion. Today multiculturalism is a politically correct way of saying Muslim migration into western society.

I am in not opposed to immigration. I have lived as an immigrant in six countries including this one. However, Scandinavia is not the place it was a decade ago, certainly not for the better.

Speaking of misnomers, 'Arabic numbers' are actually from India and algebra originated in Greece.
12:47 July 27, 2011 by orangestar
This answer is for Aron Jaf:

Yes...in the 30's or in the 40's the multiculturalism doesn't exist at that time in Europe.......only jewish and rom were living in Europe.Also outside Europe was the same......but not only nazism was the bad product!In the far east (China,Birmania,Russia,Iran,Iraq...)for some reasons they had the same problems.Not only in Europe.In those countries they even killed millions of citizens.

I want to remember you that Jewish and italians were throw out from Lybia by Gheddafi in the 1970.Jewish because jewish(they were there since 2000 years) and italians because sons of the colonisation.And Turkish? They colonized Lybia for 5 centuries and til the 10's and Gheddafi said nothing about them.Don't you think is a contrary discrimination?Don't you think is just racism? Italians and jewish must to go home and not turkish!!This happened only 40 yearsa go and no said nothing...from Europe or from Meddle East! Gheddafi did what the norwegian killer would like to do in Scandinavia!! More or less this is the sense. Lets' talk in awide way and not only from Scandinavian point of view! Thanks all.
14:04 July 27, 2011 by Iraniboy
If multicultureism didn't exist, the extreme right wing massacre in Norway couldn't happen. If kids didn't exist, pedophiles didn't exist either!!!
14:12 July 27, 2011 by AronJaf
I agree with you "orangestar" about human madness. It has no color, no border, no specific origine. From East to West, from North to South human cruelty is a disgrace to his species. Examples in human history are sadly numerous.

But this does not prevent us from paying attention to what is happening on our continent. What struck us there are only 50 years should no longer take place in Europe whether against Jews, Roma, Muslims or anyone else. We live together with respect for each other in this blessed land and never forget that no one owns it :-)

Om Kadaffi and other criminals, as you know, thanks god, they are no longer safe.

So, in my opinion, it is obligatory to point out the cruelty and the seriousness of the extremist ideology not only in Europe, America, Africa but also in Asia, Muslim world and Israel...etc. Aaron
15:06 July 27, 2011 by Scambaiter
Say no to a debate on immigration on multiculturalism by means of the bomb and the bullet!!! We shall not be moved!!

Breivik's delusional, murderous rampage is entirely the fault of these extreme xenophobic groups and the hatred, bigotry and lies that their cowardly sympathizers spread on every forum they can find.

Say yes to openness, tolerance and democracy. Vote SD out of the Riksdag!
16:31 July 27, 2011 by orangestar
To Iraniboy...... i think you are sarcastic and i don't think this is the moment to be like this. I know what you mean, and of course, you are against racism and against who hate the multiculturalism. Just one question.....are you against racism and violence only in Sweden........or also in all the other countries. This is the point to focus on. In a kind way .... now is your turn to talk! :-) Sincerely....
20:05 July 27, 2011 by Iraniboy

Of course I do. I deplore racism anywhere and anyhow! I have mentioned elsewhere and I say again and Sweden has the LEAST racism I have ever seen in any country. From Iran to Persian Gulf's countries to Europe and the US, the least racist country is Sweden. Even Anders B. has mentioned it. Norway is probably the second. I guess this lack of racism has provoked this mass murderer especially after he had observed that racism is far more acceptable in countries like UK, Netherland and the US he has been upset about the situation in Norway.
22:19 July 27, 2011 by sgt_doom
Oh wow! And these are the same people who are hellbent in extraditing Wikileaks' Julian Assange for the USA imperialists???

Breivik is a psychopath --- the type who is always drawn to the violent extremes.

This "excuse" ...that "excuse" ....the problem is women, etc., they will always rationalize their insane desire to kill and cause pain and suffering.

Evil is as evil does.

Join the global insurrection! Support Wikileaks, real free press, Anonymous, etc.
03:17 July 28, 2011 by Sheba
i dont understand why some swedish people support this children killer...have people no sense of empathy?this is super-tragic indeed
08:23 July 28, 2011 by sfk

I am wondering if you also have the same concern for the other terrorist such as somalian whose sea is invaded by the western big fish boats and had to survive... Or other muslim whose oil is always exploited by the western corporation!
15:53 July 29, 2011 by bcterry
Until this infiltration is addressed openly and honestly, this kind of insanity will continue.
18:13 July 29, 2011 by Scambaiter
"Det har under dagen uppmärksammats att en lokal företrädare för partiet har skrivit om massmorden i Norge på sin blogg. Av texten kan det tolkas som att det är massinvandringspolitiken och skapandet av det mångkulturella samhället som ligger bakom att massmorden kunnat ske. SD delar inte den analysen och tar kraftfullt avstånd från alla försök att använda massmorden i den politiska debatten."

Don't believe the lie.

Hellsborn posted exactly what these people really think on his blog, including bigots like bcterry above.

No debate with murderers or political capital for people who sympathize with them!!
19:42 July 29, 2011 by bcterry
"Hellsborn posted exactly what these people really think on his blog, including bigots like bcterry above."

You can call me what you like, it means nothing, but the facts are clear in the U.K., France and the rest of Europe, and they are simply undeniable.

"No debate with murderers or political capital for people who sympathize with them!!"

Bleivic is a madman, and deserves no platform whatsoever, let alone the privilege to debate, and gets no sympathy from this corner, and my post suggested no such thing.

It's a sick unwarranted assumption on your part.

You may believe this deserves no discussion, but your wrong.

The reason for discussion is to prevent anything like this from happening again, NOT to escalate it.

Is that what you want?
03:47 July 30, 2011 by ERIC EL ROJO
I am watching the local public reaction to all this because I am a Viking with a deep sense of honor to my heritage...

But I am shocked over all this wasted journalistic/politic energy over the "multi-culturalism" discussion; which, somehow seems to stipulate that, once again, "The Muslims" are implicated in all of this recent satanistic carnage in Norway...

Ladies and gentlemen of Scandinavia please keep an open mind

to the events of this horrific, dastardly and, totally unnecessary, murderous deed...

And keep your focus...

Do not fall for the Rupert Murdoch mega media lies of the "Lone-Gunman" distortions of fact...followed by the alleged subsequent printing of the "Manifesto..." etc...etc...etc.

Oh, poor israel...!!!

Excuse me, but we have been down this road many, many times

before...as when I personally witnessed the corporate media printed "documentations" on the JFK and RFK assassinations...

And the subsequent mass media lies and distortions of the events of 911...

We have now come full circle and what is happening right now to the corrupt foreign-controlled government of the United States:

*** will not happen here in my homeland of Scandinavia...!!!***

This butchery of innocent civilian lives will stop...

Breivik is nothing more than a patsy and it will be proven that he did not act alone...but, instead, the media is turning him into the perfect whipping boy for everyone to be distracted from the true "New World Order" murderous political agenda...

This is a classic Mossad operation...funded with USA tax dollars...

Follow the money trail and the agenda of the "New World Order..."

Do not permit the International Bankers from stealing your Sovereignty...

Remember the bravery of the modern day Icelanders...

And, like it or not, we are, indeed, our Brothers' keepers.
20:01 July 30, 2011 by hogar2010
Norway's Labor party's must take the blame for Norway attacks. They have been engaged in massive social engineering of their country with Muslim immigration so they can stay in power permanently with the changed demographics and voter base.

They did not take a vote on this immigration instead shut down any criticism with new "hate crime" legislations. Now how they are trying to hush up the prosecution of attacks so Muslim immigration does not become a mainstream discussion. Labor's leading intellectual rofessor Thomas Hylland Eriksen of the University in Oslo says their goal of "deconstruct the majority [Norwegians] so thoroughly that it can never be called the majority again."

This leftist Jihadis alliance is happening not only in Norway, but al over Europe with the blessings of EU and also in US with Soros/CAIR/NCLR etc involved.

So Labor talks "open, democratic, love" but that is limited to the Muslim immigrants only, not their fellow native Norwegians. After all it is their country too and they need to have a say. Particularly when rapist, terrorist and Islamist laborers from Pakistan, Kosovo, and Iraq are the main immigrant group unlike educated immigrant in US/Canada etc.
21:04 July 30, 2011 by Britt-Marie7
The reason we thought that it was a muslim terrorist is so clear! 99% of all the killings, suicide- and other, bomb attacks etc. etc. is that is IS muslims that are doing it. Very seldom is it a blond, blue-eyed person, so why would we even think that.

The Islamic culture is so different from ours and as long as they are pushing their culture on us, you will see more of these acts.

If the muslims will not integrate with our society and follow our rules, they should go back home to their countries where they will be happy with how things are.
09:46 August 1, 2011 by Blal
After going through the comments over here and on some other blogs.. what I smell is that the world is heading towards World War III which has been predicted to be based on religions!!
19:57 August 5, 2011 by bcterry
I'll yield to Pat Condell's honesty and truth.


"Violence is not the answer"
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