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'Multiculturalism not to blame': Jimmie Åkesson

AFP/The Local · 27 Jul 2011, 16:00

Published: 27 Jul 2011 16:00 GMT+02:00

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"I don't share that analysis at all," Sweden Democrats (SD) leader Jimmie

Åkesson said in remarks published Wednesday in the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD)


Åkesson was reacting to comments made by a local SD politician earlier this week, who wrote in a blog post that "the massacre (in Norway) was a result of multiculturalism."

"That is what multiculturalism does, it creates conflicts between people, leads to hate, violence and an altogether brutalisation of society," Erik Hellsborn, a 27-year-old local politician in Varberg in western Sweden wrote on his blog.

"If there was no Islamisation or mass immigration there would not have been anything to trigger (the self-confessed perpetrator of the twin Norwegian attacks Anders) Behring Breivik to do what he did," he added.

The SD quickly distanced itself from the remark and Hellsborn removed the blog entry shortly after it was posted Sunday.

On Tuesday, Hellsborn backtracked, saying the perpetrator was responsible for what he did, and he announced Wednesday he was taking a time-out from blogging.

In Wednesday's SvD interview, Åkesson said "one can't blame an individual's actions on social structures like that."

"I don't think you should make politics of (the attacks), whether you are a Sweden Democrat, a Social Democrat, a Moderate or whatever ... I just think it's wrong," he told the daily.

Sweden Democrat MP Kent Ekeroth also courted controversy on the evening of the attacks when used his twitter to ask: "Anyone care to guess who is behind the bombs in Norway?.

He was warned by party secretary Björn Söder not to speculate before the cause of the attacks was known, but proceeded to write: "No I am not going to call you Islamophobes".

Press secretary to Jimmie Åkesson, Linus Bylund, was also quick to draw conclusions, tweeting: "The next bastard who gushes about how sad it is for the nice Muslims when bleeding Norwegians are all over the streets will be blocked".

Åkesson's far-right, anti-immigration and anti-Muslim party entered parliament for the first time after last year's elections, taking 20 seats and the role of kingmaker in parliament.

On Saturday the party head issued a statement condemning the attacks, which left 76 dead in Norway's worst bloodshed since WWII.

"Our thoughts are with the victims, their relatives and all the Norwegian people," Åkesson said.

He called the twin massacres "an attack on democratic society."

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"In such times, it is important to stress that we will never accept that violence and terror take root in our democratic and open society," he said.

Anders Behring Breivik, a 32-year-old Norwegian, has confessed to planting a car bomb in Oslo's government quarter and to a shooting spree on an island where the Labour party was holding its youth camp.

He says he was on a crusade to save Norway and Western Europe from a Muslim invasion and that his attacks were "cruel" but "necessary".

Gothenburg Migration Court on Wednesday announced that they plan to review if Anders Hellsborn can continue as a juror after having written his blog post.

"When you do what he has done, in such an tumultuous situation, then the credibility of this court, and to the justice system is shaken, because he is a juror," said Margareta Åberg, head of the administrative court in Gothenburg to Sveriges Radio (SR) on Wednesday.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

16:13 July 27, 2011 by Jes

Would he have said the same if it was not one of his desciples that had murdered so many innocent Norwegian children ?

Jimmy Åkesson now sounds like a Hitler saying that Jews were not Germany´`s problem .
16:28 July 27, 2011 by Swedesmith
People are to blame. If there were not people, Breveik would not exist nor have anyone to attack.
16:56 July 27, 2011 by prince T
SD and their types are to blame. The incite hatred and their politics is based on it.
17:10 July 27, 2011 by muscle
@Swedesmith: YEAH MAN.. lets launch a protest "we dont want people!"
17:19 July 27, 2011 by jacquelinee
The jews were not Germany's problem. Germany's problem was their corrupt government who wanted to find a way to justify stealing the money they felt that the more wealthy Jewish banks, businesses, etc. had during a time that the world had been in a recession/depression. Germany (as most counties) were feeling it pretty heavily. In order to get their hands on the wealth, they had to justifiy stealing it by removing the jewish citizens ( rich and poor) in an acusitory way, so that they were unable to take their possesions. The government could then confiscate it, and thus, get their hands on the wealth by default. Worked pretty well too, unfortunately for the poor, innocent, blameless jewish citizens.

A similar (but not as extreme) situation seems to repeatedly crop up in the USA. ESPECIALLY under the good ol' Bushes administrations. The US military is always ready, willing and able to help where needed as long as their is oil involved. You don't see them jumping on the band wagon to assist in the Congo where the people are terrorized totally by the "guerillas and the govenment" raped, murdered, starved, enslaxed etc. HMMM The good ol' USA doesn't see a need there but , you can bet your Ar-se that if the Congo had oil, they would be outraged and itching to"help".

Same sh-t different pile. Not as brutal, but the driving force in both instances Germany and Usa is none other than finding a way to get the wealth.

Like I said....A Corrupt Greedy Government was Germany's problem and they brainwashed enough people to see it as the Jewish people who were at fault. Blind, stupid lemmings.....and there are a lot of lemmings floating around Scandinavia (for a sad example) these days as well.
17:48 July 27, 2011 by erikarlson
I cant believe you lots. An enourmos tragedy has occurred. Dead and wounded, loved ones lost.. And all you can do is to point fingers and blame eachother? Were are your GODDAMN manners? Its not people like Anders Breivik who makes me loose faith in humanity. Its people like you.

I'm starting to like SD and Jimmie more and more, noticing the behaviour of those who do not agree with their political opinions. They wont have my vote, but they have definitely earned my respect and understanding in regards to the bullshit they have to stand from left-wing idiots.
18:05 July 27, 2011 by jacquelinee
@ erikarlson

Point taken you are completely right. How petty and ridiculous to be arguing at such a time. My heart does sincerely go out to those poor people and their families, I, for one, apologise whole heartedly.
18:16 July 27, 2011 by tuerd1982
Thanks God for creating Muslims and immigrants. If they are not exist in this world who will we blame for all the things happened around us???

Wake up people, it is nothing to do with religions or immigrants if there are some thing bad happens. Blame the people who did the crime? Bad people are exists in all religions and country.
18:25 July 27, 2011 by Jes
@erikarison , not all of us are blessed with good manners like you , Jimmy Åkesson or Anders Breivik . Congraturations to you !

We who lack the manners to vote for Nazi parties are still free to say that your idol is a cowrad who is afraid of looking at the results of the gospel he preaches . In other words , he betrays Anders Breivik when he yells that voilence should not happen in a democratic society

Does this wonderful Jimmy Åkessson not know that voilence is only the phyisical expression of what lies in the head - in his case hate and fear of immigrants ?

Oh no dear , in your case , what has happen is not an enomous tragedy ; it is an accomplishment .

Juss bear with us who have this nasty habit of pointing fingers . We all wish we couldd cry in silence and forget where this kind of voilence gets to be manufactured

right ?
20:20 July 27, 2011 by lovedealer76
@ erikarlson/@jacquelinee,you guys have know right to tell others when it's appropriate to debate on this subject,they say strike the iron when it's hot,we all know the friday 22 massacre was tragic but we all got opinion and are entitle to air them as a democratic society we're doing just that.

Here is not where the incident took place,stop trying to share as if you have intergrity more than other cause to me you don't,for me you guys sounds like the 2 faces people who are many out there,imagine that
20:53 July 27, 2011 by canuk
why did the local pick that picture of this guy to post. are you trying to make him look bad? or was this picture cheap enough for you to afford the rights?
20:55 July 27, 2011 by conboy
The SD and ND are scum. The sorry remnants of a generation of Swedish nazi sympathisers who admired Hitler and respected Vidkun Quisling; cowardice is their watchword never taking responsibility for anything!!! Yet they still like to sing songs at their internal parties celebrating the murder of Olof Palme. Apples never fall far from their trees. They deny all knowledge of Breivik but privately they are pleased about what happened no one ahould have any doubts about that.
21:07 July 27, 2011 by lovedealer76
@conboy,i couldn't agree with you more,like i've always said,there are many out there
21:48 July 27, 2011 by Iraniboy

You are fooling yourself to believe that SD are the only ones standing against lefties. The entire Allliance is against lefties. The only thing SD has in addition is their hatred toward immigrants and paranoias mentioned in Ander B. manifest.
23:33 July 27, 2011 by Icklebuh
Islamaphobia started after 9/11 with a nasty little redneck called Bush. The media reports about 9/11 and you constantly hear about "the war on terror" and then the London bombings become known as 7/7. I would lay money on Obama thinking it was muslims in Norway..he mentioned "terror" in early reports before they knew it was a Norwegian. This war on terror thing makes me sick., Obama makes me sick. If you want the "terror" to stop then stop manufacturing arms and selling them to unstable countries you fools. Nobody but Brevik can be responsible for what happened Friday. Pointing fingers at SD is as bad as pointing fingers at muslims. It solves nothing, achieves nothing. You should all read up about the second biggest political party in Norway, Fremskrittspartiet. They have very strong ideas about immigration but we are always back to SD. They are not the only ones who share these ideas and Scandinavia has a history of this. If you don't like nazis people you are so living in the wrong part of the World.

Noway are handling this calmly and its exactly the right thing to do to have this case closed to the public. Imagine if it was a muslim who planted that bomb..Obama and his war on terror team would be in action and then the terror would really begin!!!!
23:52 July 27, 2011 by underskyofsweden
The problem is when SD and all similar ideologies give themselves RIGHT to hate someone or some people around them!

When you hate someone, you have no time to know them and you will not know them as long as you hate them!
00:33 July 28, 2011 by BBKING
I am amazed by how the youth are influential in this country. May be they need to grow up before choosing a career in politics and voice such lame excuses. Their anger is visible in their comments and because they are so young they couldn't see the long term implications of what they say. These youth are driven by their negative instincs. Same thing happened to that Breivick guy.
08:45 July 28, 2011 by sfk

Of course you will vote them, otherwise why you are defending them... they deserved this because at the beginning they supported him and made a lot of comments without known who was the killer...

@tuerd1982 I agree with you...

When a fundamentalist or extremest christian does the western brainwashed people say ooooo he has psychological problem. However, when muslim person does, the same people say that oooo those terrorists are muslim and islam is spreading the abhorrence etc...

NOBADY says that why we are using their religions, there are more than 1 billion muslims as there is 1 billion christians... There are 1000 muslim terrorist, 999 000 muslim are good...

Furthermore those SD and fundamentalist christians never remember the mass killing which was made by church and arm forced organized and sent to the other people countries in the history...
08:53 July 28, 2011 by ccb
@jacquelinee your post at #5 was spot on. So many people are governed by and swayed by what is pushed in media rather than analysing the facts for themselves. Egypt had an uprising of a similar nature to that of Libya yet the USA didn't even consider help, guess what? No need to ask them twice in the case of Libya. Many African nations struggle with war for decades yet little if any help is given.

Many people are quite ignorant to so many things. If you are a young politician and you could even dare place such things in a blog without knowing the full facts then you have a serious problem with your way of thinking. Being judgemental, racist, culturally ignorant and downright lawless should have no place in politics.

So why do some Muslims (a vast minority) commit these so-called acts of terrorism. They just woke up one day and said lets suicide bomb some places. Seriously? Is that what people think? How about the fact that their countries have been invaded for so much time to gain control of a commodity that is rightfully theirs by others who seek to exploit it with maximum economic gain.

@lovedealer76 you say the others have no right to tell you when it is appropriate to debate on the topic or what your opinion should be yet you condemn them for their opinion. And spew hate all over the place. Shall I suggest introspection?
11:34 July 28, 2011 by erikarlson
@lovedealer 76 I have every right to say whatever I want; However, debating is one of many pillarstones towards a strong democracy but what you did was not debating, you were blaming. Blame blame blame, like a 12 year old.. It wont do any good for anyone, especially when just hatred towards a "wrong" political opinion.

@sfk I would defend anyone in a debate whom is wrongly accused for something they aint got nothing to do with, in this case SD. Saying that "they have my vote" even though I just told you they wont have my vote shows the incompetent manners of this "debate". You just dont listen.
12:48 July 28, 2011 by skatty
It's true that the attack was an attack on democratic society. However, it's also important to notice that the killer has been a product of the society.

If in stead of the blond, white European terrorist, it was a Muslim, then many would conclude that terror is a product of Islam, Muslim countries and societies, wasn't it?! As there were many Medias, which concluded it before knowing the true. In an article, DN has mentioned, Scandinavian media from beginning expected a "terrorist Muslim", but then the tittles changed to a Norwegian "MASS-MURDERER".

So, when a Muslim kill people, he is a terrorist and it's allowed to blame all Muslim countries, but when an European kill people, he is a mass murderer (not terrorist) or insane, and you shouldn't blame the European societies for it .

Multiculturalism may or may not create conflicts and hate; there have always been conflicts in the world. The fact is that how peoples in conflicts solve the problems. If the majority of population don't wish to have a multicultural society in Scandinavia, then they can go through a democratic process and change it, but people do not allow thinking or believing that they have the right to kill immigrants or innocent people to change the immigration policy.
13:16 July 28, 2011 by Jes
Now I see why CAPITAL PUNISHMENT should not have been abolished .

Mad dogs like Anders should be put down .

It makes me very angry to think that this murderer is already preparing to rub more salt into the wounds of the parents that have lost their young children .

Allready , he is asking to be dressed in a certian way . From jail , he will be free to write and spread more poison . Every time his picture appears in news , those who lost their loved ones will re-live th moment they recieved the terrible news . Their pain will never stop as long as Anders Brievic is alive and talking .

To me , that adds to the tragedy .
14:34 July 29, 2011 by hughknows
Surely the coin goes both ways? i.e. If this guy has an ideology and enforces it undemocratically with extreme violence, of course he doesn't represent the majority of right wing conservatives who stay within the democratic process. Especially if they denounce his actions publicly.

The argument against this being applied here is that people concerned with the increasing presence of Islam in Europe to any degree supposedly already subscribe to a doctrine of 'hate' for all immigrants and humanity. This is nonsense on a par with any of the negative associations Mr. Breivik has drawn in his manifesto showing whole groups he disagrees with in a negative light.

I think there is a lot of room in between hate and certain 'right wing' sentiments - as the offender's comments on other right-wingers rejecting him for not being anti-semetic, or his own rejection of other European groups as being hopelessly 'naive' for not being outright racist or calling for violence show.

Saying that concern about mass immigration and Islam's rapid spread in Europe is the same as being racist or a terrorist supporter is exactly the same in my book as saying that being a Quran-believing Muslim is the same as being an Islamist terrorist or sympathizer because of violent passages in the Quran. I disagree with either assertion.

What is needed in Europe is open discussion of political, social and religious ideas, not automatic demonization and mindless generalization and negative associations.

Norway has said that this tragedy will not get rid of their open society. Does this promise apply to the more conservative members of their population who share certain concerns Breivik had, but have nothing of the deranged hatred, racism, insanity, and intolerance for what he did not agree with.

Such crazed individuals exist all over the political spectrum, unsupported by the vast majority of others who share nominally in their chosen 'world view'.

I know a lot of lovely very left-wing people in Sweden, it would be unfair and plain stupid to judge them by the actions of Stalin, Pol pot, senior members of the Chinese regime etc... Though I have just as many criticisms politically of their ideologies as I do for Brevik's. I hope we all remain free to express these criticisms and our own beliefs.
17:41 July 29, 2011 by Ormandy
I'm from the United States and am very familiar with suffocating political correctness and "group think." Governments, wherever they exist, exhibit common characteristics. Multiculturalism and an open immigration system in which a million plus legal immigrants have been admitted annually since the early 1990s; this stat excludes the estimated 500,000 to 800,000 illegal aliens annually who skip across the largely porous US - Mexican border.

Now comes some interesting stats on unemployment during the current three-year-old depression. Yes, depression. The following method of calculating could well apply to Sweden, only informed Swedes will likely know this. In the U.S., the media [only reports] the official U3 unemployment stat to the significantly uninformed American public, which is currently 9.2 or 9.4%. However, the very much more accurate stat is the Bureau of Labor Statstics' [BLS] U6, which is currently about 16.5%. The U6 has been in the 14 - 16% range for the past nearly three years. The point I am making is that the US Congress of Democrats and Republicans and the Obama administration continues to legally admit in excess of one million legal immigrants, of which 65% plus come from the Third World. This is not peculiar to the Obama administration. No borders/cheap labor interests both want to maintain the open floodgates. To provide numbers for the U3, the U6, and the even most accurate Alternate method used by statistician John Williams -- his website is shadowgovernment.com -- and his percentage is 22.5%. An economic newsletter stated in 2010 that the US "great recession" has largely followed the pattern of the First Great Depression regarding unemployment and the severe contraction in industrial output. The U3 represents just 42% of the U.S. unemployed and equals 13.9 million. The U6 represents 24.7 million unemployed, and the John Williams Alternate method, which was the method used until the Bill Clinton administration "massaged" the methodology in the early 1990s, is 31+ million unemployed/underemployed. So what I sm saying is that the U.S. government has kept open the floodgates during a depression, and several economists at Moody's Analytics and at the Brookings Institution, a think tank, have projected the depression (my non - euphemistic term) will endure from about 2020 (Moody's) until 2012 (Brookings). Eminent American economist Paul Craig Roberts has stated that the loss of 10s of millions of U.S. jobs is permanent. In addition, there are about 8 million illegal aliens working in the U.S.

So in conclusion what I am saying is that perhaps the Swedish media and the political establishment may exhibit similar characteristics as their U.S. counterparts whereby group - think regarding multiculturalism and open immigration are promoted as only positives. I believe I read within the past month or so that a leading politician by the name of Reinhardt or Reinfeldt thinks your country needs many more immigrants.
18:19 July 29, 2011 by Scambaiter
"Det har under dagen uppmärksammats att en lokal företrädare för partiet har skrivit om massmorden i Norge på sin blogg. Av texten kan det tolkas som att det är massinvandringspolitiken och skapandet av det mångkulturella samhället som ligger bakom att massmorden kunnat ske. SD delar inte den analysen och tar kraftfullt avstånd från alla försök att använda massmorden i den politiska debatten."

Don't believe the lie!

Hellsborn posted exactly what most of these people really think on his blog.

No debate with murderers or political capital for people who sympathize with them!!

PS Ormandy... please would your comment a lot more seriously if you took the trouble to learn the name of the Swedish Prime Minister before you posted on a Swedish blog.
18:34 July 29, 2011 by Jes
@hungknows , if you know of a lot of very lovely very left-wing people in Sweden , Jimmy Åkesson is not one of them . Your assey explain it very well . His NAZI party has never reasoned that the actions of individual muslims( immigrants are not a direct responsibilty of the religion they belong to or the colour of their skin .

SD openly says that immigrants are rapists - SD says that Sweden is under invasion by immigrants that are out to destroy Swedisn civilization and pride . I hope you are capable of noticing that this is exactlly the opposite of the notion you claim to be opposed to .

Face it : the devil who executed all those people in Norway did it because he heard people like Jimmy Åkesson sound an alarm that they are under an invasion by mulims and other immigrants . He heard the Jimmy Åkessons of his World accusing some politicians and other political parties of betraying Norway , Sweden etc. These are the people he decided to eliminate .

For that reason , Jimmy Åkesson is partially responsible for what happened in Norway . The same should be said about Imams and mullars who hide behind their beards sit in mosques and yell that ISLAM is under attack by the West . it is their kind of poisoned message that produces suicide bombers

Imagine if one of these mad mullars denied that he is not part of the problem

Would you defend him ?

SD plus other anti-immigrant groups in Europe does not have
18:46 July 29, 2011 by zoroastrina
There are too many comments for mine even to be read. The Norwegian mass murderer has avidly consumed and mentally assimilated so much extremist ideology including hatred of foreigners and their cultures, racism (he is a pure Nordic Aryan Übermensch or overman), and Islamophobia, that he is both the author and the puppet of his disinhibited cerebral cortex. He has been fed a diet of rightist extremism found at the centre of most European societies, which are all potentially fascistic. We can become negatively socialized or desocialized, and our violent tendencies can become disinhibited, which means that neuroplasticity permits a radical reversal of the socialization process. Man was created in the image of a supreme being, who is a supreme bungler.
22:14 July 29, 2011 by vb74
Isn't this multiculturalism great!!
22:24 July 29, 2011 by Ormandy
Well, please accept my apology for not properly identifying the prime minister correctly. I called him a major politician, but I did not say he was a Swedish rock star or actor, although politicians can be accomplished actors/actresses. How does this rather minor misstatement of fact lessen the relevance of the socio political points of my post concerning that governments and the media are frequently too cozy with each other, and how that coziness can advance an agenda of a particular sitting government. In the United States, this coziness is one among several reasons why many major daily newspapers in large U.S. cities, as well as smaller cities, have failed and while many continue to exist on life support. It is projected that within a decade there will be no more newspapers in the U.S. It is the Internet which has become ever more relevant here.
04:25 July 31, 2011 by Icarusty
If white Swedes (and to a larger extent, Europeans) are so against a multicultural/racial Europe, then why are they importing record numbers of asian wives to propagate with?
12:13 August 1, 2011 by Jes
...........because asian wives are women !

It is not easy to be married to a man in a dress - the one who oders you arround and does not want to wear high-heels- the one who will call a divorse advocate if you forget to clean your plate after eating to dinner you cooked for yourself
19:01 August 1, 2011 by hisham
This guy has already a foreign roots, He is not really Swedish.
13:25 August 4, 2011 by Jes
of course this guy is not really Swedish . Maybe he is an imported asian wife .....with roots ?
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