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Åkesson stands firm on immigration

TT/The Local/gm · 7 Aug 2011, 10:28

Published: 07 Aug 2011 10:28 GMT+02:00

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Åkesson refused to change his stance on the controversial party’s line on immigration during his summer speech on Saturday.

Addressing some 500 people in his hometown Sölvesborg in Blekinge, Southern Sweden Åkesson stressed that recent events would not make a difference to the party line, although he believes it should trigger a less combative tone when debating such issues, not just among his own party but all his opponents as well.

“We must be able to continue to criticise Sweden’s immigration policies without being blamed for mass murder,” said Åkesson.

However, he added, “What is important to emphasise is that we will always keep a good tone in the debate, that we have a civilised conversation and we hold back throwing the gravest expression at each other. This applies to me and all politicians.”

Flanked by security guards as he made his speech from the podium at a marina in the town Åkesson once again expressed his anger that the party had been held in some way responsible for the atrocities in Norway because of their outspoken opposition to multiculturalism and refused to condemn the Fremskrittspartiet (FRP) the right wing party which had such an influence on Anders Behring Breivik.

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The Norwegian party has promised to tone down its rhetoric in the wake of the incidents, which Åkesson claims is a good example for parties like his own to follow.

He said, “If you mean just what it is now important that we stick together and that we as Democrats stand up for sensible political discourse, it is a great policy initiative.”

TT/The Local/gm (news@thelocal.se)

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14:33 August 7, 2011 by matona1
bastardo in action again
14:42 August 7, 2011 by arsalan.ikram
he needs help badly
14:57 August 7, 2011 by skumdum
A true swedish hero.
16:06 August 7, 2011 by conboy
yeah ? so did Hitler!
16:32 August 7, 2011 by Addendum
Skumdum said, "A true Swedish hero" and which I understand to be sarcasm, but can heroes really exist in such a heavily socialized society? Some individuals may do heroic deeds, but are heroes really celebrated in Sweden?

A hero is generally a lone person who steps outside a chaotic, challenging situation and does something incredibly good. How often is a lone person or lone act celebrated here? Especially if said act was done without the sanction of the group? A hero thinks on the spot, acts on the spot! That seems to go against group bureaucracy.

In such a heavily socialized society is there a greater tendency toward media celebrations of individual action = bad while group action = good?

I don't know what's in Åkesson's heart. But as something of an outsider looking in, I have to wonder to what degree Åkesson's words are the problem and to what degree the problem is that he (and the people he represents) are standing against "the group" to claim their rights.

Does SD oppose all immigration and all immigrants, or does SD oppose individuals who wish to implement Sharia Law in Sweden/Europe? How does SD feel about non-Sharia immigrants with sought-after job skills? Individuals who want to contribute to and live in a free society? A non-apartheid society with gender equality and sexual freedoms, etc.?
16:51 August 7, 2011 by Amardeep Mehta
good! fight with the islamic fundamentalist! They are evil to society.
17:16 August 7, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
Åkesson might be crazy, but he certainly is not stupid.

Why should he change his stance on the controversial party's line on immigration if that line is what gave and is giving him votes?
18:01 August 7, 2011 by lovedealer76
Well,we all knew what the social democrats views are,obviously inline with the insane Anders Behring Breivik.

They do nothing but indoctrinate people of this ideology so they keep breeding more Anders Behring Breivik in society,well done SD
18:56 August 7, 2011 by Carbarrister
"We must be able to continue to criticise Sweden's immigration policies without being blamed for mass murder," said Åkesson.

I agree. His views may be politically incorrect but I don't see him promoting mass murder.
20:21 August 7, 2011 by Rey Stockholm
why is no one mentioning the communists ?
21:16 August 7, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
18:01 August 7, 2011 by lovedealer76

The SD do not need to indoctrinate the already brainwashed.

.18:56 August 7, 2011 by Carbarrister

Do not forget that the name of the game is political correctness.

20:21 August 7, 2011 by Rey Stockholm

Because they do not dare. Commie here, commie there, commie everywhere. The only ones not knowing that Sweden is a communist country are the Swedes.

#13 21:07 August 7, 2011 by cheguevara

Just one more and we will throw you to the wastebasket. I clearly wrote "Åkesson might be crazy, but he certainly is not stupid." stupid, stupid, stupid. Sorry, broken record.
21:58 August 7, 2011 by lovedealer76
@18:28 August 7, 2011 by cheguevara

Oh! yes,thank's for the correction,sweden democrate and of course i'm black n proud as i've already mention on here a couple of times i'm black to be precise central africa,not the stupid one's though.

And i'm glad you got my point i tried to make earlier though,Note! even all africans or immigrant return to their country,europeans will still pursue us down there as you guys can't live without us,imagine that!
22:04 August 7, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
21:58 August 7, 2011 by lovedealer76

Don't fall into "pincheguevara" brainless game. It is useless.
22:06 August 7, 2011 by johnny1939
Freedom of speech whatever it might be is important in a democracy. Why should we be afraid of not being politically correct at all times? We should not have to be afraid of opening our mouth everybody is entitled to their opinion. I would never think of attacking somebody just because I do not happen to agree w/ them.
22:12 August 7, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
22:06 August 7, 2011 by johnny1939

You are at TL johnny1939, where attacking somebody just because they do not agree with what you wrote, is the daily bread and butter. More and more the situation looks like a broken record.
00:08 August 8, 2011 by Tusker
Tragic...appalling what happened in Norway...really, really ugly..but read 2083 and then think what can help us, to reduce the upcoming tensions.No use pretending that everything is ok.

Even a blind pig finds the odd truffle (yes I know ,they do it through smell, but that is the literary quote)
00:45 August 8, 2011 by rafa1981
Winston Churchill: "The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists."
04:06 August 8, 2011 by ericrufinosiah
Swedish natives voters should be more far sighted when the overall future of

how Sweden as a thousand old Viking country ought to move forward without

undue hindrance from the many " holier than thou ' types of immigrants who

never will intergrate into Swedish Cultures except their own while at the same time trying all means to imposed or recomend their primitive cultures to Swedish

natives at large and who better to stop all these unwanted nonsense from gaining

a firm stronghold into Swedish cultures and socities other than " Jimmy Akesson "

and his Sweden Democrat.?
05:57 August 8, 2011 by Rishonim
The problem in Sweden is the collective agenda from the political left and the media to silence any voice of dissent. Sweden is all about face saving and the less people on the outside hear about Åkesson is better for the image of the country. We should hear him out; the rest of the MP, if they believe in democracy should stop treating him as if he had lepra. The media should give him the same time as they do with any other politician.
08:22 August 8, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
05:57 August 8, 2011 by Rishonim

Remember Reinfeldt and the others with him in his alliance. They are paying the price now for harassing Åkesson. Remember Ohly not wanting to shake hands with Åkesson during the elections.

Remember Pearl Hearbour.

As Putin said: during the press conference he gave together with Reinfeldt on April 27 of this year: "Now, that is democracy. And then people complain about democracy in Russia. This is a dictatorship"

As far as the media is concern, well. They are all bought by the government. O.K. There are few exeptions of the rule.

08:30 August 8, 2011 by Learner2011
Let the little boy (Jimmie Åkesson) speaks out his mind... who cares... Nothing will change ... Never Ever !
09:44 August 8, 2011 by cowboykodp

Hi buddy.

Coming up with a solution to "the immigration problem" is one thing. But utter disrespect for groups of people should never be tolerated.

You would think differently if Jews were the target and the standard line would go something like this.

"Jews drink the blood of Arabs", "Jews are parasites" . You get the point.

The nonsense the Nazi's and other bigots have used in our lovely human history.
12:22 August 8, 2011 by Jes
Helo , Miss Jimmy Åkesson ,

I think you are wrong . A stinky tone , uncivilised puking and wearing the gravest expressions is what makes all Nazi parties different from everybody else .

I want to bet that you will never see the inside of the parliament if you ever drop the idiocy that bought you the ticket to that platform

Just put on your bloody uniform and drive on . hatred will finally wash you away as it always does .
16:32 August 8, 2011 by Uncle
"Jews drink the blood of Arabs", "Jews are parasites" . You get the point."

Oh, the muslim constant rhetorics in education and media? That is indeed not nice. Since Islam is in essence promoting similar ideas to those of Nazis (and the case in Norway showed that even the methods of "opposition" are similar), I do not see why the muslim immigration policies should not be reviewed.

Nazis are allowed to be persecuted and banned as a GROUP of people (and correctly so), why would another ideology that promotes citizen murder, self superiority, oppression of minorities, murder of gays, intolerance towards conversion, honour killing, humiliation of women etc not be at least REVIEWED and DISCUSSED as a problem in the normal developed world?

Muslims have convenientyl jumped on the "tolerance" train, while being the least tolerant group in the world. This comfy position is becoming more and more transparent to the europeans, but unfortunately not fast enough.
17:17 August 8, 2011 by vb74
What Akesson is saying is really just common sence. People need to have an open dialogue about legitimate concerns, and though some people don't want to face it immigration is clearly a problem. It's sad to see people using a trajedy to try to score political points, and calling people that you disagree with ridiculous names like nazi(etc.) is simply inmature.
17:36 August 8, 2011 by Jes
@uncle , i totally agree with you when you write that muslims belong to an intolerant religion . I know that most muslims will only be nice to a non muslim if the situation forces them to .

But I also know that it is incorrect to say , as you have , that muslims ( in the west ) are left free to discriminate , oppress , murder gays , carry out honour killings or humiliate women . If muslim started an anti-christian/ jew / white party whose only manifesto is to call white people horrible things , such a party would never be allowed to even step out of the deliverly room .

Some muslims believe in the tradition of circumcizing women ; they go to jail if they do that in Sweden . Islam allows a man to marry up to 4 wives ; in Sweden , polygamism is illegal and a violator can be send to jail or deported .

In UK , a muslim can be charged for terrorism if he/she utters stuff in support of Al Khaida or any extreme preacher .

I could go on and on ------

So what about the Jimmy Fakssons of Sweden Norway and beyond ?

Why shoould a devil that says that the chap that murdered 60 young innocent people is not responsible still be fit to work in an immigration court let alone a court that decides which mad dog should be put down ?
19:05 August 8, 2011 by cutthecrap
Look at several parts of London burning, looters, arsonists muggers, rampaging out of control. Do you want this for Sweden??? Akesson should be listened to, you ignore him at your peril.
19:32 August 8, 2011 by Streja
What has that got to do with anything? I suppose Guy Fawkes was a black Muslim as well.
19:48 August 8, 2011 by Uncle

You are right. The results of the propaganda are forbidden by law and a persecuted. However, the diff in our treatment of Nazism and Islam is that Nazi propaganda is forbidden by itself, but muslim - not.

Show me one Imam who accepts gays for what they are and preach to leaving the to their own business. Show me one Imam that believes in women equality. Tell me about one muslim stream that accepts any minority as brothers (especially the Jews) and not just agrees to tolerate their existence util "the time comes".

Yes they arrest the parents who sent their daughter for a circumcision (if it is revealed), but do they touch the imams that washed their and thousands others brains to do that? It is forbidden to preach directly for murder, but it is very much allowed to say that certain groups are "not loved by Allah" and shall submit to his will or meet him directly.

There are 1000 ways of "moderate" Islam (as if there are few different islams) to legally cause and encourage explosions in London, Madrid and Stockholm.

The SAME "moderate" tell you after some killing in Bombay or Beslan that the islamists are innocent and OTHERS (Bush, colonists, west, Britney Spears, Coca-Cola - you choose) are guilty. Why would you allow THEM to speak publicly? Why would you allow THEM to live on your taxes?

Islamic Extremism is using political correctness to promote its own intolerant and violent agenda on all levels of society and Jimmy proposes to have an OPEN discussion.

The last I remember, when the trial of Geert Wilders became public, the muslim plaintiffs withdrew their accusations... I freaking wonder why?
20:14 August 8, 2011 by vb74

Well put !!
20:48 August 8, 2011 by motti
Uncle, very well put. Remember one thing though with the Koran. The latter laws take over from the more older restrained laws. Of course most decent Swedes will accpet parts of Sharia that includes paedophilis (Mohammed and Yasser Arafat were prime examples of this "sport". As the Islaimsts tell us, if the young child can bear the weight of the man, he, or she is old enough. Yes, Wonderful times appear on the forthcoming horizon. Sweet dreams.
21:24 August 8, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
20:48 August 8, 2011 by motti

I'm dreaming of a white christmas,

with every christmas card I write

May your days be merry and bright,

and may all your christmases be white.

Yeap. Nothing has happened in the world. Hitler did not exist, nor Osama, Hussein, Arafat and Co, etc, etc, etc.

Welcome the islamization of Europe. Åkesson is completely wrong and he should be hangeg by the balls for saying what a great majority of Swedes would like to say but do not dare.

Well motti. Who cares. I am on my way out, so I will not see how many more mosques are built in the once beautiful and marvelous Sweden.
23:50 August 8, 2011 by cowboykodp
Didn't take long for the Breiviks to show their lovely faces again.

Welcome back UNCLE. Can't say we missed you.
01:27 August 9, 2011 by Uncle
I am sure you haven't!

How Assads and Quaddafis have been doing so far?

Good vacation at the daughter circumcision? No problems with the 4th wife? After all, being 9 years old and all, she is probably a bit problematic, eh? Wants to go out to the sand box without the escort of the hubby eh? Nothing that a bit of a beating cannot fix, shall I hope?
11:13 August 9, 2011 by Jes
@Uncle , you are wrong - again !

Your argument is problematic to begin with . One could argue that the presence of SD in the Swedish parliament is proof that NAZISM is not forbidden . remember that some of the leaders of this Nazi Gang , aka , SD openly issue hateful statements and none of them has ever beed charged for it .

Just after the massacre in Norway , the odiot who justfied the killings was cleared by a Swedish Judge . So , do you imagine that an equally idiotic Immam is even going to think that NAZIS have no rights in Sweden ?

As regards accepting gays as they are , this is a tough subject . There are a lot of people who still have problems accepting gays as they are . Those who insulted gays in the Stockholm parade were not Immams .

But the question is , would you consider it equally intolerant if a Swedish Gay priest preached against polygamy for example ?

Don`t to you think that an Imam might consider that the equality of women to men is a bluff when Sweden allows a culture in which magazines of naked pictures of women are sold everywhere ?

I suggest to you that if you really think that Jimmy Facsson has the right to call for an OPEN discussion , it follows that an intolerant Imam should also be allowed to say what he thinks OPENLY .
12:02 August 9, 2011 by Uncle
"One could argue that the presence of SD in the Swedish parliament is proof that NAZISM"

If one would argue that, one would be wrong. Those who expressed extremist views and belonged to SD, were kicked out. What important is the OFFICIAL party stance. If you are not lazy, please go to their website and read about their official policy. Find one extremist call there.

Comparing homosexuality and polygamy is like comparing responsibility over you children to slavery (after all many of the slaves were sold to the slave traders by their own families willingly, as well as financial circumstances can make people live in slave conditions). Homosexuality is not a tough subject at all and Nazis are equalized in this issue to the muslims ALSO (way too many similarities , eh?)

Also, I can see that you have no idea about what equality means. You should explore the rights of women to study, own a business, stand a fair chance at the courts, have a fair chance with child support, own property, decide on divorce in the sharia countries. You should look up all the fatwas in regards to how it is correct to beat up women, on female executions through stoning... You should investigate the marriage arrangements in sharia.

HOW can you justify THIS by naked pictures of women in the west? Do you even realize the diff between a position of an owned OBJECT to being overly "sexified"? It is like justifying eating people because we eat sushi.

Finally, if an intolerant Imam would call for an open discussion, would support that Imam - I promise you. But none is ready for this.

BTW, look up how many imams justified 9-11 attacks, explosions in the israeli buses, executions in Mumbay, Madrid, London... Constantly there is a justification to these events.

In regards to Jimmie. First of all, he CONDEMNED the attack. He said that the attack is on a democratic society. His thoughts were with the families of the victims. It already was more than most of imams would say about an islamist attack.

What you probably consider as a justification to the attack, was that he said that multiculturalism triggers violence. This is indeed correct. Money, women, power also trigger violence, but does it mean that I justify the violence by admitting the triggers to it? There is no secret there. He is anti-muslim (or anti-muslim in the western world). However he is much farther away from the nazis than the most moderate of imams.
12:54 August 9, 2011 by Jes
Uncle , you are walking yourself into a corner .

You probably don`t understand me . I told you that there is NO DIFFERENCE between Jimmy Åkesson and a stupid Imam . Both are driven by fear , hatred and ignorence .

I am repeating to you that an silly Imam has his own screwed up interpretation of what he sees and hears - just like a NAZI member does . You are telling to go and read what the Offical stance of a NAZI party is

. What if I responded by telling you what the "OFFICIAL" stance of the Imam`s is ? Have you not some Imams or muslims who re-act to every incident by claiming that Islam forbids this , and condemns that ? Should we simply sit back , relax and take them for their word ?

@Uncle , I am informing you are throwing stones from your glass house and that it is not a very smart idea . I , for example , may know that , in Sewden ,it is up to a woman to pose for nude photos for a living . And because I know that , my intelligence permits me to consider the possibility that in a muslim culture , polygamy maybe considered a normal way to live .

I am aslo capable of saying that both cultures condon the use of women as men sex toys. The definition of a "slave" can vary from one culture to another , The same can be said about "sexuality" .But if your World ends inside the boarders of Europe , of course you may conclude that homosexuality is not a tough subject .

I would also wish to imform you that in UK , a lot of people have been called in after they said or wrote things to justify terrorist acts . Please tell me what Sweden has done to the moron who justified the massacres in Norway .

Over to you ....
15:42 August 9, 2011 by cowboykodp

We get it already. You have a hard on for little Nazi boys. (Ie. SD)

Enough of your BS already.

Säpo should soon be knocking at your door.

Good Luck.
16:37 August 9, 2011 by Uncle

I believe that Säpo may be busy with the little Al Qaida lovers and has no time for whatever else. A lot to clean out first. Got your bags ready?


I do not think that we understand each other. YOU believe that Jimmie and imams are on the same level of the scales from different sides. I am saying that imams outweigh Jimmie by FAR. Jimmie just wants to stop the stream of the locust islam into Sweden. Imams support physical elimination of the infidels (equal to Hitler).

Everything is similarly twisted in the left wing pro-muslim mind.

Some say that the 6 thousand dead palestinians in the last 25 years is EQUAL to the few million dead shared by Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon and others from the last 25 years.

Some also think that having a lot of naked posters of women (and paying them fortunes for this) is equal to buying them as a practical slave (define it as you will) at the age of 10 with the permit to murder them if they were out of the house without the husband.

Ya know? In CAR there is an official support and legal slavery of the pygmys. It is claimed to the UN that this is a tradition of this republic and UN should not get itself involved into the CAR internal affairs. You surely accept and love it right? Because it is a tradition... well in that case, we MUST support all traditions right?

In New Guinea they used to eat people also. Actually many there got "mad cow" sort of disease that cannibals get. Traditions... you see...

That is a real corner, Jes. From here I could give you 20 horrific "traditions" that you cannot accept as reasonable and therefore you shall not except the muslims.

In regards to the official Islam stance. It would be an error from your side, Jes. The OFFICIAL stance of Islam is the SOLE existence of Islam whether by sword or by will. Period. No integration is presumed. No "OK, we will adapt, if you do so and so..." the official stance of Islam is scary, predatory, conquering, stopping progress, non tolerant for minorities, humiliating 50% of the population. The official stance in medieval, bloodthirsty, non-learning (unless it is in the skill of war), non-adapting to new realities. You do not want to go to the official stance, because the official document is the Koran (written word by word by God, not allowing for diverse interpretations, clear and sound). You wanna go ahead and compare the Koran to SD website? Let's do it.

Now tell me Jes. Tell me. Quote please. How did Jimmie justify the murders in Norway? How? Go.

P.S Go to WIkipedia. Write "nazism in Sweden" and you will get a list of parties (national alliance, white aryan resistance etc). Go to their official views and compare to the SD site. Come back after that. You will understand what NAZI means.

On the other hand I could go to the sites of "moderate" muslims and compare their sentences to the real nazis of Sweden. Lets see who is closer.
16:54 August 9, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
So, for what I have read up to now, everybody is entitled to an opinion, but Uncle, Jimmy, Peter, Paul, Mary, Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

As I wrote some many lines before: Just wait and see how Islamism will engulf not only Sweden, but the majority of the European countries that in the name of multiculturalism have kept their boarders wide open.

I will not witness that, simply because my train is about to stop; but many of the commentators at TL will witness the debacle of the once proud Old Continent. when turning to be the New Allah Continent.

No one should ever justify terrorist attacks, but if a 2-year old child drowns in a swimming pool because the mother went to say hello to a neighbour, you have to blaim the mother and not the child.

Or, am I wrong? Who knows, because everybody at TL is always completely right when judging religion or politics.
20:56 August 9, 2011 by Jes
Dear @uncle ,

August 8 . Time : 19:48 , I wrote something you should read 3 times before you send the next comment .

I know much more about Islamic intolerance than you can ever imagine . I also know all the strange traditions you can think of .

But what you continue to miss is that I took on the role of the Devils advocate to make you see how shollow or problematic your argument can be .

I still insist that Jimmy Åkesson´s utterencies create killers just the same way mad mullahs do .

@ Uncle , try to be smarter than this . If SD was as harmless as you want to to appear , don´`t bother asking me to go and read their site , just ask why the other parties in sweden refuse to hand out with it . Just as why they refused to invite the defender of sweden when the country was mourning the young people that were murdered by Jimmy Åkesson´`s fellow Nazi .

You said that he is out to stop the immigration of Islam to Europe . Good for you !

Unfortunately , Jimmy Åkessons methodology is the key that opens the door for a lot of muslims . He offers a good excuse to law-makers to dissassociate themselves with discrimination and instutionalized hatred by adapting less strict immigration policies . You will not see this if you are blinded by the shine from Jimmy Åkesson´s silk suits .
22:33 August 9, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
20:56 August 9, 2011 by Jes

Jimmy Åkesson is not accountable for what he has become. Investigate what the Social Democrats and now the Alliance did and are doing, and you will see why he won enough votes to come into the parliament. To this, you can add the fact that they had been harassing and neglecting him with the help of the corrupted Swedish media.

Now, they are paying the penalty for what they did to Åkesson.

And I do not dig which country are you talking about when you state that he was refused to attend bla, bla, bla, bla.

You are falling in the the cathegory we have at The Local, where you have to be a mind reader or to call an interpreter, to understand what it has been written.

The naked truth is that if this government and the future ones to come do not act swiftly a properly, Jimmy Åkesson and others like him will proliferate and then, you will be amongst the cryers who will shout "if we had done this" or "if we had acted like that".

Put your feet on the ground and face the fact that Sweden is now trying to cover the well after a child had drowned. I hope it is not too late.

If you know Islam the way you say you do, could you please tell me when Islamism will finish its conquer of Europe? I certainly would like to be ready, if I am still waiting for my train to come.
22:42 August 9, 2011 by Uncle

Ehhh. You are really confusing now. August 8, 19:48 is MY comment. Did you mean some other discussion or something?

You see the error that many are doing?? People like you, Jes, DEDUCT certain assumptions based on behaviour of other people. Since many people deduct these assumptions (basically are lazy enough not to read the official agenda of the party but to hear what Aftonbladet has to say about it), it is beneficial for the big parties to distance themselves from SD.

Now, you are a bit erroneous (to be polite). Give me one example of adaptation of a less strict immigration policy.. Did the inflow of immigrants increase in the latest year? Were there more citizenship giveaways? Prove it.

I can prove the opposite:


2007 was a record year. Projections (after 2010) are showing drastic drop. Policies are stricter. What SD is doing is whatever feminists and gays are doing - demand the impossible and get whatever you really strive to. It is not a taboo to TALK about problems with immigration BECAUSE SD SCREAMS about it. It is reasonable to ask asylum seekers about their plan in the future. It is possible to stop the flow of somalians, who will not integrate even in 4 generations without having media scream about it, because SD is taking a harsher stance.

Actually (to offset your laziness), the practical proposals of SD in regards to immigration is to equalize the requirements to Canadian, Australian and Japanese standards. Now if you call these countries Nazi ruled, you could call SD nazi. I could specify the details, but it will probably just bore you.

Associating Jimmie to nazi murderers is like saying that climate defenders are equal to Pol Pot communists, who cracked baby skulls on trees, by holding the babies by their feet.

JUST FREAKING READ their agenda, Jes. The argument is useless if you base it on your assumptions derived from crowd psychology...

I admit that for the lack of alternatives, a lot of fecies are getting stuck to them, but they are doing some job in getting rid of it.

Hell, I am not even their supporter, I just support their anti-islamic views. They do a crappy job in focusing on the important issues at hand and get into an idiotic agenda of "immigrants are stealing our jobs" at the same time as "immigrants are unemployed criminals".
07:49 August 10, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
22:42 August 9, 2011 by Uncle

As Confucius said: "To be confused or not to be. That is the Jes question"

Uncle: You too, like me, sometimes are casting pearls to swine. Just let them say whatever they want to imagine or twist or misunderstand.

The problem is Islamism and what it is trying to accomplish in Europe. As the famous Italian writer Oriana Falacci said, "Sooner or later, Europe will be called Eurabia".

One thing is for sure Uncle. I will not be here, but many, specially the ones closing their eyes to the crude reality, will.
09:41 August 10, 2011 by Uncle
Naa, Belmar.

Jes is one of the normal ones. He is just trying to take a different point of view for the practice sake :)

Emigration is a bad solution Belmar. This is what the stats above show as well - EMIGRATION from Sweden. I think that the picture in Holland, Germany, England etc is even worse. How is that a solution? Do you think that islam won't arrive there where you are after they ruined Europe as they destroyed Middle East and Africa?

Where to emigrate next? To the moon? They will send "oppressed refugees" there as well (not telling anyone that it is THEM who oppress their own people).
10:31 August 10, 2011 by Rick Methven

How about you and Åkesson emigrating to the moon and giving the rest of us a break from your bullsh*t
10:57 August 10, 2011 by Uncle

Your argumentation is brilliant. Truly a winner. Like the rest of your Hamas gang.
11:32 August 10, 2011 by Rick Methven

You are as vile as the dog sh*t I had to scrape off my shoe this morning

On the other hand....

What I scraped off my shoe most probably had more value.

You are just a vile justifier of hatred and violence against anybody you disagree with and even can find justification in the actions of Breivik.

It is vile outpouring of hatred of you and your ilk that he used as the justification for his murderous rampage.

Why not STFU you turd
11:54 August 10, 2011 by Jes
Helo @J.L. Belmar , what is happening to you ? You now sound like the Imams that Uncle was talking about . Why , didn`t you hear Jimmy Åkesson calling for a civil discussion ? If you have something valuable to say to me , you do not need to dilute it with insults .Sorry , I have no time to invest in uncouth exchanges

@Uncle .. I not confusing you . On the date I mentioned , I wrote that I agree with that Islam is a very intolerant religion . I wrote that I agreed that muslims only pretend to get along with non-muslims if the situation forces them to . That is my view ( informed by the way ) on Islam and I am not changing it .

Where I disgreed with you was your remark that unlike the Nazis , extreme muslims are never banned . I gave you several examples where the law steps in to ban some of the Islamic traditions and briefs that are thought to be offensive to western societies. You probably missed to note that I did not say that the West is wrong to ban a lot of those Islamic things . I can even go ahead and mention to you tthat I support deportation of any Imam that justifies terrorism , suicide bombing, killing of converts , forcing women to cover their faces , forced marriages , women circumsicion and so on.

Having said that , I see no reason why I can´t be the same man who condems any group of idiots who dedicate all their lives to hating other people . I ask myself of the immigration of muslims into Europe is going to be stopped by devils that massacre children , or by single track-minded poison spitters like Jimmy Åkesson . I read history and I am able to see that Hilters wish to create a pure Germany was neutralized by his own radical approach. I study the past aggresive imperialistic Japan and compare it with the present diplomatic ,goal-minded Japan and am able to figure out which approach produces better results .

You are asking me to give an example of a less strict immigration policy . I could do that all day if I did not have to earn a living . All I can do for now is to tell you that Swedish immigration has succeed sending back home more assylu-seekers since they started negotiating ( as opposed to only forcing ) with those whose applications have failed .

I don´t think I need to tell you that less strict immigration policy includes the way deportations are carried out .

Also ,in re-action of the massacres in Norway , the authorities are considering offering amnesty to asslum-seekers who were otherwise waiting to be deported . In addition . building of new mosques is Norway is today more acceptable than it was just before the mad Nazi member shot a lot of pain into the hearts of a lot of people.

Uncle , there is a right and wrong way to fight negative forces. I can bet my leg that Nazi based gangs are only getting in way of those sane people who would try to defend and protect your pride , your peace your society .
12:17 August 10, 2011 by Uncle
We agree then on 95% of things.

I totally agree that the Norwegian idiot stopped all the positive trends that Norway showed so far in keeping Rickys Methvens in the bucket of feces that they turned they country into and hope to do the same in Europe.

The violence against innocents is the prerogative of Muslims and now this barbaric monster distorted this simple formula. Hopefully not to a big extent, since he is a real and proud nazi and this just made muslims and nazis similarities more obvious.

As for Jimmie, our disagreement will probably stand...


Interesting. Next is the info about my mama? She is so fat and stuff? Continue, it just makes your positions weaker from day to day. I love it!
13:02 August 10, 2011 by Rick Methven

You seem to think that I am a Muslim, How wrong you are (as is usual for you)

I am just a Christian who is interested in seeing the world get on together as peacefully as possible. I disagree most strongly and condemn violence and hatred against ANY group in society. You on the other hand just spew out nothing but hatred and false accusations against one group within society with idiotic statement s like your one above:

"The violence against innocents is the prerogative of Muslims"

You know that is wrong but yet in your infantile mind you think that if you and your racist ilk keep spouting lies the world will finally believe you.

Time to get real and accept the we live in a multicultural world and that it will not change because you want it to.

Rather than spout blind an irrational hate towards all people, try looking for the good in people while condemning the excesses of all sections of society. Your way is only to perpetuate strife and hatred.

But there again I suppose you get some sick pleasure hiding behind your pseudonym being an internet troll
13:15 August 10, 2011 by Uncle
How is islam related to race? We discussed it not once. Using slogans incorrectly harms your reputation further.

How is the multiculturalism going in England? Everything is fine? That is nice.

You do NOT condemn STRONGLY islamists, but blame others for what they do. You are all sensitive all of a sudden towards violence when it is not a muslim who went on a spree. But that is fine...

You know what YOUR actual fear is that people ARE actually do listen to me. They HEAR me..
14:11 August 10, 2011 by Rick Methven

The way you and your ilk determine who is a Muslim is race, and in Sweden it is anyway against the law to discriminate against a person by reason of religion as much as race.

I have always condemned violence from whatever quarter it comes from and have NEVER apologised for radical Islam or condoned the actions of those who commit violence in the name of Islam.

As to people are listening to you and hear what you are saying.

What they see and hear is a pathetic little internet troll who gets his rocks off by spouting crap that any 5 year old can see through.

But you can always dream LOL
14:36 August 10, 2011 by Jes
@ Uncle ,

you´ve just made 2 more mistakes .

1 - Anders , Hitler and Milozevic will not agree with you that violence against the innocent is a prerogative of muslims.

2- Jimmy Faksson will not agree with you that race is not related to Islam.

Plus , those who convert ti Islam don´t seem to be aware that these two are not related . The first thing a muslim conver does is to look as Arabac as possible - starting with an ugly beard
18:53 August 10, 2011 by Uncle
OK Rick.. Back to my mama is so fat...

Conversations with you are as productive as an argument with a Missouri redneck.


No mistakes.

1 - Currently a directed murder of civilians IN WESTERN WORLD was a muslim prerogative in modern time. Even Basque and IRA terror never set civilians as end targets.

2 - When did Jimmie connect islam to a race? Give me a quote and I will agree. I promise. Besides, it is just tiring how morons above use slogan words like "racism", "wall", "apartheid" in their interests, while defending the most racist, walled and apartheid societies in the world.

Those who convert to islam are not aware of so much stuff that it is sickening.
19:18 August 10, 2011 by Rick Methven
Oh Uncle, Not able to counteract the truth you resolve to calling me a redneck when aeverybody knows you are the only redneck around.

As for you stupid claim that neither the IRA or ETA never targeted civilians, they both did and still do precisely that, as the cowards they are, just like the stupid Islamist suicide bombers, they always pick a soft target.

As to race as Islam, you like your mate Jimmy, try to claim that you are anti Islam and not a racist, because you are aware that racist slurs are illegal. So to keep within the law (just) you hide your racism my attacking Muslims and 'multiculturalism' which is just being your racist self under another guise.

I can tell you that it has not worked with SD , and you are even more stupid than your pin up boy Jimmy so you have also been outed.

With his good looks, maybe you are in love with Jimmy LOL
18:17 August 12, 2011 by zoroastrina
Åkesson makes me vomit, as do all of his loving and hate-speech spewing (see their comments above) fellow-travellers and slimy toadies. Sieg Heil, Jimmy! Sport a mustache and get the right haircut so that people can recognize the avatar or reincarnation that thou art.
06:01 August 23, 2011 by ericrufinosiah
The Swedish natives are very lucky indeed , for today you have got a great true

Swedish who faces so much critism and other vulgar languages just because

he tried very hard to keep out the good for nothing immigrants.The natives Swedish should have woken up by now or else be prepared to face more problem which

were unheard of in the early 70s or 80s.I believe that Jimme Akesson and his

Sweden democrat should be given an opportunity by the Swedish people to form

the next Government and if they failed the Swedish natives then by all means,

vote them out but then,I am sure a sizable Swedish natives would agree that in

the next Swedish Election,Jimme Akesson and his Sweden Democrat should be

given the mandate to form the Action oriented Government.
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