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Peace activists target soldiers in Pride march

Rebecca Martin · 9 Aug 2011, 16:12

Published: 09 Aug 2011 16:12 GMT+02:00

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“We didn’t get very far before a group of girls turned up behind us holding up placards shaped like speech bubbles with various statements written on them. There wasn’t much we could do. It was very awkward,” said Micael “Totte” Ekdahl, chairperson for the Swedish Armed Forces’ LGBT association Hof (Homo-, Bi-, och transpersoner i försvaret) to The Local.

Some of the members of the association are reported to have sought legal advice and are considering whether to press charges.

The activists were part of an organisation called Ofog (literally translated as mischief). According to their website, Ofog is “an antimilitaristic network working with non-violent direct action against the arms trade, NATO, military exercises and other parts of militarism in Sweden and abroad".

The organisation had earlier staged a “die in” in front of Hof’s stand in the Pride Park in central Stockholm.

“About 15 activists keeled over and played dead. We left them alone. After about half an hour they gave up and got up again,” said Ekdahl.

However, it was the placards and the activists’ presence around them in the parade that made the soldiers uneasy.

Messages such as “My job kills”, “I am just as good at killing people as a straight soldier” and “Here I am defending my own human rights while my job is about violating others’ ” were written on the placards that the activists held up behind the soldiers' backs.

The activists took photos and the images were later posted on their website.

“It was very awkward because they wound their way in between us, and for me, who was guarding the truck’s wheel it was especially unpleasant as I was also worried about safety issues,” Ekdahl said.

On their website Ofog say that they were protesting against the armed forces’ presence in the Pride Parade as war and conflict add to the suffering of LGBT people and other minorities.

“Despite the fact that militarism builds on patriarchal macho-structures and violence that strikes against people both in Sweden and abroad, the army was allowed to join the parade,” the website says.

The aim of the action was to show what the militaristic reality really is and make visible what the armed forces really do, according to the website.

But according to Ekdahl it is the way that the activists went about it that has offended many of the participating soldiers.

“They wanted to strike out against the armed forces, but instead they targeted those within the army that really do fight for human rights. It seems a bit like an own goal,” he said.

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He is disappointed that Pride security didn’t remove the activists, as they did other members of the public who ventured too close.

“I don’t think they were prepared for a situation like this. Pride should have moved them outside of the barriers. If they wanted to walk there that would have been fine. It was the closeness that made it a personal attack,” said Ekdahl.

Pride officials were notified of the situation on Sunday evening.

“The Pride parade is an open demonstration for human rights, it is a question of freedom of speech. I am sad to hear that some have used this freedom to target others. I have contacted Hof and expressed that I regret that some have been offended,” said Pär Wiktorsson, chairperson for the organisation of Stockholm pride to daily Svenska Dagbladet.

Rebecca Martin (rebecca.martin@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

15:51 August 9, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
Micael "Totte" Ekdahl,

I am just wondering what would you do if you were at front and an enemy soldier comes you charging with his bayonet.

Poor Swedish soldiers if the placards and the activists' presence around them in the parade made them uneasy.

Micael "Totte" Ekdahl, and his buddies should never, never, participate in a war where there will not face GIRLS, but SOLDIERS.

The girls were DAMN RIGHT: The military has no place in the march..

Some people's soldiers. They just do not know the difference between honouring the army forces and honouring a Pride Parade. .
17:04 August 9, 2011 by Addendum
So drop this "group of girls" into the center of the London riots where they can demonstrate their superiority.
17:20 August 9, 2011 by Scorch
Ofog are a bunch of retards and they apparently have no clue what the armed forces acctually do.

"My job kills"

Yeah it does. But for the sake of preventing others from being killed. Ever heard of peace-keeping forces? Demining? Egineering/rebuilding?

They've done more for peace and human rights than you ever will
17:28 August 9, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
17:04 August 9, 2011 by Addendum

It is not a matter of demonstrating their superiority. It is a matter of common sense and respect for the army forces. That is what all is about. The "group of girls" (inside quotations marks to demnstrate you contempt against women) showed to have more guts than many of the dumb aidens applauding the participation of the soldiers in an event they should have never be. A soldier is a soldier and it is irrelevant what his sexuality is. If they want to participate in a gay parade, they should dress properly, but if they want to participate dressed in an uniform THEY SHOULD RESPECT, that, is WRONG.

Well addendum. That is my opinion, but all of you, the masters of the reasoning at TL will prove try to prove that I am a complete nincompoop. Well, I do not agree. I might be crazy, but I HAVE NEVER BEEN A NINCOMPOOP, like many in these threads. .
17:35 August 9, 2011 by KungsholmenGuy
One of history's most famous pacifists was Albert Einstein - and like other pacifists he would have loved to live in a world without war, but he also worked on the Manhattan Project, because he was not naive, and he knew that it was better to arm nations with good intentions than those that have reckless disregard for the life or welfare of others, and murderous disregard for their own ethnic and sexual minorities.

Sweden has never sent the army out to attack the GLBT community at home or in any other nation, and never would do that, and in Sweden's army all have the right and freedom to serve openly without any need to hide their sexual orientation. The personel in the parade exhibited more courage than most, given the intensely macho culture of the army throughout history.

As for pacifism and Sweden's role in the world, Sweden's army has mostly been involved in peace keeping missions in the past 100 years, where their role is to prevent bloodshed, rather than promote it, and to assist in protecting minorities and vulnerable groups (both ethnic and sexual, in the sense that they protect villages of women when the men have fled or been killed).
18:01 August 9, 2011 by caitnor
Wow- of course people are opposed to the military and take opportunities to protest. Are they not used to this? They should not be phased by this. It is their job to not be phased by this. I hate to see what would happen if there actually were a physical threat. As for killing as well as a straight soldier: I should hope so!
18:19 August 9, 2011 by Addendum
Regarding comment #4, I used quotation marks because I quoted from the article.

I try my best to love all humans and all other creatues as well.
18:26 August 9, 2011 by Nomark
The following is a rather apt way of regarding the militaries of western democracies (well, those which don't have a tradition of neutrality).

In peacetime everyone hates a soldier

In war cant do enough for him/her

It's the soldier, not the reporter who has given us

Freedom of the Press.

It's the soldier, not the poet, who has given us

Freedom of Speech.

It's the soldier, not the campus organizer, who has given us the

Freedom to Demonstrate.

It's the soldier, not the lawyer, who has given us the

Right to a Fair Trial.

It's the soldier who salutes the flag, serves under the flag and

whose coffin is draped by the flag,

Who gives the protestor the right to burn the flag.

~Father Dennis Edward O'Brien, USMC
19:31 August 9, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
18:19 August 9, 2011 by Addendum

Quotation marks may also be used around a single word or group of words to indicate use of a borrowed word or phrase. (That is what you did)

The reader is to understand that anything within quotations was spoken or written by someone other than the author of the work that contains it. But,

a single word or a short phrase may be enclosed in quotation marks to indicate ironic use (that is what I understood) and

single quotation marks are used to set off a quote within a quote.

As you can see, quotation marks can be used in a variety of ways. There are many more.

18:26 August 9, 2011 by Nomark

?Freedom of speech? ?Freedom of the Press? You must be joking.
20:00 August 9, 2011 by Valdemaratterdag
I'm not too fond of wars, either, but if it wasn't for our Allied soldiers, much of Europe, including Sweden, would be speaking German right now.
20:49 August 9, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
20:00 August 9, 2011 by Valdemaratterdag

Do not forget Russian language.
21:27 August 9, 2011 by Nomark
@J. L. Belmar

Why do you think I'm joking ?

Try imagining how your freedoms would look if a lot of brave young soldiers hadn't given their lives fighting Nazi Germany. Their sacrifice was one factor which enables you to write your trite.

I know its fashionable to pretend that we live in some dreadful freedom-depriving state. However, by the standards of history (and most of the rest of the world) we are extraordinarily free.
21:37 August 9, 2011 by JohnAndersson
Great idea for a protest, quite the oxymoron to have soldiers at something like this. Kudos to whoever was behind it, you guys rock!
22:16 August 9, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
21:27 August 9, 2011 by Nomark

You must be joking again.

In the first place, a lot (thousands) of brave soldiers did not give their lives fighting the Nazi Germany for my country. Perhaps they fought for your country.

The total number only in United States forces, was as follow: ARMY: 8,300,000 NAVY: 4,204,662 MARINES: 599,693 GRAND TOTAL: 13,104,355

WW2 started in 1939. The U.S. joined in 1941. When the war ended in 1945, roughly 416,800 American military personnel had lost their lives.

So Nomark, your "a lot of brave young soldiers etc, etc" is offensive, not only for the roughly 416,800 American military personnel who lost their lives, bur for the other thousands of French, Brits, Australians, etc, fighting the Nazi Germany.

Second, I have always written the way I write all my life. Not because the sacrifice of the THOUSANDS of soldiers who died during the Second World War.

Third, your "freedom of speech and freedom of the press" is BS.

Is a complete ignorance of reality. There is nothing such as that and by all means not in Sweden. Just ask Vladimir Putin. If you speak English, by going to a Youtube video entitled "Vladimir Putin Chocked at Swedish Press-censorship",

or, if you speak Swedish, look for an article published in Aftonbladet entitled "Här läxar Putin upp Reinfeldt i demokrati. Article was published on April 28, 2011 and you might, only might, understand one of the many reasons I wrote "are you joking?
23:21 August 9, 2011 by reason

Albert Einstein actually didn't work on the Manhattan Project. He is often cited as critical for the project being started, because of his warnings that the Germans might develop a bomb first, but he did not himself work on it. He was not even allowed to advice; the military considered him a security risk.
23:56 August 9, 2011 by KungsholmenGuy
@Reason. Thanks for the clarification. Sites that are less well researched suggest otherwise (ex. http://gk12.rice.edu/trs/science/Atom/man.htm) but a more careful examination verifies your assertion (but I have not yet found a link that indicates he was considered a security risk, but maybe not that odd, given that he was a German speaker and long time former resident of Germany, who knew many key scientists there).

Anyway I strongly suspect that Einstein did not regret signing that letter when Europe was ablaze shortly after he signed it, under the assumption that the bomb, however horrible, was better to be made available to the Allies before the Germans could develop one, and that his vote support for project would probably have appeared to him to be a better use of his influence than, say, trotting along a parade of American soldiers with a sign that said: 'you are not nice guys because you are soldiers'.

In any case I stand by my opinion that Sweden's soldiers have every right to participate in the pride parade.
00:03 August 10, 2011 by Smallnose
I feel sorry for those soldiers. As army not taken serious by foreign armies , outcast in their own army because of their sexual preference and not welcome in the Pride. In the spirit of the Village People the army and navy should be the main attraction in the parade. Stockholm fully missed the spirit of San Francisco.
05:38 August 10, 2011 by Luke R D
Sounds a little discriminatory, doesn't it?! The very discrimination they're marching against? Oh the irony.
05:50 August 10, 2011 by Playmaker
#8 comment is right on. this is the way of the world. like it or not. its a dog eat dog world and there is going to be a big brother out there. you dont see any gay pride marches in the middle east do you? or in asia for that matter. or in most part of the non western world. we have these rights because brave men and some women belived it was worth fighting for.

and the comment about the death of the us troops in WWII its more than just that its the millions of tons of food, weapons, supplys, trucks, fuel and so on that also made a hugh differance. can anyone really say that if the USA Military did not help including the navy with food to england that europe would be the same as today in regards to the limited amount of freedoms we have now.
07:08 August 10, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
23:56 August 9, 2011 by KungsholmenGuy

@ Reason

In 1938, three chemists working in a laboratory in Berlin made a discovery that would alter the course of history: they split the uranium atom. The energy released when this splitting, or fission, occurs is tremendous-enough to power a bomb. But before such a weapon could be built, numerous technical problems had to be overcome.

When Einstein learned that the Germans might succeed in solving these problems, he wrote to President Franklin Roosevelt with his concerns. Einstein's 1939 letter helped initiate the U.S. effort to build an atomic bomb, but work proceeded slowly at first. Two other findings in 1940 and 1941 demonstrated conclusively that the bomb was feasible and made building the bomb a top priority for the United States: the determination of the "critical mass" of uranium needed and the confirmation that plutonium could undergo fission and be used in a bomb. In December 1941, the government launched the Manhattan Project, the scientific and military undertaking to develop the bomb.

A Letter to the President

In August 1939, Einstein wrote to U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt to warn him that the Nazis were working on a new and powerful weapon: an atomic bomb. Fellow physicist Leo Szilard urged Einstein to send the letter and helped him draft it.

Einstein: A Security Risk

In July 1940, the U.S. Army Intelligence office denied Einstein the security clearance needed to work on the Manhattan Project. The hundreds of scientists on the project were forbidden from consulting with Einstein, because the left-leaning political activist was deemed a potential security risk.
08:35 August 10, 2011 by KungsholmenGuy
Belmar, Thx for the additional historical background info.
08:38 August 10, 2011 by Just_Kidding
Many of pride parades are filled with girls/fellas that are not lesbian/gay, but just go there to make noise and attract attention. On the other hand, lesbians/gays in military in some countries had a difficult time to be accepted; therefore having some soldiers in the parades demonstrates that being gay/lesbian is accepted/defended in Swedish army.

Peace activist had a tangible effect on affairs during Vietnam war, but how are they changing current states of affairs? Have they done something about Somalia/Kosovo/Bosnia?

10:19 August 10, 2011 by isenhand
interesting how Ofog protest against the very ppl who protect and defend their freedoms. As Winston Churchill said:

"we can sleep peaceful in our beds at night because rough men are willing to bring down violence upon those who would do us harm".

Besides, the ppl who start war are the politicians not the military. Soldiers just bring them to an end.

"the opposite of war in not peace but slavery".

But on the other hand, perhaps we should remove the world's military. Then I can take over the planet with a butter knife!"
12:07 August 10, 2011 by cogito
The prides and pacifists should be sent on one of those educational trips...to meet the Taliban.
19:11 August 10, 2011 by Streja
Freedom of speech was first introduced in Sweden by a king. No soldier involved.
23:07 August 10, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
Now, this is a beauty. You are fully aware that Swedes want to be "numero uno" in whatever they can: football, swimming, athletics, tennis, drug adiction, money laundering, etc, etc.

So why should the army be left of this psychotic fixation?

No way, said the pride soldiers, no way. Suddenly, they found out that their counterparts in The Netherlands, had been given permission to proudly participate in the yearly Gay Parade to be held on August 6 of this year in Amsterdam.

That made them crazy. Somehow they should act inmediately for the world to know that Sweden is or can be also "número uno" in that line.

Don't you believe me? Well here it comes:

Dutch soldiers to join Gay Pride Parade (HEADLINE)


The Dutch defence ministry will this year for the first time participate in Amsterdam's Gay Pride Parade, the event's organisers have announced.

Gay soldiers will join the parade dressed in uniform on a separate boat, an initiative taken by the Gay Army Organisation. The parade will take place on 6 August.

The parade's organisers and the Gay Army Organisation have voiced delight at the news. They say their participation is a huge step forward in the social acceptance of gay and lesbian people in the armed forces. Two years ago, gay soldiers were not allowed to join the event. Last year they were granted permission to do so but only on a personal basis.

© Radio Netherlands Worldwide
08:47 August 11, 2011 by Migga
@ J. L. Belmar

I don`t know if you are aware but the Swedish Armed Forces have been participating in the Pride festival in Stockholm since 2008. Youtube it.

I wonder if the left-wing extremists targeted gay christians and gay muslims in the festival? Did they protest against how their religions violates human rights?
11:17 August 11, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
#27 08:47 August 11, 2011 by Migga

So they did it back in 2008. Good for them. They could go also to San Diego, Moscow, whatever.

Migga. I do not know if they protested against how their religions violates human rights or not.

The whole debate here goes around the respect a soldier, any soldier, should have for his uniform. That is, if they want to parade as gay, good for them, but not wearing any army uniform. That has been my point all along. Others have joined me in this viewpoint.
14:56 August 12, 2011 by Uncle
I am sorry, Belmar, what is the diff between soldiers and lets say, police? How about firefighters?

The entire idea of the gay parade is to draw attention to such an extent, that people would accept gay people as something obvious (exaggerate in order to get where you wanna be). This is true ESPECIALLY for the armed forces, that are based on a lot of patriotic and machoistic brainwashing (necessary and required for people who are supposed to give their lives for whatever). But if the gays are already accepted in the army, I say, let them lead the parade, because they for sure suffer more than other gays in this environment...
16:19 August 12, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
14:56 August 12, 2011 by Uncle

The difference is that you do not see police or firefighters fighting a war defending their country.

On the other hand, I agree completely with your comment, so, let them suffer if that is what they want. But let them suffer naked and not with an uniform they should respect. Well, what the heck. We are in a country where respect is a lost word in the wilderness.
17:50 August 12, 2011 by zoroastrina
I am an American who has spent more than half of her life in Gemmany.It would indeed be nightmarish if most of Eastern and Western Europe had ended up speaking German, though I would not mind it if the European lingua franca were Finnish, French or Swedish. Germany is in some respects Orwellian, but Hungary is now turning fascist. And there are proto-fascist elements in many European "democracies" (irony), including the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Austria, France, etc. Only the World Socialist Web Site is really oriented towards an approximation of the "truth", the undefinable truth. Let us keep seeking it -- preferably without [g]od's assistance.
18:07 August 12, 2011 by Uncle

"Country" is a loud word. Soldiers are fighting to defend their citizens and this is what police and firefighters are also doing.

I think that you miss the point of the parade. The point is to present the gays in the environment they are working in and show that gays exist everywhere and are good citizens and contribute to the society everywhere. The point is also to draw attention to their situation.

If they will start hiding that they are soldiers, priests, doctors, Hell's Angels or whatever, the point will be lost. A naked gay shows that he exists. Gay soldier shows that he is worth more than just exist.
21:54 August 12, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
@ Uncle

I think I am from Mars and you are from Pluto.

There are still more millions to come out from their closets.

Glad that I won't be anymore in this planet. You want to continue the discussion, meet me in Aldebarn next year. No gay soldiers there to show that they are good citizens and that they contribute to the promotion of gays in the world.

Personally, I have nothing against them. I have everything against their exhibitionism; everything about their indecencies in public. Is there anything wrong with that?

The problem is that the soldiers, priests, doctors, or whatever, as you write, are just waiting for the Gay Parade to get more adepts to the naked cause. I do not go for that. I am against any form that shows a lack to respect to others. The way the act during their Pride Parade is, for me, simply indecent. cheap, obscene and vulgar.

I did not know that you needed to be naked to show that you exist. Your asseveration leaves no choice

People of the world, UNITE! "To be naked or not to be" Uncle Hamlet
23:48 August 12, 2011 by Uncle
I am sorry, but you have mentioned nakedness first. " But let them suffer naked and not with an uniform they should respect." Belmar Othello...

I do not support such a display either...

I cannot get - are you against both nakedness AND uniform? What shall they wear then?

They SHOULD wear the uniform that they serve, but as you said, not make the entire thing a striptease show.
06:36 August 13, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
23:48 August 12, 2011 by Uncle

"I cannot get - are you against both nakedness AND uniform? What shall they wear then?"

Nothing! They should not be there.

I have seen at least a hundred military parades. The image I have from my army is proud soldiers marching on and on and people applauding. The Mexican flag in the hands of almost all the people, saluting the parade. The Mexican anthem, considered to be one of the most beautiful, together with the French anthem, being played by the army orchestra and song by the people watching the parade. That, Uncle, cannot be forgotten.

"Mexicanos, al grito de Guerra

El acero, aprestad y el bridón,

y retiemble en sus centros la tierra.

Al sonoro rugir del cañón."

We Mexicans are very proud, and I mean, very proud of our army. My grandfather was a top general who leaded the army in Veracruz to get rid of the American invaders in 1914. We used to go with him to the National Palace to watch the parade. I was and am proud of my army. An army fighting French and American troops and making "potatis mos" of them. Emperor Maximilian paid his audacity of coming to Mexico and thinking he could be our emperor.

I cannot imagine my brave Mexican soldiers parading in a Gay Parade. They would make me puke. But Mexicans are Mexicans and Swedes are Swedes. Vive la difference! Thanks God.
14:15 August 13, 2011 by Uncle

That is excellent that you are proud of your heritage and army. I even agree with you on a questionable fashion of accepting gays to the army (different showers? separate units? etc.). While I served my years in the army such a thing would be also unthinkable of.

If the army does not have it's macho image ("we are the warriors/alpha males/unbreakable force, while the others are sheep in need of protection"), there is no incentive for people to serve in it and risk their lives.

HOWEVER, here the issue is different. If gays are already allowed into the force, they should not be discriminated. But they ARE discriminated. and therefore I see it their right and duty to join other gays who demand nothing, but equality under the law and in the minds of people.
16:06 August 13, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
14:15 August 13, 2011 by Uncle

Tío, If they participated in the parade, they were certainly not discriminated, otherwise, they would not have so proudly march showing their insulted, debased, devalued, degraded, cheapened, humiliated uniforms.

But as I wrote, one thing are the Mexican soldiers and another thing are the Swedes one. The latter want to show how gay they are? Good for them. What they should show is how proud they are by wearing the uniform of the Swedish forces, of any countries armed forces.
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