Police storm occupied Libyan embassy

Police stormed the Libyan embassy in Stockholm on Thursday afternoon after the building was occupied by demonstrators earlier in the day.

Police storm occupied Libyan embassy

Some 20 police officers stormed the building and seven people have been arrested, according to police reports.

“The purpose of going in was to see if these people had committed any offence. When negotiations don’t lead anywhere then you have to do something,” police spokesperson Kjell Lindgren to news agency TT.

The seven arrested people have been taken to a police station on suspicion of illegal trespass, intent to commit arson and vandalism.

According to Lindgren the intruders demonstrated that they had flammable liquids and lighters by showing them in the windows.

None of the seven resisted arrest, the police confirmed.

Several people forced their way into the embassy in central Stockholm on Thursday morning, raising the rebel flag. A further banner declaring in English “We will kill ourselves if your try to come in” was draped across the building’s façade.

According to police officers in attendance the atmosphere was heated and the action was interpreted as a demonstration against the Tripoli regime.

At 10.45am an alarm went off in the embassy building alerting the police.

At first police were under the impression that there were staff on the premises but it has since been established that the building was empty at the time of the break in.

The police sent around 15 patrol cars to the scene and parts of the surrounding streets in central Stockholm were been cordoned off.

According to information from the police there were also some 4-5 people present outside of the embassy waving flags.

Sweden in May expelled two Libyan diplomats accused of inappropriate activities, reportedly Tripoli’s last two representatives in the Scandinavian country.

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said in early March, before the NATO-led air strikes against Muammar Qaddafi’s regime began, that he no longer considered the Libyan embassy in Stockholm a legitimate representative of the Libyan people.

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Topless Femen activists target Swedish mosque

Three women from the feminist activist movement Femen entered a mosque on Södermalm in central Stockholm on Saturday morning, baring their breats and chanting "No sharia" and "Free women".

Topless Femen activists target Swedish mosque

The women entered the main central Stockholm mosque at around 11am on Saturday.

Mosque employees called the police who dispatched several units to the scene. Shortly after their arrival they emerged with the still bare-breasted women and walked to a transport vehicle.

According to the duty police officer Jonas Svalan the women are now suspected of disorderly conduct due to their nudity and assault for having allegedly shoved somebody.

The women are reported to originate from Egypt, Tunisia and Sweden.

Femen is originally a Ukrainian women’s group that applies “sextremism” to draw attention to equality and democracy issues.

The group’s perhaps most high profile campaign came during the European Football Championship in 2012 when Femen’s bare-breasted leaders capitalized on the massive media presence to stage protests against sex trafficking.

The group has recently been very active in France and only last week several activists accosted the French President François Hollande as he visited the Paris airshow.

Earlier this year they caused outrage when they bared all at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris to bid their own ‘adieu’ to Pope Benedict.

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