Rotting dill threatens Swedish crayfish fest

Rotting dill threatens Swedish crayfish fest
Following earlier warnings that crayfish prices may rocket after bad weather conditions in China, Swedish crustacean enthusiasts are now facing another threat to their favourite season – summer rains have sabotaged the crown dill harvest.

In Sweden, the end of summer marks the beginning of crayfish season. This is when many Swedes don bibs and hats and sing silly song with schnapps glasses at the ready.

The crayfish traditionally have to be both cooked and served with crown dill. But the heavy rains in southern Sweden this summer have meant that the dill harvest – and therefore the crayfish parties- are under threat.

“It is a catastrophe because of the weather. Some farmers on Öland have a little dill that has pulled through due to better weather there – but in general fields have been flooded and crops are moulding,” said wholesaler Dan Hörberg to local paper Smålandstidningen (ST) on Thursday.

According to Hörberg, farmers have had to mow down several fields of rotting dill.

“Last year wasn’t quite as bad but dill conditions were tough enough then, “ he told the paper.

At the market in central Växjö there were still some dill being traded on Thursday but the vendors all agreed that the stock is shrinking daily.

“In a week’s time there will be none left. People should buy it in bulk now and freeze it,” said stallholder Ingemar Sjöholm to ST.

Another tip that many mentioned was to use dill seeds in the pot when boiling the crayfish, but not everyone agreed that this was as good as real dill.

Instead crayfish lovers were advised to bunker up on dill supplies while stocks last.

In July, Crayfish enthusiasts were faced with the news that inclement conditions had meant a slow start to the Chinese crayfish fishing.

This, experts warned, might make the crustacean both more expensive and more difficult to get hold of in time for the crayfish season.

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