Employee used store money for gambling

Employee used store money for gambling
A 30 year-old shop clerk in Vellinge, in southern Sweden, has been charged with misappropriation of funds, after having gambled away more than 400,000 kronor ($61,000) in the store she worked in - without paying a dime, according to regional newspaper Sydsvenskan.

Upon discovering that hundreds of thousands of kronor had gone missing from the store’s register, the owner contacted state gambling monopoly Svenska Spel.

Together, they concluded that it was one of his employees, the 30 year-old, who’d gambled for a total of 418,400 kronor of the store’s money during 2009 and 2010, pocketing total winnings amounting to roughly 300,000 kronor from different stores in the area.

The woman had a “very unusual gambling pattern”, according to Svenska Spel, gambling in a way that guaranteed profits if you weren’t paying for the games.

The shop owner explained to Sydsvenskan that it took him a long time to discover the theft, partly because he rarely counts the gambling register, and partly because he trusted his staff.

In police questioning, the woman admitted to gambling, but stated that she paid for all the games.

When asked how she could afford to lose roughly 100,000 kronor in a year, with a monthly salary of 8,000 kronor, she explained that her mother had given her the money.

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