YouTube talking twins celebs to pitch Swedish broadband service

YouTube talking twins celebs to pitch Swedish broadband service
A viral clip of babies in conversation is Com Hem’s latest YouTube-inspired commercial, which premieres on television on Wednesday as the start of their autumn campaign.

The wildly popular clip of two babies engaged in lively conversation has over 30 million views on YouTube and has now been customized with subtitles to promote the newest broadband service Broadband 200 from telecom company Com Hem.

“With the help of the subtitles, we understand that the fiery debate is one twin trying to convince the other that ComHem can deliver broadband as fast as 200Mbit per second to over one million Swedish households,” said Annika Wink of Com Hem Marketing in a statement.

The video has also been edited to feature regular Com Hem commercial advocates Judith & Judith, who are shown perpetuating the babies’ dialogue.

In a second commercial for Broadband 200, Com Hem has chosen to mimic the YouTube phenomenon of talking through odd, restrictive circumstances.

The video shows Judith as she tries to tell customers about the new campaign with a wind-blower directed at her face, which gets increasingly stronger, doubling as an illustration of the increased speed of their broadband.

“The concept of basing commercials on funny YouTube phenomena is favourable from several perspectives. Firstly, it is relevant that we are dealing with material from the Internet world as it is this world Com Hem’s services provide access to,” said Wink.

“Firstly, an important part of our target audience is well-informed about a lot of things happening on the Internet. They’ll recognize what the video is based on directly and think it’s funny.”

“The films and the phenomena they are based on are also funny in themselves, you should be able to laugh and understand them even if you’ve never even been close to going on YouTube. Our advertising should feel popular and widespread, but also relevant and clever.”

Behind the campaign are Com Hem’s advertising agency King in collaboration with production company Tractor, who have released the videos on YouTube but will begin running them on television from Wednesday August 17.

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