Fewer young Swedes use condoms: report

Every other Swede aged 25 to 35-years-old opts not to use a condom when having sex with a new partner, a new survey shows, raising fears of an explosion in sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

Fewer young Swedes use condoms: report

“Many people regard condoms only as a protection from pregnancy and if a woman is taking the pill or has another form of protection then it is considered sufficient,” Maria Bergström of the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (Riksförbundet för Sexuell Upplysning – RFSU) told the Dagens Nyheter daily.

Bergström said that many run the risk of a sexually transmitted disease instead of the perceived embarrassment of raising the issue of a condom.

“Not everyone thinks that it is a big deal to be infected with a sexually transmitted disease.”

RFSU’s survey, published on Tuesday, indicates that attitudes to sexually transmitted diseases have changed in recent years.

Bergström expressed concern that many young Swedes have not fully considered the consequences of having unprotected sex, such as that women can become infertile from chlamydia.

The survey also indicates that around 25 percent of 20-35 women have never tested themselves for STD infection and every fifth man stated that they didn’t know where to go for a test.

RFSU is running a prominent campaign to encourage the use of condoms with detailed information over the most commonly contracted diseases and other tips and advice for enjoying a healthy sex life.

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Swedes ‘like it hot’: Erotic audiobooks all the rage

The number of Swedes listening to audiobooks has nearly doubled in just two years and a big part of the explosive growth is driven by an insatiable desire for erotic tales and romance novels.

Swedes 'like it hot': Erotic audiobooks all the rage
Photo: AllaSerebrina/Depositphotos
Broadcaster SVT reported on Wednesday that 37 percent of the Swedish population listened to an audiobook last year, a marked increase over the 20 percent who did the same in 2016. 
While audiobook streaming services report that all categories of audiobooks have seen increased listenership, certain types of books are clearly leading the way. 
“Amongst the listening public, genres such as romance, ‘feel good’ novels and eroticism are growing. We are thus seeing increased demand [from listeners] as well as an increase in the number of publishers who are putting out these types of books,” Anna Riklund, the head of content curation at audiobook streaming service Bookbeat, told SVT. 
She said that the growing number of Swedes who want to listen to racy novels has led several publishers to launch imprints that focus exclusively on erotic literature. 
Audiobook streaming service Storytel also reported increased interest in erotic and romance novels, particularly among female listeners. Listener numbers peak around Valentine’s Day and during the hot summer months. 
Author Susanne Ahlenius, whose erotic novels include titles such as ‘Climax’ and ‘Lust 2.0’, said that the audiobook format is perfect for fans of the genre. 
“You don’t have to sit with a paperback that shows what you are reading. No one knows what you’re listening to,” she told SVT. 
Ahlenius said that her books are most successful when she “writes very explicitly and there is a lot of sex”. 
“People like it hot,” she said.