Three sacked over Facebook ‘threats’

Three employees at a company in Piteå, in the north of Sweden, have been fired and one reported to the police after posting “threatening” comments against one of the managers on Facebook.

Three sacked over Facebook 'threats'

In the beginning of August an ex-employee voiced his disappointment with the company on his Facebook page.

According to local paper Piteå-tidningen, he considered himself having been badly treated when he was made redundant and felt that he had been tricked by one of the managers.

Some of his former colleagues agreed with him. In writing.

“I would have stormed in to XX (manager’s first name) and, like Yngwie Malmsteen would have said, unleash the fucking fury,” wrote one of the colleagues, a comment that he was reported to the police for.

“It feels unreal to be reported to the police for something like that. I have absolutely not threatened anybody,” said the man to Piteå-tidningen afterwards.

Another employee wrote “A bottle of spirit + AK47 gogogo. I am on vacation.”

“Maybe it wasn’t the smartest thing to say, but it was just stupid jargon and I wasn’t threatening anyone,” the man said to the paper.

The third man wrote: “As long as you shoot the fuckers and not the fuckees…”

One of the fired men told the local paper that it was a severe punishment to be fired after working at the company for almost 5 years. Instead, he thought they should have received a written warning from the management.

The three men also complained that they have been given no chance to tell their side of the story. Instead, they were called into the office and told that the decision had already been taken to fire them.

“I was shocked. It was a joke and I haven’t been given a chance to explain myself,” one of the men told the paper.

The men have approached their union Unionen but say that they have received no support from there.

“I thought the union was supposed to be there for me as a member, but it doesn’t seem that way.

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