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Swedish cop: gays a 'cancer on society'

The Local/dl · 2 Sep 2011, 11:19

Published: 02 Sep 2011 11:19 GMT+02:00

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“My whole body just froze. I felt like a rat that had been pissed on,” Jeanette Larsson, the hate crimes educator with the Skåne County Police, told Sveriges Television (SVT).

Larsson, who has worked on the police force for twenty years, explained that she was on her way out of the lunchroom back in early July when she overheard a conversation between a male colleague and a female police recruit.

The officer told the recruit he didn't approve of Larsson's lifestyle.

“He said that homosexuals are a cancer on society and made a reference to the Bible,” she said.

“I felt degraded, dirty and violated and I quickly realised that, ironically enough, I'd been subject to a hate crime.”

Larsson said she is one of 15 openly gay women on the Skåne police force and has been educating her colleagues on how to best handle hate crime cases for the past year.

In February 2009, the Skåne police came under fire following reports of racist comments by officers on duty and revelations that racist stereotypes had been used in police training manuals.

"You little ape son of a bitch. Should I make him sterile when I catch him?" one police officer was recorded as saying when responding to disturbances in Malmö's Rosengård district in December 2008.

"Yeah, he’s going to get beat so well that he won’t be able to stand on his own legs," answered a colleague.

The officers also referred to young people in the predominantly immigrant district as “blattajävlar”, an ethnic slur which translates roughly into “damn coloured people” or “damn immigrants”.

On its own, “blatte” is a derogatory Swedish term often used in reference to an immigrant.

These statements had been captured on the police's own video and resulted in the officers being reassigned and fined.

Days later, it emerged that police training manuals used in 2008 included the names "Neger Niggersson" and "Oskar Neger" (Negro) for fictional characters in an exercise.

The revelations prompted demonstrations against racism on the Skåne police force as well as an internal investigation to find ways to restore confidence in the police.

Larsson has so far trained about a quarter of her colleagues, and while the July incident has dampened her motivation to continue, she nevertheless vowed to press ahead with her work on what she called “essential issues”.

Story continues below…

While Larsson filed a police report following the comments, prosecutors dropped their investigation, although an internal police investigation continues.

However, the officer who made the comments hasn't been disciplined. Instead he has been allowed to continue working at the police station reception desk, much to Larsson's disappointment.

“Is it right to have a police officer with those kinds of values as the first person you meet?” she told SVT.

According to Larsson, police leadership needs to “put its foot down” and show that they are serious when discussing diversity and values.

The Local/dl (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

12:15 September 2, 2011 by Monitor Lizard
Hey he is entitled to his opinion about the gays. What is this the Thought Police? I actually kind of agree with him about the gays, in a certain sense. He didn't do anything wrong.

Freedom of thought, freedom of speech NOW!
12:29 September 2, 2011 by Central European
There might be one problem which´d be behind all of his "hate crime"

What you think white male cop, 20 years in police team think if all his possible promotions, all the career advancement are over due to "urgent necessity" to have certain percentage of all minorities in police corps ?

This year there was an article about firemans hiring where to be a young white, sporty , educated technician and male speaking fluently his native swedish language means you are not hired to firemans brigade, couse they needs to get some people to fullfile quota, which are unable to cary out old lady from burning house couse theyir weight is 50 kg with uniform, axe and helmets and they even do not understand properly or their know how about such hard job is zero zero point nothing.

So my opinion is that quotas leads directly to hate crime :(
12:29 September 2, 2011 by naimad
I love to see how biggots like this lizard guy and this police just cover themselves with the freedom of speech card, yes, of course he can say anything he wants, everybody is entitled to but that does not mean that is correct... lets make an ode and cheer for Hitler.. how stupid can i be? well, i guess as lizard said, its just freedom of speech!!
12:48 September 2, 2011 by JulieLou40
IMHO the guy is a complete tw*t, and should not be a police officer at all. Where's the compassion? Sack the fool.
12:51 September 2, 2011 by Monitor Lizard
Oh puh-lease! Hitler comparisons? Are you that childish? Do you realize the magnitude of your hyperbole? Any concept at all?
13:07 September 2, 2011 by McChatter
@Monitor Lizard

You seem to have little regard for others' feelings.
13:08 September 2, 2011 by eppie
Ooo so they have these bible boys in Sweden as well.

Why doesn't he emigrate to Iran, they share his opinions there.
13:11 September 2, 2011 by Shibumi
Freedom of speech means you can say (just about) anything anywhere and you can't be sent to jail for it. Freedom of speech does NOT mean you can say anything in the workplace and can't be criticized, sanctioned or even fired for it.
13:12 September 2, 2011 by BillyB
As has been mentioned on here many many many many many many times before freedom of speech in Sweden (and most of Europe) does not give people carte blanche to say what they like about whoever they like.

In Sweden hate speech against race, sexual orientation and ethnicity are excluded from freedom of speech.

So while he is entitled to his own opinion he needs to keep it to himself.
13:21 September 2, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
This policeman should be prosecuted, stoned and thrown out of the police force. He did not comprehend that without the gay force, Sweden would lose its worldwide event, the well-known, famous, celebrated, renowned, eminent, reputed and prominent Pride Parade.
13:23 September 2, 2011 by riose
@Monitor Lizard He can say whatever he wants, but only when he is not working.

In the same way he can drink alcohol, but only on his spare time.
13:34 September 2, 2011 by Rick Methven
This policeman and Monitor Lizard are both most probably closet Gays. It has been proved many times that often people who attack Gays, are closet Gays afraid to recognise their own sexuality.
13:43 September 2, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
Or he can pee, as long as he finds a toilet.

What he cannot do in this country is to say what he thinks and, if he does it, he should say it at the highest peak of Mount Everest and check under the snow if there is no hidden tape recorder.

Freedom of whatever does not exist in Sweden. I have said it and written many times: Sweden is the country where everything is prohibited, makes you seek, is illegal, sickening or belongs to someone else.

Someone to follow on this line?
13:48 September 2, 2011 by Shibumi
Indeed Rick (post #12)

"If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us."

- Hermann Hesse - Swiss (German-born) author (1877 - 1962)
13:50 September 2, 2011 by Stickeroo
He was saying this to a colleague in PRIVATE. She overheard this because she's a snoopy nosey d*ke. You can say whatever you want, it's your opinion, now he went and said it to her face in a very harsh manor, then it's a little bit different, but in my opinion he should even be able to go to her and say " it is my personal opinion that gay's are a cancer to society". Who the hell is she to say that they AREN'T? Being a Lez makes her a bit biased doesn't it? As if putting up with queers getting married, adopting kids, and making out wasn't bad enough, now we can't even talk sh*t about it? Sick!
14:10 September 2, 2011 by eppie
@stikeroo and others

The issue is that the police force should not want to be associated with people like this guy.

If you don't know anything about vegetables, don't become a greengrocer. If you are bad at maths don't become a day trader. If you are moron with weird views and think other people are less because of their race or sexual preference than you don't have anything to do working in the police force.
14:16 September 2, 2011 by lovedealer76
The whole gays orientation is sick enough anyway period,no apologies
14:17 September 2, 2011 by RobinHood
Even the dimmest of policemen (and Malmö really does employ some racist, sexist, thickos) should have known that sharing opinions like his was a career ending move. The issue is not that he had these opinions, but that he was reckless enough to express them. This man makes life and death decisions (he has a gun, complete with hollow ammunition). Does he really have sufficient levels of intelligence to be allowed out on his own with a firearm? For his own safety, and that of the public, give the poor chap an indoor job counting paper clips in a locked room before he hurts someone, and lowers the reputation of Malmö even further.
14:17 September 2, 2011 by Migga
If this happend during the persons lunch then he didn`t say it when in duty. So then it falls under Free Speech and he can say whatever he wants when he`s not working.
14:18 September 2, 2011 by J. L. Belmar

You just pinpointed something very important. She was on her way out of the lunchroom back in early July when she overheard a conversation between a male colleague and a female police recruit. This means that you have to look under the stones where you walk, just in case someone is overhearing your conversation with your mother in which you say that gays are the scum of the earth. If the one under the stone with a tape recorder happens to be gay, you can be sure that you will wind up being executed by a squad of happy people, before they parade.
14:23 September 2, 2011 by Rick Methven
@ Migga "So then it falls under Free Speech and he can say whatever he wants when he`s not working. "

OK so as I am not working at the moment is it aright for me to say that I think you are a pathetic little turd who should be disposed of forthwith?

Is that my right under your concept of 'Free speech' or would you think otherwise?
14:26 September 2, 2011 by engagebrain
What you say at your workplace and/or while in uniform is not free, you represent your employer.

Even outside work you are not entirely free but are limited by a countrie's laws - you cannot encite violence or hatred against specfied groups etc.
14:34 September 2, 2011 by Stickeroo
How can you say that just because this guy think that way of gays it's going to keep him from doing his job properly. There are probably tons of cops who think that way of gays, immigrants, gypsies, russians, and the list goes on. Does this mean that they are any less capable of doing their job? This guy chose to talk about it, privately, to a colleague (recruit or not, they're working together) and had the colleague taken offence then that's another matter, but the person taking offence wasn't even a part of the conversation.


Ya, you can it's your personal opinion, just like it's my personal opinion that I hope you die of a heart attack or similar painful way forthwith. Freedom of speech and expression of your opinions is the most basic of rights. But yet the most important. Just like it's their right to be queers, it should be our right to say that they're disgusting.

And as for this guy representing his employer/being in uniform, HES IN THE LUNCHROOM WITH A COLLEAGUE....it's not like he said it to someone on the street while on duty. Pull your heads out of your backsides and give them a shake. How can you even THINK the way you do? FACEPALM X 100000000!!!
14:34 September 2, 2011 by dolphin, the
Informed citizens don't shout what ever pops in their mind. We have to think before we say any thing and not on the other way around.

What kind of world could it be if all of us speak what's in our mind without due consideration to the others around us?

What I say to this policeman is...''.. don't be a gay if you don't want to be...''.
14:37 September 2, 2011 by Migga
@ Rick Methven

Sure it`s alright. It`s totally in your right. I wouldn`t think otherwise.

And guess what, I won`t freeze up and feel like a rat that has been pissed on. Something Jeanette Larsson should learn from. If she`s effected like that from overhearing words from a person she won`t last long in this world. It`s words people, they can`t hurt you. Aslong as you don`t do anything to me then you can say whatever you want.

What one person says to another person during lunch, when they aren`t working shouldn`t be taken to court. I`ll never feel free aslong as countries have laws such as laws forbidding people to encite violence or hatred against specefied groups.

Let the crazy ones shout it out as much as they want, they should have that freedom. If they take to violence or commit some other crime punish them for that, don`t punish them for saying something crazy.
14:46 September 2, 2011 by Monitor Lizard
"How can you even THINK the way you do?"

It is an ailment that can be thought of as "militant political correctness to a fault" and sadly far too many people nowadays are hopelessly stricken by this sickness.

Hopefully some of them will be able to wake up from their brainwashed trance before the end of their life so they can experience some happiness in life before leaving for the afterworld.

15:01 September 2, 2011 by eppie
@stickeroo quote There are probably tons of cops who think that way of gays, immigrants, gypsies, russians, and the list goes on. Does this mean that they are any less capable of doing their job? unquote

Yes that is exactly what it means. A police officer represents the law and the law is equal for all. If the person does not agree with this, having him working in the police force is too much of a risk.

So again, it doesn't matter if he expressed himself against a colleague or at home against his wife, and it doesn't matter who heard it and who not, persons like him should not work at the police....or maybe at the police in Iran or Saudi Arabia.
15:12 September 2, 2011 by Rick Methven

"Ya, you can it's your personal opinion, just like it's my personal opinion that I hope you die of a heart attack or similar painful way forthwith."

To say that you wish that i OR ANYBODY would die a painful death forthwith, Just shows what a sad twisted little idiot you really are. If I do die under unexplained circumstances, You can expect a visit from the police.

I have reported you for abuse to TL on the basis that you have (not for the first time) abused the code of conduct of The Local. specifically

are offensive and promote racism, prejudice, hatred or physical harm against any individual or group

You and your ilk that think that they can say whatever they like whenever they like and expect no comeback because they have a pseudonym are really dumb
15:28 September 2, 2011 by calebian22
"..I felt like a rat that had been pissed on." Really, that is her quote? Kinky.
15:28 September 2, 2011 by Stickeroo

Yes, of course, because i will obviously have killed you using my psychic powers from miles away. And hey, what I said regarding you dying, was my personal opinion...sorry if it was "offensive"...but face it, it's gonna happen sooner or later, you're old! Deal with it! And thanks for ratting me out, maybe they'll ban me so you don't have to put up with listening to someone who doesn't think the same messed up way you do.


Then they should fire about 99% of the Police force, because I HIGHLY doubt that you're gonna find a cop who doesn't have at least some feelings of hatred towards anyone or any group. And please explain HOW ON EARTH that means they are less able to do their job? A professional should be able to deal with any situation professionally even if it involves someone who they may not like, or who's lifestyle they don't like. Even if they express openly that they don't like it. I don't like queers, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't save a queers life if given the opportunity, or side with one that I may feel has been wronged. Again, this guy didn't express anything openly, he expressed it to a colleague in a private conversation.
15:37 September 2, 2011 by BillyB
Seems people keep mentioning freedom of speech...

so once more for all the IDIOTS who are too THICK to understand...

In Sweden freedom of speech DOES NOT cover racial, religious or sexual orientation remarks.

Stop mentioning freedom of speech that is not applicable in this case as sexual orientation hate is excluded from freedom of speech.

If he was working, at lunch or whatever makes no difference.

Jezz, is that so hard to understand?
15:38 September 2, 2011 by Rick Methven

First of all in your statement you wrote 'Forthwith' which means

Immediately; without delay;

It could be construed as a call for somebody to kill me.

And you consider it OK to say that you wish somebody would die a painful death?

People like you who think that it is OK to make such statements about anybody on a public forum should be put into a mental asylum where you may get some help

You should really take a good deep look are yourself and your attitudes or preferably go see a doctor, because you are VERY sick
15:50 September 2, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
15:28 September 2, 2011 by Stickeroo

"I have reported you for abuse to TL on the basis that you have (not for the first time) abused the code of conduct of The Local. Specifically

are offensive and promote racism, prejudice, hatred or physical harm against any individual or group".

After this flagrant confession of RickMethead, alias "5 Fingers", it is confirmed what I have said over and over again. "5 Fingers" is the one who decides whom to delete and whom to praise, mainly, those who agree with his twisted comments.

He is the one who should have been deleted long time ago. His comments are a million times zero but not his ego. He really believes he is the cream of the coffee, on top of you, Jacquelineee, Streja, Great Scott, motti, Migga, Monitor Lizzard and me, but of course. Mighty Mouse is nothing compared to him. I wish I had mental powers to disappear him for good, but that is pure wishful thinking.

His @stickitupyourbackside is not an insult, Stickeroo. For him, it is a sweet nice way to show how well educated he is. Only that, Stickeroo. So, let's move on. The world is full of nice people, but The Local has only a few "5 Fingers" in its payroll.

The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane, had The Local in a whirl.
15:51 September 2, 2011 by Stickeroo
"OK so as I am not working at the moment is it aright for me to say that I think you are a pathetic little turd who should be disposed of forthwith?"

Practice what you preach Old Man! "Disposed of forthwith" can be interpreted in a threatening way as well. Actually, it is my personal opinion, that you should die having a heartattack while being run over by someone with a foreign drivers license. Forthwith!
15:54 September 2, 2011 by eppie

I think you are being very offensive to the people of the swedish police force. That you yourself are full of hatred for certain groups doesn't mean others are that as well.

And disliking someone or being prejuidiced is something else than calling a group of people a cancer of society.

Swedish police wouldn't hire a taliban, so they have no need for this individual.

Anyway...to all the freedom-of speech screamers on thsi forum. Try this when working at an american consumergoods company, or at a bank.....just see how long it takes before you get fired in 'the land of the free'.
15:56 September 2, 2011 by Snoopy!
Hej Stickeroo , you appear to be contradicting your own opinions & ideology ,

as over on this topic you appear to be professing your love for lesbians .....which is it ? Hope your not a bogan from Oz ?

From the topic "the useless thread"


Today, 14:49

Post #1540

Location: Stockholm

Joined: 1.Feb.2011

It's so that you can cut whatever length you want!

That said...is it just me or does the thumbnail picture for thefinest.se they have on the sidebar in the Local ALWAYS have a picture of two girls making out? I knew Swedish girls we're super easy, but I didn't know they we're that cool with kissin other girls too...it's 3some time! FFM!
15:58 September 2, 2011 by Stickeroo
Big difference between lesbians and bisexuals. It's unfortunate that you don't know the difference. Probably have had quite a boring sex life eh?
15:59 September 2, 2011 by Lavaux
Ever work in a politically correct environment? I have for most of my working life. It's absolutely fear inducing and suffocating. The slightest slip of the tongue can get you fired, so you don't talk about anything meaningful with your colleagues. All office chat is limited to the weather, pets, hobbies, sports, and renovations. Except for the leftists, of course, who for some reason enjoy free license to burden everyone else with their mindless blather. Then corporations spend billions on "team building", all the while wondering why it doesn't happen organically.

I'll tell you why: Political correctness. For some unfathomable reason, the offense that the few take at normal opinions must be avoided at all costs, rendering the many mute and fearful of connecting through conversation. You'll never really know what a Swede thinks until you get him or her alone. Then they'll shock on you on everything from immigration to politics to social issues to morality. Turns out they're usually quite traditional in their outlook on these issues but dare not express themselves thus except in strict confidence.

It's a shame.
16:03 September 2, 2011 by Snoopy!
aghh Sticky so you are a bogan from the urbs of Oz , jesus "little boy" you have a thing or two to learn .And you clearly showing your ineptitude at all levels ...ya days are numbered in Sverige sunshine
16:04 September 2, 2011 by Migga
Where, when, how and to whom he said it makes all the difference.

Why else did the prosecutors drop their investigation.

Freedom of speech should cover every word. Racial, religious or sexual.
16:12 September 2, 2011 by Flappytango
@Rick Methven

I dont read much difference in what stikeroo said versus what you said in post#21 in fact stikeroo chose to mimic your use of fortwith "...I think you are a pathetic little turd who should be disposed of forthwith..."

disposed of forthwith, could this not be construed as a death threat?

or maybe because you first called them a turd that they should only be flushed down a toilet?
16:17 September 2, 2011 by Stickeroo

Thanks, but the main difference between myself and Methhead (besides him being very very old) is that I don't go running to the mediators ratting people out for writing things I don't like.


I probably won't survive here, but that's because Swedish society rejects those who aren't willing to bend over and assimilate into the Swedish way of thinking. When I'm asked to think/behave in a certain way, I ask WHY, instead of just agreeing to do it. Sorry!
16:18 September 2, 2011 by Flappytango
oops stikeroo beat me to it. oh well this whole discussion should be flushed down the toilet
16:27 September 2, 2011 by eppie
@stickeroo quote probably won't survive here, but that's because Swedish society rejects those who aren't willing to bend over and assimilate into the Swedish way of thinking.unquote-------------------

Hmm I have never noticed this. Maybe they reject you for other reasons?

Furthermore being homosexual is a natural thing, not a choice and it isn't hamrful to anyone. The cop is plain wrong (scientifically proven) I don't see what that has to do with a swedish way of thinking.
16:41 September 2, 2011 by Svensksmith
Opinions are like a--holes. Everybody has one and often they stink.
16:44 September 2, 2011 by Stickeroo
Homosexuality isn't harmful to anyone? Explain that to the kid getting picked on in school because he's got two dads that sleep in the same bed.
16:54 September 2, 2011 by Rick Methven
@ flappytango and stickitup

There is a VERY big difference between what I wrote

"is it aright for me to say that I think you are a pathetic little turd who should be disposed of forthwith?"

and what Stickeroo wrote

"I hope you die of a heart attack or similar painful way forthwith"


"Actually, it is my personal opinion, that you should die having a heartattack while being run over by someone with a foreign drivers license. Forthwith! "

I was asking a question which was clear from everything else that I wrote, I did not think was OK, asking migga to respond.

Stickeroo on the other hand made a statement that wished for my death by heart attack and by being run over.

That is incitement to violence which is illegal. See the thread here about the guys who where fired and reported to the Police for similar statements

Stickeroo can not help being an idiot who never engages his brain before hitting the keyboard, but the whole concept of Freedom of speech as interpreted by some around here is anarchy.

The " I will do and say whatever I want because it is my right. and take no responsibility for the results of my actions" attitude, is pure anarchy and those who support such actions would be the first to complain if they suffered as a result of them opening their mouths to wide as happened. in the thread here on TL.

So all you brave internet warriors read here and think for once in your lives

here http://www.thelocal.se/35912/20110902/
17:14 September 2, 2011 by Anglosaxon123
My my, this Newspaper really is full of propaganda stories. It's almost as bad as our News in the UK. First I read a story about a British Asian family on holiday in Stockholm, who felt like fishes out of water. Now a story about a gay policewoman who feels like a "rat being p*ssed on".

So this is Sweden in the 21st century eh? :)

17:16 September 2, 2011 by soultraveler3
Sorry Rick, while I agree that Stickeroo went too far with his comment, I also agree with Flappytango that your comment "I think you are a pathetic little turd who should be disposed of forthwith?" is also right along those lines.
17:30 September 2, 2011 by Frobobbles
It is amazing that some people know so well how it feels being pissed upon.
17:34 September 2, 2011 by Nemesis
That police officer should be fired. Unfortunately there are a lot of officers like him in Malmö and all of Skåne.

Malmö is just down the road from me and I have socialised there a lot. The attitude of police in Skåne to anyone who is not blond haired, blue eyed, swedish born and male, leaves a lot to be desired.

I see Rick Methven is suddenly back to claiming to be open minded. A while back he was supporting removing the rights of an entire minority. http://www.thelocal.se/35338#comment665254
17:34 September 2, 2011 by Rick Methven

You conveniently missed out the bit where I said

"is it aright for me to say that" I was asking the question about the correctness of such a statement, which I think is unacceptable.

Stickeroo just made a direct statement wanting me dead

A very relevant point on this whole thing of so called freedom of speech came up today in the UK.

A 16 year old boy has been jailed for a minimum of 15 years for murdering his girl friend by smashing her head in with a rock. He had fantasied about it on the internet discussing the different ways he could kill her and one of his friends made a post saying " If you kill her, I will buy you breakfast"

Will that poster ever know, if his friend did the killing because of what he wrote. Would anybody here like to live with that for the rest of their lives?

18:36 September 2, 2011 by zoroastrina
All of the poisonous poisonous Gila Monster lizards are coming out from under rocks to make the enlightenment regress by millenia via the constitution of the performance of a specific act of hate speech through its having being uttered, not having just been thought. J.L. Belmar, Monitor Lizard, Stickeroo (or Stinkeroo) are mentally and ethically in a sewer.
19:53 September 2, 2011 by Tysknaden
This hatebomb is not able to work as a policeman.
20:59 September 2, 2011 by tetrahedron
In reply to eppie who says that homosexuality isn't harmful to anyone, it has been forgotten by many people now that AIDS was first discovered in gay communities in the USA, where there was much promiscuity. In the good old days before that, no-one had to wear condoms or worry about infectious diseases.
21:31 September 2, 2011 by local-aam
100 years ago, homosexuality was seen as something really bad by the societies and the Governments couldn't even dreamed of making it legal. However, in today's western world it is nothing serious and the societies are gradually accepting it.

I am afraid what will happen after another 100 years. May be some of the western countries will officially allow sex and marriage between parents and their own children, between siblings and so on. After all, it's a matter of freedom!
21:51 September 2, 2011 by jack sprat
Strange that only those with lefty/lib values should be the ones allowed free speech.
22:03 September 2, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
18:36 September 2, 2011 by zoroastrina

"All of the poisonous poisonous Gila Monster lizards are coming out from under rocks to make the enlightenment regress by millenia via the constitution of the performance of a specific act of hate speech through its having being uttered, not having just been thought. J.L. Belmar, Monitor Lizard, Stickeroo (or Stinkeroo) are mentally and ethically in a sewer"

Hold your horses, zoro-astringent. Hold your horses. I am not mentally and ethically in a sewer because you are occupying all of it. Now, if you move back to where you came from, that is, the nice little house with the red lantern showing its location, perhaps I will visit the sewer to check what kind of diseases you left there with your venomous tongue.
22:29 September 2, 2011 by Uncle
The conversation is obviously becoming "you are so mean... you said that and this" "I am mean? You called me so and so, you nasty b****" a conversation filled with sensitivities and hurt inner worlds.

The question here is obviously not the content of what the policeman said. Of course, due to the lack of ability (or will) to reproduce, gays are dysfunctional cells of the society, as cancer is a group of dysfunctional cells in the body.

The question here is whether a policeman, who is responsible for a defense of all in our society and should disregard any differences has any right to say that. He is an anchor of trust and safety and shall not undermine this view. Period.
22:33 September 2, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
Thank you Uncle for putting the things in its proper perspective. Too many Rickys around hear. What a pity.
22:55 September 2, 2011 by StockholmSam
I'll tell you what is a cancer on society: *sshole cops.
22:58 September 2, 2011 by Uncle

"The attitude of police in Skåne to anyone who is not blond haired, blue eyed, swedish born and male, leaves a lot to be desired."

This statement would be pointing at shocking and totally wrong behaviour of the policemen IF it would be out of the blue. However, due to the sweet behaviour of some non-blonds and non-blue-eyed people in Malmö, I am not surprised at the discrimination of policemen, who deal with life-threatening situations more than any other police force in Sweden.

Exactly like the cops in the "square states" in USA are very biased towards white males, driving in pick-up trucks at high speeds. No surprise there.

However sexual predisposition has little to do with it.
00:01 September 3, 2011 by Aigulle Delaz
Just like to point my few pennies worth in. It seems Sweden is going down the road of self-annihilation. I say this for 3 reasons.

1- The more Europeans of the Enlightenment school and French Revolution school (Liberal Fascists) continue to propagate Statetolatry (Deification and idolatry of the state), the more families and their natural habitat will be destroyed.

2- It seems that European (especially Germanic European societies) have forgot that without newborns, your population will 'dwindle'. Now I know we live in a selfish society today based on no responsibility, mass materialism and mass inversion of natural law.

3- If anyone has ever read Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World' and obviously seen the film 'Equilibrium', then one can see that Sweden is going down the road towards a society that is fascist without the 'explicit' nature and the reverse fascism against its 'own' people. Where does this issue fit into all of this? The police officer is been done for a thought crime and whilst saying it in a crude way, he has hit the nail right on the head where gays are concerned because whilst the person themselves are not bad, their act is actually quite atrocious and debauched to a low degree on par with the STI laden of likewise communities. Lastly, the person eavesdropping invokes comparisons of the informers that permeated throughout society in the USSR, East Germany et al and of the modern day, Saudi Arabia (Mutaween). I'm glad that I can leave Sweden when I want because I would hate to be stuck in Sweden if I were to defend a White, male, blue-eyed Swede who thought a certain that was quite common pre-'socialist revolution' days .
00:10 September 3, 2011 by zircon
Iran is not as bad as you would think.
01:16 September 3, 2011 by GLO
I have to agree with the Cop!
01:19 September 3, 2011 by rakerson
Speech is proceeded by thought. It reflects one's opinions and beliefs put into verb and word.

To limit speech is an attempt to limit thoughts, to constrain the masses' thoughts, to conform to the narrow opinions and dictates of the powers that be.

Please think very carefully about your own thought, about your own beliefs, and compare them with those of the powers that be. And realize this, if this guy's speech is punished, any one of you Swedes can be punished in the future for anything you say, because your right to free speech has been ruptured by this one incident, and can be pushed aside for the shifting sands of political belief, whatever the belief of the moment may be.

Remember Nazi Germany, where the political belief of the powers that were, imposed their beliefs on the masses. Germans actually believed these powers that were and followed with actions. The society you live in may not always be right, and we should have the freedom to question it, just like so many did in Germany, in Iran now, in [fill in the blank].

This is very dangerous territory here. My country was created by people who came from Europe to flee such powers that be. Even though the US isn't perfect, we at least let each man or woman say what they think without calling it a hate crime.

Granted this police man showed a lack of wisdom and grace in his words, but the implications of charging him with a crime because of his lips brings a large shadow looming over all of your freedoms, not just that of speech. If he was at work, however, and said this then the police department does have the right to terminate his employment, as is the right of employers.
01:27 September 3, 2011 by Aigulle Delaz
agree @rakerson
02:41 September 3, 2011 by skumdum
There are supreme court ruling on this. Remember that priest a few years ago he said the same thing "Gays a 'cancer on society'" and it's not hate speech.
08:27 September 3, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
01:19 September 3, 2011 by rakerson

Thanks for your comment! Sweden is a country where almost everything is prohibited and regulated by the government and where the people has not realized that it is becoming more and more a totalitarian state. Back in April 27 of this year, Prime Minister Reinfeldt and his press secretary Roberta Alenius, provoked the ironical fury of Vladimir Putin during a press conference.

Putin was requesting a reporter (me) to ask him a question that he had agreed was of utmost importance. It came a moment where, after three times Mrs. Alenius denied Putin his right to answer the question he had requested from the reporter, he just turn to Reinfeldt and Alenius and said: "Now this is a democracy. Everybody is talking about democracy in Russia. This is a democracy...a dictatorship."

With the invention of the hate speech prohibition in Sweden, everything has turned out to be hate speech. If you say to someone that he is an idiot, that is hate speech; if you say that you do not like his manners, that is hate speech; if you do not like the colour of his skin, that is hate speech because you are supposed to like white and not black, purple, yellow or red.

I will not see the debacle of a beautiful country like Sweden, but the ones who will still be alive, will regret not having put a stop to the totalitarian way we have been conducted. To understand more about this, everybody should read The New Totalitarians is a 1971 book by British author Roland Huntford. Huntford analyzes the political and social climate of early 70s Sweden, and argues that it resembles a benevolent totalitarian state in the mould of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. And we are talking here about the early 70's Sweden. In my humble opinion, forty and some years later, the type of state has been polished more and more.

Having written this, I only hope I don't face the fury of Ricky the Trycky who might delete this comment as he recently did with the comments of others (you can fill the names)
10:16 September 3, 2011 by Token-not-found
Prejudice will always be there , today it is not the black man or homosexual (for the vast majority of people) , it's the one who does not agree with the vast majority, the one who speaks out against the establishment.

Some cops hate homosexuals, some cops hate drunks , some cops hate liberals, it's human nature.

We need robot cops, then we will have no problem.

No one calls out prejudice when it's against someone they despise , like the institutionalized bias towards men after a divorce and many other things, the straight white male is the black man of today.

Humans are just like that, it's been scientifically proven that immigration reduces community cohesion and as a result lowers the GDP and productivity of the area, aside from bringing segregation and all those nasty other things like high crime rates.

Your limiting of free speech only makes it worse, when he speaks out at least you know, but when you ban his free speech, he will think it and act on it.

Same with other categories, they will just get angrier and more underground until a tragedy happens, if you leave them without democratic means of discussion. Limiting free speech is not the way to go.
16:51 September 3, 2011 by philster61
Yet another cop about to come out......
17:18 September 3, 2011 by d'Artagnan
Why should not he come out? Just because someone heard him saying a remark about a colleague? Maybe I am wrong, but what about if I am right?
19:41 September 3, 2011 by jonathanjames61
No comment , The police officer who evedrop should be charge on privacy bugging,while the police officer who made this commnt should be cautioned never to say it again because walls have ears.,hahahaaahaaahaah Swedisssssssssss haba
19:48 September 3, 2011 by Gamla Hälsingebock
Hate speech is not banned in Sweden!

Look at what we write about each other.

The Local is the premier "Troll" of it's so called, Swedish news in English.

It's advertisers love it.

As I have stated before this place is much better than television...LOL
22:08 September 3, 2011 by sebwojo
its my prayer that all swed become gay but time wil tell like in usa as history tells that that it was a nation for the red indies so books will tell that this nation you see was one time for pple called sweds,he said that bcz he loves his race
23:36 September 3, 2011 by Uncle
"history tells that that it was a nation for the red indies so books will tell that this nation you see was one time for pple called sweds,he said that bcz he loves his race"

History tells that Sweden will definitely get some more illiterates, who will make as many as possible orthographical, logical and spelling errors, which understandably were not covered in their 3rd (and last) class, while guiding the "mistaken" Sweden towards a brighter future of "higher" ethics and "cleaner" morals.

Probably their own country is an excellent example of a proud nation that did not get into an armed conflict for the last 200 years, balanced the position of a woman to that of a man, produced enough music to be on the 3rd place in the world in audio exports, invented most advanced systems in vehicle safety and developed an economy and culture that produces almost no emigration, but massive inflow of immigrants, in spite of the harsh weather.

Sweden definitely has a lot to learn from these people, if it wants to survive as a nation.
01:57 September 4, 2011 by johnoleson
In reference to the letter from "uncle", You quote Sweden has "balanced the position of a woman to that of a man" begs discussion. The idea that the government must step in to regulate Maleness and femaleness has resulted in Swedish women disdaining Swedish men for perceived lack of manhood and Swedish men finding the unfeminine attitudes unattractive. The net result being both are increasingly seeking spouses outside of Sweden. :(
03:05 September 4, 2011 by Lukestar1991
Why oh why is the word GAY used to describe 'homosexuals'??? (Lets not forget, it means 'happy' or 'glad' in its original form) it is the most politically and socially incorrect word i can think of.

And what do you know, Monitor Lizard is a racist as well as a prejudiced biggot.

What a surprise.
05:40 September 4, 2011 by tercel
I find this comment section on this issue a huge waste of bandwidth.

First when islam takes over Sweden and it will, gays will have 1 of 2 choices - get out of dodge or die---

Book 38, Number 4447:

Narrated Abdullah ibn Abbas:

The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: If you find anyone doing as Lot's people did, kill the one who does it, and the one to whom it is done.

Book 38, Number 4448:

Narrated Abdullah ibn Abbas:

If a man who is not married is seized committing sodomy, he will be stoned to death.

Now islam taking over Sweden will not happen for possibly 30- 40 years, the birth rate in Sweden among Swedish natives in 2010 is 10.4 per 1000, the death rate is 10.2 per 1000. The moslem birth rate is 5.6 per 1000 and the death rate is 2.8 per 1000. Add in all the moslem immigrants being admitted especially since that misguided jerk tried to eliminate the left wing multicultrist and you get the picture.

Or as The minister for employment Hans Karlsson speaking in the Swedish parliament once stated, " we must be nice to the muslims today because when they are the majority tomorrow hopefully they will remember and be nice to us."

Fat chance!

Now for all you bible thumpers --

Genesis 1:26

Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth."

Now genesis 1:26 does not say that god created only heterosexual man or white man or brown man or gay man - only that god said "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness..."

What Christ said about Homosexuality -- nothing. That's right, Christ said absolutely nothing about homosexuality in the new testament in which christ abrogates virtually all old jewish law. Like "he who is with out sin cast the first stone", that ended stoning and the list goes on.

Now all the anti gay stuff in the bible is mostly in the old testament -- jewish history and law.

Why did the jews say that god hated gays when genesis 1:26 clearly states he didn't is probably because there were not many jews back then and gays do not procreate and the tribe does not grow and well you get the picture.
08:11 September 4, 2011 by Uncle

"The idea that the government must step in to regulate Maleness and femaleness"

No, the government stepped in into females being beaten to half death, expected to take care of the kitchen (and ONLY of the kitchen), not being promoted at work, being sexually harassed without consequences etc. If you call the above "femaleness", it is good that it disappeared.

In regards to the females seeking "real men" outside of Sweden. Do you have any statistics, or do you judge by yourself and your friends? As well as I know, eastern european women are much more "available" on the outside market in spite of the presence of the "real men" who know how to spit, drink, fistfight and sing loud songs from the paratroopers times back in Afghanistan.

Don't get me wrong, not that I do not see the gentle males with sad eyes, tight jeans, big framed glasses who talk about their inner world as if it was of interest to anyone. I really do not think that swedish women prefer real men in the full sense of it, to these amoebas in masses.
09:44 September 4, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
In order for not being wrong in what we say about gays, lesbians, blacks, yellows, pinks, stupids, intelligents, ill-educated and etc, etc, etc, I suggest that we should wear a muzzle for both, mouth and head, just in case if in a very near future, thinking will be prohibited in Sweden.
23:04 September 4, 2011 by Smiling Canuk
If he was here in Canada this cop would probably get fired or at the very least he be busted back to traffic control for the rest of his career. Definately no further promotions for this bozo. Its one thing to support "freedom of speech" and I'm all for it - people should be able to say what they want privately, but when he made such comments in his official capacity as a police officer, this guy has crossed the line.
01:20 September 5, 2011 by kaeru
I like the proportion of punishment that poeople advocate here, lets see what we got:

1. Stoning

2. Termination of employment

3. Handling traffic for the rest of his life

So one comment that was overheard by this lesbian police officer is now going to decide the rest of his life? Thats absurd and in no way is it in accordance with what the swedish law or the unions agree on, and certainly it would not be in accordance with the public opinion. This man should have a serious talk with his boss and apologize to his coworkers, anything more than that is too much.
03:46 September 5, 2011 by sjuttiosjusköterskorpåsjukhuset
Here in the U.S., many policemen have the reputation for being closeted gays. A real man would not be so fanatic and overly concerned about gay men. Sounds to me like this male police officer has a lot of psychological problems and is really unfit for the job. I would like to know why the victim, Jeanette Larsson, has been outed in this media article but not the homophobic male police officer who not only gets the privilege of remaining undisciplined on the police force, but reaps the benefit of anonymity. Too, has he forgotten that gays and lesbians also pay their fair share of taxes to pay for his pathetic existence?
06:01 September 5, 2011 by nolikegohome
when the hetro talk bad about the homo it becomes a problem but when homos talk bad about the hetro is it ok? Think about that. how come we never hear anything about homos talking bad about hetros? are all the homos angels and never utter any mean words about hetros?
06:55 September 5, 2011 by volvoman9
We all know it's about the butt sex. If not for that who cares eh?
07:19 September 5, 2011 by samwise
I wouldn't like to see people get punished simply because what they think. After all there are still so many communists around, given all the evil communism has brought to mankind. There are other principles that are more important in terms of governing our actions, such as treating people fairly based on what they do. The very thing called hate crime creates more problems than it claims to help.
11:03 September 5, 2011 by Jes
"He said that homosexuals are a cancer on society and made a reference to the Bible," she said.

She felt degraded, dirty and violated and I quickly realised that she had been subject to a hate crime.

QUESTION : if somebody else in the poice force said that the Bible ( read religion) is the cancer in this mans brain , would this man also claim to be "subject to a hate crime " ?

I mean : if it is possible to abhor religion without hating religious people , why is it not possible to dislike homosexuality without hating homesexuals ?

BTW : this is purely an intellectual question --meaning that if you don`t appreciate it , it is not intended for you.
14:37 September 5, 2011 by johnoleson
The hatred poured out on to the person who expressed an opinion seemingly unpopular in Sweden surpasses this original statement. I think all Swedes are guilty of hate crimes. Alas this is the end result of all hate crime legislation. It is really hard to be judged by your same standards you judge with.
10:47 September 9, 2011 by Da Goat
Well done Jes

I was gonna make this point too.

was the hate crime against her greater or less than the hate crime she committed against him? I think she went public and made a huge hate crime, he was just saying something privately.

the gays and lesbians should shut up and mind their own business as they are the favoured minority they should be happy (and gay) about it and stop being poofters about it! enjoy your life people don't let your conscience spoil your life!

homosexual people know it is wrong and get snappy if someone else mentions what their conscience is bothering them about!
17:29 September 10, 2011 by Jes
Hej @La Goat !

It takes another debate to argue whether "homosexual people know it is wrong....".

This time , the issue is whether the woman is right to claim that she was subjected to a hate crime. As you correctly say , she must be the one who is suffering from hatred.

No prosecutor worth the title can even hope to prove that a hate crime( against her person ) took place. Her own testimony is that she overheard a conversation in which the man said what he said about HOMOSEXUALITY .

If she was overheard saying that religion is the cause of all human conflics , it would be silly for someone who belongs to religion X to jump up and down claiming to be under a hate attack.

I can even bet that even those who preach sexual rights are opposed to things such as polygamy and prostitution.

I have always heard a lot of people saying , for example , that catholicism is the religion of pedophiles and devil-worshippers. But I am yet to hear of any catholic who has sued anybody for holding such an ugly opinion

I hold the view that playing victim all the time does not help the aclaimed notion of the"pride" that is splashed all over the walls.
19:59 September 12, 2011 by Icarusty
Wonderful language. I'll be sure to pass on such comments as "You little ape son of a bitch. Should I make him sterile when I catch him?" when white men are arrested after screwing an asian child to the appropriate authorities.

Practice what you preach, whites.
22:38 September 27, 2011 by Bolinb
You are all missing the point. what he thinks is very relevant to his job. As a Police officer he is employed to enforce the law without favor or prejudice. This poor uneducated man has prejudice. He needs to review his ideas. whether you agree with his views or not. He needs to be taught that it is the person that is "wrong" not their sexuality or religion or social status or even smell. Each person is individual and a "gay" can be as good or as bad as a straight person same for Moslem, Christian, Hindu or whatever. Those that use generalisations about something are the ones that need to be educated as the Radicals of the world are all grown from generalisations about something. THis man needs to learn what he said is wrong and how to adjust his mind frame so that he can execute his job "without favor or prejudice".
06:12 October 10, 2011 by johnoleson

I read the police officer is uneducated, has prejudice, needs to review his ideas, those that use generalisations about something are the ones that need to be educated, and man needs to learn what he said is wrong and how to adjust his mind frame.

It sounds like you would have him re-educated like Stalin did in "camps" to those who had wrong thoughts. You need to ponder what freedom of thought is.
13:16 October 17, 2011 by zooeden
Absolute animal who needs education, next please! raising the standards all the time!!!
14:58 October 18, 2011 by Jes
@zooeden , standards are falling all the time , thanks to non-thinkers like you .

The Lesbian lady need to block her over-educated ears . Otherwise , she will always remain wet ( feeling like she is pissed on ? ) if she tunes in on every conversations that go on in life

You don`t become a "cancer" just because some ignorant person thinks that you are . " Pride " should immunize you against this sort of inhibitedness or can it ?
22:10 October 19, 2011 by jvtx3232
Wow, this Jeanette Larsson person really sounds like a big cry-baby!
05:43 October 24, 2011 by jl1995
What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty. Half the people on here have already considered him guilty, based on an accusation.

What if he was a muslim cop, dark skin and foreign looking and quoting the Koran? Would everyone still have the same derision and lack of "tolerance"? I doubt it. The irony is, that Islam and foreigners are the most vehement and intolerant against homosexuality but somehow their opinion is permitted and no one is willing to admonish this segment of society.
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