YouTube ‘game’ sends Swedish teen to hospital

YouTube 'game' sends Swedish teen to hospital
Classmates threw flammable fluids on a 14 year-old boy in Trollhättan, in southern Sweden, and then lit a match. The highly dangerous 'game' ended with the boy being severely burned, and taken to the hospital.

According to the police, the boy was in on the game, wrote local newspaper TTELA.

The incident occurred at the teens’ school in Trollhättan, at midday on Friday. Several classmates witnessed the dramatic events. The object of the game was to draw attention, and everything was filmed in order to be put up on YouTube.

The police have yet to begin hearing witnesses or those involved.

“We haven’t made any arrests, but we do know a couple of people. We’re being very careful in this case, as we’re dealing with young people,” said Rickard Lejon of Trollhättan’s internal command to news agency TT.

“But it’ll be interesting to hear what they were thinking. I assume they were unable to predict what was going to happen,” he continued.

The police have never heard of anything like this before.

“This is probably a fairly unique game. We can conclude that it ended very badly, but it hasn’t happened against anyone’s will,” said Lejon to TT.

“My guess is that someone was chosen to undergo this experiment, if that’s the right word. And someone else chosen to film, and another to strike a match.”

The police are classifying the incident as aggrieved assault.

The boy was taken to the hospital Östra sjukhuset in Gothenburg for care.

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