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Malmö police to learn 'polite' Arabic

The Local/dl · 5 Sep 2011, 10:46

Published: 05 Sep 2011 10:46 GMT+02:00

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So far 45 officers have signed up for voluntary twelve-week class, which will provide training on a number of common greetings and pleasantries in Arabic, the local Skånska Dagbladet newspaper reports.

“It's about dealing with immigrants in a more dignified and little more civil manner,” local police chief Bengt Hersler told the newspaper.

According to Hersler, the course was arranged at the request of officers who have pushed the department to provide them with the tools to better communicate with Rosengård's residents, many of whom are immigrants and have Swedish as a second language.

In addition to teachings in basic Arabic, the tailor-made course will also offer lessons on Muslim culture and traditions to help officers better understand some of the cultural differences that can lead to misunderstandings in dealings with local residents.

“We're looking to broaden our knowledge, Said Hersler.

“Ever time we speak, we express ourselves from within our own culture. Even if you speak the same language, there's no guarantee that people understand each other.”

The tailor-made course, arranged by studieförbundet Vuxenskolan, will be held during participants' free time and will focus on phrases that officers would likely be able to use in their everyday work.

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“They obviously aren't going to learn the whole language,” Lena Gustafsson from Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan told the newspaper.

While no follow up course is currently planned, Hersler told the newspaper that, if the Arabic language and culture class proves successful, a follow-on may be arranged.

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11:07 September 5, 2011 by JulieLou40
Here's a radical idea: Make the immigrants learn Swedish, instead of letting them hole up in one little area and turn it into a little slice of home.

If they want to be here, they should integrate. Simple.
11:26 September 5, 2011 by sjuttiosjusköterskorpåsjukhuset
I think Malmö is a total joke. Everything that is reported from there is a laughing matter, an embarrassment for Sweden.
11:41 September 5, 2011 by RobinHood
Why limit this fantastic opportunity to learn Arabic only to policemen? Why not make Arabic lessons available to everyone else in Malmö? Compulsory even!

Think how much nicer Rosengård and Malmö would be if everyone could speak the same language, instead of how it is now. What with the bombs, the burning cars, the gunfights, the persecution of the Jews, the anti-semitic mayor, the violent gangs, the secret serial killer, and the misogynist and racist policemen.
11:58 September 5, 2011 by Tysknaden
Why not going the whole way for introducing Sharia law :-D This going step by step - already practized in Great Britain and Germany - is much too slow :-D
11:59 September 5, 2011 by occassional
They could start by learning some polite English as they suck at it.
12:18 September 5, 2011 by Abe L
Indeed, teach the locals English and Swedish.

Having the police learn arab makes them display weakness and the people they get in contact with on a to frequent bases will just run right over them even more. The immigrants need to integrate and adjust, not the local police. These people really only know one language and that is to rule with iron fist.
12:33 September 5, 2011 by truthworthy
Well, it is never bad idea to learn a new language :)
13:01 September 5, 2011 by jacquelinee
Perhaps the swedish citizens/government should have originally allowed newcomers to Sweden to integrate into their neighbourhoods and interact with Swedes or "swedishly accepted" i.e. someone who married a Swede. (although ther acceptance is often in question as well) To create "acceptable" neighourhoods to "suggest" or direct newcomers towards to find housing, and avoid directing them to other available housing within the Swedish community is totally butting up a baracade and perpetuating the formation of the Swede versus immigrant mindset. So now, the rammifications of this "segregation and separation" mentality are being felt, and the cleanup on BOTH sides of the fence is starting to get pretty messy. If Sweden had not deliberately developed little Arabic communities by isolating immigrants into selected areas, the Swedish language would be spoken far more and far better out of simple survival necessity within the communities. So now, since Sweden developed Arabic "villgaes" within Sweden, the law enforcement over those villages need to speak the native language of the "village." Sweden only has itself to blame. So suck it up. Here's an idea! Why not train and actually give Arabic speaking people who live in Sweden jobs within the law enforcement agencies, then the problem would be solved to a certain degree, if a Swedish speaking police officer's partner is an officer of a descent who is fluent in arabic. That will also create jobs for some immigrants as well and make a statement to those in the "villages" that they may have a chance in this country as well. What a concept!
13:03 September 5, 2011 by Svensksmith
How do you say donut in Arabic?
13:35 September 5, 2011 by Tysknaden
13:37 September 5, 2011 by jacquelinee
I get it tysknaden...the same thing happened to me ;-)
13:52 September 5, 2011 by Tysknaden
But it looks cool, somehow :-)

But one question I have, jacquelinee:

How do you explain the desastrous result of immigration in ALL European countries?

And why is it always the Muslim faction? - Other groups do integrate themselfes pretty well.

And do you have any information about the Quran's contents?
13:52 September 5, 2011 by ooo7
mmmm me not happy about this..my tax money...what next, french,german,italian...no no me not like at all...
14:03 September 5, 2011 by summo
it is fair to say that so far, races from Asia and the various Indies have managed to intergrate themselves within the UK population far better than the Middle East. It may be early days but there is a very different mind set there and it is firmly imbedded in the Middle East population. If they don't intergrate, then this mindset will continue once in another country. It is fairly evident in the UK and sounds similar to these areas within Sweden.

Why don't the Police teach them Swedish and at the same time the immigrant teach back a bit of Arabic, but there are whole host of dialects they could learn, so it must be easier to learn your host's lingo!!
14:06 September 5, 2011 by jacquelinee
@ Tysknaden

I have read some of the Quran , but sadly not that much. I will send you a private post to answer your other questions as i do not want to go off topic.....this is an important one, nor do I want top bore everyone else with my rambling ;-)
14:08 September 5, 2011 by Tysknaden
@summo: It is not a race problem. It is a religious problem. Quran simply does not allow integration and assimilation.
14:35 September 5, 2011 by Decoster
@Tysknaden, I think you lack a lot of knowledge, why the immigration in Europe?

try to ask yourself where are the westerns armies these days, where the

resources of the world are going? answer these questions and then you get

answers to your questions...
14:37 September 5, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
Now, this is a real pearl. Instead of forcing the Arabic-speaking immigrants to learn Swedish, the police force will be taught Arabic to understand the Arabic-speaking immigrants living in Malmö and its surroundings.

What was declared by chief Bengt Hersler that "It's about dealing with immigrants in a more dignified and little more civil manner,", means nothing more and nothing else than the police do not treat immigrants neither in a dignified manner nor with civil manners. And that is a goal in their own porter's lodge. Heja Sverige! Oops! Heja Hesler.

And of course, police have to know how to say, excuse me, sorry, may I, etc, instead of the Arabic-speaking immigrants learning how to deal with the police. The next step will be that the nurses and doctors at hospitals, will go to a course in Arabic to learn how to say a patient that he is going to lose his legs or that he has cancer, but in a very polite, sweet and dignified Arabic manner.Or, how do you say "you will die. You have no more than two more months of life" in Arabic?

If the Rosengård's residents do not know how to communicate in Swedish, send them to intensive courses of hire local translators. Their language to communicate in Sweden must be, I repeat, MUST BE Swedish and nothing else. Perhaps, sometimes in English, because almost everybody understand the Shakespearean language.

The one thing missing here is that if the immigrants are cannibals, police force must learn how to eat people in order to understand cannibal's culture so there are no misunderstandings if they want to share a meal with them.

So every time the police faces an Arabic-speaking immigrant, they will have to say "Sala malecum", so that the immigrant in a very nice, charming and polite way, answers "Malecum sala".

Police force will be obliged to learn how to greet a person in the Arab world (read Malmö and surrounding areas) because that is one of the trickiest things in their culture.

Is it enough to just shake hands? How many cheek kisses is this person expecting anyway? Is it one per cheek or three per cheek? Is he going to embarrass you because you put your hand on his chest?

Arab greetings etiquette is just a pain in the ass.

Sala malecum to all the commentators in this thread. This is just the middle stage of the debacle of Sweden in the hands of multiculturalism.

Go and fly a kite, Hersler. If you do not dig that in Sweden we all (I am an immigrant too) have to express ourselves within the Swedish culture, you should go to Africa and leave the Swedish, SWEDISH, police force for good.
14:43 September 5, 2011 by jeffi_in_denmark
Police in many western civilizations that have larger immigrant populations will be offered cultural and linguistic opportunities so that they, the police, can do their job better. It is not radicial, new, original or catering to a specific population. It is simply good business.
14:50 September 5, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
14:43 September 5, 2011 by jeffi_in_denmark

"Police in many (NAMES, NAMES jeffi_in_denmark...NAMES) western civilizations, etc, etc. " Good Lord!

We are talking here about Sweden, What happens in the Patagonia is a matter for the penguins to discuss, that is if you have included the Patagonia in your western civilizations description.

If you want to do business there, airplane tickes are not very cheap, but, perhaps, and only perhaps, Happy Feet can come back and take you there.

Police in many western civilizations that have larger immigrant populations will be offered cultural and linguistic opportunities so that they, the police, can do their job better. It is not radicial, new, original or catering to a specific population. It is simply good business.
14:52 September 5, 2011 by Migga
So it`s not dignified or civil to talk to these youth in swedish?

@ jacquelinee

Immigrants alienate themselves from society on purpose. There has been several statefunded programs where newly arrived immigrants are offerd to stay in areas where inhabitants are Swedes. This to make them integrate. But they have declined and decided to live amongst their own kind in different enclaves around citys like Malmö and Södertälje. They have a responsibility in this aswell but you look upon them as victims who are just tossed around. Something that isn`t true. When given the chance to live anywhere they want they decide to live with their own. Not very multicultural of them...eh?

Also it`s not Swedens faults, it`s the politicans. Most Swedes think the immigrationpolitics in this country is bad, no matter the party in power.
14:55 September 5, 2011 by lewni
If I were a policeman i'd refuse point blank
14:59 September 5, 2011 by eppie

Without agreeing with this article your comments on why other immigrant groups do integrate is overly simplified.

E.g., asians are usually more to themselves, but it is well known there are in many countries large organized crime scenes populated by asians.

Italians; again, more quiet....and they have the luck of not being muslims so the newspapers don't bother them to much but they control most of the cocaine trade in western europe.

Rumanians; skimming.

Polish; hate crimes and issues with alcohol.

Anyway I can continue but the thing you have to realize is that most important factors are personality (you have good and bad swedes, brits, americans, muslims, indians etc) and poverty. Poverty is not an excuse, but it can be a cause. (humans are much more prone of comiiting crimes when they have not so much to lose).
15:23 September 5, 2011 by jacquelinee
@ Migga

Not buying it. Not at all.

How did those areas come into existence in the first place? They were set up, or designated as "the area" to keep immgrants out and out of the way, by the government and/or the assorted Swedish "Kommun" and neighbourhoods. So when new people came, this was already in place. I came to Sweden ready to integrate happily, but within a short time and a lot of icy treatment, if I'd have found a liitle English "village" in my kommun, I'd have been in there NOW! And people speak Englsh here. I can only imagine those who come to their new land who at first do not speak Swedish and do not even have the luxury (as I did) of english, that Swedes will speak occasionally (although often grudgingly) when ones grasping Swedish is a problem.

Sweden is a time bomb right now and it comes from BOTH sides of the coin Migga, don't kid yourself. And it is NOT just the government on the Swedish side that is the problem, so are the Swedish people, in many instances they are just plain bigoted.

Like I said, hire poice officials who are of a descent who speak arabic. As Swedes know for sure. One listens to ones own.
15:27 September 5, 2011 by omansour
I dont know but I feel like this is all contradictory to reality. I believe that Swedes are nice, too helpful, and too civilized given my experience of living in their country. I continue to believe this everyday with what I see and encounter. But this local-driven discussion on "muslim immigrants" is a bit confusing.

I don't see any problems with Sweden treating Muslims since I have been here for 5 years enjoying my connections with Swedish and EU friends!

I am sure there are problems in some places but I think the frequent commentators on the local always create some tension that gives a rather confusing and unreal impression of living in Sweden especially if immigrants were Muslims. Well, I am a temporary-resident Muslim in Sweden, and I've never felt anything bad from any Swede!!! Muslims may create problems just like Swedes, Germans, Italians, etc. might make! And the comments on transforming Sweden into a Muslim emirate is quite ridiculous and those writing about this are just ignorant.

This is my case and I am quite confident many others have the same.
16:04 September 5, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
15:23 September 5, 2011 by jacquelinee

"Like I said, hire police officials who are of a descent who speak Arabic. As Swedes know for sure. One listens to ones own."

Give me a better reason jacquelinee. With your criterion, the police force should hire police officials who are of a descent who speak Arabic, Italian, German and Flemish. Why not? If in Sweden, we all should understand the language. If we do not, we need an interpreter, but it is my opinion, and only my opinion, that Arabic-speaking immigrants should communicate in Swedish.

What would happen if the police find a community where people communicate in tactile signs because they belong to a deaf and blind community? Will they go to learn how to communicate in tactile signs or will they call an interpreter to help them. Just wondering.
16:11 September 5, 2011 by swe-usa
I think the police in Memphis, Tenn also need to take classes on the most screwed up Ebonic English I have ever heard. Maybe after centuries of immigrants living in Sweden, they too will take the language and spin it into something that a Swedish speaker can not understand. LMAO
16:15 September 5, 2011 by Migga
@ jacquelinee

Well I`m not selling it, I`m just giving my view. A different view from your self-proclaimed truths about who`s at fault. And according to you it´s always the racist, cold and evil Swedes.

There hasn`t been any areas "set up" for immigrants. You make it sound like when the Nazi set up concentration camps and the Commies setting up work camps.

But you are right there is two sides in this. But it`s one side who does the pushing. Pork being removed from schools, bathhouses having seperate hours for women and men, the banning of the nationalhymne in schools and now police officers talking arab.
16:23 September 5, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
16:15 September 5, 2011 by Migga

Sometimes I do not go along with your comments, but this time, you are right on target.

"But you are right there is two sides in this. But it`s one side who does the pushing. Pork being removed from schools, bathhouses having seperate hours for women and men, the banning of the nationalhymne in schools and now police officers talking Arabic.

Yes Migga. That is the future of a once upon a time lovely Sweden.
16:25 September 5, 2011 by GLO
How do you say GO HOME !!!!!!
16:29 September 5, 2011 by soultraveler3
Jacquelinee and Migga are both right in a way.

Sweden's poor immigration and integration policies created the ghettoes that exist now.

Whether we want to admit it or not, there is a huge undercurrent of racism in Sweden. The government against the will of a majority of it's citizens, continues to allow thousands of refugees in to the country. Many Swedes don't want to live by, work with, interact with or befriend these immigrants. You read stories all the time about immigrants with education and years of experience not being able to find work here, even after looking for years. It's also not uncommon for immigrants that have lived here for years to not have a single Swedish friend. It's a hard society to be accepted in to.

There's also the other side. Many immigrants that come to Sweden as refugees don't want to integrate. They're trying to make a better life for themselves and know that Sweden has a good combination of benefits and lax rules for staying here / getting citizenship. That's why they travel past most of the countries in Europe to get here. It's very common in SFI to meet people like this who'll admit flat out that they're here and sitting in class for the money and have no interest in learning Swedish. Many of them wait until they get their citizenship then make the choice to move to the ghettoes to be with their family and culture.

There are also many immigrants that come here with the intention of learning the language, integrating and being self-sufficient but never get the chance due to society. They end up thinking "screw it" and just stay in the ghettoes completely cut off from the rest of the country.

If there was more thought put in to who is allowed to stay in Sweden and more effort was made to integrate these people in to society e.g., allowing them to work as police, doctors etc. many of the issues we have would become nonproblems.
16:33 September 5, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
16:25 September 5, 2011 by GLO

How do you say GO HOME !!!!!!

You say GLO HOME GLO!!!
17:02 September 5, 2011 by jacquelinee
How do you say.."Sweden IS my home now?"

I agree about " Pork being removed from schools, bathhouses having separate hours for women and men, the banning of the nationalhymne in schools." I may add the Swedish flag not being able to be flown except on national days. It is absurd. And As I said.... there are two sides to every story.

Everything is relative to your own personal experiences.


I have read comments of yours on other threads about the car burnings in your areas and your feeling of being unsafe in your own community.It is a sad statement of the world today. I get it, and by the sounds of your posts, it appears to be youths. Youth riots are a real concern. The gangland style attitude that has arisen in so many youth today is really frightening. I am not only talking about Sweden, or the States etc. In my own small community in Canada is is terrible. Shootings, beatings by young street gangs of ALL nationalities is horrific. You can't blame TV or video games or rap music although their glorification of violence does concern me. But it is not just a certain ethnicity, race or economic demographic. It is a just plain "THUG" mentality that some teens have chosen to glorify, and it is scary.

Poverty contritubes, but many people are poor and they are honest, law respecting people. I know lots of Swedes who I love, I married a swede. I have met really nice Swedes, same as all ethnic groups. But I have felt that icy " I am SO better than you" look and tone by more Swedes than I care to think about (sad to say, mostly the older ones) So I can empathise with the immigrant position. I also can empathise with the Swedes.

To throw the doors open to mindless immigration (including mine) when the economy is poor and unemployment rates are high is just suicide. And the Numbers of immigrants allowed from each country should ne more fair. If you allow 500 from Botswana a year and only 15 apply oh well. And of you allow 500 from Canada a year and 1485 apply, only 500 should be granted, not the difference from the allotment from Botswana.

The Swedish government opted to allow this, a government elected by Swedes for the most part. There is segregation, prejudice and bigotry on both sides. The government here is Swedish, so it is up to them to deal with these issues. As I keep saying, if more people were hired in government, or official jobs that actually have some input and visibility by the new Swedes, it could be beneficial and help both sides to diffuse the situation.
17:03 September 5, 2011 by Grokh
Great why the hell am i learning swedish then ?

im just gona go around speaking portuguese and english and since sweden bends over to anyone who wont integrate or at least makes an effort to , then ill assume everyone else in sweden will have to learn the languages i speak in preschool so they can put up with my ways.

sweden goes an extra mile to give newcomers the opportunity to integrate, they are even giving money to sfi students and that failed btw.

Multiculturalism means everyone integrates and if swedish cops are having to learn arabic then its not multiculturalism , its one sided and its from people who refuse to integrate.
17:06 September 5, 2011 by Migga
@ soultraveler3

Well thanks for saying I was right.

But I would say that Swedens poor immigration and integration policies made it possible for the ghettos to form. But they weren`t created.

Also I wouldn`t say that there is a "huge undercurrent" of racism in Sweden. Sure there excists racist and narrowminded Swedes but not to the degree that you and Jacquelinee make it out to be. Is it racist not wanting to bring in thousand of immigrants a year to a country of 9 million and put them in the ghettos? Also don`t call them refugees since most aren`t. And all those stories you are referring to is just that, stories.
17:22 September 5, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
17:06 September 5, 2011 by Migga

Migga. Here you are wrong. There exists racism in Sweden to the degree Jacquelinee and soultraveler3 are pointing out. Do not be blind by the fact that you are a Swede. Put yourself in our shoes (foreigners) and you will possible understant the kind and type of racism we have been facing since our arrival to Sweden. In my case, 24 years ago. And I have many friends, Italians, Russians, Chinese, who have been here longer, that comment the same.

The thousands of inmigrants that Sweden has allowed to come to this country, has provoked that racism is more on the surface than before. But it has always existed.
17:33 September 5, 2011 by Migga
@ jacquelinee

Well sure it`s male youths and young men who make the headlines. They don`t have an issue with turning to violence. I guess they feel they have nothing to lose.

And no it hasn`t anything to do with race. I do belive that religion, ethnocultural background, social background and education has something to do with it tho. These young men don`t identify themselves with Sweden or Swedes. They don't feel empathy or sympathy when they can`t identify with society. And then there is nothing that stops them from using violence.

They don`t identify themselves with Swedes because they don`t share the same ethnocultural background. Something that is connected with their or their parents alienation from society. Ofcourse this is not something all immigrants do but the ones who take to the streets and form a riot do.

They have a responsibility and that should never be forgotten. But sure Sweden can do alot to make the integration better. But this, and the other exemples I mentioned, isn`t the way.

You are right that we base our opinions on personal experience. You`ve had a bad personal experience with Swedes. I`ve had a great one. So for each article you voice your opinion, I will be there to voice mine.
18:19 September 5, 2011 by Uncle
@ jacquelinee

All of this associates nicely with your inventions of what muslims apparently invented.

Nobody designates the areas for these wonderful immigrants. Since your beloved muslims are arriving here without any money and with a sack of problems, they get huge discounts (that are in the beginning 100%) on apartments. What can one do that even the gullible swedes have some economic sense and realize that they cannot build these gift areas - one building at a time in different (preferably by you, rich) areas of Sweden.

These gifts to the little poor immigrants, who happen to speak mostly arabic, had to be built while using economies of scales, which suggest similar design , building teams, architects etc.

The poor victims are free to leave these horrible ghettos at any time, but what can one do, if they find a job statistically after 7 years only after their arrival and meanwhile must suck on the taxes from the racist awful swedes, who refuse building 500 thousand villas in Djurgården and Näset and other top notch areas and give them for free to the miserable victims?

Of course, you would support starting a program of free 3 story villa to every arab speaking family on tax expense. Like THIS they will surely integrate and be kind enough studying this horrible and racist language. Only like THIS the racism of swedes could be started to be proven as non-existent!

Propose this agenda on the next meeting with Swedish socialists.
18:20 September 5, 2011 by J. L. Belmar
It certainly sounds wonderful in the same way TL keeps on banning more and more debators for unknown reasons. Jerks.
18:42 September 5, 2011 by calebian22
A positive is that if the police understand derogatory comments directed at them, which hopefully will be covered in the course, they can legitimately go after unruly youths who are verbally abusive and think they can get away with talking openly in an "unknown" language. Punks.
18:43 September 5, 2011 by jacquelinee
@#40 Hi Unc! Long time no hear.

I am not a muslim lover or hater, I am not an immigrant lover or hater, I am not a Swede lover or hater. I hate prejudice, injustice, unfairness and bigotry. I would just as easily defend a Swede, Immigrant, child, elderly person, puppy, hedgehog (OMG! now I am in trouble) who was being belittled, bullied and hated by another, or any sector.

The problem is, how can the Swedish government correct this? As I said to another poster, it is sort of like taking back the internet now. It is so deeply wound in now, it is impossible to unwind. And the fuel keeps getting added to the fire. My original thought was, if we are dealing with heavily populated ethnic areas, why not make a start by employing and training those of the same ethnicity to help diffuse things. I did not think it was such a bad suggestion actually.
19:26 September 5, 2011 by Uncle

Your favouritism is clear when blaming everyone, but those who require the locals learning their language.

Above aside, I must agree with you.

By hiring ethnical arabs as policemen, teachers, family consultants etc... Giving discounts on opening banks that hire locals and by that allowing the banks explain the law and loan agreements to the refugees will only contribute to Sweden. Promoting business in the ghetto areas by giving favourable loans (while controlling tightly the business management) and even get involved in imams education (national exam of sort) is the answer to diffusion of these scary places.

This is the carrot.

As a stick, swedish policemen should not bend over to the raging non-educated and violent mob, but rip these gangs apart with the utmost determination while reading them their rights in SWEDISH language and escort them directly to the airplane after the first case of proved violence. The first 5 loud cases will have a total and immediate effect.
19:51 September 5, 2011 by jacquelinee
@ #45

I agree. Learning Swedish is imperative to living in Sweden. You will have a hard time even with Swedish skills, but without them, you are pretty much

scr -e- wed. Amazingly, I am in complete agreement with you about "hand outs" and there are abusers to the system everywhere (even Swedish ones)

When I was in SFI there was a guy in my class from Africa who said to me flat out..that they were going to cut him off of assistance once he was out of SFI and so he was going to move to England to see what he could get out of them there. I was disgusted. For the record though, I have met people here from Uganda and Somalia who are very hard working people. I also have overheard Swedes at the bank (pretty healthy looking young guys too) say they just got their welfare money are were on the way to "Bolaget" So that door swings both ways too.

In certain countries they build low cost rental homes in areas in the general neighbourhoods and charge lower rents amoung the regular communities and this way, the lower income families are less likely to be singled out and discriminated upon and have a better chance of fitting into the general community. In this respect they would be far more likely to learn the language and find better employment. Segregation is never a good solution.
20:06 September 5, 2011 by Uncle

You see, there is no obligation on the swedes in Sweden, as there are on the guests in Sweden. A nation can handle it's own scum. However, whenever it brings masses of people, who have higher amount of "scum per capita", everything start to fail.

Segregation is actually an excellent solution. Go to Chinatown in NYC and you will see. These "chinese" are often few generations americans and still not integrated, however a very effective sub-economy.

There are plenty of effective societies in many countries that proved to be working with the local economy and culture like a clockwork. Many asian and eastern european societies, as well as Jewish people. One needs to anchor a minority in one mutually beneficial incentive and there is not need for integration. EVER.

The fact of the matter is that the mentioned arabs would not like to move to Umeå, even with monetary incentive, since their 149 people family lives in Malmö. Hence desegregation is a myth. One must help the ghetto be effective in what they can do and leave them to their culture (if one could call it like that) WHILE keeping everything within the frames of the local law.
20:10 September 5, 2011 by cowboykodp
@ Payton Manning

Knowing Payton and his family, I don't think they would appreciate a bigot and hatemonger using his name.

You need to find another pseudonym before ho finds out and throws a football where the sun don't shine.

The Local has some responsibility in this too.
20:34 September 5, 2011 by jacquelinee
@ uncle.

Here we do differ. When I lived in Toronto, where the entire greater Toronto area has a population of 5.5 million people, it was a melting pot of many many cultures. Sure there were "China Town" Little Italy" etc. etc. but those areas were pretty much in the downtown core areas. The population in the outlying areas was totally integrated. The entire city was alive with people of every ethnicity. Shops were intriguing and varied, prices far more competetive, food way more interesting, clothing much more beautiful, chit chat educational and interesting too. There was a continual interchange of space, ideas, interactions between the various cultures. Never once did my French, and Scottish Canadian heritage and history become lost or nullified. I never became Hindi or Chinese, My skin never changed color or my eyes or my hair (except with the help of L'Oreal). I maintained my own identity and heritage, but I enriched it by broadening my knowledge, experience, perceptions and understanding.

No segregation only robs individuals of the chance to enlighten their world in many ways, and enlighten the world of others.
20:48 September 5, 2011 by cowboykodp

Words to live by.

21:28 September 5, 2011 by godnatt
Next the female police can wear headscarves.

Maybe help them light some firebombs too.
21:47 September 5, 2011 by soultraveler3
@Migga in comment #35

I said that you were partially right, not right. ;) I was talking about the part where you said that some immigrants do not take advantage of the opportunities they are given to help them integrate.

The ghettoes found in Sweden we definitely created through the policies of the government and attitude of the native citizens. Not accepting immigrants in to society by not hiring them, not wanting to live by them, not socializing them and by putting them in large block housing by the hundreds instead of spreading out the families in to the larger population creates division. Yes, now we have many immigrants that move to be together, people want community, if they would've been integrated in to society from the get go they wouldn't have to create their own new community in here. Of course so would've moved anyways to be with family but not nearly as many as there are now.

There is a huge (as in widespread) undercurrent of racism here, so much so that I honestly believe many Swedes don't even think about or realize it. It's just the way it is. Go out in any Swedish town on a friday or saturday night and try not to hear the svartskalle and niger jokes, they don't think twice about making jokes like that. Explain why immigrants again and again, refugee or not, have such a hard time finding work here even when they have degrees and tons of experience. Tell me the reason that you so rarely know of or hear about Swedes and immigrants hanging out, even if you're with a Swede it's hard. I could go on but you get the point, I hope.

I use the word refugee because most of the people immigrating to Sweden are refugees. How could you possibly think anything else? The percentage of people coming here for love or work is tiny compared to the percentage coming here to claim asylum.

Finally the stories I referred to aren't just stories. Those are either first-hand accounts and experiences that I've heard or experienced in person. You can choose to believe them or not, but I would suggest that you look around at the posts in these forums, read the news or do a quick google search before discounting them as "just stories."

Multiculturalism is great when it's done right, like jaquelinee said above, it's gives so much life and interest to a place. I do believe however, that if you move to another country, regardless of the reasons why, it is your duty to learn the language and to adapt to the local culture as much as possible.
21:49 September 5, 2011 by Uncle
Really, jacquelinee? REALLY? You compare Canada to Sweden? Did you compare the immigration policy of Canada to that of Sweden? If you, did, you would have been to strongest supporter of SD, because this is exactly what they want to push through.

Tell me. In the canadian cumbaya, how many immigrants get free housing, discounts on cars, household products and education? How many immigrants start working so late after their arrival, that their average is 7 years? Can one sustain oneself in Canada for 7 years with no job? How about 9-10 years?

Canada filters, checks and rechecks immigrants, confirms business plans, checks funds on savings account for incoming persons! It interviews and follows up on the progress and has no prob to load a criminal on a plane. That is why everyone lives everywhere. Because no one gets stuff for free. People cannot survive like the newcomers to Sweden can and therefore they work hard and get results.

I am not afraid that arabs will impact sweden and change it's culture. They are ineffective economically (65% of immigrant population in Malmö are unemployed) and therefore they resort to violence and disturb everyone else. If they do not want to integrate, I do not want to give them more freebies on the swedish taxpayer account. I want to invest the money into their ghettos and get it back in form of taxes quite fast.

And btw, please tell the wonderful integrated Canada stories to someone that did not live quite close to it. Only the diff between Quebec and the rest shows clear segregation. I am not even starting on the "stay away" areas in Toronto.

However the french and the brits always worked well together, while staying in their ghettos, which is only proving my point of "cooperating segregation".
23:22 September 5, 2011 by Migga
@ soultraveler3

This is turning into a discussion that shouldn`t take place here. I`ll just say that I agree on some of your points.

However a reason because Swedes and immigrants rarely are friends can be explained via the fact that they don`t share the same ethnocultural background. They don`t identify with each other so they don`t socialize. It`s not because Swedes are racist as you are implying.

Also, just because an immigrant says he is a refugee doesn`t mean that it`s true. I`m not saying that there aren`t any refugees but alot who say they are aren`t. Just think about it for a sec, if there was a war in your country and you became a refugee why would you travel across the world to Sweden? Why would you leave your home, friends and relatives? Why not escape to a neighbouring country? Why would you travel to a country far to the north that doesn`t have the same culture or language? My point is that all refugees aren`t refugees even if some are.

Multiculturalism is great if it works. But it`s a dream. An utopia. Something to strive for. But there has never been an equal multicultural society that has worked and there isn`t one now either. The US, Canada, England and Australia isn`t something I would describe as a multicultural society done right.
23:43 September 5, 2011 by Streja
Migga, most refugees actually DO go to their neighbouring country. Check your facts.
00:31 September 6, 2011 by Migga
@ Streja

I was talking about the immigrants coming to Sweden, not all refugees in the world. I guess it`s an honest mistake from someone who just jumps in the middle of a discussion.
01:19 September 6, 2011 by brunokraiske19
They should also get a PHD in sharia law. IDIOTS ~!!!!!!
02:31 September 6, 2011 by jacquelinee
@ uncle

"Tell me. In the canadian cumbaya, how many immigrants get free housing, discounts on cars, household products and education? ..........."

Actually, there are a demographic of Canadians who do get special perks so to speak. They do not pay taxes in most instances, have free education even at university level, have certain living allowances for vehicles, housing etc, have dental and medical and optical care paid for by the government as well as the regular health care that is offered to óther Canadians who do not receive the aforementioned benefits and must pay for thiers. These are the native, or aboriginal Canadians. The original dwellers on Canadian land before the immigrants came.

I guess, if you look at it, since the aboriginal people were nomadic, and travelled following the buffalo with portable tent structures rather than stationary cities, it actually was the immigrant people who built and established Canadian cities, and society. People often hear tales of woe about how badly the aboriginal people are treated. There was a time in history several hundred years ago that both settlers and aboriginal people had horror stories to tell, but both have fared pretty well in the long run, although the natives probably were none to happy about the settlers in the beginning (sound familiar) Granted, some of the the descendents from those settling in Canada do grumble sometimes about a group of people who pay no taxes yet receive the same and often extra benefits that are supplied through tax dollars to people exempt from paying taxes in many cases.Ultimately in the long run, they did ok from immigration.( I guess if Canada was Sweden, they would be the native Swedes) They now have thriving industries ie tobacco companies which actually make natural cigarettes that have to be more healthy than the chemical filled ones the big corporations make. The business is thriving.They also do well with casinos reminicent, but smaller than those in Las Vegas, buffalo ranches, tourist ranches and lodges as well as other enterprisesopen to all ethicities by the way. And with the tax breaks, they are not suffering financially.

Multiculturalism is not a dream. It works, and when it works it IS great. Canada for the most part, is proof of it. The Canadian government did the ground work necessary to be sure the bumps in the road were ironed out as much as possible before the "guests" arrived. That takes a lot more work and lots of extra effort, which is not really one of Sweden's greatest strengths unfortunately. It's senseless to complain about the horse getting out if you were too lazy to put up a fence.
08:00 September 6, 2011 by ericrufinosiah
For countries which attracted alot tourists,normally,the host country's people or enforcement agency would learn some popular-tourists' languages to better

understand the tourists problem if there is any but not having to master the language of immigrants,what a joke.? What have you got to say,Jimme Akesson.?
08:54 September 6, 2011 by Uncle

I am sorry. How are the Canadian aborigines are related to the conversation about the arab speaking immigrants? Samer also get taxation benefits and the police does not seem to have a need to learn Sami.

As you completely correctly mentioned, the canadian immigration policy was successfully implemented. As I said, an immigrant there has to do some actions in order to survive. This in turn ensures that they are busy working, rather than burning cars.

I do not even see an argument here. Even in your totally unrelated argument about the canadian "locals" they are living in their mass in segregated societies. There is nothing wrong with geographical segregation.

Au contre - I think that this is very beneficial for a person to live in his own cultural environment, instead of trying to adapt himself to an alien culture. Look at the constant whining of "the Local" readers about the cold and racist swedes. This is a direct result of an enforced adaptation to the local mentality. However, if the germans, Australians, brits and whoever else would live in "little Munchen", "little London" etc… they would find that swedes are open and easy to work with bosses, that it is easy to trade with them, that they are always on time and other great Swedish features, WHILE not having to adapt too much. PRECISELY like it is done in Canada, USA, Japan and Australia.

BTW, there is a Turkish society in Gothenburg that was taught in Turkish and adapted to the Turkish education system since it was planned for these people to come back home after their contracts are expired. Did you ever hear about Turkish riots or especially high crime rates? Now, because they have a very high employment rate here, after they decided to stay. They are very segregated, but also established a successful sub-economy that thrives.
13:00 September 6, 2011 by jacquelinee

your post #50 "Tell me. In the canadian cumbaya, how many immigrants get free housing, discounts on cars, household products and education? "

your post #57 "How are the Canadian aborigines are related to the conversation about the arab speaking immigrants? "

Why do you ask a question whose answer must go off topic and then complain when it does? I was merely answering a question YOU asked.

Also, the native Canadian people are called Aboriginal not Aborigines. The Aborigines come from Australia. That would be the same thing as calling a Swede a Somalian and we KNOW how a swede would feel about that don't we ;-)

immigration in Sweden is not going to just go away ( Quote: If you don't like it leave! ) The Swedish youth for the most part, are modern and see the value in cultural integration. The "hate groups" are still at work poisioning minds, but that has been going on since time began and always will, nothing new.

Hate never wins. NEVER. History reflects that in all cultures.

The thing about hatred is it comes from small minded people who feel inferior within themselves and so they try to mend their damaged ego by attacking others in order to make themselves look "better than XXX " in theitr own small minds. They would do better to go read a self help book.

There are hate mongers and war mongers in every culture and race, so it is no surprise they are in Sweden too. But not ALL Swedish people are so narrow minded. Thank GOD, or the whole of Sweden would be holed up at some old torp knawing on a knakebrod, with a dried up chunk of falukorv and a can of stinking surströmming, dancing around a fire with a horned helmet on and an axe in their hands, the Arabian would be on a camel riding in the desert in a sandstorm, I would be hanging off a cliff somewhere in the scottish highlands,chasing mountain goats and praying to the sun and thunder gods.

Thank god the majority of Swedes have realised the middle ages are over and embrace the future with open arms. The world is getting smaller and knowledge, travel etc are increasing. It would be a far easier world if there were only 1 world language spoken, whatever that may be, Chinese, Mandarin, English, Spanish. It sure will not be Swedish simply because the population numbers do not warrant this.

Swedes with a "segregation" mindset towards the inevitable changes that come with progress and advancement, sell themselves short and may actually have to get their helmets and axes out of antiquity and head on out to the old forgotten torp in the middle of "Skogen".
14:21 September 6, 2011 by Iraniboy

This is (as can be seen from most previous comments) is just food for our XYZ-phobic posters!
14:45 September 6, 2011 by Token-not-found

Your post reeks of authoritarianism .

What is the hate you speak about? Sure some may be hateful , but the vast majority just want to keep their cultures from being invaded , is that wrong?

No, people want the right to self determination, why not the people decide, through democratic discussion?

Instead you silence, oppress and marginalize anyone who dares to think different, you hate different people, you are very intolerant.

Like SD, many parties denied them democratic discourse, i am not a swede , but it was a country to be looked up to, the closest thing to a democratic ideal.

Instead we see this oppression. I do not consider Sweden a democratic country now.

The straight white male is the "black man" of today.

People who are different are as despised today as they were in the past, we are not a progressive society, the target of hate of yesterday, the black men, the sexual minorities, the handicapped and the ethnic minorities just changed focus to other targets. Today people who are different, again by today's standards are hated just the same as in the past : anti-pc people, people in general who do not agree with you shoving down their throats your worldview.

There needs to be democratic discourse on the matter, not oppression and Gestapo type of shutting down opposition. A healthy democracy is one that encourages freedom of expression of opposite viewpoints.

I am surprised you didn't end your post with a Heil Multikulti!

Citizens of nazi Germany also thought they were doing the right thing with a zeal similar to that of today , and look what happened...
16:37 September 6, 2011 by jacquelinee
@ Token-not-found

Oh brother!

your quote post # 60 " People who are different are as despised today as they were in the past, we are not a progressive society, the target of hate of yesterday, the black men, the sexual minorities, the handicapped and the ethnic minorities just changed focus to other targets. Today people who are different, again by today's standards are hated just the same as in the past "

You said it only in different words than I did...post # 58 "The thing about hatred is it comes from small minded people who feel inferior within themselves and so they try to mend their damaged ego by attacking others in order to make themselves look "better than XXX " in their own small minds. They would do better to go read a self help book. "

At least towards these groups, the small minded haters are covert in their discrimination for the most part. You want to see REAL discrimination? Try to live in this world if you are thought of by others as ugly, stupid, fat or uneducated. THEN you will find out what "In your face" discrimination is all about.

I am no an authority on this specific issue, not extraordinarily intelligent or untintelligént, just an average person. I am not prejudicist or racist. I am someone with a brain and conscience that works,who is on the side of anyone or anything plagued by oppression and injustice.

I always told my children, "Before you form an opinion about someone, ask yourself ...Would I still like this person if I was blind?" A good many people would be very surprised at the answer to that question if they asked themselves that before they mindlessly form an opinion of another human being.
16:40 September 6, 2011 by Uncle

You surprise me for a native English speaker. When I ask you how many IMMIGRANTS get free housing, why would it be an invitation for you to speak about the original canadians? How are they related to immigrants? You know, children also get "free" housing in Canada as it is also completely unrelated to the topic.

Webster dictionary:

"Definition of ABORIGINE

an aboriginal inhabitant especially as contrasted with an invading or colonizing people."

I am not sure that this definition would cause disagreement among the original inhabitants of Canada.

As for "love all and get love back", I have a strong feeling that you had some argument in regards to the foreign impact on ones cultures and trying to pull the conversation to that old argument.

Why should do I HAVE to love everyone who comes to live nearby? Why do I HAVE to do it? I am not saying to hate anyone, but let's also not get into loving nirvana and run and dance naked on the streets, while singing and making love to strangers…

Let's be a bit reasonable also and see the situation as it is. Let's understand that there are cultures that admire education and there are those who admire religion… There are those who want to integrate and those who want others to become like them. The only lowest denominator is that everyone wants to have all the components in the base of pyramid of needs. Provide it and that is it.

No one disturbs anyone. No one needs to become like anyone else. No one is demanded to "share cultural differences". If you like it - be my guest. If others like to live in their little village with the same surroundings and life as it was 300 years ago, why does he not have a right to do that? Because it is "not good" according to jacquelinee? Because jacquelinee thinks that it will be better to shove half a million muslims in the farthest and most homogenic communities for the purpose of education for these "dumb" swedes how wonderful Ramadan is? Are you kidding? Will THIS cause to reduction of racism? For real?
16:54 September 6, 2011 by Streja
Jacqui, the ones you're arguing with are not Swedes. I agree with you on many points here and I'm Swedish.

Oh, and the vikings did not have horns on helmets at all. That's a 19th century thing invented by nationalist Germans. A lot of Swedes don't know that and because tourists like buying silly hats in Gamla Stan people will continue to believe so.
17:18 September 6, 2011 by Token-not-found
@ Streja

"Jacqui, the ones you're arguing with are not Swedes. I agree with you on many points here and I'm Swedish. "

That's a pretty weak argument, mass immigrations happens all over Europe , Sweden's zeal in taking in the most muslims is unique though.
17:23 September 6, 2011 by bramblebush
How do you say, "Pack a traveling suitcase. We are deporting you and your family" in arabic? That should be the only arabic a police officer should learn.....
18:30 September 6, 2011 by jacquelinee
@ Uncle post # 62

"Why should do I HAVE to love everyone who comes to live nearby?" You don't have to love them, befriend them talk to them or even look at the. You absolutely don't. But as long as they are have the ability to pay their rent or morgage, their taxes, do not push their beliefs on you, what right do you have to tell them where they can or cannot live? Lets turn the tables. Why should they HAVE to live where you think they should? Who made you the Neighbourhood Lord? Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, they have no interest whatsoever in speaking to your sorry, bigoted behind either?

"If others like to live in their little village with the same surroundings and life as it was 300 years ago, why does he not have a right to do that?"

For sure if you want to live in antiquity , more power to ya! But you better watch what you ask for Unc. or you might find youself sitting all alone on a hill somewhere rubbing two sticks together to start a fire while the rest of the world has passed you by and is at the party you never got an invite to.
19:18 September 6, 2011 by Streja
token, please stop arguing for my sake. I am perfectly able to defend my own country from enemies. You are my enemy.

Jacqui, exactly. I find it quite funny that he talks about 300 years ago as well. Many of those villagers left for the US. He doesn't know history or Sweden.
20:31 September 6, 2011 by jacquelinee
I there is a huge difference between faith, belief, spirituality and organised religion.

If you look at the history of organised religion, it is swimming in blood and littered with destruction and the corpses of the murdered. Think of the Spanish Inquisition, The Crusades, the demise of the Aztecs and Incas (although gold was the basic incentive there), but wealth surely is a can be a driving force behind organised religion.

Do you think The Vatican has so much gold, jewels and valuable artwork because the priests were miners and artists or craftsmen in their spare time? Religion teaches that giving up worldly riches helps gain you a ticket to the good life in the hereafter.

But it´s possesssion sure doesn't seem to bother the people in high places within whatever religion you choose to look at. They seem to be getting along, just fine and giving themselves a pretty good cut of the tithes, offerings and relinquished "shed" riches. If you want to talk about religions of evil, take a long hard look at your own as well and maybe you will think it better if you just shut up.

The distance between the purity of original spiritual thought to it's evolution into organised religion is infinite light years apart.
20:55 September 6, 2011 by Uncle

"Why should they HAVE to live where you think they should?"

Because they get it for FREE!!! FREE.. Oh sorry, I pay for it - that is why!

I want the government to be cost effective when they give away my taxes. That is why.

And who said that I want to live in a village? I want to prevent from people like you to start throwing the budget of this country on some ridiculous expensive projects by building free villas for refugees in small communities. Because it is not cost effective and in fact a sort of forcing these family oriented ethnicities to be ripped apart, while awaking negative reactions in these communities. Good reason?

And if you consider daughter circumcision, 4 wives, honour killings and burning of cars for fun as an indicator of progress, I prefer to stay in the regressed past...


"Jacqui, the ones you're arguing with are not Swedes. I agree with you on many points here and I'm Swedish"

"Many of those villagers left for the US. He doesn't know history or Sweden."

Streja. I really tried to disregard whatever you are spending your time on by pressing them buttons on the keyboard, but here it comes.

What, Streja? WHAT? What is that you would like, Streja? What is it that you know about me, or my past, or my knowledge? Why would you think that if you are swedish, I or anyone else does not have a right for an opinion that may, just may benefit Sweden?

Do you have any argument, or do you want to sit and express prejudiced opinions from a side? If it is former, nothing worth arguing so far was expressed by you. If it is the latter, why would you bother? Why?
21:55 September 6, 2011 by Token-not-found
@ #69

I am an atheist and i pretty much despise any religion, but your post is that of a zealot.

You only talk about the atrocities of christianity while ignoring the muslim atrocieties (in my opinion much worse).

You lack any intellectual honesty or integrity, you are a petty political activist.

You don't have any integrity, you don't care about truth, you seek to distort it if it is not beneficial to your needs.

@ Streja

I won't argue with multikulti extremists , anything i would say would be in vain, it's like trying to explain and provide proof to a christian fundamentalist the earth isn't flat or 2000 years old.

You people refuse to consider any other viewpoint than your own.
22:55 September 6, 2011 by Nora
You should be kidding! i can't believe this.
23:00 September 6, 2011 by jacquelinee
@ Token-not-found

You obviously only heard what you wanted to. I said "If you look at the history of organised religion, it is swimming in blood and littered with destruction and the corpses of the murdered....................within whatever religion you choose to look at. ." The previous poster sited Islam as evil. I was pointing out that Evil can be found in ALL organised religion not only Christianity. I am a Christian myself, but I can certainly see the flaws in it and the hypocrisy in places, as well as the basic truths and principals of good. I also am aware and ashamed of those moments when blood was shed in the name of Christianity (which is totally againts the core of Christian teaching) and not hypocritical enough to piously pretend it is not there. I certainly did not need to point out Muslim atrocities as so many posters here have already repeatedly done that previously.

I am merely saying Take a look back in your own backyard and see the dead bodies lying there before you count the ones in your neighbours. Organised religion, ALL organised religion has an ugly history as well as a holy one.

I am no zealot, no political activist. I could care less about politics. Most governments are corrupt, Sweden less than most, but my involvement as a political activist is none. I find it almost humorous that someone would think I am an activist by how little I actually give a crap about politics.

You say I have no integrity, and don't care about the truth. I am sorry you feel that way. The truth, honesty and fairness to anyone wrongly targeted is exactly what I care very passionately about, no matter who they are or where they are from.

I think it is wrong and unfair to expect Swedish police to have to learn Arabic. There are plenty of people living in Malmö who can speak the language of Arabic, who can be trained and hired to be police officers (Swedish speaking) who can act as a translator, since their appears to be a need for this in areas that have been encouraged to become Arabic communities within Sweden.
12:01 September 7, 2011 by Streja
UNCLE, you are not qualified to comment on Swedish society is what I am saying. You show no knowledge of Swedish history or current affairs.
16:48 September 7, 2011 by burlison
This is the problem: my wife was at a hospital and had a muslim doctor. The doctor was very nice, very helpful but he was completely freaked out at my wife breastfeeding a baby. The guy was a doctor! It was sad that there was such a profound issue separating a doctor and patient - any people, really - from interacting freely. If our differences, and by our I'm defining it as westerners from the judeo-christian tradition and muslims, are so profound, how can we ever expect to live co-exist.
17:08 September 7, 2011 by Token-not-found
Some people gave here examples of multicultural successes Canada when asked of 1 successful European multicultural country.

Canada, America, Nz, Au were constructed on multicultural grounds , these countries, in their very fundation hold fundamental differences to the nation states of Europe, the situation is not compatible or comparable.

With that in mind, even in those countries it failed, in America i know for certain, most non-whites live in ghettos and in poor communities. The vast majority of them, don't use a few counter examples, they are worth nothing from a sociological view. How the vast majority lives is important.

It is also scientifically proven that multiculturalism causes social distrust, lower community cohesion , lower productivity, lower GDP, less charity etc. in a given community.

The other things that are not like the high crime rates and general decay and anxiety don't need to be proven, they are quantifiable facts.

There can be segregated white multiculturalism in Europe, Switzerland is proof of that.

But non-segregated multiracial multiculturalism cannot happen in Europe.

I mean it can, but by all indications would be the very opposite of success.
18:47 September 7, 2011 by Uncle

And who is the qualification committee? You? Are you absolutely positive that sitting on forums of English issued news site with such an attitude is the right place for you? Why not bless the Aftonbladet readers with your brilliance and leave the "immigrant" forums alone?

And before you leave, could you please be so kind as to provide proof of my ignorance to the Swedish history or current affairs which extreme levels disqualifies me to express an opinion accordingly to you? Oh, sorry, you don't want to to COMMENT in regards to the above issues.

Interesting. Even with my limited historical knowledge, these tendencies are common more in North Korea, rather than Sweden.

Such a basic thing should be clear even to the master of history and the current affairs as Streja.
18:53 September 9, 2011 by imnokuffar
You Swedes are really being taken for a
09:22 September 11, 2011 by sjuttiosjusköterskorpåsjukhuset
Malmö is copying what police do in the states with "Spanish.' Mexicans live in ghettos and rundown barrios and neighborhoods of cities and towns. It's possible in these barrios for illegal aliens and migrants to live in the states for decades without ever knowing a word of English. The State of New Mexico even has two official languages: English and 'Spanish.' These Mexicans never have to acculturate or assimilate into mainstream American society. They open their own businesses and hire their own kind. This is NOT the objective of multiculturalism. And it's NOT that these Mexicans are discriminated against: They hold racist beliefs themselves and harbor no acceptance of multiculturalism despite the fact that being a Mexican is being of a mixed heritage of Spanish and Native American Indian. Sweden will continue to be overrun with Muslim communities that refuse to acculturate and assimilate just like our Mexicans here in the southwestern U.S. Pandering and catering to people like this will only exacerbate more problems. The police in Malmö are only making matters worse by playing into the hands of a non-assimilationist community. Just what exactly were Swedish policymakers thinking when they permitted tens of thousands of Muslims to immigrate into Sweden? Of all the groups of people who are so culturally opposite of Swedes: Sweden only has itself to blame for this failed immigration.
15:50 September 14, 2011 by Scansson
Is this for real?

We all know it's supposed to be the other way around.

I wonder how many 'cops' will actually 'volunteer' until it becomes mandatory, come to think of it, until ALL the Scandinavian Nationals 'KRAVS' the lingo and culture courses.

I suppose if anyone goes to live in their country, they will of course be more than willing to do the same as Sweden?

But, of course this will help the cops to understand the Criminals' excuse that it's all done out of the 'political' religion of destruction.
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Fury at plans that 'threaten the IB's survival' in Sweden
Analysis & Opinion
Are we just going to let half the country die?
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Why you should 'grab a chair' on Stockholm's tech scene
Angry elk chases Swede up a lamp post
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Swedish for programmers: 'It changed my life'
The Local Voices
'Alienation in Sweden feels better: I find myself a stranger among scores of aliens'
People-watching: October 20th
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Top 7 tips to help you learn Swedish
The Local Voices
A layover at Qatar airport brought this Swedish-Kenyan couple together - now they're heading for marriage
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‘Extremism can't be defeated on the battlefield alone’
Swede punches clown that scared his grandmother
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Stockholm: creating solutions to global challenges
Fans throw flares and enter pitch in Swedish football riot
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Why you should 'grab a chair' on Stockholm's tech scene
Could Swedish blood test solve 'Making a Murderer'?
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Where is the Swedish music industry heading?
Swedish school to build gender neutral changing room
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One expat's strategy for making friends in Stockholm
People-watching: October 14th-16th
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Nordic fashion in focus at Stockholm University
Man in Sweden assaulted by clowns with broken bottle
Nobel Prize 2016: Literature
Watch the man who discovered Bob Dylan react to his Nobel Prize win
Record numbers emigrating from Sweden
People-watching: October 12th
The Local Voices
'Swedish startups should embrace newcomers' talents - there's nothing to fear'
How far right are the Sweden Democrats?
The Local Voices
Syria's White Helmets: The Nobel Peace Prize would have meant a lot, but pulling a child from rubble is the greatest reward
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