Dentist interupts op due to ‘personal problems’

Dentist interupts op due to 'personal problems'
A dentist in Halmstad in western Sweden called off an operation to remove a patient's wisdom tooth citing personal problems, despite having already made an incision in the woman's gum.

The woman went to her dentist back in August 2010 for the removal of a troublesome wisdom tooth which had not yet broken through the gum, according to a report in the local Hallandsposten daily.

She was placed under anaesthetic and the dentist began the operation by making an incision in her mouth. The dentist at this point interrupted the ongoing operation, only to tell his patient that he would not be continuing.

By way of explanation, the dentist told the woman that as he was experiencing “personal problems” at home he was unable to concentrate and thus could not continue.

He then proceeded to sew up the incision in her mouth and completed the procedure without extracting her wisdom tooth.

The woman was left unsatisfied with her treatment and has decided to file a report of the matter to the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) alleging malpractice.

There are no further details on whether the woman has since successfully had her wisdom tooth removed.

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