Greens back Moderate Party cooperation

Greens back Moderate Party cooperation
A vast majority of leading Green Party municipal and county councillors would consider forming a government with either the Moderates and the Social Democrats, according to a new survey by the Dagens Samhälle daily.

According to Green Party secretary Anders Wallner, many within the party have re-evaluated their views of the Moderate Party.

Only one-fifth of respondents to the survey ruled out ruling with the Moderates.

“Given that there are so many different majorities around the country where we are in power, I’m not surprised that our full-time politicians are open to collaboration with both the Social Democrats and the Moderates,” Wallner said.

“There is a broad consensus in the party that we are not going to be a fifth Alliance party, but also that the red-green cooperation has been concluded and that we should be an independent political force.”

Many in the Green Party have reassessed their view of the Moderate Party, according to Wallner. But at the same time there is too much in the Alliance government’s policies that deviate from the Green Party’s policies, he cautioned.

“We are happy to pursue cross-bloc agreements on specific issues, but to become part of the Alliance government is not an on the agenda for us. This policy is very far from the policy we want to conduct in Sweden,” he said.

Neither of the party’s spokespersons were willing to comment on the survey.

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