Tropical hurricane heading for Sweden

Dramatic weather is to be expected along Sweden's coast, as the remains of tropical hurricane Katia reaches Sweden in the beginning of next week.

Tropical hurricane heading for Sweden

Katia, a Class 1-hurricane on a five-point scale, is predicted to hit the British Isles in the beginning of the week, and from there move on to Sweden on Monday or Tuesday.

The worst of the storm looks to have petered out by the time it reaches Swedish shores, however.

“No hurricane-strength winds will remain when Katia comes here,” reassured Emil Björck, meteorologist at meteorological institute SMHI, to news agency TT.

“There may be gale winds on Swedish waters, and hard wind along the coast, but it looks as though Norway will be receiving most of the rain,” said Björck.

Tropical cyclones heading for Sweden is not quite as unusual as it might sound.

“Actually, it happens every now and then. But they rarely arrive as fully-fledged hurricanes. They usually die out pretty quickly when they reach the colder waters of the north Atlantic,” explained Björck.

After last week’s hurricane Irene, Katia is the eleventh named Atlantic storm this season.

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