Swedish bank bans sneakers

Swedish bank bans sneakers
A manager at Swedish bank Handelsbanken has demanded "proper attire" from his staff, enforcing a total ban on sneakers even on "casual Friday", according to a report from the Realtid.se website.

In a mail sent to staff, Per Elcar, head of a division of Handelsbanken Capital Markets, referred to the end of the summer and explained his decision to enforce a stricter dress code.

“We all have different ways to keep us alert mentally… but to create a base level and to develop a common value system we have decided to have rules for how we dress at work,” Per Elcar wrote in his mail, published in full on Realtid.se.

Elcar underlined that the division “works in a competitive environment” and identified sneakers as the item of clothing which should stay out of the office at all times, even on “casual Fridays”.

Elcar confirmed to Realtid.se that he had sent the mail.

“I think it comes across clearly that you should have decent clothes,” he said.

Elcar continued to develop his idea of what constitutes “decent clothing” by ruling out jeans and calling for a shirt, “or something similar for women, a pair of nice trousers and a pair of shoes which suit”.

These rules are to be enforced immediately and would apply on Monday to Thursday, with some relaxation of the dress code on Friday.

“On Fridays it is a question of nice jeans and a polo shirt is okay, but keep it neat. Sneakers you can leave at home even on Fridays,” he advised.

When asked by Realtid.se how he dressed on “casual Fridays”, the 49-year-old from Täby replied:

“I always have the same thing on me: suit, shirt and tie.”

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