Conductor nearly tossed from moving train

A man travelling without a ticket on a train in southern Sweden has been arrested after trying to throw a conductor from the moving train.

Conductor nearly tossed from moving train

A man travelling on a train between Kristianstad and Bromölla in Southern Sweden, tried to throw the conductor off the train as he was caught without a ticket.

The aggravated man was travelling in the company of a woman on a train between Kristianstad and Bromölla when a female conductor asked to see his ticket around 12:40am Thursday morning.

Unable to produce a ticket, the man then became aggressive, putting the conductor in a choke hold.

He then managed to work the door open at which point he allegedly tried to toss her from the train, which was travelling at about 70 kilometres per hour at the time of the incident.

While the man’s attempt to throw the conductor off the train failed, and he and his companion managed to escape from the train, the incident angered union officials.

“This was the last straw,” said Jonas Pincini, club president at the Service and Communications Union for the Öresundstågen train line, to the local Sydsvenskan newspaper.

“This is about a colleague who could have died.”

The conductor was later brought to hospital, where she was doing fine considering the circumstances, Anneli Evers, spokesperson for rail operator DSB First, told Sydsvenskan.

Support groups of different kinds are now assisting affected personnel, and the two conductors on board the train, as well as the driver, were taken out of service.

The assault was reported to police, and on Thursday evening the man was arrested in his home on suspicion of aggrivated assault, Christer Nilsson at Kristiansstad police told local newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad.

In the wake of the incident, both the union and the safety representatives have met with officials from DSB First to discuss workplace safety issues.

According to Jonas Gadd, a safety officer with DSB First, the company presented seven different measures, only two of which were even considered.

“We’ve really not agreed on anything so far,” Gadd told Sydsvenskan, “and that’s why we now have put in a safety stop (skyddsstopp) effective immediately.”

The safety stop means that until a decision is made, the conductors will no longer be checking tickets on the trains of Öresundstågen.

The decision is now being investigated by Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket).

“We’re taking this incident very seriously,” said Anneli Evers, spokesperson for DSB First.

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