‘Missing’ toddler fools Swedish police

A 2-year-old girl was found safe and well in her bed in a happy end to a massive police search in response to fears that she has disappeared from her home in Sjöbo in southern Sweden on Saturday.

“The girl was asleep under the blankets when the dog jumped up on the bed and started barking,” said Helena Ralmark at Skåne police to the local Ystads Allehanda daily.

The girl was reported missing while her parents were busy cleaning their home in the rural town of Sjöbo in central Skåne.

The mother reported seeing a shadow pass by the window and when little girl could not be located in the house, the alarm was sounded.

The child was unclothed at the time and as it was a cold day in Sjöbo the police gave the case a high priority and initiated a massive search operation.

The more than 60 police officers, a helicopter, and sniffer dogs that joined in the hunt on Saturday were joined by a number of local residents eager to help in any way that they could as the news of the girl’s “disappearance” spread around the neighbourhood.

The search continued for several hours before the police dog found the girl sleeping, peacefully in her bed.

The police concluded that the girl must have moved around the house during the search, evading detection and seemingly engaging in a game of hide and seek.

“It’s a little curious that she managed to move around while so many participated in the search. She must have been very careful,” Helena Ralmark said.

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