Fine weather aids oil spill clean-up

Clean-up work following the oil spill off Sweden's west coast was helped by good weather conditions, and on Saturday evening roughly 35 tonnes of oil had been taken out of the water at Tjörn, an island north of Gothenburg.

Fine weather aids oil spill clean-up

As operations to extract the oil continue, the Swedish Coast Guard (Kustbevakningen – KBV) are investigating when they received the alarm about the shipping accident by Jylland.

In total, KBV have collected around 390-395 tonnes of oil at Tjörn, and other nearby islands, since the clean-up was initiated roughly a week ago. The work continued at full speed on Saturday.

“We haven’t had this good weather since the operation started, with little wind and not much waves. This makes it easier to extract oil,” said Kalle Isaksson, press officer att KBV in Gothenburg, to the TT news agency.

Saturday’s operation saw some 15 boats and 80-90 people from KBV involved in the clean-up process. Areas around the nearby Rossö and the Koster Archipelago have now been searched with the help of police helicopter.

“We’re now completely convinced that there is no oil there,” said Isaksson.

The oil is believed to come from a collision between two ships, which occurred on September 10 west of the Danish peninsula Jylland.

Danish officials have reported that they informed Sweden and Norway on the day of the collision, wrote newspaper Dagens Nyheter. KBV have stated that they were not informed until four days later, the day before the oil reached Swedish shores.

KBV are now attempting to clarify when, and how, information of the oil leak reached them.

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Oil spill cleanup after train hits garbage bin

Several hundred litres of oil leaked out of a commuter train in Lerum outside Gothenburg after it drove over a garbage bin that police suspect could have been deliberately placed on the tracks.

Oil spill cleanup after train hits garbage bin

According to the emergency services in Gothenburg, between 500 and 600 litres of oil spilled from the train after it hit an object in the early hours of Sunday.

“We are on the ground working with a decontamination firm,” Lars Jostelius of the emergency services told local newspaper Göteborgs Posten (GP) on Sunday morning.

Initially, local police did not want to specify what kind of object it was, but said they were not ruling out sabotage. In other words, one person or a group of people could have deliberately placed the object on the tracks.

The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) later confirmed that the object was a garbage bin.

Incidents where an object is placed on train tracks are labelled “infrastructure sabotage” by the Transport Administration.

The fact that someone could have deliberately placed the garbage bin on the tracks is regarded as very serious, said the Transport Administration.

“There could be serious accidents and there are costs involved for society when a train is stalled and has to be repaired,” Bodil Sonesson, a Swedish Transport Administration spokeswoman, told news agency TT.

There were no passengers on board the train when it hit the garbage bin and no reported injuries.

The train traffic was confined to a single track while the leaking train was being removed in an extensive cleanup operation.

This led to delays of between 10 and 15 minutes up until lunchtime on Sunday.

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