Swedish lobster nets new record price

Swedish lobster nets new record price
The first five lobster of the season reached a record price of 31,600 kronor ($4,640) at auction in Gothenburg on Tuesday morning and will go one sale in stores in Gothenburg and Stockholm.

“I think we have reached a peak,” said Mats Eriksson at Bröderna Hanssons fish shop.

The first lobster catch of last season netted a price of 7,300 kronor per kilogramme.

“This is a fantastic product from the sea and there are less on offer this year,” explained Henrik Svenberg, chair of fishing industry group, Sveriges Fiskares Riksförbund.

Hanssons Fisk in Gothenburg were the buyers of the first lobster and CEO Benjamin Ajo told the news agency TT that the crustaceans will be put on sale in three stores – Feskarbröderna on Nordstadstorget and Frölunda torg in Gothenburg, and Dagslivs on St.Eriksgatan in Stockholm.

Around 50 black lobster with tied with claws bound together were lined up in wooden and plastic boxes at the auction.

“First is always first, said Mats Eriksson, marketing manager at Bröderna Hanssons, on what is so special about the first lobsters.”

When asked how high they had been prepared to go, Eriksson replied:

“That was nothing we had discussed, but we probably would have gone a bit further. Though it probably would have been desirable had it been much like last year.”

In 2010 the first lobsters came in at 7,300 kronor per kilogramme.

Eriksson believes that this year’s record price will prove to be a peak in the market.

“I think we have reached the top. It’ll be hard to beat this – 31,600 kronor is a lot of money. Let’s hope that it will be cheaper next year.”

The opening salvo of the lobster fishing season was sounded at 7am on Monday morning and Tuesday is the first auction day.

Lobster fishing is permitted up to April 30th 2012.

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