58 million for Sweden’s most expensive flat

58 million for Sweden's most expensive flat
Spanning 450 square metres, with rooftop terrace and sweeping balcony, a newly converted flat in Östermalm, Stockholm and set to go on the market for 58 million kronor ($8.4 million) could set an all time high.

If you compare it to New York or Nice it might not raise many eye brows, but for a flat in Stockholm this is a price tag rarely seen. But eastate agent Siv Kraft who will try to sell the new luxury loft starting mid-October, said it could have been higher.

“The price per square metre isn’t actually very high,” she told The Local, “but if nobody is willing to pay that price it will be split up into several flats.”

The space is prepared, but not finished. It will have straight walls to make better use of the space, which is rare for lofts, and a raised ceiling, with a private elevator taking you straight into the heart of the palatial accomodation.

Whoever wants to buy the flat will be given the opportunity to tailor the 450 square metres to fit their personal preferences.

“They will get the blueprint and a description, and then everything can be changed to fit their needs,” Kraft explained. “I hope we’ll find a buyer with the need for a large space, but who doesn’t want to move to a house outside the city. There aren’t very many big flats like this.”

In May the Affärsvärlden business daily listed the 10 most expensive flats in Sweden, all of them to be found in Stockholm.

If Siv Kraft manages to secure the asking price for this flat it will claim top position, making a 560 square metre, 45 million kronor flat also in Östermalm runner-up, followed by nine others ranging from 27.5 million down to 13.

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