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Fatal beating an 'execution': prosecutor

TT/The Local/dl · 5 Oct 2011, 11:00

Published: 05 Oct 2011 11:00 GMT+02:00

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“It doesn't get any more brutal than this. It was an execution, plain and simple,” said prosecutor Markus Hankkio to the Aftonbladet newspaper.

The inmate, named in the Swedish media as 28-year-old Erik Ljungström, was being escorted from his cell in the Flemingsberg remand centre, south of Stockholm, to the elevator by two guards around 11am on Monday morning.

Ljungström has a long criminal past, including convictions for attempted murder and assault, and was in remand after being arrested in August 2011 on suspicion of attempted murder and arson.

Due to the danger he posed, officials at the jail had decided that two guards should be present to supervise any transfers of Ljungström to or from his cell, the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper reported.

But when Ljungström came out of the elevator, he was alone with the 24-year-old guard, while her closest colleague sat in an observation tower, one floor above.

“I've seen the surveillance film,” prosecutor Hankkio told Aftonbladet.

When the female guard opened the door out to the exercise area, located on the roof of the facility, she was attacked from behind, a source told the newspaper.

After knocking the 159 centimetre (5 ft. 3 in.) guard to the ground, Ljungström stood over the woman and continued to deliver punch after punch.

“We're talking about extreme blows to her head,” said Hankkio.

Witnessing the savage beating, another female guard rushed to her colleague's aid, armed with a baton.

But she was unable to overpower Ljungström, who instead managed to wrestle away the would-be rescuer's weapon and use it to continue his ruthless attack.

Only when a male guard arrived on the scene did Ljungström stop beating the female guard.

She was later rushed to hospital, but died a short time later.

Despite the prosecutor's claims being backed by surveillance camera footage, officials from Sweden's Prison and Probation Service (Kriminalvården) maintain that Ljungström was continuously escorted by two guards.

“She wasn't the only staff member in the exercise yard,” the agency's regional head, Gunilla Ternert, said during a press conference on Monday.

Family members of the deceased guard are highly critical of the remand centre in the wake of the fatal beating.

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“To put her, a 159-centimetre tall and unarmed woman, alone with a dangerous inmate....I don't know what to say. I don't have words,” the female guard's brother told Aftonbladet.

While there was a memorial service for the slain guard at the Flemingsberg remand centre on Tuesday, members of her family weren't invited.

“They haven't contacted us at all,” said the brother.

In addition, chief prosecutor Stefan Bergman decided on Tuesday to launch a preliminary investigation into suspected dereliction of duty as a result of what happened at the jail.

TT/The Local/dl (news@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

12:08 October 5, 2011 by rouzi
what is this man doing in the prison? Somebody who gets so mad should be kept in as mental hospital or somewhere similar to cure.
12:25 October 5, 2011 by Roy E
When gender equality and relativism take precedence over reality, one should not be too surprised by such tragic stories. This guard is another martyr to political correctness.
12:57 October 5, 2011 by Kemi
@Roy E

Exactly! With one female staff missing, I wonder if the prison will now work harder to fill their gender quota for future employment.
13:12 October 5, 2011 by Central European
Quotas victim definitely.

The other woman rushed to help just to give a weapon to attacker.

Too sad, too illustrative result of having staff balanced by gender elsewhere.

I really doubt, that firewoman can transport 80-100 kg old lady from house in fire but they have to be in staff couse rationality loss the battle with correctness already.
14:08 October 5, 2011 by Åskar
@rouzi, He was going through an evaluation of his mental status, but the hospital thought he was too dangerous to handle so he was shipped back to gaol (not prison).

And can someone, please, tell the prosecutor - and loads of other people - that "execution" (as well as the Swedish word "avrättning") means the killing of a person who has been found guilty of some heinous crime by a court of law. This is a plain murder.
14:28 October 5, 2011 by DAVID T
I'll say it againl as sad as it is I'm not suprised - Feminists want equal rights and they are then entitled to do jobs that a man should have been doing. Sh*t happens I'm afraid
15:52 October 5, 2011 by jacquelinee
Erik Ljungström (28 years of age, pathetic!) murdered this guard, plain and simple. It is my opinion that a female prision guard should be in a female prison. It has nothing to do with equality...it has to do with logistics. Most women (159 cm?) simply to do not have the same strength or muscle mass men do.

I notice there is no big "feeding frenzy" on the comments here about his ethnicity or that he should be thrown out of Sweden, and that he is a woman hater, and blah, blah, blah. Wonder why? Erik Ljungström. Isn't that an good, old, ethnic Swedish name?

" Ljungström has a long criminal past, including convictions for attempted murder and assault, and was in remand after being arrested in August 2011 on suspicion of attempted murder and arson." Really? I thought it was all those "outsiders" who were the problem. I must have been listening to Migga and Jostein too long, my mistake. Funny how the "usual" posters seem to be conspicuosly silent and absent from this thread. Hmm? Selective outrage I guess.

Get the boat ready to ship him out! What's the solution for one criminal should be the same solution for another regardless of their "name".
16:01 October 5, 2011 by rise
Yes, this is happening because Sweden has become a place where women are expected to behave like males, and vice versa, without any problems. "Jämställdhets-kampen" has gone way too far!

In the name of the feminist's "justice" a young woman now has payed with her life..! :-(
16:18 October 5, 2011 by jacquelinee
@ rise etc.

If this was not such a terrible, terribly sad story, these comments would be almost laughable. If this evil murderer had been an immigrant it would have been mayhem on here. It would have been a lynch mob! But it was not....so now it is the feminists to blame...NOT the SICK: MURDERING swedish criminal! Talk about double standards. I can NOT believe it! Sure.... the circumstances were questionable and mistakes were made. But lets not side track the issue and blame the poor murdered woman, or women in general. PUT THE BLAME WHERE IT SHOULD BE! ON THE MURDERER, even if just happened to be a Swede!!!!!!!
16:30 October 5, 2011 by Roy E

It seems so silly to have to state the obvious to you, but if the murderer is not in Sweden as a result of some sort of social engineering experiment, there is no argument that can be made that this tragedy was unnecessarily imported into the nation. Hence there is no mayhem regarding imported crime in this thread.

Give up your attempt to hijack the thread. It's ridiculous.
16:35 October 5, 2011 by rybo1
I´ve been here many years and the allowance of mentally ill people to go about as they will is absurd. How many have been attacked, bludgeoned, stabbed or thrown on the tracks by a nutter, hearing voices, directed by God or have major political problems?

This monster belonged in a cracker factory not a jail. From his past history it should have been obvious. My country, Sweden, has a lot of reassessing to do. And yes, thank god the murderer wasn't, like myself, an immigrant.
17:22 October 5, 2011 by ctinej
All prison guards fire and police people should be 6' and 180lbs minimum!! To hell with being politically correct or nondiscriminatory. Lives are lost this way and we read about it every day. AND I'm not just talking of the police lives, but the offenders as well. We dont let dumb people be surgeons, just to satisfy an equal opportunity!!! Life isn't fair. Deal with it.

Death should NOT be the punishment fo being belligerent and drunk, But when a 200lb drunk comes at a 5' 100lb cop who has her gun, what happens?...., The little cop shoots and kills the big drunk guy as the only defense.

Want to be incapacitated and in a house fire. If you are 200lbs and the firefighter is 100lbs, you are going to die!!
17:48 October 5, 2011 by rybo1
Added comment. My deepest sympathies to the officer who was killed and to her family. I'm a believer in God and may God comfort all of you in some way.
18:16 October 5, 2011 by Token-not-found
There would be much more outrage if he was an immigrant because the state would have brought him there.

If it's home grown, too bad, you can't do anything bout it.

An immigrant doing this would cause much more outrage because he was brought to Sweden by conscious choice.

Each society has these kinds of criminals , but when you invite him in your country it's normal that the outrage should be much bigger.

It's that simple, common sense.
18:50 October 5, 2011 by jostein

What a coincidence that the press print his name 1 day after the incident? If this aint proof of the hatered the press has to swedes then i dont know what is.
19:13 October 5, 2011 by jacquelinee
@ Token-not-found

Lets see if I have this straight.........

If a "foreign" Swedish criminal murders a female security guard, is a huge outrage because he, after all, is an import.

If an "ethnic" Swedish criminal murders a female security guard, it is unfortunate but, he IS, after all, family and it really IS women's fault, for being so foolish as to think they are in a position of being equal to men.

OK! Got it!
20:28 October 5, 2011 by storstark
the local should really remove the comments function from their stories... honestly the drivel that people can spout...
20:38 October 5, 2011 by Mark S.
Think more carefully about the problem: The problem was not that the guard had the wrong genitalia. It was that the total number of guards were not sufficient to physically subdue the prisoner when he began his attack. A 159 cm MAN would have had the same problem -- one-on-one against a larger adversary who did not care about the consequences.

ctinej alludes to this point, but still manages to get it wrong: Firefighters and prison guards work in groups, not as individuals. I don't care how tall they are or how much they weigh. I care whether they can perform the task at hand. Prison guards especially cannot rely on their size and strength because the prisoners are also big and strong.

( b.t.w. I don't care how drunk you are -- if you attack a police officer, you should expect to get shot. )
20:53 October 5, 2011 by jostein

Unlike your enlightened and all knowing posts, of course? We are so fortunate that you grace us with your wisdom. Humble thanx that you wasted your time on the likes of us.
21:04 October 5, 2011 by The Grand Master
The problem is nothing to do with what sex the guards are. The problem is that a vicious evil piece of scum like Erik Ljungström is not moved whilst in chains and dragged by his throat from A to B. The solution to his future behaviour is simple. An electric chair. I'll gladly throw the switch.

21:30 October 5, 2011 by johnoleson
An old proverb "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", fits this situation. A large, muscular, self assured guard would generally not have been attacked because he would not have been perceived as a weak link.

@storstark #17 Without the readers input, the news articles from The Local would be boring, biased, and unchallenged thus reducing readership.
21:32 October 5, 2011 by Token-not-found

At this point you are either a good (but misguided) person that cares about discrimination or a someone wearing that guise and manipulating for your own political gain. I can't tell since i don't know you personally.

But you are putting words in my mouth and supporting the feminist scope and this points me towards no. 2.

You see, discrimination can be either unjustified (no proof) or justified (proof).

You don't seem to be able to make that distinction.

Because of people like you scientific progress is being held back, fields like physical anthropology or sociobiology aren't even available for study.

You know, my parents and grandparents lived under totalitarian communism (your dream) and it wasn't pretty.

Everything from the daily necessary ration of food (for work function) to social sciences were forbidden. (not to mention that lights were off after the evening, the secret police that would kill you/your family for speaking out or thinking different, only propaganda movies were allowed and shows , in short -- support the party line or you are dead, anything different from the party line would get you incarcerated or killed)

I don't want to go back, communism won't bring into the equation human nature and will even deny such a thing exists at all, so it will fail , hard.

If you really care about equality and fairness you will abandon feminism because it has nothing to to do equality between genders.

I shouldn't even care since my culture is dozens of years distance from being threatened by feminism or multiculturalism (Eastern Europe).

But i do love the nordic cultures with a passion and i am part nordic myself and don't want to see them go extinct.

It hurts me to see i care more for the nordic homelands (and can't gain access to them) than the full flledged nordics.
22:23 October 5, 2011 by rise
It's simple really (even though jacquelinee seems to take things personally) - it is a LOT harder to fear a small female regardless of her uniform. I quote from the article:

"Only when a male guard arrived on the scene did Ljungström stop beating the female guard."

But go ahead and keep working for the goal of making small women into big and muscular men, and the other way around. Personally I'm just sick of the whole thing that is going on in Sweden, the thing of erasing differences between women and men as if any natural differences didn't even exist between the genders. But hey, why not employ some 145 cm 17 year old girl next time, only to make things even more fair and politically correct... That would put some fear and respect in these dangerous criminals!
22:43 October 5, 2011 by dizzymoe33
The same thing happened here earlier this year a female prison guard with no weapon but a radio was stabbed and beaten to death. And the worst thing is no one realized she was attacked and killed until several hours later. Now they are rewriting the procedures on how to handle prisoners. There should be at least two guards at all times I believe. But with all the cutbacks going on it is difficult. It is a shame that another life has been taken from this world.
00:32 October 6, 2011 by jacquelinee
@ Token-not-found I too have lived under a cruel dictatorship, of a different kind. I also know hatred. I know cruelty, violence, prejudice, and unfairness. But that is my own cross to bear, yet it has made me vehemently opposed to these things.

@ Token-not-found @ rise

This act of violence is a tradgedy. I am saddened and heartsick at this needless death. My post #7 said " It is my opinion that a female prision guard should be in a female prison. It has nothing to do with equality, it has to do with logistics. Most women (159 cm?) simply to do not have the same strength or muscle mass men do." It is just a matter of unequal distribution of strength.

I am not a feminist. I am a humanist. I believe all humans should be treated fairly and equally. If you are a decent, honest and fair human being, you should be treated decently, fairly and honestly. If you are a violent, unfair, cruel and dishonest human being, you deserve no respect and no fairness.

As far as being political..I could care less about politics. I am UNpolitical to a fault. But I can not stand bigotry, racism, persecution and unfairness, no matter who it is waged against.

Whenever something is "wrong" in this country (and many others too) there is an instantaneous assumption of who is to blame. That is unjust and it makes me sick. As I have said before. Human beings as a whole (in every different dynamic you can imagine) have good and bad individuals. Good is not exclusive to one and bad another. I make no assumptions until the truth comes out.

The North American Native people tell a story, The Elders to the children...

The elder says "Inside of you there are two wolves at war, fighting to posess you. One is evil and one is good. They are always at war and they fight till one drives the other out." The child asks the elder "But, which wolf will win, the evil one or the good?" The elder replies "The one that you choose to feed."

I try my best in life to feed the good wolf, by speaking out against things in the world that work that perpetuate evil, wherever or by whoever they come from. It may not make a difference at all to the world, but it makes a difference to the wolf that wins.
01:34 October 6, 2011 by shahislam
Now you get the Saudi king for administering Justice! Remenber the recent Norweigian killer? The time is perfect to amend some laws and make it International one standard under UN's supervision. Tit for tat justice for not encougaging crimes sometimes make good sense!

Let the head of the super power give the changing process a head start.

Without Balancing measures taken immediately (e.g. Re: Taxation, labor, compromised new social security, immigration policies etc.), the itching to work or doing some physical activities for money-the sane (un-smart?) middle class will keep feeling more frustrated and sick in the coming time!

And why the present US administration cannot do better in this regard than the hoped currently non-existent one?

There is a hidden North-American reality to begin to unfold from 2013, if some can make others realize how important clues for economic success or failure exist in the present forms of thoughts, plans of actions etc. of selected but non-identifiable, poorly wise human brain members of Western 'Think-Tank', super Committees etc.

The ingredients, in the light of New UN's or World's Economy, need to be replaced for youthful ideas and a fresh start with 'Balanced International Trades without fiscal deficits for every nations', no labor-unions but factory and construction jobs for millions of hard-working middle class US /North-American public/ people at minimum wages for producing even cheap small items-we import from elsewhere, no more bailouts of doomed to vanish giant Corporations or failing businesses (of Groups of few rich guys), etc.

It is all about money and comfort and not about humanly happiness and peace! So, there is very little for humanity to lose from an ensuing massive change in the World Economy.
02:30 October 6, 2011 by johnoleson
@ Shaw Islam

I'm not sure I understand what you're getting at. Are you calling for a totalitarian world order with the UN's arbitrary form of democracy and fairness at the helm dictating laws and penalties for the entire earth and running the world's economy? And this will usher in world peace and prosperity for all? This terrifies me.
09:25 October 6, 2011 by Twiceshy
Find some normal job, don't work in the prison, don't take freedom from people, prison didn't make anyone better and prison guards are not nice people, so, I am not surprised that someone attacks them.
09:38 October 6, 2011 by rise
@ jacquelinee

"My post #7 said " It is my opinion that a female prision guard should be in a female prison. It has nothing to do with equality, it has to do with logistics. Most women (159 cm?) simply to do not have the same strength or muscle mass men do.""

Yes, my apologies cause I'd actually missed that (I wrote mine just before going to bed). And I actually agree with these sentences of yours. Female guards in female prisons sounds fair enough.

This is so tragic an event and I really hope that now they're going to reshuffle the prison's staff crews to minimize the risk of it happening again. That said also with dizzymoe33's post #24 in mind.
10:40 October 6, 2011 by prince T
Migga n co were so obssesed with ethnic background. I am suprised they are yet to comment now. I knew he was not an immigrant bc TL was reluctant in releasing his ethnicity.
11:32 October 6, 2011 by jacquelinee
@ prince T

Exactly. So many "postser" are conspicuous by their absence here.
12:33 October 6, 2011 by Migga
@ prince T @ jacquelinee

What are you on about? I commented on the first article about this story on the local.


You are paranoid. Or do you want me to make a comment on every updated version of the same story the local does? What do you have against me do go after me personally and meantion my name? I`m definetly not obsessed with anyones ethnic background, but you sure seem to.
12:48 October 6, 2011 by Rick Methven

"What a coincidence that the press print his name 1 day after the incident? If this aint proof of the hatered the press has to swedes then i dont know what is."

What you really mean is that it is a pity that you and your fellow SD lowlife are unable to make any political gain from this. In fact another blow to your false statistics
12:55 October 6, 2011 by jostein
@Rick Methven

Im not SD. If I were I would be kicked out as many ethnic nationalists have been. If im a lowlife, well, I guess it is in the eye of the beholder. Personally i read some form of criminality into the term. But then my command of english might be wanting?

What I mean is that the press gleefully print name and picture of any swedish suspected criminal. While they drag their feet as much as they can when it comes to name and picture of colonists that misbehave. This trend is extreme and it takes a fanatic not to notice it.
15:55 October 6, 2011 by hjoian
Well,im sorry for this families loss. She should never have been in that position. Maybe it is a case of equal rights gone wrong, but thats for the Swedes to decide. What a waste. Im sure the prisoner is getting some good counseling after his terrible outburst.
22:52 October 6, 2011 by Rick Methven

You are not SD?

You certainly where i your previous ID on TL.

where you just 'testing' the waters or are they not hard enough for you anymore?
10:35 October 7, 2011 by jacquelinee
@ jostein # 34

Fírst of all, Mr. Methven has no right what so ever to call you, or anyone a low life. When he points his finger at someone 4 are pointing back at him.

at- "What I mean is that the press gleefully print name and picture of any swedish suspected criminal. While they drag their feet as much as they can when it comes to name and picture of colonists that misbehave." Funny about perspective. I seem to have noticed it the exact opposite way around.

@ migga #32

Point taken. I apologise.
15:59 October 7, 2011 by cogito
Quoting #36 by Rick Methven

"You are not SD? You certainly where i your previous ID on TL."

@jostein #34

R.M. is known here as Rick Tracy, amateur detective, because of his unsavory habit of stalking other posters.

Pay no mind to his implied threats nor to his abusive language. It's the reflex of one whose intellect is not up to cogent discussion.

@Constable Rick. As one who regularly polices non-native speakers for their linguistic mistakes, you should by now know the difference between WHERE and WERE. ( #36)
18:22 October 7, 2011 by Archie1954
There should be no female guards in a male prison. This shows the reason why besides moral ones. Likewise the only male guards in a female prison should be a special squad used only in the event of a prisoner revolt or emergency for the same reasons. Everything else is just ideological claptrap.
18:56 October 7, 2011 by tadchem
"She wasn't the only staff member in the exercise yard"? If the other guard doesn't show up on the surveillance video, then there was only the one guard *with* the prisoner.

This does not surprise me, though.

The First Commandment of Bureaucracy is "Thou shalt not admit errors."

The victim should have been seriously warned about the prisoner, enough that she would never have let herself be caught alone with him.

This was not an 'execution', however. Executions are cold-blooded. This was bloody, brutal murder in a beastial rage.
21:57 October 7, 2011 by Rick Methven

Stalking is a crime.

And your habit of stalking me, to make comments on all my post makes you into a sick criminal.

take your meds sicko
22:53 October 7, 2011 by shahislam
In reply to Mr. Johnoleson's post # 27,

I wrote twice and lost texts and can't continue re-writing because of my suffering from severe back pain today.

I hope to let you know what I wanted to devulge today. at a later date.

Just don't feel terrified!...................................................
12:44 October 8, 2011 by russcelt
If Erik Ljungström's criminal record had not already demonstrated his cowardly pleading to be ushered off this planet, maybe his vicious murder of this prison guard will make it plain for even the most bleeding-heart of liberals. Now we get to pay 3,701,100 Euros to feed, clothe and shelter Ljungström for the rest of his life. Oh, probably less, I forgot that someday he will be deemed as no longer a threat and paroled to walk the streets of Sweden (the World) as a free man.

Was there injustice under capital punishment? Absolutely! But haven't we gone too far the other way when it is the good and lawful citizens who die and the perpetrators live at the leisure of the tax payer for the rest of their lives?
21:11 October 8, 2011 by johnoleson
The innocents preserved by lax or no punishment is overwhelmed by the innocents harmed by the criminals not dealt just punishments.
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