Swedish mum shoots five elk in four hours

A 37-year-old mother of two from northern Sweden had an unprecedented hunting outing on Thursday when she managed to fell five elk in four hours, propelling her to nationwide fame.

In Jana Hedin Alsin’s hunting company by Hudiksvall in northern Sweden, hunters are assigned an area by lottery, and this day she hit the jackpot.

“We had just started up the shift when the first three elk came waltzing by,” Hedin Alsin told The Local.

“There was no dog chasing them so that’s why they were so calm, and I could just take them down.”

After having felled the three animals, the mother of two started field dressing them, the procedure of removing internal organs of hunted game to preserve the meat.

She then stepped back to her designated area.

But she wouldn’t have much time to catch her breath, because about an hour later, two more animals stepped into Hedin Alsin’s sights.

Thus, a mere four hours after setting up in the previously untested spot, Hedin Alsin decided to call it day, having filled half the area’s yearly adult elk hunt quota herself, which got her team talking.

“At first they were a bit reticent, but then they were just happy for me,” she said.

And her success spread fast through the village of Hassela Kyrkby, home to a few hundred people.

A couple of text messages and it seemed no one had missed the big news.

“Some people I barely knew congratulated me too, it was funny,” she said

Since then, the story has spread to Swedish wire services and a number of nationwide newspapers.

On Friday, her rifle will have to stay put at home since Hedin Alsin has a day job to attend to, but unless her team fills the rest of the quota, she will be back out in the weekend.

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