Porn attack shuts down Marabou’s Facebook

Swedish chocolate maker Marabou's thriving Facebook community was shut down after being hit by a sabotaging spammer who uploaded pornographic images to the page, according to a report by media trade paper Dagens Media.

Porn attack shuts down Marabou's Facebook

300,000 site members make Marabou one of Sweden’s largest companies on Facebook.

Up until now, members have been able to post their own entries on Marabou’s page, but following the spam attack last week when surprised chocolate lovers found porn uploaded onto the site, the chocolate company’s Facebook page was shut down entirely.

It has now been opened again, but members are no longer allowed to post entries of their own.

“We want everyone to feel welcome and no one to feel offended,” said Hilda Björkman, marketing manager of Marabou’s chocolates at Kraft Foods, to Dagens Media.

It’s still possible for members to comment on official entries, made by Marabou, a possibility seized with great enthusiasm by many chocolate lovers.

Marabou hasn’t experienced such a serious spam attack on their Facebook page before, and is hoping to lift restrictions on their page soon.

“Our chocolate friends can still comment on our posts, even if we’ve temporarily chosen to shut down the function for posting entries, as a security measure over the weekend. Next week we’re counting on opening up everything as usual,” said Hilda Björkman to Dagens Media.

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