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Sweden Democrat wins damages for racist jibes

Rebecca Martin · 21 Oct 2011, 17:23

Published: 21 Oct 2011 17:23 GMT+02:00

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The local Sweden Democrat politician and her daughter were the first members of the tenant-owner's association (bostadsrättsföreningen) with immigrant backgrounds, something the association chairman had difficulty accepting.

“You second-generation immigrants don't know how to live in tenant-owner's association,” the association's head said during an association board meeting, according to the politician's complaint.

On a later occasion, the association chair barged into the politician's yard and threatened to assault the woman's daughter and her daughter's friend, shouting “you bloody foreigners need to get out of here!”

The man also alleged that, since the politician and her family moved into area, it had started to look like a “refugee camp” and threatened to kill the woman's dog.

Following the series of incidents, the politician decided to take the matter to the Swedish Equality Ombudsman (Diskrimineringsombudsmannen – DO).

“I was born in Sweden and this is the first time I've been threatened and discriminated against because of my background and I'm very sad and afraid,” the politician wrote in her complaint.

The ombudsman took up the case, determining that the housing association chairman had likely harassed the woman and her daughter due to their ethnicity.

“It's a human right to have access to safe housing and a condition for being able to participate in society on equal footing. To be subject to such abuses in one's home thus amounts to a serious violation,” Johan Stauffer, an investigator with the ombudsman, said in a statement,

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After an investigation by the ombudsman, the association has reached a settlement which stipulates that the politician and her daughter should each receive 90,000 kronor each in damages each and an apology from the chairman.

”It is gratifying that the association has shouldered the responsibility and are apologising to the family,” said Stauffer.

Rebecca Martin (rebecca.martin@thelocal.se)

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Your comments about this article

18:30 October 21, 2011 by Kaethar
Yep, that's a clear cut case of discrimination (and threatening behaviour). Good for her. If you're working in the service sector you should know better than to treat your customers that way.
18:42 October 21, 2011 by axiom
Am I the only one spotting the irony, or . . . ?
18:51 October 21, 2011 by Kaethar
You mean because she's an SD member? Sure, but their plan is to go the legal route to promote the position of Christianity in Sweden (as opposed to Islam) and that's not quite the same thing as discriminating people in the streets. Politics reflects the will of the people and there will always be things you can and can't do in any country. As long as said laws stand for all people they do not go against the Swedish constitution. So whatever you may think of SD they're a perfectly democratic party with rights like all other parties.
19:23 October 21, 2011 by skatty

No, I see the irony too; actually this is one of the best examples of the paradoxes, which can be found in the case of immigrants in Sweden.

I mean; generally Swedish democrats are against immigration or at least immigration from developing countries to Sweden. The local Swedish Democrats politician as a second generation immigrant has practically follows a policy against immigration (or let say the stabilization of immigrants and particularly refugees (because most of immigrants are refugees in Sweden)). The mentioned politician has been racially discriminated by the head of the tenant-owner's association, which practically suppose to be considered against privacy ownership and to the left side of political map (which most of people believe are supporting immigrants and immigration!)

This is one of the best examples of bizarre differences between Sweden and other countries! No matter; how long an immigrant is living in Sweden (even born in Sweden), no matter what political policy an immigrant follow (even a political line against immigration, by being a member of a political party against immigration), an immigrant is always a foreigner (and this can be even announce by an origination, which suppose not to be against immigrants!)
19:39 October 21, 2011 by jostein

Not really. The SD maintain that immigration should serve the citizens of sweden, rather than the other way around. And that swedish culture should be promoted by the state as a way of unifying sweden since a totally splintered society is bad news. Alot of immigrants actually enjoy swedish culture and see the catastrophy swedens current immigrationpolicy creates and therefore join the SD. I dont have any numbers on this byt I think SD has at least as many immigrated representatives as any other party.
21:41 October 21, 2011 by bells on the knight
try to build a church in Saudi and see what happens...... public execution
21:42 October 21, 2011 by cowboykodp
"I think SD has at least as many immigrated representatives as any other party. "

You know what we call these spineless immigrants? UNCLE TOMS


Not that different from all the usual idiots who post on TL non stop..

(at least the ones who actually live in Sweden)

As far as this article... I guess this lady is getting a bit of her own medicine, and it doesn't taste as good as she thought!!!
22:12 October 21, 2011 by Svensksmith
Thank you jostein. You said what I was going to say, only so much better.

Cowboy, your hatred for the SD blinds you to the fact that there are quite possibly many SD members who are not racists...just as many SD supporters hatred for foreigners blinds them to the fact that there are many good immigrants who have made their homes in Sweden.
22:28 October 21, 2011 by Iraniboy

It is very naiv to say SD is just looking for Christianity in Sweden. That is why KD is in place! SD has one and only one agenda and it is stopping immigration. Now the irony is that if SD was in power this poor woman was never allowed in Sweden to be part of SD now!!

It is irony of course if someone oppose an opportunity which she herself has once used it! This is hypocrisy.
22:45 October 21, 2011 by jostein

Nice of you to say so. Fyi, i no longer root for SD. I believe we passed the point where SDs rather positive and constructive and inclusive policies have any chance of success. Im looking after me and my own, these days. This does not mean i do not wish them and their supporters the best of luck, their visions are brighter than mine. Just less realistic.
00:15 October 22, 2011 by dizzy09
i dont get it...one racist abusing another racist, where´s the crime in that?its like pot calling kettle black.
00:39 October 22, 2011 by bravedave
The moral of the story is that there are racists everywhere and that you do not have to be an SD supporter or politician to be one.
03:22 October 22, 2011 by ctinej
Born in Sweden yes, to immigrant parents (and immigrant culture) Also a YES.

It isn't racist to recognize that foreign cultures may live like pigs, and make your whole neighborhood look like a dump after they bring their culture to your city.

Take a look at the pictures of where they come from! We see the advertisements to save the children who are sitting in a total dump. Trash everywhere. You dont need money to pick up garbage. They are too lazy to do it, and think that this is the way you live.

So they manage to get to other countries, but continue their same cultural tradition.

Why dont we sue them for destroying Sweden, degrading property values due to the "culture" that dictates that they just walk amongst the garbage and not bother to pick it up?
05:31 October 22, 2011 by prince T
The Local should delete @ctinej immediately. This is pure rubbish and i challenge this racist to provide facts for comment. I dont understand what we are turning this country into. Like they always say Racists brains are shallow.
07:01 October 22, 2011 by theibmsstate
Swede dont want immigrants in sweden, 99% immigrant could not get professional jobs in sweden, if swede wont accept immigrant ask from migrationverket to stop immigrants, but swede should not buy OIL and other stuff from other countries,only strawberry and potatoes, single example Gymnasium student is CEO or higher manager in sweden,big joke.

they should not forget before 1980 they were much poor even didn't have money to buy food.why they have attitude problem ,

if AMERICANs show attitude i can accept their attitude because they are open minded people. i never heard whos jobless in USA,who is highly educated and jobless no way,i only hear in sweden only about racism ,which people do this who has low mental level.dont waste your time on these stuff,spend your time on progressive stufff, in sweden 9months snow no social life,
09:07 October 22, 2011 by axiom
The crux of the story is not that she is being targeted because of her race, but rather someones assessment of her inablity to "acculturise" and fit in. She is therefore not deemed to be "one of us" and deserves to be expelled from the flock.

Notice the board chap, gave his reasons and it wasn't simply because she was foreign, but she was the type of foreigner that befits a crusade by SD policies.

I am not examining SD's policies or its right to have them, thats for Swedish politics to do.

Rather I am amused at this woman feeling what it is like to feel excluded, outkast and prejudiced against for no other reason than belonging to a group. Perhaps she can take this back to her next SD meeting say guys, let not make general statements such as:

"Muslimerna är vårt största utländska hot"
09:22 October 22, 2011 by dobermann
I absolutely agree with your comment ctinej. You don't need to be super educated or have a very good social system in the coutry in order to clean and sweep around yourself. Of course there are different types of people, but the sad facts is that people from certain countries simply doesn't understand that. However, this isn't that bad in Sweden yet, but every single person in London knows what I mean.
10:13 October 22, 2011 by jostein
@prince T

Did you ever walk the streets of sweden before 1985? Clean streets are a fragile thing, once one person starts littering the moral of everyone else plummets.
10:31 October 22, 2011 by zooeden
Oh poor thing, the SD is retarded!!!
12:42 October 22, 2011 by RobinHood
Does anybody know what has become of the repulsive chairman of the housing association? Now the old racist has cost his organisation 180 000 kronor plus costs, what did he do next?
14:59 October 22, 2011 by Abe L
Hopefully SD will put getting rid of bostadsrättsföreningen on their agenda and letting people actually own the place they live in and do with their property as they please.
18:52 October 22, 2011 by samwise
can't this case be treated as a regular harassment one? just think that that disgusting fellow should still be punished if he does similar disgusting things from a different sick thought.
18:09 October 23, 2011 by Kaethar
@Iraniboy: Because that's the only thing that can even be interpreted as ironic. You know nothing about this woman or her background. She was born and raised in Sweden and has the right to impact society however she see's fit. Just because one of my ancestors was raped and had the baby (and this leads to me existing today) this does not mean I should be against abortion if a woman is raped. You're making a huge logical fallacy here.
00:29 October 24, 2011 by Uncle

"Perhaps she can take this back to her next SD meeting say guys, let not make general statements such as:

"Muslimerna är vårt största utländska hot""

Yep.. Soviet should have also welcomed the nazis and not "generalize" them. Estonians should have welcomed the communists with open mind and without generalization. South Koreans should have celebrated the attack of N. Koreans instead of jumping to conclusions about the ENTIRE Peoples army.

islam is no a RACE. It is not something that people ARE. It is something that people DO. It is a political and economical way of life that dictates the most intimate relationships within the family up to the ruling regulations for the entire people.

It has as much to do with religion as fanatic love to "our great leader Stalin". It is as close to God, as the "great teacher Hitler" was. It infiltrates, consumes, leaves the people on the verge between starvation and "just enough". It shuts down any progress anywhere. It eliminates the odd, the "unnatural". It creates concentration camps and weaponry.

It makes the weak weaker and empowers the strong. It creates oppression based on national/racial definition (berbers, kurds, druze, jews, blacks). Pushtu hate arabs, arabs hate blacks, blacks hate whites, whites hate turcic. Everybody hate jews.

It plunges people into a constant warring situation, where the MUSLIMS are the ones who are dying from the hand of other MUSLIMS (depending on the religious stream).

ALL nazis are a threat. ALL communists are a threat. ALL muslims are a threat. Not as private people, but as an easily controlled grey mass of brainwashed people who are prepared in each infiltrated country to explode whenever a critical mass is reached.

So yeah, I do not see a dilemma with a racially oppressed citizen, who wants to stop the stream of racial oppressors.
01:30 October 24, 2011 by esvahnt
the thing is it depends what is her race

the race is mostly in the faces features

may be she came from a developing country , but she is white european like
14:58 October 24, 2011 by cowboykodp
"ALL nazis are a threat. ALL communists are a threat. ALL muslims are a threat. Not as private people, but as an easily controlled grey mass of brainwashed people who are prepared in each infiltrated country to explode whenever a critical mass is reached."

Not to forget; All racists and trolls such as "uncle" are the biggest threat. People like Uncle spread fear, hate, untruths, and propaganda. Based on nothing more than a warped vision and agenda. I would love to find out what dear UNCLE's background is. However, this is not too important as anyone who has taken a psychology 101 course can discern for themselves that this individual is one F'd up dude.
15:30 October 24, 2011 by Uncle
Yep, cowboy… here we go again…

You see, if I would be spreading fears and fantasies that have nothing behind them, like, say, witch fear, or ghosts fear, or fear of a woman who walks on a street by herself without her husband or other unimaginable and inappropriate events, you would have much more arguments than: "Your mama is so fat"…

However, as the past clearly proves that this is the only argument that you and your thinkalikes have against my (and other people) statements, it brings one to an imminent conclusion that you are whether a bit challenged (whether mentally or verbally), or you actually understand that there ARE NO arguments.

You know that the lack of your reaction will contribute to conviction of those who listen and therefore, locked between the truth and your imagination of multiculturalism and eternal love, you must resort to "your mama" style of opposition.

Actually going through your past posts, it is clear that you do nothing, but throw slogans of "bigotry", "idiocy", "racism", "troll" etc. How freaking pathetic?
06:46 October 25, 2011 by johnoleson
Back to the article folks. Do some of you hate the SD so much that you resent the laws that protect everyone, even those you disagree with? This just proves Sweden needs the SD. The insinuation that the politician is a hypocrite for complaining flies right back in your face.
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