Swedes slam mobile operators in EU survey

Swedes are among the most dissatisfied customers in the EU when it comes to their mobile phone operators.

Swedes slam mobile operators in EU survey

A new European Commission survey found that Swedes complain more than most of their neighbours about consumer items such as mobiles, second-hand cars, electricity, TV subscriptions and savings and investment products.

The Commission, which carries out the consumer perception survey every year, revealed that compared with their neighbours, Swedes have a lot of moans over such items, while in Germany they seem more preoccupied with the train service letting them down and Brits save their ire for the property market.

In Sweden, Konsumenternas tele-, tv- och internetbyrå (KTIB), the consumer watchdog responsible for telecommunications, has seen an increase in the number of complaints over the past twelve months, with more than 5,000 cases reported.

Around 30% of these were over mobile telephony problems, with a further 15% unhappy with their mobile broadband service. This is higher than the average number of complaints of a similar nature in the rest of the EU.

Apparently, the majority of complaints come from people who feel their new services do not meet their expectations, not an uncommon occurrence in Sweden.

“We receive around 7000-8000 cases every year so it does not seem to be any major deviation this year, said Andreas Evestedt, communications manager at KTIB.

The complaints are often about mobile coverage which doesn’t live up to expectations. Coverage is crucial for these services to be able to run properly.

It may well be that buyers have assumed something would work, or that they didn’t ask in the shop when they made a purchase.

In other cases it could be that sellers have given inaccurate information”, Evestedt told DN.

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