Sweden ups cash offer to attract egg donors

Sweden ups cash offer to attract egg donors
Swedish couples, waiting for eggs from donors, currently have to wait for several years. To try to entice more donors, several county councils are now planning to pay three times as much as the current rate.

”The situation regarding egg donations is disastrous,” said Aleksander Giwercman, from Skåne University Hospital.

Today the renumeration for an egg donor is around 3,000 kronor ($458). In order to get more women to donate eggs several county councils are considering paying three times as much to sweeten the pot.

The waiting time for an egg donation is lengthy countrywide. In Skåne, in southern Sweden, couples are forced to wait at least for one year. In Norrland, they may be forced to wait two years.

”We are continually lacking donors,” said Marie Klinta-Svensson, at the Karolinska University Hospital in the Stockholm suburb of Huddinge.

Lengthy waiting times means that many go abroad for their eggs.

An egg donation is a very complicated procedure. Donors have to have daily hormone injections for a period of two weeks prior to harvesting and undergo a scan before the procedure.

”Then it takes a whole day to harvest the eggs, the women are tired and they have stomach pain. And they have to come back for revisits,” said Klinta-Svensson to TT.

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