Neighbourly sex no bother for Swedes: study

Swedes find neighbours’ loud sex noises easier on the ear than loud music and construction noise, according to a new study by a major Swedish real estate agency, Fastighetsbyrån.

The study has focused its research on social media, such as tweets and Facebook status updates, to find out what people say and think about their neighbours.

“On micro blogs we have a tendency to think out loud, which gives an un-edited image of what people actually think of their neighbours,” Johan Vesterberg at Fastighetsbyrån said in a statement.

Overall sixty eight percent of posts about our neighbors are negative, with the most common reason being noise.

Some 17 percent of posts expressed a neutral view and 15 percent were positive.

Of the 1000 posts reviewed, some 15 percent concerned the moans and groans associated with sexual activity – the only category where a majority of the comments were positive.

On the other hand, Swedes don’t seem to have much good to say about neighbours renovating, partying or emitting unidentified noises.

The study was carried out in connection with “Grannens dag” (literally: neighbour’s day) which was instituted by Kenneth Eneroth in 2000 to honour and appreciate one’s neighbours.

This year’s Neighbour Day is set to fall on the day when time is set back one hour for winter time, which this year will be in the early hours of Sunday October 30th.

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