Having a laugh with Sweden’s famous elk

Having a laugh with Sweden's famous elk
As The Local's elk related stories continue to prove popular among readers, we've scoured the web looking for a few video clips that pay tribute to the king of Sweden's forests.

When moving to Sweden from another country, there are certain adjustments one needs to make.

Swedes rather disputed public manners, for starters, the Swedish language, and last but not least, scaring off an elk or two to impress the ladies.

This classic clip below is a case of the wild getting too close to civilization, or perhaps the other way around… either way, there’s something disturbing, but also rather sweet about this clip.

Clip has music embedded.

Hey what’s this? A straightforward paved road, no stumps or branches to kick my hoofs in… My new favourite cardio spot!

Warning, lots of Swedish cuss words.

Roaming around in people’s back yards might prove profitable, especially if there’s an abundance of fermenting apples lying around. Just keep your eyes open, because there might be traps out there.

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