Drug bust reveals poopy diaper surprise

Drug bust reveals poopy diaper surprise
Customs officers acting on a tip about a case of alleged drug smuggling in southern Sweden were surprised to discover a stinking diaper full of baby poo instead of illegal drugs.

In August, an employee of the Coast Guard in Karlskrona was planning a party for his thirtieth birthday and had decided to go to Germany to buy alcohol for the celebration.

His colleague, who got wind of his plans, decided to play a practical joke on him, and contacted Swedish Customs (Tullverket) with an anonymous tip that a drug courier was planning a massive transport of illegal drugs into Sweden.

Customs officers, who took the tip seriously, were in hot pursuit of the returning man all the way from the Öresund bridge in Malmö to his hometown of Karlskrona, about 200 kilometres away.

Once there, the man was stopped by police and his car was searched. The officers found no sign of any drugs, but while looking under the hood they discovered a by now rather smelly baby’s diaper full of poop.

The coast guards soon found out that someone in their midst was responsible for the gag.

”We informed the customs officers of this as soon as we realized that someone at the Coast Guard was responsible. It is not good, in fact, it is a sign of terribly poor judgement,” said Sven Malmer, head of personnel at the Karlskrona Coast Guard, to the Expressen newspaper.

The customs agency then went ballistic over what had happened.

”It is terrible that someone would do something like that and waste our already stretched resources for no reason at all,” Jesper Liedholm of Swedish Customs told the paper.

At the Karlskrona Coast Guard, they are devastated that one of their employees has instigated such an inappropriate practical joke and have subsequently reported the matter to the police.

”It is saddening to realize that someone among our ranks can show themselves to have such poor judgement. It is, of course, completely unacceptable. Now it is up to the prosecutor to pursue the matter further,” Malmer told the paper.

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